Violence in Our Schools

August 1, 2008 through July 31, 2009

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To report a threat of school violence before the instigator has a chance to act on his/her intentions, please contact Speak Up at 1-866-SPEAKUP (that is 1-866-773-2587)

I would like to thank all of the Survivors and others who have contacted me with information about school violence.  I really do appreciate the help, for without their help, several of these occurrences would not be here.

One other thing I would like to ask of those who read over this list of tragedies is this: If you can provide me with any more details of any of these incidents, I would greatly appreciate the information. Or, if you know of another violent act at a school that is not on this list, please forward that information to me as well.  The link to my e-mail is above.

North Geelong Secondary College (High School), Geelong, Victoria, Australia

Monday, August 4, 2008

School violence in Australia welcomes me back as I continue to track acts of school violence from around the world in the new school year.  This afternoon a feud between two groups of students spiraled out of control.  During the melee, two unidentified 14-year-old girls were involved in an argument.  The feuding students and two unidentified co-eds moved their fight outside the school building onto the lawn.  While the fighting was going on, one of the girls pulled out a pocket knife and stabbed her opponent in the chest.  The instigator quickly fled the scene.  The wounded girl was taken to Geelong Hospital with superficial wounds.  Police began searching for the young female instigator and hope the students who saw the event will provide them with the necessary details.  Even though I've been gone a year, it is frustrating to see that news sources still do not name names when it comes to acts of school violence.  There are so many "girl" references in the source story, it took awhile to determine what happened.

Source: Geelong Advertiser - Teen in School Stab Attack

Senzangakhona High School, Mandela Village, KwaMhlanga, Mpumalanga, South Africa

Monday, August 4, 2008

The second act of school violence of the new year is a deadly one for a 17-year-old Grade Eight pupil at Senzangakhona High School.  Last night the unnamed 17-year-old boy was fighting with an unidentified 18-year-old boy in a tavern.  The two boys resumed the fight this afternoon around 2 p.m. The fight climaxed when the older boy stabbed the younger boy to death on school grounds.  He then fled the scene, but was later brought to the police station by his two brothers and charged with murder.

Source: Mail & Guardian Online - One Pupil Dead, Another Injured in High-School Stabbings; News 24 - Boy Murdered at Mpuma School

Roodepark High School, Roodepoort, Gauteng, South Africa

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

16-year-old Zulu, a nickname used to identify the boy, has been teasing Phumba, another 16-year-old boy, incessantly.  Today, Phumba had had enough and told Zulu to stop.  However, Zulu ignored his classmate.  Phumba stood up, pushed Zulu and then punched him.  Zulu retaliated by picking up a wooden plank he was working on (so I deduce this fight probably happened in shop class, maybe) and started pushing Phumba with it.  He then picked up a pair of scissors and jammed them so far into Phumba's head, he struggled to pull it out for another strike.  The teacher "went crazy, running everywhere screaming that he didn't know what to do.  Then he called the police."  (Note to South Africa Education Ministry: teach your teachers how to respond to a student assault.)  Phumba was taken to the hospital in critical condition. Zulu was arrested and charged with murder.

Source: Independent Online - Pupil Critical After Scissors Stabbing; Mail & Guardian Online - One Pupil Dead, Another Injured in High-School Stabbings

Kuranui College (High School), Greytown, South Wairarapa, New Zealand

Thursday, August 7, 2008

Three male Year Nine students were looking over an air gun one of them had brought to the school.  One of the boys thought the gun was not loaded, aimed it at one of his friends, and pulled the trigger.  To the trio's surprise, a pellet shot out of the gun and hit the boy in the eye.  The boy was taken to the hospital for treatment and the fate of the other two boys hang in the balance of the Board of Trustees meeting next week.  Geoff Shepherd, the school's principle called the shooting an accident as all three boys showed "huge remorse" after the event. Still it is against school policy to bring an air gun onto campus.

Source: The Dominion Post - Suspensions Follow BB Gun Shooting

Wallace Elementary School, Kelso, Washington

Monday, August 11, 2008

A few nights ago an unidentified male student was caught inside Porfito Arnold Chavez's home trying to steal his marijuana.  Today, Porfito, 49, came to Wallace Elementary School with a .25 caliber handgun and saw the boy on the playground.   He said, "I'm going to kill you," and fired off one round before his gun jammed.  The bullet nearly hit the boy's leg.  Porfito was arrested and charged with first-degree assault and felony harassment.

Source: Longview Daily News - Kelso Man Accused of Firing Gun at Teen on School Playground

Lakota Middle School, Federal Way, Washington

Thursday, August 14, 2008

A black Lincoln Navigator has been circling the parking lot of Lakota Middle School all week long during the evening football practice.  Tonight, the occupants of the SUV finally found their target.  They blocked in the car belonging to 26-year-old Omero Mendez, who was there to pickup his girlfriend's son.  Omero confronted 16-year-old Luis F. Cosgaya-Alvarez and two of his friends.  Luis, who was still in the back of the Navigator, flashed gang signs at Omero, pulled a blue bandana over his face and shot Omero in the head.  The Navigator then fled the scene. The shot was aimed at Omero and not at the football players and their parents as the practice wrapped up around 8:20.Omero was taken to Harborview Medical Center where he died.  The police began looking for the young instigator.  Luis is pretty recognizable with large tattoos on his forearms.  One reads "Districto" the other "Federal" and on his back is "Playboys."  On Monday police received a tip as to where Luis was hiding and apprehended him.  King County prosecutor's charged Luis as an adult with first-degree murder.

Source: Seattle Post Intelligencer - Police Look for Drive-by Killer at School; Federal Way News - Suspect Name Released in Lakota Middle School Shooting; KOMO News - Teen Sought in School Shooting Captured, Charged

University of Kansas, Lawrence, Kansas

Saturday, August 16, 2008

Markieff Morris, 18, and his twin brother Marcus, transferred to KU from a prep school in Pennsauken, New Jersey.  While they were waiting for an academic eligibility determination that would let them play for the Jayhawks, Markieff didn't help his chances by doing something really stupid.  Around 11:15 this evening, and after a few alcoholic drinks, he aimed his 3-foot-long black Airsoft rifle toward a 47-year-old woman from Wisconsin and pulled the trigger.  The plastic BB pellet struck her in the arm and she suffered minor injuries.  He did the shooting from his dorm room inside Jayhawker Towers and she was in the building's courtyard.  Campus police responded to the woman's call and turned Markieff over to the city authorities.  He is charged with battery and will probably not play for the NCAA defending champions.

Source: Fox Sports - KU Basketball Player Accused in BB Gun Incident

Nic Diederichs Technical High School, Krugersdorp, Gauteng, South Africa

Monday, August 18, 2008

Just before school assembly this morning, 18-year-old Morne Harmse arrived on campus carrying a Ninja sword.  He was wearing his school uniform and a black balaclava over his face that was smeared with black paint.  He was dressed like Joey Jordison, the drummer from the band Slipknot.  Witnesses later said Morne was high on drugs.  He walked over to 16-year-old Jacques Pretorius, a grade nine student, swung the sword and slashed his neck. Jacques fell to the ground and died from the vicious attack. Our young instigator then stabbed Stefan Bouwer, 17, in the back of the head.  Two gardeners, Joseph Kodiseng and Simon Manamela rushed Morne trying to disarm him.  The teen stabbed them in the face and back, respectively.  He then threw down the 60cm sword, which was picked up by his younger brother who then ran away with it.  Teacher's apprehended Morne and took him to the principal's office.  He said to the principal, "Now what, sir?"  Joseph, Simon and Stefan were transported to Netcare Krugersdorp Hospital in serious condition and our young instigator was arrested by the police.  During talks with the police, the boy told them, "Satan told me to kill the children." Police later said the boy was involved in Satanism.  On Thursday his parents gave a statement to the Beeld newspaper and said their son had been bullied.

Source: Independent Online - 'Now What, Sir?'; Independent Online - 'He Said Satan Told Him to'; The Times - School Slaughter; Independent Online - Sword Boy: 'I Wanted to Stop, But Couldn't'

Extension 3 Park (High School), Eldorado Park, Gauteng, South Africa

Monday, August 18, 2008

Later in the day as school was letting out, a 17-year-old boy opened fire on his classmates as they played.  Luckily though, the bullets struck no one.  Students later told the principal that the boy claimed he would shoot them.  Police arrested the boy and charged him with attempted murder and possession of an unlicensed firearm.

 Source: Independent Online - School Violence Erupts in Gauteng; News 24 - Jhb Boy Shoots at Fellow Pupils

Hoer Volkskool (High School), Heidelberg, Gauteng, South Africa

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

School violence rolls on at the bottom of the African continent while the rest of the world is focused on the XXIX Summer Olympic games in Beijing, China and the unexpected invasion of Georgia by Russian forces.  During a knife fight today between two male students, a 16-year-old is stabbed in the arm.  The 17-year-old instigator fled the scene while the injured boy was taken to the hospital.  The instigator was arrested the next day when he returned to the school.  He is charged with assault with the intention to cause grievous bodily harm.

Source: Independent Online - School Violence Erupts in Gauteng; Independent Online - Youth Arrested for Allegedly Stabbing Pupil

A Middle School in Cheonan, South Chungcheong Province, South Korea

Thursday, August 21, 2008

At 1:25 this afternoon in a stack room of the administrative offices, a 38-year-old school repairman identified as Lee, stabbed his boss, a 52-year-old man identified as Kang, to death.  Students watched the grisly murder unfold as they passed by the windows into the offices when Lee began his dastardly deed.  After Lee was arrested by the police, they said he had a personal grudge against Kang, who ignored him or scolded him for clumsy work.

Source: The Chosun Ilbo - School in Shock After Daylight Killing

Central High School, Knoxville, Tennessee

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Students usually gather in the cafeteria before school to prepare for the day.  At 8:11 this morning, they were traumatized when Jamar Siler pulled out a small caliber semiautomatic handgun from his backpack and shot sophomore Ryan McDonald to death.  The two 15-year-old boys were arguing over an unknown topic before Jamar pulled out the gun. Our young instigator casually walked away from the school but was picked up six minutes later on Doughty Drive, three blocks from the school.  Ryan, who had alopecia (a condition that left him bald) was taken to University of Tennessee Medical Center where he died at 8:57 in the morning.  Jamar was charged with first-degree murder and violation of probation, however court records do not say what probation he violated.  The school has a student body population of 1,400.

Source: Associated Press - Student Killed in Shooting at Tenn. School; AFP - One Dead in US School Shooting; ABC News - Student Killed in Shooting at Tenn. School; Seymour Herald - Shooting at Knoxville High School; Knoxville News Sentinel - Accused Central High Shooter Charged with First-Degree Murder

T. H. Harris Technical College, Opelousas, Louisiana

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

At 1:22 this afternoon, a trio of students were fighting in the parking lot of T. H. Harris Technical College.  The fight between 21-year-old Quentin Domino and 18-year-old Matthew Leday climaxed when 24-year-old Brian Keys fired a shot into the air.  Brian kept the gun with him as he went inside the building.  The news story from WAFB says that Matthew pulled out the gun and fired several shots.  I'm going to stick with the Advocate's version of the story and put the stats in that Brian fired one shot.  No one was injured from the flying bullet.  Campus administrators detained all three men until the police arrived.  Quentin was charged with disturbing the peace by fighting; Matthew was charged with carrying a firearm on school property, illegal carrying of a weapon, illegal use of a weapon or dangerous instrumentality, disturbing the peace by fighting and assault with a firearm and Brian was charged with illegal carrying of a weapon and carrying a weapon in a firearm free zone.

Source: The Advocate - Gunshot Leads to 3 Arrests at School; WAFB Channel 9 - Two Men Arrested After Shooting in Technical College Parking Lot

J.D. Floyd K-8 School, Spring Hill, Florida

Monday, September 1, 2008

During a language arts class today, a 14-year-old boy stabbed a girl in the back with a pencil.  For some bizarre reason that is not mentioned in the news story, the boy was allowed to return to school at J.D. Floyd where a week and a half later he physically bullied a male student.  Our young instigator punched the boy in the back and stomach and pushed him repeatedly.  Surprisingly, there is more to this story!  Check out the J.D. Floyd entry on September 24, 2008 to see what else this violent kid did while at school.  For statistical purposes, I am counting both injured students and classifying this as a middle school.

Source: St. Petersburg Times - J.D. Floyd K-8 Student Charged in Attacks on Classmates

Willoughby South High School, Willoughby, Ohio

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Last night, 17-year-old Andrea Lee was chatting with a fellow male student on  During the conversation, he said he wanted to kill himself, saying he was depressed over a girl.  He said he couldn't take it anymore and wanted to leave.  At 9:30 this morning, the 15-year-old male student dressed in a white shirt, black vest and jeans, calmly walked into a third-period geometry class.  He wanted to speak to a girl in the class.  In his black-gloved hand was a .40-caliber gun.  He asked the girl how she was and then simply said, "Goodbye."  He left the room and fired one round from the gun into the ceiling.  The second round he fired at the school's trophy case, shattering the glass.  Principal Paul Lombardo and Assistant Principal Jeff Lyons caught up to and persuaded the agitated teen to drop the gun and kick it away from himself.  The instigator was taken into custody and the rest of the school day was cancelled.  The boy still had 31 rounds of ammunition in his duffel bag when he surrendered.  Police believe he intended to commit suicide in front of his girlfriend.  Our young instigator was charged with improperly discharging a firearm and illegal possession of a weapon in a school, to which he pleaded not guilty.  Two weeks later, the boy changed his plea to "true," which is equivalent to guilty.

Source: Cleveland Plain Dealer - Teen Fires Gun in High School, Surrenders Without Bloodshed; Cleveland Plain Dealer - Willoughby Hills Teen Charged in School Shooting; Cleveland Plain Dealer - Boy Admits Firing Gun in Willoughby South High

Delta Secondary School, Hamilton, Ontario, Canada

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Today marked the first day of school for DSS, unfortunately, it was marred by a stabbing.  During the ritual hazing on the first day of school, older students began beating up a Grade 9 student this morning around 10:30.  During the fight, 15-year-old Barry White, also in Grade 9, stepped in and tried to break it up.  He was stabbed by a 17-year-old male student.  Barry was able to make it from Delta's west yard to a curb near Main and Graham where he received medical help.  He was taken to the hospital for further treatment.  Police found our young instigator in a home on Limeridge Road East within four hours and arrested him.

Source: The Hamilton Spectator - Grade 9 Boy Stabbed; The Hamilton Spectator - Stabbing Victim Tried to Halt Bullying: Police

Lincoln High School, San Diego, California

Thursday, September 4, 2008

Early this afternoon while most of the students were in class, three students were in one of the school's bathrooms.  Two of the students attacked the third, stabbing the unidentified student in the abdomen and back of the head with a pencil.  The attack occurred around 12:10 p.m.  The injured student was treated at a nearby hospital. The two instigators were arrested later in the day.

Source: NBC San Diego - 2 Students Arrested Following Pencil Stabbing

Troyeville Primary School, Joburg, Gauteng, South Africa

Monday, September 8, 2008

Two boys who had been at each others throats for a long time got physical today when one of the boys pulled out a pair of scissors and stabbed his rival several times.  The wounded boy, 13, was taken to the hospital in serious condition.  The story doesn't say what happened to the instigator.  Even though this happened at a primary (elementary) school in name, I am counting the instigator as a junior high student as a typical 13-year-old is in the eighth grade.

Source: Independent Online - Another Pupil Stabbed at School

Westlane Secondary School, Niagara Falls, Ontario, Canada

Monday, September 8, 2008

Just after classes began at 8:30 this morning, two male students got into an altercation.  One of the boys is a 15-year-old Grade 10 student and the other is an 18-year-old Grade 12 student.  The fight, which took place in an upstairs hallway, climaxed when the older boy stabbed his opponent in the chest.  The younger boy was taken to the hospital with non-life threatening injuries.  The instigator was arrested by the police.

Source: NewsTalk 610 CKTB - Stabbing at Westlane Secondary; Chatham Daily News - Student Stabbed at School in Niagara Falls

Los Amigos High School, Fountain Valley, California

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

During lunch today, two unidentified male students got into a fight.  The fight climaxed when one of the boys pulled out a small X-Acto knife and stabbed his opponent in the back.  The wounded boy was taken to the hospital with non-life threatening wounds.  Our young instigator was arrested.

Source: Orange County Register - One Student Stabs Another During Lunchtime Fight, Police Say

Southview High School, Lenasia South, Johannesburg, Gauteng, South Africa

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

For an undisclosed reason, a male high school student pulled out a pair of scissors and stabbed a 17-year-old male classmate in the back.  Our young instigator then fled the scene.  The wounded boy lost consciousness and was taken to Chris Hani-Baragwanath Hospital for treatment.  This attack occurred about 10 in the morning.

