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In February 2012, I began a partnership with a group who create various data visualization items, info-graphics.  I will be adding links to their info-graphics here, in this section of my School Violence Links page.  The information they provide is very good, quick and to the point and easily distributed.  I do hope that you find the info-graphics as helpful as I do.

Are Jerks the Future of the Internet - 

Smoking is Bad for your Health -

Medical Hazards at Work

Listed here are links to other websites that focus on school violence and stats.  Some of these links were previously listed in my massive list of Columbine links, but I moved them here as they focus on school violence in general and not the Columbine massacre.

12 Things Parents Can Do to Stop School Violence



Best Online Anti-Bullying Guide from Student Training and Education in Public Service (STEPS)

Careers in Criminal Justice If you want a job in the criminal justice field to help those affected by school violence, this website has lots of information for you

Careers in Psychology If you want a job as a counselor to help others, whether it be in school, in the work place, or in the military, this website has lots of information for you

Center for Disease Control

Center for Effective Collaboration and Practice

Center for the Prevention of School Violence

Center for the Study and Prevention of Violence at the University of Colorado

Center on Juvenile and Criminal Justice

Children's Defense Fund

Choice Mutual The Effects Death, Traumas and Disasters Have on Mental Health

Christians Against Violence in Schools

Climbing High Ministry

Community Orientated Policing Services (COPS) Resource Information Center

Crime in American Schools tons of stats in a visual representation

Guide for Students and Kids Safety on the Web

Help Stop School Violence

Home and School Safety for Kids ( This link was sent to me by a fourth grader at Maplewood Elementary School in Indiana.

Home Security - Crime Prevention and Safety Center for Kids  This link was sent to me from Westwood Youth Group

Home Security - Home and School Safety for Kids

Indicators of School Crime and Safety: 2001 (Department of Education)

InfoPlease: Back to School Basics

International Association of Campus Law Enforcement Administrators

Marsai Alert

Master of Homeland Security If you want a job with Homeland Security, this link is for you

Mothers Against Teen Violence

National Campaign to End School Violence

National Center for Education Statistics

National Center for Victims of Crime

National Criminal Justice Reference Service Campus Safety Resources

National PTA

National School Safety and Security Services

National School Safety Center

National Threat Assessment Center from the United States Secret Service

No Guns in Schools Campaign

Office of Juvenile Justice and Delinquency Prevention - Home and Resources

Parents of Murdered Children - Denver

Partnerships Against Violence Network

Psychology Degrees

Recent Victims of Gun Violence in American School Shootings

Report on School Violence

Response to the Columbine School Incident the Center for the Study and Prevention of Violence

School Safety Resources

School Violence Prevention and Response Task Force Final Report

School Violence Resource Center

Secret Service National Threat Assessment Center

Speak Up

Stop Harassment in Schools

Stop the Hate for All of Us!

Stop the School Violence Plea

Stop the Shootings

Stop the Violence at AOL

Stop the Violence at

Stop the Violence of Children

Teens Against Violence

Teens Living in Fear of School Violence

The 5 Stages of Grief and Bereavement

The Appropriate and Effective Use of Security Technologies in U. S. Schools

The School Violence Watch Network

TRAVIS Teens Rallying Against Violence in Schools

U.S. Department of Education Campus Security

U.S. Department of Education Safe and Drug Free Schools Program

"Violence and Discipline Problems in U.S. Public Schools" 1996-1997 published March 1998

Violence in America

Violence Policy Center

Wisconsin School Safety Coordinators

Yahoo News on School Violence

Young Offenders & Teenagers in Trouble -

Youth Crime Watch of America

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