Source: Independent Online - Another Pupil Stabbed at School

George S. Henry Academy (High School), North York, Ontario, Canada

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

During the noon hour today, four male teens began fighting each other.  The fight climaxed when one of them was stabbed with a meat cleaver.  Where the boys got a meat cleaver from is not specified in the story.  The police were called and after they arrived, they arrested two of the 16-year-old boys and charged them with assault causing bodily harm and assault with a weapon.  The third boy escaped from the scene is still at large.

Source: City News - Two Teens Charged in Alleged Stabbing at North York High School

Hamilton High School, Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Friday, September 12, 2008

Today brand new, highly sensitive metal detectors were tested at Hamilton High School.  These detectors are similar to the ones in airports and were used only on tardy students.  So if you arrive early at Hamilton High, you can bring whatever arsenal you want to into the school.  Around 8:45 two female students began fighting in one of the school's bathroom.  Our instigator is 16-years-old and her opponent is 15-years-old.  Our young instigator pulled out a knife and stabbed her younger opponent multiple times.  The injured girl was taken to a local hospital with non-life threatening wounds.  Police arrested two 16-year-old females, even though they believe only one of them stabbed the other girl.  Hamilton High School has a student body population of about 2,200.  Milwaukee Public School spokeswoman Roseanne St. Aubin said the detector, "... will be in full use in the future."

Source: Minneapolis-St. Paul Star Tribune - Teen Stabbed at Milwaukee High School; 620 WTMJ - Stabbing at Milw. Hamilton High School

Arkansas State University, Jonesboro, Arkansas

Saturday, September 13, 2008

Early this morning, probably after a frat house party, 21-year-old Patrick Rice fired a shot into a fellow ASU student near the intersection of Danner Street and University Loop.  The wounded student was taken to St. Bernards Regional Medical Center where Jonesboro police were notified of the shooting at 2:12 in the morning.  Two hours later, Patrick was arrested.  ASU used their Emergency Alert System to notify students and the community about the shooting early Saturday morning.  Another text message went out lat Saturday night announcing Patrick's arrest.

Source: The Herald (of Arkansas State University) - Shooting on Campus

Mira Loma High School, Sacramento, California

Monday, September 15, 2008

This morning 17-year-old Michael Berry asked to be excused from class to use the facilities.  He walked into one of the school's second story restrooms, put a .38-caliber revolver to his head and pulled the trigger.  A vice principal investigate the loud noise and found Michael on the floor, the gun and a note nearby.  Michael was rushed to Mercy San Juan Medical Center in critical condition.  No other student was in the restroom at the time.  Classes continued on their regular schedule as seven crisis counselors were on hand if needed.  The next day, Michael, a junior, was taken off life support and died at 8:00 p.m.

Source: KCRA Channel 3 - Student Shoots Self at Mira Loma High; Sacramento Bee - Apparent Suicide Attempt at Mira Loma High; KXTV Channel 10 - Student Shot at Mira Loma High School; CBS 13 - Mira Loma Student Dies after Shooting Self; Visitor to this web site

Millbrook High School, Raleigh, North Carolina

Monday, September 15, 2008

During science class this afternoon, Tamarius Deonte Dickerson, a 17-year-old junior and Dominique Thomas, an 18-year-old senior, got into a heated argument.  When the class was over, the argument became physical in the hallway when Tamarius stabbed Dominique in the head.  A teacher tried to intervene, but the two boys ran away and left campus.  Dominique drove himself to WakeMed Raleigh Campus where police officers responded.   On Monday, October 13, 2008, Tamarius turned himself into the police.  He is charged with assault with a deadly weapon with intent to kill inflicting serious injury.

Source: WRAL Channel 5 - Student Stabbed at Millbrook High School; The Charlotte News and Observer - Millbrook Student Injured in Stabbing; The Charlotte News and Observer - Charged with Stabbing, Student Turns Himself in

Marymount College (High School) at Burleigh Heads, Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Just before one this afternoon, five juvenile delinquents entered Marymount College looking for a Grade 11 boy.  The were armed with at least one knife and found the boy in a classroom.  However, before the could stab him, a female math teacher stepped in between the delinquents and their target.  The knife wielder held the knife up to the teacher's face but before he could act, construction workers at the school chased the group away.  The next day, police had all five boy in custody.  Three were charged with various offenses including assault occasioning bodily harm, threatening violence and trespassing.  Two the boys, both 16, were charged with assault occasioning bodily harm.

Source: - Teacher Held at Knifepoint in Australia; National Nine News - Two More Charged Over Gold Coast Attack

Calabar High School, St. Andrew, Jamaica

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

I have very little to go on for this entry as the story focuses on the retaliation attack that happens two days later and barely mentions this act of school violence.  All it says is that there was a "... stabbing of a student by another at the school on Tuesday."  Eleven words to describe an act of school violence is not much to go on, but it is all I have.

Source: Jamaica Gleaner - Students Attacked at Calabar

Bendale Business and Technical Institute (High School), Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Just before noon today, Taimone Moore, Jermaine Williams, both 16-years-old, Mark Deicsics and an unidentified male student approached another male student in the parking lot of  Bendale Business and Technical Institute.  The four teens were planning on taking the other students drug cache.  When Jermaine raised his jacket to show he had a gun, the unnamed robbery target tackled him.  The two boys struggled for several minutes, during which Jermaine was able to fire off four shots.  One of those flying bullets struck Taimone in the left side of his chest.  The unnamed robbery target was not struck by the bullets.  When the fight was over and they realized one of their own had been struck, Jermaine, Mark and their unidentified companion, as well as the unnamed robbery suspect fled the scene. Taimone, a Grade 12 student, limped into the school's main hallway and collapsed. Taimone was rushed to Sunnybrook Hospital in critical condition.  Police began searching for the other three suspects, two of which are described as black males in their late teens about 5'-8 to 5'-10 inches tall.  Later in the day, police arrested 18-year-old Mark Deicsics and charged him with robbery while armed with a firearm and failing to comply with bail conditions.  Since Taimone was part of the four that tried to rob a student, he was charged with robbery while armed with a firearm.  On Friday, in a very rare move by the Canadian courts, police announced they were looking for Jermaine by name, for discharging a firearm and endangering life and for armed robbery with a firearm.

Source: United Press International - Teen Clings to Life after School Shooting; Global TV - School Shooting Sends 17-Year-Old to Hospital; Toronto Star - A Wounded School's Grief; - 2 Arrested in Toronto School Shooting; Toronto Star - Bendale School Shooting Suspect Named

Vlakfontein Technical High School, Mamelodi, Gauteng, South Africa

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

This morning around 9:30, several Grade 11students began playing a game of dice during math class.  Amiah Mawela, 16, was a part of this group and bets were being made.  The betting, and good times, came to an abrupt end when Amiah won R12 (12 rand, the currency of South Africa).  Before he could pocket the money, his opponents accused of him cheating.  Another pupil grabbed the pile of rand.  Amiah then began to fight the thief.  Friends of the thief joined in the fight and one of them, an unnamed 17-year-old boy, pulled out a Okapi knife and stabbed Amiah five times in the shoulder and left arm.  Amiah retreated from the fight, ran out of the classroom, jumped the school fence and went home.  His mother was there and brought him back to the school to find out what had happened to her son.  After returning to the school, and waiting for an ambulance that never came, the police took Amiah to Mameloid Hospital where he was treated and released.  Our young instigator was arrested by the police but his two accomplices, and the Okapi knife are still at large.

The Citizen - School Indifferent to Stabbing; Independent Online - Dice Game Turns Bloody

A Primary School in the Upper Dir District of the North West Frontier Province, Pakistan

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Three Al-Qaeda and Taliban militants took almost 300 students hostage today in this province that borders Afghanistan.  When the parents of the held kids heard the news, they wasted no time and took action themselves.  They stormed the school building and engaged in a brief gun battle with the militants, striking down two of them. All three of the militants had bombs strapped to their bodies and two of the bombs exploded to bring the fight to a close.  The third suicide bomber fled the school.  It is not clear if the militants were able to set off their bombs as they died, or if they went off when they were struck by the gunfire.  None of the students, or parents, were hurt when the two bombs exploded.

Source: Adnkronos International Italia - Pakistan: Child Hostages Freed in Troubled Northwest; Thaindian News - Al-Qaeda and Taliban Militants Take 300 Hostages at Pakistan School but Killed by Armed Locals

Calabar High School, St. Andrew, Jamaica

Thursday, September 18, 2008

In a bizarre retaliation for Tuesday's stabbing attack at Calabar, male family members of the injured boy drove onto school grounds and assaulted two male students.  The boys were in a study session because of the absence of the teacher when the men attacked them.  The news story does not say why these two boys were targeted, just that they were attacked. Several other parents stormed the school when word of this attack spread throughout the town.  They were all directed to Constant Spring Police Station where a peaceful resolution was reached.

Source: Jamaica Gleaner - Students Attacked at Calabar

Westmount High School, Montreal, Quebec, Canada

Thursday, September 18, 2008

This morning around 10:30, a 14-year-old boy walked into a classroom at Westmount High School and shot a fellow classmate with a BB gun.  Later in the afternoon, the boy was still carrying the BB gun inside the school and shot two more students before being apprehend by school authorities.  None of the three injured students suffered serious injuries.

Source: News Talk Radio CJAD 800 AM - Westmount High School Student Faces Expulsion for Shooting BB Gun

Madrasa Muhammadia of Dev Band School, Geli Kark, Baluchistan, Pakistan

Friday, September 19, 2008

Students at this hard-line Islamist religious school began questing a strange man who wanted to enter their compound.  He didn't answer and tried to rush past them, but they blocked his way.  The man then blew himself up.  The blast killed five people (I am assuming one of them was the man himself, but the news stories do not say either way) and wounded ten others.  The village of Geli Kark is about 9 miles (15 kilometers) from Quetta.  The news stories do not mention what grades are serviced at this school.

Source: CNN - Blast Kills 3 Students at School in Pakistan; Yahoo! News - Bomb Kills 5 at Pakistani Religious School; Sydney Morning Herald - Five Dead in Pakistan School Bomb Blast

Westwood Language College (High School), Upper Norwood, England

Friday, September 19, 2008

During math class today, a expelled female student who blamed the teacher for her dismal stormed into room and began attacking her.  The girl had been expelled after being accused of attempting to steal the teacher's keys and cell phone.  The girl's mother knew where her daughter was headed and called the school to warn them. Unfortunately, the school authorities failed to prevent the girl from getting into the room.  She pulled the teacher down to the floor and began stabbing her with a pen.  She also punched her repeatedly and kicked her legs until they bled.  It took two male staff members to pull the girl off the teacher.  The injured teacher was taken to the hospital for treatment while our young instigator was arrested by the police.  Surprisingly, she was released a short time later with a caution.  This attack occurred around 11 a.m.

Source: Daily Mail - Expelled Schoolgirl Storms into School and 'Stabs Teacher's Face with Pen'; Croydon Advisor - Exclusive: Teacher Left in Hospital after Being Attacked by Schoolgirl

George Washington Preparatory High School, Athens, California

Friday, September 19, 2008

After nine international acts of school violence, an American school comes under attack to bring this very active week of school violence to a close.  Minutes after Washington Prep defeated University High on the football field, a gang-related shootout in the gymnasium parking lot wounded a 12-year-old girl and a 19-year-old man.  The girl, shot in the chest and left leg, and the man, shot in the pelvis and lower body, were taken to Harbor-UCLA Medical Center near Torrance for treatment.  This act of school violence occurred just after 6 p.m.  In the morning, the police had arrested 4 people, but declined to name or identify them.

Los Angeles Times - 4 Arrested in Gang-Related Shooting at Washington Prep; KABC Chanel 7 - Athens Students in Class After Shooting

St. George's College, Plaistow, East London, England

Monday, September 22, 2008

This evening two women, 23-year-old Sehrish Waqar and 21-year-old Kiran Asghar, were working in their offices at St. George's College language school, a small independent college comprising of an office above a shop in East London.  Sehrish was looking forward to a January wedding in Dubai.  Late in the night, her 29-year-old former boyfriend slipped into the building wearing a Phantom of the Opera mask and a black curly wig. He made his way to the office and began attacking Sehrish and Kiran.  Kiran was stabbed in the shoulder and managed to escape the room, and the building.  She crossed the street where she found help.  Sehrish was not as fortunate.  She was stabbed at least a dozen times in her chest and neck and passed out.  Down on the street below, Kiran was crying to Malik Ijaz, 40.  He runs a builders merchants underneath the college.  He rushed upstairs, and saw our instigator still stabbing his former girlfriend. Sehrish was dead by this time, but that didn't stop the stabbing.  When he saw Malik, he turned toward him and chased him down the stairs.  Malik locked the door and called the police.  A probationary police constable arrived first and fought with the instigator as he started stabbing himself in the throat.  The unnamed instigator was taken to the hospital for treatment and then arrested.

Source: The Press Association - 'Masked Man' Stabbed College Worker; Reuters UK - Police Probe Woman's Murder at London College; Telegraph UK - Fatal Stabbing: Attacker wore 'Phantom of the Opera' Mask; Daily Mail - Did the Phantom Knife Killer Strike Bride-to-be Out of Jealousy

Kauhajoki School (College) of Hospitality, Kauhajoki, Finland,

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Just over 10 months after the Jokela High School shooting in Tuulsula, Finland's students experience a school shooting for the third time ever. Yesterday, police questioned 22-year-old male student Matti Juhani Saari about four videos he posted to YouTube five days ago.  The video clips are of him in a leather jacket firing several shots in rapid succession at a shooting range.  He had received the gun permit just last month. They also included a message saying, "Whole life is war and whole life is pain.  And you will fight alone in your personal war."  Having no legal reason to keep him, they released him after the questioning was completed.  That was a mistake.  Just before 11 this morning, Matti dressed all in black, donned a ski mask and carried a large bag with him as entered the hospitality college where he attends class.  He went into a classroom where his fellow students were just starting to take a test.  He pulled out the .22-caliber pistol from the video clips and opened fire on them, striking down eight female students, one male student and one male teacher.  He then set fire to some of their bodies and moved about the college at will.  Police and ambulances quickly arrived on the scene, however, they were not able to stop Matti initially.  Ninety minutes passed before Matti was cornered, and as the police moved in, he shot himself in the head.  He survived the gunshot wound and was rushed to Tampere University Hospital in critical condition.  Later in the day, Matti died at the hospital.  Some of his classmates that he killed were burned beyond recognition.  Three classmates were seriously wounded and ten others were only lightly wounded. Kauhajoki is 205 miles (330 kilometers) northwest of Helsinki.

Source: Yahoo! News - Gunman Opens Fire at School, 9 Dead; BBC News - Finland School Gunman Kills Nine; United Press International - Death Toll Nine in Finnish Campus Shooting; Sky News - School Gunman's Chilling Message; Yahoo! News - Gunman Kills 10 at School in Finland, Then Self; YLE News - At Least 11 Dead After Kauhajoki School Shooting; YLE News - Police: Victims Were Shooter's Classmates; One in Stable Condition; Yahoo! News - Police: Finland Shooter's Victims are Mostly Women

Luther College (High School), Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

This morning while the western world was hearing about the shootings in Finland, an expelled 16-year-old male student armed with a pellet gun entered Luther College's gymnasium where the student body (over 450 students) had assembled for morning prayer.  He charged forward and put the gun barrel to the pastor's head and told him to read a letter.  The letter was about his expulsion from the previous yera and how he was bullied.  Principal Mark Anderson was able to negotiate with boy and evacuate some of the students on the end of the rows.  Others, Mark waved out when the boy had his back turned.  Mark slowly approached the boy as he tried to calm him down.  During their conversation, the boy made the pastor read parts of his letter.  Mark finally got close enough to the boy to wrestle the gun away from him. Police arrested the boy and recovered the pellet gun.  The boy was charged with two counts of pointing a firearm, possession of a weapon for a dangerous purpose, uttering threats and forcible confinement.

Source: Associated Press - Canada Police Arrest Teen for Having Gun at School; The Canadian Press - Principal Wrestles Away Weapon to End Standoff with Gunman at Regina School

Hutchesons' Grammar School, Glasgow, Scotland

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

During lunch today, three boys on BMX bikes cycled past Hutchesons' playground.  One of the boys, who is believed to be 9-years-old, fired the BB gun he was carrying at the students who were on the playground.  The pellet struck a Primary 5 pupil near the eye.  The police said the student received a "minor graze" from the pellet.  Hutchesons' is a private school where tuition can reach 7,772 a year.

Source: Scotland on Sunday - Move Follows Pupil Shooting

J.D. Floyd K-8 School, Spring Hill, Florida

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

There is something seriously wrong with the American juvenile judicial system when it allows a 14-year-old boy to return to the same school where he has already committed two acts of school violence (a stabbing and physically bullying from first of the month) within a three week time period so that he can commit another act of violence.  When will the authorities put this kid away?  Hopefully soon.  The same 14-year-old boy who stabbed a girl on September 1, 2008 and then a week and a half later physically bullied a male student walked up behind a different male student at lunch today, put a jump rope around his neck and attempted to strangle him.  Our instigator demanded candy from the boy, who was able to grab the rope and push it away from his neck.  Our instigator has been charged with battery, aggravated battery and assault and was not in jail as of Friday (9-26-08) afternoon.  All of the parents of the injured students are wanting to press charges against the boy.

Source: St. Petersburg Times - J.D. Floyd K-8 Student Charged in Attacks on Classmates

Oscar de la Fuente Elementary School, San Benito, Texas

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Today, an 9-year-old girl tickled a boy in her class.  He wasn't too happy about the whole thing and retaliated by stabbing the girl several times in her arm with a pencil.  She required medical attention for her wounds.  The boy was disciplined by the school district, but they would not release the details.  Heck, they wouldn't even give the exact date of the attack when they talked to the press.  I sent an email to the author of this news story and was able to obtain the exact date of this attack.

Source: KGBT Channel 4 - Fourth Grader Stabbed with Pencil

University of Akron, Akron, Ohio

Friday, September 26, 2008

After a Thursday night party spilled into Friday morning, two male students began arguing over an undisclosed topic. Christopher L. Wilson, 19, and Myguel O. Roberts, 21, were arguing on Sumner Street when Christopher pulled out a gun and shot Myguel in the lower back.  Myguel was transported to a hospital for treatment while Christopher was arrested by the police.  He is charged with felonious assault and discharging a firearm within the city limits.

Source: Akron Beacon Journal - In the Region: Man Shot on University of Akron Campus

Oneida Nation High School, Oneida, Wisconsin

Friday, September 26, 2008

A brief fight this afternoon between two male students in science class climaxed when one of the boys stabbed his opponent with a pair of scissors.  The injured boy was taken to the hospital for stitches and our young instigator was taken into custody.  The school is ran by the Oneida Tribe of Indians.

Source: Appleton Post-Crescent - Student Stabbed with Scissors at Oneida Nation High School; WGBA Channel 26 - High School Stabbing

Woodland (High) School, East Hartford, Connecticut

Monday, September 29, 2008

Woodland is an alternative education program run by the local school system.  Today a fight broke out between a 17-year-old girl, a 15-year-old boy and a 13-year-old girl.  During the fight, the boy stabbed the older girl above her eye with a wire that had been formed into a shank.  The wounded girl was taken to Manchester Memorial Hospital and received eight stitches.  She was also charged with breach of peace, the same as the younger girl.  The boy was charged with second-degree assault and threatening.

Source: Hartford Courant - Girl, 17, Stabbed in Fight at East Hartford School

Trent Lott Middle School, Pascagoula, Mississippi

Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Sometime during class today, a 12-year-old boy and a female student began playing around.  When they began playing, the boy had a pair of scissors in his hand.  As the two children played, the girl began kicking the boy.  He told her to stop, but she continued.  As he tried to defend himself from her kicks, the scissors slashed her legs.  After she was hurt, the boy apologized to her repeatedly and asked her if she was OK. The girl told the school's security officer that her injuries were caused by an accident. The girl's mother took her daughter to Singing River Hospital where she received five stitches.  The mother then called the police and pressed charges against the boy.  The police interviewed the students who witnessed the event and everyone agreed it was an accident.  However, the boy was still suspended for nine days.

Source: The Mississippi Press - Boy's Mother: School Stabbing an Accident

Number 2 Middle School, Shuozhou City, Shanxi Province, China

Saturday, October 4, 2008

A 17-year-old male student, identified only by his last name of Li, was dissatisfied with the work of head teacher Hao Xudong.  Today, Li repeatedly stabbed Hao with a knife in one the classrooms.  Hao died from the massive loss of blood.  Li was arrested by the Chinese police and was sentenced to life in prison on Wednesday, January 14, 2009.

Source: Xinhua - Student Gets Life Sentence for Fatal Stabbing of Teacher in N China (published 1-14-09)

Mpanga Senior Secondary School, Fort Portal, Kabarole District, Uganda

Saturday, October 4, 2008

During a farewell party at Mpanga Senior Secondary School for the senior six students, Shakira Kansiime became very irate at her boyfriend, Tadeo Bukye, who preferred dancing with another girl.  She left the party, went to the nearby Mpanga market, bought a knife and returned to the party.  She then proceeded to stabbed Tadeo to death.  Shakira is a senior two student at the school and is now in police custody.  This is the first act of school violence from Uganda that I have seen in the news.

Source: The New Vision - Fort Portal Jilted Lover Transferred to Naguru

Standfontein Senior Secondary School, Cape Town, Western Cape, South Africa

Monday, October 6, 2008

Three 17-year-old boys argued today over an unknown topic while at Standfontein Senior Secondary School.  The war of words turned physical when one of the boys pulled out a knife and stabbed William Meyer, one of his opponents in the upper back.  When Principal Peter Brockman tried to intervene and stop the fight, he was cut on his finger. William was taken to the hospital for treatment.  He described his assailants as "friends who acted like gangsters." The other two boys were arrested by the police and charged with assault with intent to do grievous bodily harm.

Source: Independent Online - Pupil in Stable Condition After Stabbing; Independent Online - Schoolboy Tells How Friends Stabbed Him

Central Collegiate (High School), Oshawa, Ontario, Canada

Monday, October 6, 2008

This afternoon around 3:30, an unnamed 18-year-old was driving his girlfriend and their five-month-old baby through the parking lot of Central Collegiate.  Suddenly, a 16-year-old male student confronted them with an air pistol.  Our young instigator fired at driver and hit him an inch below his eye.  He was able to maintain control of the car and began leaving the parking lot.  As he was doing that, another boy grabbed the air rifle from the first shooter and began pelting the car with BBs.  Luckily, the passengers in the car were not struck by the flying pellets.  The driver knew the young instigator and called police, who then picked the boy up and charged him with assault with a weapon.

Source: City News - Pellet Hits Driver but Misses Mom and Baby in High School Shooting

Los Amigos High School, Fountain Valley, California

Thursday, October 9, 2008

One month ago a student was stabbed during lunch at Los Amigos High School.  Late this afternoon during a boys' freshman football game, Jim Nguyen and Michael Ta, both 16 and do not attend class at Los Amigos, picked a fight with a 15-year-old old male student.  Jim and Michael stabbed the student multiple times in the upper torso, kicked him and beat him up.  Our young instigators then fled the scene. The wounded boy was taken to UCI Medical Center for treatment.  This attack occurred at 4:33 p.m.  A week later, police arrested Jim and Michael at their home and charged them with attempted murder, street terrorism and the sentencing enhancement that the attack was carried out as part of a criminal street gang activity.

Source: Orange County Register - Los Amigos High School Student Stabbed; Orange County Register - Two Juveniles Arrested in Los Amigos High Stabbing; KABC Channel 7 - 2 Teens Arrested in High School Stabbing

Fengxian Middle School, Fengxian District, Shanghai, China

Friday, October 10, 2008

An 18-year-old boy transferred into a class this semester and excelled at his academics.  One of his classmates became jealous of him and decided to eliminate him.  This evening at 5 p.m., as the boy was about to leave the school, he was stopped by an unidentified male student.  They went into the women's toilet where the unidentified boy pulled out a fruit knife and stabbed the 18-year-old boy six times.  He then moved the injured boy into the men's toilet.  As our unidentified instigator fled the school, he was stopped by a security guard who noticed blood on his clothes and apprehended him. Two teachers carried the wounded boy to a car and transported him to Fengxian District Central Hospital where he died Saturday morning.

Source: Shanghai Daily - Jealousy Likely Behind Fatal School Stabbing

Eugene Ashley High School, Wilmington, N. Carolina

Friday, October 10, 2008

During tonight's game between AHS and West Brunswick High School, 17-year-old Gerome Montreal Boseman and an unnamed 14-year-old boy started arguing.  The war of words become violent when Gerome pulled out a knife and stabbed his opponent several times before fleeing the scene.  The injured boy was taken to New Hanover Regional Medical Center for treatment.  The next day, police arrested Gerome, who attends Mosley Performance Learning Center, formerly Lakeside High School, and charged him with assault with a deadly weapon inflicting serious injury.  Ashley lost the game and the fight occurred around 8:30 p.m.

Source: Star News Online - Teen Arrested in Stabbing of 14-Year-Old at Ashley Football Game; WECT Channel 6 - Wilmington Teenager Arrested for a Stabbing During a High School Football Game

Phingilili Junior Secondary School, Transkei, Eastern Cape, South Africa

Monday, October 13, 2008

Two boys began fighting over a school bag today.  One student is a male 14-year-old student and the other is male 17-year-old student.  The fight climaxed when the younger boy pulled out a knife and stabbed the older boy in the chest.  The wounded boy collapsed to the floor and died in front of his classmates.  Our young instigator was arrested and charged with murder.

Source: Dispatch Online - Classmates Watch in Horror as Pupil Stabbed to Death

The Oaks Primary School, Tilgate, West Sussex, England

Monday, October 13, 2008

Later in the day, another school stabbing with a better outcome, however it wasn't reported until ten days later.  For an undisclosed reason, an unidentified 9-year-old boy attacked another unidentified boy by stabbing him with a pencil just below his eye.  The pencil struck the second boy's cheek.  The school suspended our young unknown instigator for two days and wanted to deal with this attack themselves.  The school says, "We discipline very seriously at The Oaks and any unacceptable behavior is dealt with swiftly in line with our policy, as it was in this case."  No mention of police involvement is ever made in the news story.

Source: This is Sussex - Nine-Year-Old Suspended from School After "Stabbing" Fellow Pupil

Northeast Lakeview College, Live Oak, Texas

Monday, October 13, 2008

The third act of school violence for the day hit deep in the heart of Texas.  Alan Godin, a 62-year-old part time librarian, walked into the school's library at 2:15 this afternoon and approached co-worker and 37-year-old full time librarian Devin Zimmerman.  He raised a gun and shot Devin, killing him. Alan then sat down at one of the tables and waited for the police to arrest him.  There were a number of students in the library at the time of Devin's murder, but police would not say exactly how many.  Police are investigating the lead of a dispute about work ethic as Alan's motive to kill Devin.

Source: KXAN - School Shooting Outside of San Antonio; San Antonio Express - Gunman Kills Librarian at College; San Antonio Express - College Shooting Shocks Students, Faculty

Sithembele Matiso High School, Guguletu, Western Cape, South Africa

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Yesterday, while students were playing a game of soccer at the school, a grade 11 male student identified only as Anele, approached the teams and bullied them, saying he was going to keep time and be in charge of the game.  The teams had already set a rule whereas if one team scores, the losing team would have to leave the field.  The teams and Anele argued briefly before the teams left the field and returned to their classrooms.  Anele called out a threat, saying he would beat them and teach them a lesson.  Today, Siviwe Spira, 17, a member of the soccer teams from yesterday, was walking toward his classroom when Anele confronted him. The two boys argued briefly before Jezile Qamani, 18, and was also on the soccer field yesterday, intervened to stop the argument from escalating.  Unfortunately, that didn't happen as Anele pulled out a knife and stabbed Siviwe in his left collar bone and Jezile in the right hand.  After the attack, Anele ran, jumped over the school fence and vanished.  The two wounded boys were stitched up at a local hospital.  Anele was later arrested by the police.   According to the news story, this act of school violence is similar to the movie Blood In, Blood Out from 1993.

Source: News 24 - Blood Flows at School

Hayward High School, Hayward, California

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

At 11:52 this morning, as students were gathered in the hallway, a disturbance occurred and one male student stabbed another male student.  The wounded boy was taken to Eden Medical Center in Castro Valley for treatment.  Police arrested our unidentified instigator.  After the stabbing, the school enacted a "no pass period" in which classes continued as normal and students were not allowed in the hallway.

Source: Inside Bay Area - Hayward High Stabbing Highlights School Safety Concerns

First Coast High School, Jacksonville, Florida

Thursday, October 16, 2008

This morning after second period gym class, 14-year-old Isaiah Phillips and a 15-year-old male student began fighting.  The fight climaxed when Isaiah pulled out a steak knife and stabbed the older boy in the abdomen.  Nearby teachers quickly apprehended our young instigator and called for help.  The injured boy was taken to Shands Hospital for treatment of non-life threatening wounds.  Police arrested Isaiah.  Both of the boys are in the ninth grade.

Source: First Coast News - Student Records Video of High School Stabbing Aftermath; WJXT  Channel 4 - Students Worried After High School Stabbing

Chaparral High School, Las Vegas, Nevada

Thursday, October 16, 2008

This afternoon during lunch, two unidentified male students began arguing in the cafeteria of Chaparral High.  The argument become physical when one of the boys pulled out a knife and stabbed his opponent several times.  The wounded boy was taken to Sunrise Hospital for treatment while our young instigator was arrested.

Source: Fox 5 Vegas - Student Critically Injured During School Stabbing

Friendly High School, Fort Washington, Maryland

Thursday, October 16, 2008

This evening during a volleyball game at Friendly High School, things weren't too friendly between two teens.  The two teens, an unidentified male and 18-year-old Eric Brown, began fighting.  The fight climaxed when Eric pulled out a knife and stabbed his opponent several times before fleeing the school.  The injured boy was taken first to Fort Washington Hospital and then was transferred to Union Memorial Hospital in Baltimore to treat a near-severed finger.  Eric was also injured by his own knife.  When he went to the hospital under his own power, the hospital alerted the authorities who arrived and arrested him.  This act of school violence occurred around 8:49 p.m.

Source: Business Gazette - Police Have Warrant to Arrest Suspect in Friendly High School Stabbing

Sekolah Menengah Kebangsaan Subang (High School), Shah Alam, Malaysia

Monday, October 20, 2008

At 8:00 this morning, a Form Five male student approached the gates to SMK Subang, but was turned away because he was not in his school uniform.  He used an unguarded side entrance and approached a Form Five female student.  (After reading over the news stories a couple of times, I believe Form Five signifies the grade these two students are in and not the name of the school.)  The boy asked the co-ed if they could date.  The two young teens have known each other since she was 13.  However, her parents believe she is still too young to date and told her to concentrate on her studies.  On the other hand, the boy wanted to start a relationship with her.  When she spurned him, he pulled out an ice pick and stabbed her several times.  When other students saw the attack, they began screaming.  The boy then fled the scene.  The girl was taken to the University of Malaya Medical Center where she stayed for two days before being discharged.  The boy's parents were going to turn him into the police on Thursday morning, but he spurned them by running away Wednesday night.  Shah Alam is about 15 miles (25 km) west of Kuala Lumpur.

Source: New Straits Times Press - Student Sought Over Stabbing Missing; New Straits Times Press - Parents to Surrender Stabbing Case Son

Glenstantia Primary School, Garsfontein, Gauteng, South Africa

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Around 3:00 this afternoon, four individuals in a white Toyota Tazz parked just outside the gates to Glenstantia Primary School.  One of the individuals, a male, got out of the Tazz and approached a white Toyota Quantum, which was parked outside the school collecting children. The man was armed and he ordered the driver of the Quantum to hand over his keys.  A security guard at the school noticed what was going on and intervened.  The unidentified man then took cover behind a Renault Clio and opened fire on the guard, who returned fire.  The guard's bullets struck the Renault five times.  The unidentified man apparently had better aim, or had a better line of sight, as he was able to wound the guard in the leg.  He then got back in the Tazz and left the school.  The guard was taken to a city hospital for treatment.

Source: Independent Online - School Guard Injured in Shooting

Manual High School, Peoria, Illinois

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

An unnamed 16-year-old girl who dresses in loud, bright, crazy colors, nothing revealing, just colorful, and her friends got the eye of an unnamed 14-year-old boy and his friends.  The two groups of students started hanging around and then the boys became forward.  The boys began fondling the girls, mainly on their rear-ends.  The girl didn't say anything about the fondling.  Recently, the unnamed 14-year-old boy took her cell phone.  Again the girl remained silent.  Today, the boys were back at it again, touching her and her friends inappropriately.  She told the teacher, who separated the two groups.  At the end of class, as they filed out of the room and into the hall, the boy called her a bitch.  She retaliated by pulling a steak knife from her purse and stabbing him in the left thigh.  The boy was taken to Methodist Medical Center for treatment while the girl was arrested by the police and charged with aggravated battery with a knife and unlawful use of a weapon.  She was taken to the Peoria County Juvenile Detention Center.  After explaining the bullying the boy did to her, police dropped the unlawful use of a weapon charge and plan to give her only probation when she is sentenced on December 5, 2008.  The news story doesn't say what, if any, punishment the boy received.  But hopefully he learned his lesson, for the next girl he bullies, may stab him in a far more precious part of the body.

Source: Peoria Journal Star - School Stabbing Just Part of the Story; WHOI Channel 19 - Stabbing at Manual High School; WMBD / WYZZ TV - "Isolated" Stabbing at Manual High School

Prattville Christian Academy, Prattville, Alabama

Thursday, October 23, 2008

This evening around 5:20, 43-year-old Anita Lafay Washington pulled her GMC Yukon SUV into the academy's parking lot.  Waiting for her to arrive was her ex-husband, 50-year-old Irilmoskomazzerella Washington, in his Mercedes.  The couple is involved in a custody dispute and the child attends the academy.  Before Anita could finish parking and turn off her vehicle, Irilmoskomazzerella approached her and shot her twice.  He then waited patiently in the parking lot for the police to arrive and arrest him.  Anita was taken to Jackson Hospital in Montgomery for treatment.  Police charged Irilmoskomazzerella with attempted murder.  Prattville Christian Academy is a K4-12th grade school with an enrollment of 536.  For statistical purposes, I am counting this as a middle school.

Source: Montgomery Advertiser - Police Investigating Shooting at Prattville Christian Academy; WSFA Channel 12 - Domestic Dispute Leads to Shooting Outside Prattville Christian Academy; WSFA Channel 12 - Suspect Charged with Attempted Murder in Prattville Shooting

University of Central Arkansas, Conway, Arkansas

Sunday, October 26, 2008

This evening at 9:22, five to ten shots rang out across the quiet campus of the University of Central Arkansas.  The shooting occurred in an alley between Arkansas Hall, a male dormitory, and the Snow Fine Arts Center.  An officer heard the shots and was on scene within a minute.  He found Chavares Block, a student, had been shot to death on the sidewalk and two others wounded in the dorm.  The men ran into that building after being shot.  The resident advisors performed CPR on the wounded men until the paramedics arrived.  They were transported to Conway Regional Medical Center where Ryan Henderson, another student at the college, died.  The other wounded man is 19-year-old Martrevis Norman.  He was shot in the leg, does not attend classes at UCA and was treated and released.  Later in the night, the police had a person of interest in custody.  24 hours later, police had all four suspects in custody.  They are: Mario Toney and Brandon Wade, both 20-years-old; and Kawin Brockton and Kelsey Perry, both 19-years-old.


Chavares Block, 19 Ryan Henderson, 18

Source: MSNBC - Shooting at Ark. University Kills 2, Wounds 1; CNN - 2 Dead in Arkansas Campus Shooting; One Suspect in Custody; Yahoo! News - 2 Killed at Ark. School; Officials Say Campus Safe; KTHV Channel 11 - Four Charged in Fatal UCA Shootings

A High School in Khan Younis, Gaza Strip, Israel

Monday, October 27, 2008

When the Palestinian farmers who work their fields along the border security fence get to close to Israel, the soldiers open fire on them.  Several of those flying bullets struck a nearby high school.  One of them struck the school building itself and ricocheted into the face of 15-year-old Aziza Qudaih.  She was taken to the hospital and treated for her wound.

Source: Xinhua News - Israeli Shooting Wounds Palestinian Schoolgirl in Gaza

Dennis O'Connor Catholic High School, Ajax, Ontario, Canada

Monday, October 27, 2008

Just after the morning bell at 9:30, two female students began arguing over a boy.  The fight became physical when one of them stabbed her opponent in the abdomen and slashed her in the chest.  The police were called to the school, however before they arrived, the wounded girl had her friends take her to the hospital for treatment.  While the injured girl was on her way to the hospital, and the police on their way to the school, friends of our young instigator tried to get rid of the knife by giving it a male friend to dispose of.  He threw it into a storm drain.  However, the police were able to sort everything out, recover the knife from the drain and arrest the instigator (a 16-year-old female charged with aggravated assault and possession of weapons dangerous), arrest her two friends who tried to get rid of the knife (a 16-year-old female and a 17-year-old female both charged with aggravated assault) and the boy who threw the knife into the storm drain (a 16-year-old male charged with aggravated assault and obstruction of a peace officer).

Source: City News - Three Girls Arrested After Stabbing, Allegedly Fought Over a Boy

University of Political Science and Law, Beijing, China

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

About 6:40 this evening, a 22-year-old final year student Fu Chengli, walked into a classroom, approached 43-year-old Professor Cheng Chunming and stabbed him twice in the neck with a kitchen knife.  After stabbing Professor Cheng, Fu appeared calm to the 19 students in the room and used his own cell phone to surrender to the police. The paramedics were called, but Professor Cheng died en route to Changping Chinese Medical Hospital.  His carotid artery had been severed and a cervical vertebra had been fractured.  Fu's motive was that he believed Professor Cheng, a married man, had an affair with his ex-girlfriend, a fellow student identified as Chen.

Source: China Daily - Student Stabs Professor to Death in Beijing; United Press International - Chinese Professor Stabbed; China Daily - Beijing College Killer Student 'Mentally Stable'

Durbanville High School, Durbanville, Western Cape, South Africa

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

As classes changed this afternoon at 1:40, a Grade 10 male student witnessed a Grade 11 boy talking to a girl.  The younger boy began arguing with the older boy about the girl.  The war of words climaxed when the younger boy stabbed his opponent in the buttocks with a pair of scissors.  The injured boy was taken to the hospital for treatment.  Our young instigator was suspended from school, but so far the police have not charged him with anything.

Source: Independent Online - Pupil Stabbed in the Buttocks

Don Mills Collegiate (High School), North York, Ontario, Canada

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Around 10:30 this morning, a 17-year-old male student and a 15-year-old male student started fighting over a pair of gloves.  The fight climaxed when the older boy stabbed his opponent in the stomach.  The wounded boy, a Grade 9 pupil, went into shock and was transported to the hospital.  Our young instigator, a Grade 11 pupil, was arrested by the police and charged with aggravated assault.

Source: Toronto Star - Boy Stabbed at East-End School; National Post - Teen Stabbed at Don Mills School in Fight 'Over a Pair of Gloves'

Heritage High School at Clifton Lake, Baltimore, Maryland

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Just after noon today, Courtlyn Simon and another male students began fighting in one of the halls over an unknown topic.  The fight climaxed when Courtlyn, 17, pulled out a knife and stabbed his opponent in the upper arms and chest.  It was about 12:20 when the stabbing occurred.  The wounded boy was taken to the hospital with a punctured right lung and a wound to his left biceps.  He is expected to be okay.  Our young instigator was arrested by the police and charged with attempted murder, assault, reckless endangerment and use of a deadly weapon with intent to injure.

Source: WMAR Channel 2 - Stabbing at City School; One Student Injured; WJZ-TV Channel 13 - Student Stabbed During Fight at School; WJZ-TV Channel 13 - 17-Year-Old Student Charged in School Stabbing; Baltimore Sun - 17-Year-Old Charged in Stabbing at Heritage High

Eliot Elementary School, Gilroy, California

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Earlier this month Principal James Dent confiscated a plastic toy pellet gun from one of his students.  He kept the gun and put it away in his office.  On Monday, a student snuck into the principal's office and was able to retrieve the gun from its hiding place.  Whether this was the same student who had it taken away from him/her earlier in the month, or a completely different student is unknown.  This morning, the gun showed up in the hands of a 10-year-old boy, and it is unclear if he, also, is one of the two students mentioned earlier.  He pulled out the gun in class and shot at his teacher.  The pellets grazed the teacher's hair.  Other than that, she was not injured.  The police arrested our young instigator and charged him with assault with a deadly weapon and bringing a weapon on school grounds.

Source: Hollister Freelance - 10-Year-Old Arrested for Shooting Toy Gun at Teacher

Willow International Campus Community College, Fresno, California

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

During a lunch-hour class, Jeff Harvey Lew, 60, repositioned the belongings in his backpack.  As he was doing so, a small handgun fell out of the pack and discharged.  The bullet stuck "a very thick calculus book" (now you know why calculus books are so huge) and nobody was injured.  Jeff was arrested by the police and charged with possession of a firearm on a campus, possession of a concealed firearm and carrying a loaded firearm.

Source: Fresno Bee - Student, 60, Arrested After Gun Fires at School

University of Navarra, Pamplona, Spain

Thursday, October 30, 2008

In perhaps a retaliatory attack for the Spanish police arresting four suspected ETA guerrillas who police said were planning attacks in the Navarra region of northern Spain, a car bomb at the University of Navarra caused a "very strong explosion" late this morning.  At least 17 people were injured and one worker was still unaccounted for when the blast was reported in the United States.  The ETA is fighting for independence of ancient Basque territories in Spain and France.  Pamplona is also world famous for the annual San Fermin Festival, which includes the Running of the Bulls on its small, winding, cobblestone downtown streets.

Source: MSNBC - 17 Hurt as Car Bomb Explodes at Spain Campus

University of Washington, Seattle, Washington

Thursday, October 30, 2008

Around 1:00 today, a 61-year-old former staff member at UW walked to the middle of Red Square, dosed himself with gasoline and set himself on fire.  As the flames burned his body, several students and faculty members tried to extinguish the flames.  The police and the paramedics arrived and he was transported to Harborview Medical Center with second and third degree burns.  He died the next day.  As to why the former UW staff worker chose to go out in a blaze of glory, no one knows.  Red Square is also known as Central Plaza.

Source: The Seattle Times - Man Sets Himself on Fire at UW

Stockton Springs Elementary School, Stockton Springs, Maine

Friday, October 31, 2008

A week ago Thursday (October 23), 55-year-old Randall Hofland was stopped by police during a seat belt safety check.  During the stop, Randall pointed a gun at the police officer and then drove off.  He abandoned the car in a field a short time later.  However, the police could not find him.  This morning he showed up at Stockton Springs Elementary School and took eleven fifth-graders hostage.  The state police were called at 8:42 a.m. and after they arrived, Randall decided to peacefully end the hostage situation.  He released all of the fifth-graders, even giving one of the students the gun and walked out of the classroom.  He was then tackled by a state trooper and taken into custody.  So far, he is charged with criminal threatening with a dangerous weapon from the seat belt safety stop and hostage charges are pending.

Source: MSNBC - Gunman Nabbed After Holding Students Hostage

University of Toledo Scott Park Campus, Toledo, Ohio

Friday, October 31, 2008

This morning around 11:35, two men confronted a student near the entrance of the Classroom Center.   Another student saw the confrontation and went to aide his fellow classmate.  When the second student arrived, one of the assailants pulled out a knife and stabbed the two UT students.  The two assailants, along with two other people, fled the scene. Anthony Jackson,18, and John Watson, 19, were taken to the UT Medical Center for treatment.  This act of school violence occurred on the Scott Park Campus of the University of Toledo.

Source: Toledo Blade - 2 Stabbed at University of Toledo's Scott Park; Toledo Blade - 2 Male Students Stabbed at Scott Park Campus

Rio Plaza Elementary School, Oxnard, California

Monday, November 3, 2008

This afternoon around 3:35, a 10-year-old boy pulled out a BB gun and fired at the windows of his classroom.  No one was hurt in this shooting and the story doesn't state why the boy shot at the windows.  Nor does it state how he snuck a BB gun into an elementary school.

Source: Ventura County Star - School Room Cleared After BB Gun is Fired

Bell High School, Bell, California

Monday, November 3, 2008

Just over 70 miles away and later that same evening, 18-year-old Luis Gabriel Rosas was playing basketball on the outside court at Bell High School when he was approached by a stranger.  An argument began and then the stranger pulled out a gun and shot Luis in the upper torso.  He staggered into the school's gym, where a crowd of about 40 students and their parents were taking part in a basketball camp.  He collapsed to the floor and continued bleeding profusely for several moments before dying.  The police are still searching for his killer.  Luis is a former student of Bell High.

Source: Los Angeles Times - Policy Identify Shooting Victim as Luis Gabriel Rosas, 18

Quirk Middle School, Hartford, Connecticut

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Before school began this morning, as students gathered in the courtyard, a fight broke out between at least six boys and girls.  It was about 8:15 a.m. and an eighth-grade student joined in the fight.  That turned out to be a mistake as the eighth-grader was stabbed in the abdomen below the right ribcage.  The injured student was taken to St. Francis Hospital and police have recovered a pair of scissors.  However, they do not know if they were used in the stabbing.

Source: Hartford Courant - Hartford Middle School Locked Down After Stabbing; WFSB Channel 3 - Student Stabbed in Abdomen at Middle School; WVIT Channel 30 - School Yard Fight Gets Out of Control

Woodrow Wilson High School, Los Angeles, California

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Just before 11 this morning, a student approached a male student (aged between 15 and 17 years) and stabbed him in the chest, throat and back.  The wounded boy was taken to the hospital for treatment.  The unknown instigator was detained by the police as they try and determine a motive.

Source: CBS 2 - Student Stabbed at Woodrow Wilson High School

Chengdong High School, Baijiao Township, Zhuhai City, Guangdong Province, China

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

After he lost a recent dispute with police over traffic violations, an unnamed man "vowed revenge."  Today, he took his revenge on unsuspecting high schoolers as they began leaving the campus this afternoon around 5 p.m.  He drove his truck from the back gate to the front gate at a high rate of speed, driving over several students.  When he was finished, two students and one adult lay dead on the school ground and 20 more were injured.  Police later shot the driver dead after he ignored a police warning.  The next day, a fourth student died at the hospital, bringing the grand total to five fatalities.

Source: The Earth Times - Five Dead After Man Ploughs Truck into Chinese Schoolchildren; Shanghai Daily - Four Killed as Man Rams Truck into Crowd Outside a School; Xinhua News - Four Dead, 20 Hurt as Truck Driver Plows into Crowd at China School

Florida Memorial University, Miami Gardens, Florida

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Early this morning, around 2 a.m., two women were arguing in a parking lot at Florida Memorial University.  One of the women called her family to come pick her up.  Her family arrived and the arguing continued.  During this part of the argument, someone pulled out a gun and shot a 17-year-old member of the woman's family who had come to pick her up.  So far, the police have mad no arrests.

Source: Miami Herald - Teen Hurt in Shooting at Florida Memorial University

Cardinal Wiseman Catholic (High) School, Greenford, Greater London, England

Thursday, November 6, 2008

Almost 45 minutes after school had finished for the day and senior staff bus duty teams had returned to the school, a group of teenagers approached the school gates and confronted a 15-year-old Carrington Mgbeanulu at Cardinal Wiseman Catholic School.  The confrontation, over school uniforms, became physical when one of the teens pulled out a knife and stabbed boy in the chest.  He was taken to the hospital with a punctured lung for treatment and the police detained a 16-year-old youth later in the day.

Source: Sky News - Boy Stabbed in School Playground; BBC News - Youth Stabbed on School Premises; The Telegraph - Teenager Stabbed at Catholic School in 'Uniform War'

Bowling Green State University, Bowling Green, Ohio

Friday, November 7, 2008

This morning around 6:30, a gunshot was heard on the campus of Bowling Green State University.  No one was injured as the bullet flew the air and landed somewhere. Police detained a student for questioning, but at this time do not have a motive as to why the shot was fired.

Source: MSNBC - Shot Fired at Ohio University; No One Hurt

Old Harbour High School, St. Catherine, Jamaica

Monday, November 10, 2008

About 1:15 this afternoon a 15-year-old boy and a 14-year-old boy began arguing over an undisclosed topic.  The argument climaxed when the older boy pulled a knife from his bag and stabbed his fellow classmate in the arm.  The principal called the police to take charge of the situation.  The wounded boy was taken the hospital and our young instigator was taken into custody.

Source: Radio Jamaica - Student Arrested After Stabbing Another on School Compound

Montrose High School, Montrose, Colorado

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Around 8 this morning, and before the morning class bell rang, 14-year-old Michael Yates, a non-student, gained access to the main hallway inside Montrose High.  He walked up behind 17-year-old Mallory Haulman and her sister, pulled out a straightedge and stabbed Mallory in the neck.  Michael then fled the scene, but was spotted almost immediately by a patrol officer.  He was cornered and arrested at Townsend and South Third Street.  The paramedics were called and Mallory was taken to Montrose Memorial Hospital for treatment.  In an odd way, this stabbing involved the whole family.  Mallory's mother, Alicia, is an ICU nurse at the hospital, and after surgery, Mallory ended up in the ICU wing.  Her father is Denny Haulman, the Montrose Daily Press Production Manager, whose paper I've used as a reference for this entry.  On Wednesday, March 25, 2009, Michael pleaded guilty to first degree murder in exchange to have his 18-year prison sentence reduce to seven years in the youth offender system.  His sentencing is slated for Saturday, May 23, 2009.

Source: Montrose Daily Press - School Assault Victim ID'd as Daily Press Employee's Daughter; Alleged Assailant Could Face Felony Charges; 9 News - Stabbing Victim's Condition Upgraded, Suspect is 14; Vail Daily News - 14-Year-Old Boy Slashes Girl's Throat at Western Colorado High School; KJCT Channel 8 - Montrose High School Stabbing Suspect Pleads Guilty

Montgomery Blair High School, Silver Spring, Maryland

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

During class change this morning, an unnamed male student and an unnamed co-ed, both of them are 16-years-old, were arguing in a second-floor hallway. As he turned to walk away, she pulled out a kitchen knife and cut the boy below his shoulder, causing him to bleed.  Our young female instigator dropped the knife and left the building.  Another girl picked up the knife.  The paramedics were called and the boy was taken to Holy Cross Hospital for treatment.  The unidentified girl who picked up the knife was detained by school authorities and turned over to the police, who charged her with possession of a concealed weapon on school property.  The 16-year-old co-ed who did the stabbing was apprehend a short time later on a Metrobus by the school's Educational Facilities Officer.  She is charged with second-degree assault, possession of a concealed dangerous weapon and possession of a deadly weapon with intent to injure

Source: Business Gazette - Teenage Girl in Custody After Stabbing at Blair High; Washington Post - Teenager Stabbed at Silver Spring High School; Business Gazette - Girl Formally Charged for Stabbing at Blair High

C. W. Jefferys Collegiate Institute (High School), Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

During a lunchtime confrontation, a 16-year-old boy was stabbed in the stomach by a 17-year-old male classmate.  The unidentified instigator then fled the school.  The wounded boy took a cab to his home, at 1901 Sheppard Avenue West, a multi-building public housing complex, and called for the paramedics.  They arrived and transported the Grade 11 boy to Sunnybrook Health Sciences Center. Police kept the school locked down for about 3 hours while they searched for the assailant.  Our young unidentified instigator turned himself into police on Thursday night. This is not the first act of violence to strike C. W. Jefferys.  On May 23, 2007, 15-year-old Jordan Manners was fatally shot in a hallway at the school.

Source: Globe and Mail - Stabbing at Jefferys Highlights Lack of Security; The Canadian Press - Student Stabbed at Toronto High School Where Jordan Manners Fatally Shot; Globe and Mail - Youth Surrenders in Stabbing

Monroe Community College, Brighton, New York

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

In a study lounge on the second floor of Building 11, a fight involving four male students started around 2:30 this afternoon.  The fight climaxed when a 20-year-old student was stabbed in the neck and a 19-year-old student was stabbed in the arm.  Both students were taken to Strong Memorial Hospital for treatment.  Brighton police were able to apprehend two suspects as they attempted to flee the building.  However, police only charged 19-year-old Ryan Crosbourne with first-degree assault and fourth-degree criminal possession of a weapon.  The other student was not charged.

Source: Rochester Democrat and Chronicle - Student Charged in MCC Attack; WROC- TV - Charges in MCC Stabbing

Langston University, Langston, Oklahoma

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Toddrell Dominique Reeves, 18, took a gun with him today when he visited Christopher Talley, 20, in his on-campus apartment.  Toddrell is not a student at Langston.  Toddrell put the gun down, but it was picked up by Danny Brown and the gun went off.  The bullet ripped through a wall in the apartment and lodged itself in Christopher's shoulder.  Christopher, a freshman, was taken to the hospital for treatment. By the end of the week, Toddrell had been arrested by the police and charged with bringing a gun onto school property.

Source: KOCO Channel 5 - Arrest Made in Langston University Shooting; KSBI Channel 52 - Arrest in Langston University Shooting; News OK - Campus Arrest Brings Changes at Langston University

Northern Kentucky University, Highland Heights, Kentucky

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

School violence continues to roll as this is the 28th consecutive act since Sunday, October 26, just two and a half weeks ago.  Early this morning the campus police were called to James P. Callahan Residence Hall to investigate the sound of a single gunshot being fired inside the building.  Here's what happened, a female student and 18-year-old Timothy A. Stone were inside her dorm room when her ex-boyfriend, Jody Wright, showed up and began fighting with Timothy.  During the fight, Timothy pulled out a .25-caliber pistol and  pointed it at Jody.  Jody was able to move the gun away from his head before Timothy pulled the trigger and fired one shot.  The bullet struck an exterior window.  Neither of the men are students at Northern Kentucky.  Another student who heard the gunshot called police, but by the time they arrived, just two minutes later, the co-ed, Timothy and Jody had left the building and drove away.  During their escape, Timothy dropped the gun into the Ohio River.  The next day, police arrested Timothy in Cincinnati, charging him with attempted murder and first-degree wanton endangerment.

Source: WLWT Channel 5 - NKU Police Investigate Gunfire at Residence Hall; WLWT Channel 5 - Updated: Suspect Arrested in NKU Campus Shooting; - Arrest Made in NKU Shooting

Dillard High School, Fort Lauderdale, Florida

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Around 11 this morning, 15-year-old Amanda Collette wanted to get something from the vending machine during class change.  She waded through the crowded hallways to the vending machine in a hallway near the school's performing arts magnate program.  As Amanda was at the machine, 15-year-old Teah Wimberly approached her, pulled out a small caliber handgun and shot her. Our young instigator then fled the school.  Amanda collapsed to the floor as the wound closed around the bullet.  A friend of Amanda who saw her fall, ran to get the school resource officer.  When the officer arrived, Amanda was lying  unconscious in the hallway.  An initial examination of Amanda, a sophomore, found no evidence of a major wound.  She was taken to Broward General Medical Center where she died.  As the police were sorting things out at the school, they got a call from Teah.  She told them she was at Captain Crab's Take-Away restaurant, right across the street from the school, and that she was involved in Amanda's shooting.  The police drove to Captain Crab's, arrested Teah, a sophomore, and recovered the gun.  She is charged with first-degree murder and discharging a weapon on school property.

Source: Yahoo! News - Student Dies After Shooting at Fla. High School; South Florida Sun-Sentinel - Girl Dies After Possible Shooting at Dillard High School; South Florida Sun-Sentinel - Girl Dies After Shooting at Dillard High School; South Florida Sun-Sentinel - Dillard Students Remember Girl Gunned Down in Hallway; The Age - Teen Girl Charged for US School Shooting

Highland Park Junior High School, St. Paul, Minnesota

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Around 12:35 this afternoon as students were changing classes, a 13-year-old girl and her 13-year-old ex-boyfriend began fighting in one of the hallways at Highland Park Junior High School.  The fight climaxed when the girl pulled out a knife and stabbed the boy in the chest and arm.  Another male student saw the attack and tried to help, but he was cut on the finger.  Staff members also saw the attack.  They were able to subdue the girl and provide first aide to the boy.  After being checked out by the school nurse, the male student who tired to help was fixed up with a band-aide.  However, the ex-boyfriend was taken to Regions Hospital for treatment while the girl was arrested on suspicion of aggravated assault.

Source: KAAL Channel 6 - Student Seriously Hurt After Stabbing in St. Paul; Pioneer Press - Police: 7th Grader Stabs Ex-Boyfriend at School; Minneapolis-St. Paul Star Tribune - Student Stabbed at St. Paul Junior High; Girl Suspected

Fairvale High School, Fairfield, New South Wales, Australia

Friday, November 14, 2008

This morning around 11:30, two male students, one 17 and the other 15, began arguing over an unknown topic.  The short fight climaxed when the younger boy pulled out a knife and stabbed his opponent in the head, back and on his finger.  The wounded boy was initially taken to Fairfield Hospital before being transferred to Liverpool Hospital for further treatment.  Later in the day, our young instigator was arrested by the police.

Source: The Australian - Teen Stabbed at School; Sydney Morning Herald - Teenager Arrested After School Stabbing

Glen Burnie High School, Glen Burnie, Maryland

Friday, November 14, 2008

While students waited to board a bus for home, a fight between three male students broke out.  It was about 2:15 in the afternoon. The fight climaxed when Brandon Pearmon, 17 pulled out a pair of scissors and stabbed another 17-year-old boy in the head.  Student advocates and a staff member who were nearby broke up the fight.  The wounded boy was taken to Maryland Shock Trauma Center for treatment.  Over the weekend, police arrested Brandon, a junior, and charged him with first- and second-degree assault and with a possessing a dangerous weapon on school property. The other boy involved in the fight, an unnamed 16-year-old sophomore, was charged with second-degree assault.

Source: WJZ Channel 13 - Glen Burnie High Student Stabbed in Bus Scuffle; Baltimore Sun - Glen Burnie High Student is Stabbed with Scissors in Scuffle with Two Others; Baltimore Sun - 2 Students Charged in Glen Burnie High School Stabbing

Martin County High School, Stuart, Florida

Friday, November 14, 2008

After this evening's football game between Martin County and South Fork, a melee broke out.  Four teenage co-eds were walking away from the stadium when the bumped into 21-year-old Melanie Vanessa Mitchell.  The four co-eds include two sisters, one 16 and one 18 and both from Jensen Beach High School, and two 18-year-old graduates from Martin County High.  Melanie became agitated, pulled out a knife and stabbed the two sisters, the younger one in the leg, the older one in the arm.  She continued her attack by stabbing one of the graduates in the shoulder and the other in the hand.  The four girls knew Melanie and have had problems with her since middle school.  The police were called to restore order and in doing so, caused even more injuries.  An MCHS freshman, identified only as Jessica, was punched by a fellow male student, and then chased by a K9 unit.  The dog bit her three times, once on the back and twice on the buttocks.  Two of the girls who received stab wounds were taken to Martin Memorial Hospital South.   Jessica was also taken to the hospital, although it doesn't say which hospital, for treatment.  By Monday, the police had charged Melanie with aggravated battery with a weapon.

Source: WPTV Channel 5 - Five Teens Stabbed at Martin County High School; News 12 - Four Girls Stabbed After Large Fight at Martin County High School Football Game; WPTV Channel 5 - Deputies Questioning Martin Co. Stabbing Suspect; Fox News - Woman Arrested for Stabbing 5 at High School Football Game Melee

Thompson Valley High School, Loveland, Colorado

Saturday, November 15, 2008

Sometime today, probably late afternoon or early evening, Sean Smith and Mike Lajeunesse exchanged heated words over wanting to date the same girl.  The argument briefly ended and Mike went to visit his friends, Casey Harvey, 22, and his girlfriend Ashley Davis.  While Mike was there, Sean called and insulted Ashley.  At this point, Casey and Mike decided the insult was worth a fight and agreed to meet in the parking lot of Thompson Valley High School.  Casey, Mike and two others left Ashley's apartment and walked to the school.  Sean, 18-year-old Adrian Rodarte and about 10 other people drove to the school.  Most were there to watch the fight.  The fight started out as a war of words and then, as the two groups rushed toward each other, Adrian pulled a handgun from his waistband and fired it at Casey.  The bullet struck him in the head and died from this wound.  Witnesses reported they believed someone in Casey's group had a knife, but only a small kitchen knife was found at the scene.  Even after talking to all of the witnesses multiple times, it wasn't clear if Casey was holding a large knife, like a 2-foot machete, a small kitchen knife, a silver cell phone, or nothing at all.

Source: Loveland Reporter-Herald - Facts Released in Murder Case

Desert Hills High School, St. George, Utah

Saturday, November 15, 2008

This evening as the drama club prepared to stage Oklahoma!, 15-year-old Tucker Thayer was in the sound booth preparing to amaze the audience with the sounds of great musical.  The drama club was allowed to use a real Smith & Wesson .38-caliber six-shot revolver firing blanks for one of the sound effects.  Around 6:20, Tucker shot himself in the head with the pistol for an unknown reason.  Although there were only blanks in the gun, it has the same energy the bullet does.  He was taken to Dixie Regional Medical Center where he died from severe head injuries around 10 p.m.

Source: KSL Channel 5 - School District Conducting Investigation Following Deadly Shooting; Fox News - Student Dies After Prop Gun Discharges Before Play Performance; Courthouse News Service - Utah Parents Sue Over Accidental Shooting

Dunoon Technical High School, Kingston, Jamaica

Monday, November 17, 2008

Around 9 this morning, two 16-year-old boys began fighting in class.  The police say the fight was over a cell phone, but students interviewed by Radio Jamaica say the fight was over a girl.  The fight began with the two boys throwing chairs at each other.  Then one of the boys pulled out a knife and chased  Shevaun Johnson out of the room and down the stairs.  At the base of the stairs, our young unidentified instigator stabbed Shevaun twice, killing him on the spot. Police arrested our unidentified instigator and charged him with murder.

Source: Radio Jamaica - Student Fatally Stabs Another at Dunoon Technical; Go-Jamaica - Classes Resume at Dunoon After Stabbing

South Dade Senior High School, Homestead, Florida

Monday, November 17, 2008

I usually do not report fist fights, as I believe they are pretty common and most do not make it to the news.  However, when one does, and when the injured party is airlifted to the hospital, I feel compelled to add the event to my list.  This morning a fist fight between 16-year-old Alfredo Bocanejra and another unidentified male student wearing brass knuckles broke out in one of the school's restroom.  The fight climaxed when the unidentified boys knocked out Alfredo.  Our young, unknown instigator then left the building.  Another student found Alfredo unconscious and told the school staff.  They in turn, called the authorities and Alfredo was airlifted to Miami Children's Hospital for treatment.  Police are still looking for our young instigator.

Source: WPTV Channel 5 - Teen Seriously Injured in School Fight; WIOD News Radio 610 - Police Investigating School Beating

Berry Hill Primary School, Berry Hill, Coleford, Gloucestershire, England

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

This afternoon as students were leaving the school, a Year 5 male student walked up to a 9-year-old girl and shot her in the leg with an air gun for no apparent reason.  A first aider at the school treated the young girl and she went home later in the day.  Police detained our young instigator but did not arrested him because of his age, just 10-years-old.

Source: Gloucester Citizen - Girl, 9, Shot at School in Forest of Dean

Red Wing High School, Red Wing, Minnesota

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Sometime during this past summer, 16-year-old Carissa Ann Bordthauser sent an email containing personal information to unnamed female student at Red Wing High.  The recipient told Carissa she was going to forward the email to male student at the school, who was going to share it with the school staff.  Carissa became very agitated about this as she believed the email was none of his concern.  She also felt that she would be committed to a mental hospital if the contents of the email was leaked.  The email mentioned sadism.  This morning, she tucked a kitchen knife into the sleeves of her clothes and went to school.  She found the male student in an art class around 7:20.  He was with the female who Carissa sent the email to and was going through her belongings. Carissa believes he was trying to find a print out of the email.  She pulled out the knife and made three attempts to stab him in the neck.  He became defensive and tried to grab the knife from her hand.  Peg Hansen, an art teacher, and several other school staff members, intervened and broke up the fight.  The boy received a 1-inch cut on his hand, four smaller cuts on his neck and a was also bitten during Carissa's attack.  He was examined by the school nurse.  After the police arrested Carissa, they found out she was very determined to kill the male student.  When asked why she failed, her responses was, "the damn knife was too dull."  She is charged with attempted first-degree murder, second-degree assault with a dangerous weapon and possession of dangerous weapons on school property.

Source: My Fox Twin Cities - Red Wing Student Wanted to Kill Boy at School, Prosecutors Allege; Worthington Daily Globe - Charges: Minn. Teen Plotted to Kill; Rochester Post-Bulletin

Cole Middle School, Oakland, California

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

This morning around 8:30, a 13-year-old boy fired a shot inside his classroom.  Luckily, the bullet ricocheted off a radiator and lodged itself into a wall.  No one was injured.  Police took the boy into custody, placing him in the Alameda County Juvenile Justice Center.

Source: KGO-TV Channel 7 - Parents Upset Over Late Notification; CBS 5 - Gun Goes Off in Oakland Middle School Classroom

Central Valley High School, Ceres, California

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Central Valley High School not only teaches teenagers on a daily basis, it also teaches adults in the evening.  Tonight, during the adult classes, 18-year-old Enrique Garcia confronted a 19-year-old male student as he sat with a classmate on a bench in front of the school.  It was about 9:30 when this happened.  The confrontation turned violent when Enrique pulled out a chrome semiautomatic handgun and shot the 19-year-old student multiple times in the torso.  He then fled from the scene.  The injured student and three of his friends climbed into a blue four-door sedan and drove north about a mile to a Chevron gas station.  They parked the car by the gas pumps and then the driver and one of his friends left the gas station on foot.  His remaining friend called for an ambulance.  The injured student was then taken to the hospital where he is expected to live.  The police are still looking for Enrique.

Source: KCRA Channel 3 - Police: Student Shot at Ceres School; The Modesto Bee - Night-School Student Shot at Central Valley High; The Modesto Bee - Police Identify Suspect in Night School Shooting

Chengguan Middle School, Lixian County, Hunan Province, China

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Last night during dinner with former students, an expelled male student found out from 37-year-old physics teacher Zeng Qingyan had warned his students to avoid him in a class meeting two years, thus ruining his reputation.  The unidentified boy was furious and swore he would settle the issue with Zeng the next day.  The boy left the dinner and met up with another expelled male student at an Internet cafe where they spent the night planning.  At 7:30 this morning, the two unidentified expelled male students climbed the school's wall and made their way to the fourth floor where Zang was correcting papers.  One of the expelled male students rushed into the room, put a dustbin over Zeng's head and stabbed him in the knee before fleeing.  Zeng was able to pursue his attacker into the hallway, where the other expelled male student was waiting.  The boys began to flee down the stairs, then the second male student returned to Zeng and stabbed him in the chest.  He collapsed immediately.  Our two instigators were apprehended by other teachers as they arrived on the scene.  Zeng was taken to Li-xian County People's Hospital where he died around 9 a.m.  The next day, almost 300 middle school teachers did not go to work for fear of their own safety.

Source: Shanghai Daily News - Hunan Teacher Killed in Stabbing

Cliffdale Road Elementary School, Fayetteville, North Carolina

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

A 9-year-old boy found his missing pencil box in the possession of a 10-year-old girl today.  He argued with her briefly, then stabbed her in the back with a pencil.  The girl was treated by the school nurse and the boy was detained by the police before being turned over to his parents.

Source: The Fayetteville (NC) Observer - 9-Year-Old Student Charged in Pencil Stabbing

Anacostia High School, Washington, D. C.

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

A large fight broke out today at Anacostia High School in our nation's capital.  A small fight between a few students started on the second floor at 12:40 in the afternoon.  At the end of this fight, a small fire was started.  Police and fire fighters responded to the call for help.  When they arrived, they cleared the building and led the students to the football field.  Once there, a larger fight between two rival neighborhood groups broke out.  This second fight climaxed when three students suffered superficial cuts, a fourth student had an asthma attack and a fifth student was physically injured during the fight.  As the authorities arrived at the school, a small fire was found.  All five students were sent to the hospital for treatment.  Police arrested two of the injured students as the instigators of the whole thing.

Source: WJLA Channel 8 - Small Fire, Stabbing Occurs at D.C. High School; Washington Post - Five Students Hospitalized After SE High School Fight

Framingham High School, Framingham, Massachusetts

Thursday, November 20, 2008

This afternoon about 2:15, an argument between an unidentified 16-year-old boy and three other teens arose on the steps of FHS.  During the fight, which was over a girl, an unidentified 15-year-old male student approached and stabbed the older boy in the buttocks with a knife.  The injured teen ran into the school looking for help and our young instigator walked away from the school.  The injured boy was flown to Boston Medical Center for treatment.  Our young instigator was arrested, along with his brother, later in the day by the police.   He was charged with assault with the intent to kill, assault and battery with a knife, disorderly conduct and disturbing a school assembly.  His brother, 16, was charged with disorderly conduct and disturbing a school assembly.

Source: The Daily News Tribune - Two Arrested in Connection to Framingham High School Stabbing; The Boston Globe - Teen Stabbed on Steps of Framingham High

Stratford High School, Stratford, Connecticut

Thursday, November 20, 2008

An unidentified male student made fun of Carl Scraders' grades today.  Carl left the classroom to use the bathroom.  When he returned, he stabbed the boy in the back with a spring-loaded knife.  The injured student was treated by the school nurse.  Carl, 18, was arrested by the police and charged with second-degree assault, reckless endangerment, possession of a weapon in school and carrying a dangerous weapon.

Source: Connecticut Post - Student Arrested in Stratford Stabbing

Savannah State University, Savannah, Georgia

Friday, November 21, 2008

Around 11:45 this morning, 19-year-old Devon McIntosh and another male student were in an on campus apartment building in University Commons when they began fighting.  To end the fight, Devon pulled out a gun and shot his opponent in the arm and in the abdomen before returning to his own on campus apartment.  He left the gun in the apartment and then fled the campus.  The injured male student was taken to the hospital for treatment.  Police and SWAT teams began searching for Devon, who drives a tan 1995 Lexus ES.  They found the gun in his on campus apartment.  The police used a search dog and found Devon hiding in the trunk of a car parked on campus five hours later.

Source: Fox News - Student Shot at Savannah State University; WCSC Channel 5 - Police Name Suspect in SSU Shooting, Campus Still on Lockdown; Arkansas Democrat-Gazette - Dog Finds Man Sought in Campus Shooting

William H. Lemmel Middle School, Baltimore, Maryland

Friday, November 21, 2008

Just after 1 this afternoon, two boys began fighting at the back of William H. Lemmel Middle School.   This is near the entrance to a charter school, ConneXions Community Leadership Academy, which operates independently in the middle school building.  The fight climaxed when 14-year-old Timothy Oxendine, stabbed his opponent, 15-year-old Markel Williams, multiple times in the upper torso.  Markel was taken to Sinai Hospital where doctors pronounced him dead.  Timothy turned himself in around 9 this evening.  He is charged with first degree murder.

Source: Baltimore Sun - Student Slain; The Examiner - Bail Review Monday in Baltimore School Stabbing

Dawlish Community College (Middle School), Dawlish, Devon, England

Monday, November 24, 2008

Last night, the girlfriend of an unnamed 13-year-old boy broke up with him.  He told her he would kill himself if she didn't take him back.  This morning just before 9, he entered a tutor room, walked up to his former flame and said, "I know you don't love me."  He then pulled out a kitchen knife and stabbed himself in the stomach.  This occurred in front of about 30 classmates.  The Year 9 male student was taken to the Royal Devon and Exeter Hospital where he underwent surgery.  Because of the boy's age, I am counting this as a middle school and not a college.

Source: BBC News - Boy, 13, Wounds Himself at School; Daily Mail - Boy, 13, Stabs Himself in the Stomach in Front of Classmates 'After Being Dumped by Girlfriend'

Penwood High School, St. Andrew, Jamaica

Monday, November 24, 2008

A male 11th grader and an unnamed 17-year-old male student have been involved in a long-running dispute.  The dispute climaxed today when the junior stabbed the 17-year-old three times, in the left side of his chest, arm and back.  Our young instigator then fled the school by scaling a wall, even though school security personnel were on his tail.  The injured boy was taken to the hospital for treatment.  Police are still looking for the junior.

Source: The Jamaica Observer - Another School Stabbing

North Forest High School, Houston, Texas

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

This evening around 9:45 as a crowd began to file out from a school function, an 18- or 19-year-old black male opened fire on the unsuspecting people.  One man was hit in the leg by the flying bullets.  The unidentified instigator fled the scene in a silver SUV.  Police are looking for the shooter and trying to determine a motive.  For statistical purposes, I'm going to say the instigator was 18-years-old.

Source: KHOU Channel 11 - Gunman Opens Fire into Crowd Outside of North Forest High School

Signal Hill Comprehensive Secondary School, Trinidad and Tobago

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Today two girls of unknown age began fighting on the grounds of Signal Hill Comprehensive School.  The fight climaxed when one of the girls stabbed her opponent, who retaliated by biting back.  As a school security officer rushed to restore order, he was assaulted by an unidentified male student. Both of the high school co-eds were taken into police custody.

Source: i99.5 FM - An Incident at the Signal Hill Comprehensive School

Pines Lakes Elementary School, Pembroke Pines, Florida

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

During lunch today, a 7-year-old boy approached a 6-year-old boy in the school's restroom, pulled out a stainless steel kitchen knife, held it to the younger boy's nose and robbed the younger boy of his lunch money, $1.00.  Normally, I do not report theft's on campus, but when the instigator is 7-year-old first grader, I feel my visitors need to know what our kids are doing in our schools.  The younger boy's mother told the school about the robbery on Monday, when school resumed after the Thanksgiving holiday.  Our young instigator was suspended for ten days.

Source: Miami Herald - Broward First-Grader Robs Classmate at Knife-Point; CBS 4 - First Grader Robs 6-Year Old at Knifepoint; South Florida Sun-Sentinel - First-Grader's Armed Robbery Stunt at Pembroke Pines School 'By No Means Normal'

O. A. Peters Elementary School, Garden Grove, California

Sunday, November 30, 2008

Around 4 this afternoon an unidentified 19-year-old male and three of his friends were near the handball courts at O. A. Peters Elementary School when three Hispanic males approached them.  The trio called themselves a street gang and began arguing with the four on the court.  The argument climaxed when one of the gang members pulled out an unknown semiautomatic weapon and fired it at the 19-year-old, striking him in the neck and back.  The shooter then fled the scene.  The injured male was taken to UCI Medical Center in critical condition.  Police are still looking for the trio of gang members.

Source: Orange County Register - Teen Shot at Garden Grove School

Valley High School, El Cajon, California

Monday, December 1, 2008

The next day, another group of gang members attack another California student, this time in the suburbs of San Diego.  Around 3:50 this afternoon in the senior parking lot, a vehicle with three occupants pulled up next to two male Valley High students.  Two people exited the vehicle and began a verbal confrontation with the two students.  The confrontation climaxed when one of the gang members pulled out a knife and stabbed one of the students in the back.  The two gang members then got back into the car and left the school.  The injured student, 17, was taken to Sharp Memorial Hospital.  Police are still looking for the instigators.

Source: San Diego Union-Tribune - More Details on High School Stabbing; San Diego 6 - Boy Stabbed at El Cajon Valley High

King City High School, King City, California

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

This evening, the King City girls soccer team played North Salinas and lost 4-1.  When the game was over, both teams met at mi-field to shake each other's hands in good sportsmanship.  During this time, at 7:26 p.m., three to six shots rang out from the top of the bleachers on the far side of the stadium.  A 15-year-old boy and his 11-year-old sister were struck by the flying bullets.  Within thirty minutes, the police and paramedics were called, arrived and an ambulance was leaving with one of the injured persons.  The next day, the boy, in stable condition, was flown to Bay Area hospital.  The girl was in critical condition at Mee Memorial Hospital in King City.  The boy attends classes at King City High while his sister is in middle-school.  By Friday, the police arrested three male students, between the ages of 15- and 17-years-old and charged them in this shooting.  One of the boys is the shooter and the other two are his accomplices.  The trio that was arrested admitted to being Norteo gang members and say the target was to have been a member of a rival gang.  They are charged with attempted murder, conspiracy and gang enhancements.  For statistical purposes, I'm going to classify the shooter as a 16-year-old male.

Source: The Salinas Californian - Young Girl Shot at King City High; Monterey County Herald - King City, North Salinas High Schools Reeling After Shooting at Girls Soccer Game; The Salinas Californian - Three Held in King City Shooting

Green School Academy for Environmental Careers (High School), Brooklyn, New York

Thursday, December 4, 2008

For an undisclosed a reason, a 16-year-old male student was stabbed at his school today by an unidentified assailant.  The stabbing occurred around 1 p.m.

Source: 1010 WINS - Police: Student Stabbed at Brooklyn School; My Fox New York - Teenager is Stabbed at Brooklyn School

Kutztown University, Kutztown, Pennsylvania

Friday, December 5, 2008

Early this morning, 20-year-old Michael Morrone of Marlton, New Jersey, struck and dragged 20-year-old KU student Christine McGee with his car for an undisclosed reason.  She was found laying and seriously injured in Parking Lot C on Kutztown's South Campus around 3:30 in morning. This is near the water tower by the residence halls.  Christine was flown to Lehigh Valley Hospital where she is being treated for injuries.  Later in the day, Michael was arrested and charged with aggravated and simple assault plus reckless endangerment.  Michael is not a student at KU, but he does know Christine, who is a sophomore communications major from Warminster, Bucks County.

Source: WFMZ Channel 69: New Jersey Man Arrested in Connection to K.U. Student Assault; Kutztown University web site - Campus Alert Information; Pennsylvania State Police Press Release

Northeast Middle School, Reading, Pennsylvania

Friday, December 5, 2008

Shortly before 8:00 this morning, 15-year-old Demetry Melendez and 14-year-old Eulalfred C. Reynoso began fighting over an undisclosed topic.  The fight climaxed when Eulalfred pulled out a steak knife and stabbed Demetry twice in the left side and twice in the left forearm.  Demetry was rushed to the hospital for treatment.  Eulalfred, a male student and native of the Dominican Republic, was charged as a juvenile with aggravated assault, possessing instruments of crime and related charges.   Demetry is a student at Reading High and was at Northeast Middle School to drop off his younger brother, Angelo, 12.  Angelo was attacked the day before by a group of boys.

Source: WFMZ Channel 69 - Student Arrested After Stabbing at Northeast Middle School; WFMZ Channel 69 - Security Tightened Following Stabbing Outside School; Reading Eagle - Lawyer Says Stabbing of Reading Teen was in Self-Defense

Raytown High School, Raytown, Missouri

Friday, December 5, 2008

About 12:30 this afternoon, two co-eds at Raytown High began fighting over an unknown topic.  One of the girls is 17-years-old and the other is 18-years-old.  The fight climaxed when the older girl stabbed her opponent in the head.  The injured girl was taken to the hospital while the instigator was taken into custody.

Source: KCTV Channel 5 - Girl Hurt In Reported Stabbing At School

Shattuck-St. Mary's (High) School, Faribault, Minnesota

Friday, December 5, 2008

Dealing with marital problems and struggling with emotional and personal issues led Len Jones to put a gun to his head and pull the trigger.  Len, 34, was a dorm director and teacher at the private college prep school.  He killed himself in his faculty apartment in Breck Hall this evening around 9 p.m.

Source: Minneapolis Star Tribune - Shattuck Assembly to Remember Teacher Who Shot Himself

Weinan Technical College, Weinan City, Shaanxi Province, China

Monday, December 8, 2008

On Wednesday, December 3, 2008, two co-eds  fought over trivial issues in their dorm at Weinan Technical College.  They are identified by last name only, Cheng and Tian.  The following evening, Tian brought together a dozen of her friends and paid a visit to Cheng in her dorm.  As expected, another fight ensued.  Tian and her friends also returned to Cheng's dorm on Friday night, but this time Cheng was not there.  Tian called Cheng and threatened her, but still Cheng did not return to her dorm.  This evening, Tian and her friends found Cheng in her room. Tian slapped Cheng twice in the face before Cheng struck back.  Tian's friends laid a beating on Cheng, but she was able to get back on her feet.  She grabbed a dagger and launched into a fierce stabbing spree.  When it was over, four of Tian's friends had been stabbed in the chest and two of her friends had been stabbed in the arms.  Cheng also had cuts on one of her hands.  She went to a clinic for treatment and was arrested by the police when she returned to the college.  All seven girls are under the age of 18.

Source: Shanghai Daily - College Girl Stabs 6 Female Students in Mass Fight

Special Science Secondary School, Makurdi, Benue State, Nigeria

Thursday, December 11, 2008

During lunch this afternoon, a fight broke out between two male students as to who owned a bowl of food.  The bloody physical fight escalated when one of the boys picked up a knife from the school's kitchen and stabbed his opponent in the neck.  The boy collapsed into a pool of blood and died before help could arrive.  However, there is more.  When students at the school found out that one of their classmates murdered one of their own, a free for all fight broke out in the hall.  This led to pandemonium throughout the school and destruction of school property.  The school authorities called the police who mobilized an entire troop of the state police to quash the fighting at the school.  Once order was restored, parents and guardians were given until 6 p.m. that night to pick up their children.  The school was under heavy guard on Friday and no classes were held.  Police are looking for the unidentified instigator.

Source: All Africa - Nigeria: Tragedy, As Student is Stabbed to Death Over Plate of Food

Westport High School, Westport, Massachusetts

Friday, December 12, 2008

For an undisclosed reason, 18-year-old Elizabeth Kaliff began stabbing her ex-boyfriend, Tyler Graham, in the head and neck with pen during lunch this morning.  The attack happened around 11 a.m.  After she assaulted him, she ran outside the school and began throwing rocks at his car windshield.  She was detained by the school resource officer, Mike Roussell, as well as other members of the high school staff.  The police have charged her with assault and battery with a dangerous weapon, malicious damage to property valued at more than $250, disorderly conduct and disturbing a school assembly.  Tyler, 17, had some red marks on his neck, but the pen did not break the skin.

Source: Fall River Herald News - Student Arrested for Alleged Pen Attack; South Coast Today - Westport High School Student Arrested for Assault

William Floyd High School, Mastic Beach, New York

Friday, December 12, 2008

Tonight, William Floyd played Mercy High School of Riverhead in basketball.  When the game was over and fans started filing out of the gymnasium's south entrance, someone fired a gun into the crowd.  It was about 8:30 in the evening.  The bullet struck a ninth-grade male student in the right calf.  He was on a concrete concourse between the doors to the gym and the parking lot.  The wounded boy was taken to Brookhaven Memorial Hospital first, then to Sony Brook University Medical Center for treatment.  Police searched for the shooter for four days before arresting Omar Tomlinson, 27 and charging him with assault and possession of a controlled substance.

Source: Newsday - Cops Seek Witnesses in William Floyd High Shooting; Newsday - Cops: Mastic Man Arrested in School Shooting

Guy B. Teachey Elementary School, Asheboro, North Carolina

Friday, December 12, 2008

About two hours after the shooting in New York, two male high school students and 16-year-old Meredith Lynne Kandies were on the playground of Teachey Elementary School.  One of the boys is 16-year-old Jeremy Kevin McMillan and the other is not identified.  Jeremy proposed to Meredith (whether it was right now in front of the other boy or earlier in the day, the news source does not state) and he brought a gun along with him tonight.  Jeremy asked his betrothed to hold the gun so that he could fight the other boy.  Meredith took hold of the gun.  According to one of the news sources listed below: Jeremy was beaten up pretty badly in fight, and either by accident, or intentionally, he was shot by Meredith.  According to another of the news sources listed below:  A struggle for the 9mm pistol followed the fight, during which the gun went off and the bullet striking Jeremy.  According to another of the news sources listed below: After the shooting, a neighbor heard a girl yelling at the top of her lungs, "Help me, help me, help me, help me."  According to another of the news sources listed below: after loosing the fight, Jeremy tried to grab the gun away from Meredith and it discharged during their brief struggle.  The bullet struck Jeremy in the stomach. (At this point I have no idea how Jeremy was killed since none of the four news sources report the same details.) Police were called to the scene and they found Jeremy on the ground with gunshot wound to his abdomen.  He was initially taken to Randolph Hospital and then later transferred to Wake Forest University Baptist Medical Center where he died the next day.  Police arrested Meredith and charged her with involuntary man slaughter.  She could also be charged with possession of a weapon by a minor and possession of a weapon on school grounds.  Just before Christmas, the involuntary man slaughter charges against Meredith were dropped, however she still faces possession charges.

Source: WFMY Channel 2 - Asheboro Teen Shot Near Elementary School Playground; Greensboro News & Record - Girl Held in Asheboro Shooting Death; WGHP Channel 8 - Teenage Girl Charged in Shooting Death of Boy; WRAL Channel 5 - Manslaughter Dropped in NC School-Yard Shooting

Chapmanville High School, Chapmanville, West Virginia

Monday, December 15, 2008

A schoolyard bully has been victimizing an unidentified male student at Chapmanville High for some time.  Today, when the bully tried to pick a fight with the student, he retaliated.  The male student pulled out a pocketknife and stabbed his tormenter in the neck and arm.  The fight occurred just before three in the afternoon, in a hallway at the end of the school day.  The injured bully was taken to the hospital for treatment.  The male student was taken into custody on charges of malicious wounding.

Source: Huntington Herald Dispatch - Chapmanville Student Taken into Custody WSAZ Channel 3 - Student Stabbed During Fight at School

Hoover Middle School, Waterloo, Iowa

Thursday, December 18, 2008

This morning 13-year-old Ashley Marie Carpenter stabbed a male classmate, also 13, after they disagreed during an industrial technology class.  The disagreement was over personal property.  Her weapon of choice was a small X-acto knife.  He sustained injuries to his abdomen and arm and was taken to Covenant Medical Center for treatment.  Our young female instigator was arrested by police and charged with willful injury.

Source: Chicago Tribune - Waterloo Teen Charged with Stabbing Classmate; Waterloo Cedar Falls Courier - Waterloo Teen Charged in Stabbing

Ringling Middle School, Ringling, Oklahoma

Friday, December 19, 2008

This morning a 14-year-old male student and a 12-year-old male student got into a scuffle.  Sometime during lunch or recess, the teen punched the younger boy.  The 12-year-old retaliated by pulling a knife from out of his hoodie and stabbing his older opponent in self-defense.  Police say no charges will be filed against the younger boy and have handed the case back over to the Ringling School District.

Source: KXII Channel 12 - Ringling School Stabbing

Summerville High School, Summerville, South Carolina

Sunday, December 21, 2008

School was not in session today, still 17-year-old Charles Edgar Whitaker Jr. and 22-year-old Ranardo Laval Weldon found themselves on school grounds.  For an undisclosed reason, Ranardo shot Charles in the lower back.  The two males were at the school's ROTC building when the shooting occurred.  On Wednesday, January 14, 2009, Ranardo was arrested and charged with assault and battery with intent to kill, possession of a firearm during the commission of a violent crime and unlawful carrying of a pistol.

Source: Charleston Post and Courier - Man Arrested in Shooting at School (published 1-14-09)

William H. Harrison Elementary School, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Saturday, December 27, 2008

Just after 10 this morning, a 27-year-old man and a 31-year-old female who were on the grounds of Harrison Elementary School were shot in the legs by unknown assailants.  The paramedics transported the injured couple to Hahnemann Hospital for treatment while the police began seeking the instigators.

Source: WPVI Channel 6 - Double Shooting at Phila. Schoolyard

Shuman Middle School, Savannah, Georgia

Wednesday, December 31, 2008

18-year-old Brittany Lovett and three other girls started arguing over an unknown topic while all four were on the grounds of Shuman Middle School.  Going on at the time was a basketball game.  A city employee tried to break up the fight.  Brittany retaliated by getting a shotgun and shooting it into the air, or toward the ground.  Some of the shot sprayed the employee's arm, neck, stomach and head.  On Wednesday, January 21, 2009, Brittany was charged with aggravated assault and possession of a firearm on school property.

Source: WTOC Channel 11 - Teenager Arrested in Connection with Shooting at Middle School

Kennedy Elementary School, Norman, Oklahoma

Wednesday, December 31, 2008

As 2008 drew to a close today, so did the life of a 68-year-old man.  He committed suicide on the playground at Kennedy Elementary School early this afternoon.  He shot himself in the head.

Source: KFSM Channel 5 - Man Kills Self at Norman School Playground

Elgin Junior High School, Green Camp, Ohio

Monday, January 5, 2009

This morning around 7:45, a 14-year-old boy was exiting a school bus near Elgin Junior High School when he was attacked by 13-year-old Angel Chevalier.  The young co-ed stabbed the boy's upper body multiple times.  The injured boy was taken to Marion General Hospital and then later airlifted to Nationwide Children's Hospital in Columbus.  School administrators were able to disarm our young instigator and remove from her possession a three-inch folding knife.  Angel was later taken into police custody and charged with one delinquency count of attempted murder and two delinquency counts of felonious assault.  However, no clear motive for the attack has yet to surface.

Source: WBNS Channel 10 - Deputies: Girl, 13, Stabs Boy on School Bus; NBC4i - 13-Year-Old Girl Accused of Stabbing Boy on Bus; Marion Star - Stabbing Puts Elgin in Lockdown; Columbus Dispatch - Girl, 13, Charged in School-Bus Stabbing

Ray D. Molo Middle School, Lake Charles, Louisiana

Monday, January 5, 2009

Nearly two hours later, another female student attacked one of her classmates for no apparent reason, this time down in the bayou of Louisiana.  Around 9:30 this morning, a 14-year-old girl stabbed a 15-year-old co-ed in the arm with a knife.  The Calcasieu Parish Safe School Officer was able to disarm our young instigator and call for medical help for the injured teen.  She was taken the hospital for treatment.  Our young instigator was arrested and charged with aggravated battery.

Source: KPLC Channel 7 - Student Stabbed at Middle School

Maurice J. McDonough High School, Pomfret, Maryland

Monday, January 5, 2009

The astute visitor will notice that this entry appears to be in the wrong place.  I try very hard to place all my entries in chronological order and when the news stories do not report the time of an act of school violence, I place the schools in order by their placement in Greenwich Mean Time.  However, this news story reports that this act of school violence happened just before noon, at 11:45, well after the 9:30 occurrence of the previous entry.  So... that means that this entry is in the correct spot.  In a hallway outside McDonough's cafeteria, 16-year-old Gary O'Neil Palmer Jr., stabbed a 17-year-old female student in the back with a steak knife.  Students had filled the hallway as classes were changing, allowing Gary to easily approach the co-ed.  Gary is a sophomore and the girl is a senior at MHS.  Police are trying to determine what motivated the boy to attack his fellow classmate.  Both Gary and girl were taken to different hospitals for treatment: she to Prince George's Hospital Center for two wounds to her back and he to Civista Medical Center for an injury to his hand.  A third, and unidentified student, who tried to intervene during the attack was treated by the school nurse.  The school's juvenile resource officer and another sheriff's officer were able to subdue our young instigator and restore order.  Gary is charged with assault with intent to murder, first-degree assault, second-degree assault, resisting arrest and carrying a deadly weapon on school property.

Source: Washington Post - Police: Boy Stabs Girl with Steak Knife at High School; WTOP 103.5 FM - Stabbing at High School Sends 2 to Hospital; Southern Maryland Newspapers - Stabbing Injures McDonough Girl; MSNBC - Teen Facing Intent to Murder Charge After School Stabbing

Corcoran High School, Syracuse, New York

Monday, January 5, 2009

This afternoon at 12:50, 16-year-old Andre Escobar arrived at Corcoran High School.  Andre is a student at another Syracuse high school. He got into a fight with an unidentified 16-year-old student at the school.  During the fight, 18-year-old Trenton Sparks, and a student at the school, tried to intervene, but he was stabbed in the arm.  Andre then left the school, but he was caught in short order by the school's resource officer.  He had been stabbed in the buttocks and is charged with criminal trespassing.

Source: WSYR Channel 9 - Two Teens Stabbed in Fight at Corcoran High School; Syracuse Post-Standard - Two Students Injured in Corcoran Fight

Rick Hansen Secondary School, Mississauga, Ontario, Canada

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Just before 1 this afternoon, an altercation between two 17-year-old male students climaxed when one of them stabbed his opponent four times with a pair of scissors.  The injured boy was taken to the hospital for treatment.  Our young instigator fled the school, but was apprehended a short time later.  Police are still trying to determine a motive for the fight.

Source: Toronto Star - Teen Stabbed with Scissors at Mississauga School

A Private Elementary School in Budapest, Hungary

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

This evening at 6:40, 62-year-old Jozsef Takacs, the principal, and 32-year-old Laszlo Papp, a teacher, were on school grounds to meet with the school's former finance director, 36-year-old Gabor D, and a 52-year-old security guard, Tamas K who used to work at the school.  No children were at the school at this time. Gabor and Tamas had been laid off earlier in the week for suspicion of embezzling up to 4 million forints ($20,000 US; 14,600 Euro).  This meeting was to discuss the final details of the dismissals.  Laszlo had a tape recorder in his pocket to record the conversation in case of any disputes arose.  One did, but Jozsef and Laszlo surely wasn't suspecting anything like this.  Tamas pulled out a gun and fired off five rounds, killing Jozsef and Laszlo.  He also shot himself in the hand.  Gabor and Tamas then walked to a room in the school where the school's closed-circuit TV server was held.  The two men unhooked the server and threw it in the Danube River.  They then returned to the school where Tamas ran to a nearby greengrocer and that a masked gunman had gained entry to the school and killed Jozsef and Laszlo.  Police were able to track the movement of Tamas because of the blood falling from his hand wound.  It left a clear trail to room where the CCTV was held and to the greengrocer.

Source: CNN - 2 Killed in Hungary School Shooting; United Press International - Two Arrested in Budapest School Shooting; Associated Press - Police Detain 2 Men in Hungary School Killings; The Australian - Two Arrested Over Shooting of School Principal and Deputy in Budapest; Budapest Times - Police Detain Suspects in Budapest School Killings

Southwest R-1 School, Ludlow, Missouri

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

During lunch today, an unidentified student threatened another unidentified classmate with a pocketknife.  The threat became an attack when the second student was stabbed in the leg.  The next day, school administrators were able to confiscated two pocket knives and one fixed-blade knife from our unknown instigator.

Source: Chillicothe Constitution-Tribune - Authorities Probing Reported Stabbing at Southwest R-1

William Penn High School, New Castle, Delaware

Thursday, January 8, 2009

This evening as students and fans left the gym after watching high schools William Penn and Christiana play a basketball game, a fight broke out in the parking lot.  William Penn won the game 66-52, which ended around 8:30. Participants of the fight included three co-eds from William Penn, some students (the news story doesn't say which school they go to) and a young man. The fight started when a female student kissed the boyfriend of another student.  A 10-year-veteran of the State Police tried to break up the fight, but he was forced to the ground by several students and sustained a serious shoulder injury.  More state troopers arrived and order was restored, although briefly as a gunshot was heard from just yards away.  The bullet struck and 18-year-old male William Penn student.  He was able to run back into the school and get help for the bullet wound.  The injured student and trooper were taken to the hospital for professional treatment of their wounds. Police are searching for the instigator.

Source: WPVI Channel 6 - Shooting at Delaware High School; Delaware Online - Teen Shot Following Basketball Game at William Penn High; Trooper Hurt in Melee

Paul Laurence Dunbar Vocational Career Academy (High School), Chicago, Illinois

Friday, January 9, 2009

Another end to a basketball game results in five injuries, this time in the windy city.  Around 8 this evening, Dunbar and Hope High School were going into the second overtime when some of the students and fans began leaving the gym.  (Why anybody would leave a game in the second overtime is beyond me.) In the parking lot, gunfire erupted from a silver truck that had pulled up outside the school.  Five young men were struck by the flying bullets and a young woman was trampled over in the frenzy to seek cover.  The injured men were transported to four different hospitals (University of Chicago Comer Children's Hospital, Northwestern Memorial Hospital, Mercy Hospital and Medical Center and John H. Stroger Jr. Hospital of Cook County). one was critically injured and two were seriously injured.  The woman was in good condition.  The game was immediately cancelled when the shooting began.  On Wednesday at 1:30 in the afternoon, police arrested Georgio Dukes, 18 and charged him with five counts of felony aggravated battery with a firearm.

Source: New York Times - Gunshots Hit 5 Young Men at Chicago School; NBC Los Angeles - Five Teens Shot Outside Chicago High School; Chicago Sun-Times - Man Charged for Dunbar Shooting

Westcliff High School, Westcliff-on-Sea, Essex, England

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

As classes drew to a close today, an unidentified male student pulled out a pellet gun and shot two of classmates.  The attack occurred inside one of the school's buildings.  Our unidentified instigator was suspended by the school's headmaster and may be expelled.  The headmaster also said he does not believe the police are investigating this act of school violence.

Source: Essex Echo - Pupils Shot by Pellet Gun at Boys' Grammar School

Wexford Collegiate Institute (High School), Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

This morning at 11:17, police received a call from Wexford saying a student had been slashed across the head.  When they arrived at the school, they found the student's injuries to be very minor and began looking for a white male in a blue jacket.  Wexford is an arts school that emphasizes visual and performing art classes.

Source: Vancouver Sun - Lockdown Lifted at Toronto School After Stabbing

Semmes Middle School, Semmes, Alabama

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

I've counted arson as an act of school violence before, but I believe this may be the first time that a student was intentionally set on fire.  Just before the final bell rang for the day, a 12-year-old male student was set on fire in gym class.  Two students were playing around with Axe body spray when a third student lit a lighter, which ignited the boy.  Sheriff deputies are interviewing all necessary parties to see if charges can be filed.

Source: MSNBC - Student Set on Fire at Semmes Middle School

Chuo University, Bunkyo Ward, Tokyo, Japan

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

A student found 45-year-old Hajime Takakubo with ten stab wounds inside a restroom on the fourth floor of the university's No. 1 building.  Hajime, a professor in the Electrical, Electronic and Communication Engineering department, was rushed to the hospital where he died an around 11:30 a.m.  Police began looking for a man in his 30s dressed in black clothing and a black knit cap.  Hajime was an expert on electronic circuits for TVs and mobile phones.

Source: United Press International - Professor Dies After Tokyo Stabbing; The Japan Times - Chuo Professor Dies in Campus Stabbing

Brewer Middle School, White Settlement, Texas

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

This morning before classes started, two 14-year-old male students began arguing over an unknown topic.  The fight climaxed when one of the boys stabbed his opponent underneath his eye with a small kitchen knife.  Our young instigator then fled the scene.  The injured boy was taken to a hospital for treatment.  Police arrested the instigator later in the day and charged him with aggravated assault with a deadly weapon.

Source: MSNBC - Middle School Student Stabbed Under Eye

Perspectives Charter School - Rodney D. Joslin Campus (Middle School), Chicago, Illinois

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

A school bus carrying sixth-graders back to classes at Perspectives Charter School was stopped at 2257 W. Cermark at 11:12 this morning when a single bullet shattered one of the windows.  The bullet flew across the bus and exited through another window.  Three of the 14 students, returning from volunteer work at a daycare center, were slightly injured by the flying glass.  Two girls, ages 11 and 12, and a 12-year-old boy are the injured students.  The police report the shooter was dressed in black, wearing a hoodie or a winter ski mask.  They do not believe the bus was the intended target of his poor aim.

Source: Chicago Sun-Times - Bullet Rips Through School Bus, 'Miracle' No One Badly Hurt; All Headline News - Bullet Hits School Bus, Injures 3 Students

East High School, Erie, Pennsylvania

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

This is the first of three acts of school violence occurring at a high school basketball game, and the first such act under President Barack Obama, who (at the time of this act of violence) hasn't been in office for nine hours yet.  During tonight's game between East and Harbor Creek, two shots rang out through the gym. The time was 8:22.  One of the bullets struck 21-year-old Shareese Birchfield in the hip.  Witnesses told police that several males running out the gym's back door just after the shooting.  Shareese was taken to Hamot Medical Center for treatment at 8:41 p.m.  It took awhile, but the police finally apprehended Felix Velasquez, 15, who did not attend either of the two schools, and charged him as an adult.

Source: Pittsburgh Tribune-Review - Girl Shot at Erie High School Basketball Game; Erie Times-News - Woman Shot at East; Carlisle Sentinel - Pa. School Searches Students for Weapons after Woman Shot at Game; Lebanon Daily News - Suspect, 15, Tried as Adult in Pa. HS Shooting

Beecher High School, Mount Morris Township, Michigan

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

This is the second of three acts of school violence occurring at a high school basketball game, and the second such act under President Barack Obama, who (at the time of this act of violence) hasn't been in office for nine hours yet.  After Beecher High defeated Hamady High 53-50, students and fans began filing out of the gymnasium.  In the parking lot, someone with a gun fired off several shots.  Two 19-year-olds, a 16-year-old and a 20-year-old person were all struck by the flying bullets.  Two of the injured are current Beecher students and the other two are alumni.   All four of the injured were taken to Hurley Medical Center for treatment, but only three of them were admitted.  Police recovered more than 50 pieces of evidence from the parking lot and say that four handguns were used in this act of school violence.  By the end of the week, police arrested William Jarome Dickson, 17, and charged him with carrying a concealed weapon and accessory after the fact.  Police also arrested Sammie Willie Gibbs, 18, and charged him with four counts of assault with intent to murder.

Source: WEYI NBC 25 - Stepped up Security at a Local School; Flint Journal News - Four Shot Outside Beecher High School after Basketball Game; WEYI NBC 25 - Suspects Arraigned in Beecher Shootings

North Lawndale Prep (High) School, Chicago, Illinois

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

This is the third of three acts of school violence occurring at a high school basketball game, and the third such act under President Barack Obama, who (at the time of this act of violence) hasn't been in office for nine hours yet.  After tonight's game between North Lawndale Prep and ACT Charter School, on Chicago's south side, students and fans began filing out of the gymnasium.  In the parking lot, teammates of Jermaine Winfield were being jumped on by two male 16-year-olds.  Jermaine, the 6'4" star forward of North Lawndale Prep, rushed to their aid.   One of our young instigators shot him in the thigh using a .22-caliber handgun.  Police arrested the two 16-year-olds and charged them with simple battery.

Source: ABC 7 Chicago - 2 Teens Charged in Post-Game Shooting

Mopan Technical High School, Benque Viejo, Belize

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Today two 16-year-old boys began fighting over a girl.  (How many times has an entry started out like this?  You know how this ends.)  The fight climaxed at 12:45 in the afternoon when one of the boys stabbed his opponent, Abelio Leon, in the abdomen.  Abelio was rushed to Loma Luz Hospital for treatment.  Our young unidentified instigator was arrested by the police and charged with dangerous harm, use of deadly means and attempted murder.

Source: Channel 7 Daily News - Stabbing at Mopan Technical High

Virginia Tech University, Blacksburg, Virginia

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

On Thursday, January 8, 2009, 22-year-old Xin Yang (female) arrived at Virginia Tech from Beijing, China, to study accounting.  Virginia Tech has a program where incoming foreign students are paired with another foreign student who has been on campus for at least a semester.  Xin's mentor in this program is 25-year-old Haiyang Zhu (male), from Ningbo, China.  He is a Ph.D. student in agricultural and applied economics and lives off campus.  This evening in the Au Bon Pain cafe in the Graduate Life Center, the two graduate students were having coffee.  Xin's dorm room is in the center.  For an unknown reason, Haiyang pulled out a kitchen knife and decapitated Xin in the cafe, in front of seven other students. Police received an emergency call at 7:06 p.m. and when the first officer arrived at the cafe, Haiyang was still there.  He was quickly arrested and police recovered the knife.  Haiyang is charged with first-degree murder and is being held without bond.

Source: Associated Press - Va. Tech Student Fatally Stabbed; Suspect Caught; Charlottesville Daily Progress - Grad Student Killed at Va. Tech; Suspect in Custody; CBS News - Va. Tech Slaying Victim was Decapitated; Washington Post - Virginia Tech Suspect Served as Victim's Mentor on Campus

Farnsley Middle School, Louisville, Kentucky

Thursday, January 22, 2009

A male seventh-grader was causing a disruption in his class today.  It was so bad, the teacher called the principal, Rob Stephenson, to take him to the office.  As Rob was escorting the juvenile delinquent, he was attacked by him.  The boy stabbed him repeatedly in the back with a pencil.  Rob was checked out at a nearby immediate care center and returned to work later in the day.  Our young instigator was arrested by the police and charged with assault on a school official.

Source: Louisville Courier-Journal - Student Arrested After Principal Stabbed with Pencil; WLKY Channel 32 - Student Charged with Stabbing Principal

Slettaelva Elementary School, Tromsoe, Norway

Friday, January 23, 2009

Last week, a female student teacher in her 40s broke up with her boyfriend, a 53-year-old policeman.  This morning around 8:30, he arrived at the school where she worked and shot her to death in the parking lot.  He then shot himself, but not fatally.  Tromsoe is 250 miles north of the Artic Circle.

Source: Yahoo! News - 2 Shot Outside Kindergarten in Norway

Fable Land Nursery School (Fabeltjesland Day Care Center), Dendermonde, Belgium

Friday, January 23, 2009

For an undisclosed reason, 20-year-old Kim D. pedaled his way from his home in Sinaai to Dendermonde, a 12-mile journey.  He painted his face white with black rings around his eyes, similar to the look Heath Ledger had for his role as the Joker in The Dark Knight.  He arrived at the day care center at 10:00 this morning.  The side door was unlocked so he was able to walk right in, where he  pulled out an 8-inch knife and attacked the young children and teachers.  He killed a 9-month-old girl, a 6-month-old boy and a 54-year-old female care giver who tired to stop him. He wounded ten more children and two adults.  He then walked out of the day care center, got on his bicycle and fled the scene.  He was apprehended 90 minutes later by the police at a nearby supermarket.  He was carrying a knife, an ax and a fake pistol.  During the arrest, our unidentified instigator was injured and taken to the hospital before being taken into custody.  The injured children and adults were taken to six area hospitals for treatment.  Dendermonde is 20 miles northwest of Brussels.

Source: Yahoo! News - 3 Dead, 12 Wounded in Belgian Day Care Stabbings; Arkansas Democrat-Gazette - 2 Babies, Worker Slain at Belgian Day Care; Yahoo! News - Belgian Prosecutors Question Man Over Stabbings; CNN - Police Charge Suspect with Belgian Nursery School Killings

Barataria Senior Comprehensive (High) School, Trinidad and Tobago

Friday, January 23, 2009

This afternoon after school ended, Theoca Bonaparte, 15, and a friend were walking to the Priority Bus Route when a group of seven teens dressed in various school uniforms approached them.  A fight ensued and climaxed when Theoca was stabbed once in her chest, twice in her head and four times in her back.  The gang of seven then fled the scene.  A soldier who was passing by was able to apprehend the gang's leader, a female teen who delivered the near-fatal blow to Theoca's chest.  The soldier took the teen to Barataria Police Station.  Several of Theoca's friends took her to the police station also.  After half an hour and experiencing difficulties breathing, she was rushed to Eric Williams Medical Sciences Complex in Mt. Hope by her friends.  At the hospital, doctors found that one of her chest wounds had actually punctured one of her lungs.  At the end of the month, Theoca was able to identify her two attackers, a 16-year-old female and a 17-year-old female, from a police identification parade.

Source: Trinidad & Tobago Express - Schoolgirls Charged in Attack on Teen

Cahokia High School, Cahokia, Illinois

Friday, January 23, 2009

About a month ago, 17-year-old LaShane Whitley was expelled from Cahokia High School for an undisclosed reason.  Tonight he was at the school to watch a basketball game between Cahokia and Belleville's Althoff Catholic High School.  After the junior varsity girls basketball game and  before the start of the girls varsity basketball game, LaShane was in the parking lot arguing over a girl when he was struck down by a bullet that passed through his left arm and entered his heart.  It was 7:20 in the evening when LaShane as shot.  A group of men took LaShane to Touchette Regional Hospital where he died.  Police arrested two individuals, but have not charged them yet.

Source: St. Louis Post-Dispatch - Former Cahokia High Student Shot to Death on School's Parking Lot; Belleville News-Democrat - No New Info in Cahokia Case; 2 Arrested in Shooting Death of Student

Sir Jack Hayward High School, Grand Bahama Island, The Bahamas

Monday, January 26, 2009

Some sort of altercation broke out today at Sir Jack Hayward High School.  It involved a 16-year-old male, an 18-year-old male, two ninth graders and one eleventh grader.  No names or further identification was provided by the reporter in this news source.  The fight ended with the 16- and 18-year-old males stabbing the two freshman and junior.  When the police responded to the school, they had the injured boys taken to Rand Memorial Hospital for treatment.  Later in the day, the police were able to arrested our two instigators, but released no new details.

Source: Bahama Islands Info - Teenagers in Stabbing Altercation at Jack Hayward High School

Clayton High School, Clayton, North Carolina

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

This evening during a basketball game between Clayton and Garner, someone driving a black vehicle in the parking lot on the west side of the school's gym, fired a handgun twice.  No injuries and no damages were reported.  The gunfire was reported around 8:20 p.m.  The basketball game was not interrupted and the police are looking for the instigator.  On Thursday, February 12, 2009, Nobbie Lee Dubos III, 18, and Rasheive Dashawn Ray, 16, turned themselves for firing the gun.  They are charged with felonious discharge of a firearm on educational property and with firing a weapon into occupied property.

Source: The Herald (of North Carolina) - Shots Fired at School; Clayton News-Star - Police Investigating Shots Fired at CHS Basketball Game; Johnston My NC - Clayton Police Arrest Suspects in Clayton High School Shooting

Zwelihle High School, Umlazi, Kwa-Zulu Natal, South Africa

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

An argument between Thulasizwe Mqadi, 20, and an unnamed 15-year-old male student climaxed when the younger boy stabbed Thulasizwe in the left arm, back and left hip.  Thulasizwe was taken to Prince Mshiyeni Hospital for treatment while the police arrested our young instigator at the school.  He appeared in court the next day and is charged with attempted murder.

Source: Independent Online - Pupil in Court After School Stabbing; News 24 - Pupil Held for School Stabbing

South Milwaukee High School, South Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Thursday, January 29, 2009

This morning at 7:15, students were involved in a casual conversation at a table in the northern most part of the school.  After talking about being forgiven for heinous acts, 17-year-old Brynner Harris, a junior, stabbed 15-year-old freshman Mark Czarnezki in the back with a wood-handled kitchen knife.  Mark was able to run to a teacher who helped him until the paramedics arrived.  The wounded band member was taken to Children's Hospital for treatment.  Our young instigator left the knife at the school and returned home, where police arrested him later in the morning.  Brynner is charged with second degree recklessly endangering safety while armed.

Source: MSNBC - Student Recovering After Stabbing at South Milw. H.S.; WTMJ Channel 4 - South Milwaukee High School Student Stabbed; MSNBC - South Milwaukee Student Charged in Stabbing; South Milwaukee Now - Accused Student Says Internal Voice Set Off Stabbing at School

Manukose High School, Merry People Stream Village, Thulamahashe, Mpumalanga, South Africa

Friday, January 30, 2009

Police officers were investigating a firearm theft today and the search led them to a classroom at Manukose High School.  When they confronted the thief, a student in the room, he tried to jump out a window.  One of the police officers, Kringer Kubayi, pulled out his service weapon and fired on the thief.  The bullet ricocheted and slammed into 17-year-old Sedi Khoza, killing him instantly.  Kringer, an adult male, was arrested by his superiors and taken to court.

Source: Independent Online - MEC Expresses Regret After School Shooting; The Times - Another School Shooting Death in SA

Wingfield High School, Jackson, Mississippi

Monday, February 2, 2009

While most American's were focused on Punxsutawney Phil seeing his shadow, three students at Wingfield began arguing around 9 a.m. this morning.  The fight climaxed when a 17-year-old male student pulled out a knife and cut a 16-year-old male student on the upper torso and a 15-year-old female student on the hand.  Relatives of the injured boy took him to the hospital. Police arrested our unidentified instigator and charged him with aggravated assault and simple assault in connection with the incident.

Source: MSNBC - Student Arrested After Stabbing at Wingfield High School

Vidor High School, Vidor, Texas

Monday, February 2, 2009

Using only four sentences, the Beaumont Enterprise failed to say more than a senior at Vidor High School has been charged with assault after stabbing a fellow classmate.  Later in the day, the newspaper released a second story with a few more details.  The assault took place outside of the gym, while students were leaving their physical education class.  The school nurse treated the injured student and campus police arrested our young instigator.  He is charged with assault.

Source: Beaumont Enterprise - Vidor High School Student Charged in Stabbing; Beaumont Enterprise - Vidor Principal Looks to Increase Security in Wake of Stabbing

Aiea High School, Aiea, Hawaii

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

A homemade bomb exploded at 9:10 this morning at Aiea High School as students were changing classes.  The bomb had acid inside a 12-ounce beverage bottle, glass or plastic, and exploded in the exterior stairwell next to the science building.  A male student and a female student, both teens, were sprayed with acid when the bomb went off.  Two adults, a campus security guard and a health aide, who aided them received minor skin burns as well.  The police are looking for the instigator.

Source: KITV Channel 4 - Bomb Injures 5 at Aiea High School; KHNL Channel 8 - Four Hurt in Explosion at Aiea High School; KHON Channel 2 - Chemical Explosion at Aiea High School

Bradley Central High School, Cleveland, Tennessee

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Today, two male students were fighting over a comment made about one of the boy's sister.  The fight climaxed when one of the boys pulled out a pocket knife and stabbed his opponent in the lower abdomen.  The fight took place at 8:13 this morning.  The injured boy was taken to the hospital while police arrested the instigator.

Source: WZTV Fox 17 - Bradley County Student Arrested in School Stabbing; Chattanooga Times Free Press - Update: Bradley Central High School Cutting this Morning Leaves One Injured, One in Custody

Mapleridge Senior Public School, Chesterville, Ontario, Canada

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

A fight this morning over a piece of gum led an unidentified female high school student to attack two of her peers with a pair of scissors in the girl's locker room.  The wounds were minor and did not require hospitalization.  Police were able to arrest our young instigator at the school and charged her with assault with a weapon.

Source: North Bay Nugget - Attack with Scissors Leads to Assault Charge at Powassan School

Runnymede Junior and Senior Public School, Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Thursday, February 5, 2009

This morning a male seventh-grader became very upset in his class.  He pulled out a knife and made serious threats to his fellow classmates.  A teacher in the room was able to subdue the 12-year-old boy before anybody was hurt.  He was also carrying a deactivated firearm, but he didn't brandish it at any time. Police arrested our young instigator and charged him with two counts of weapons dangerous, possession of a prohibited weapon and unauthorized possession of a firearm.  Since the boy is in the seventh grade, I am counting this as a junior high school in the stats.

Source: City News - 12-Yr.-Old Charged with Pulling Knife on Other Kids at School

Sebastopol College (High School), Ballarat, Victoria, Australia

Friday, February 6, 2009

About 9 this morning, a fight between two 14-year-old male students climaxed when one of them pulled out a knife and stabbed his opponent in the neck, upper arm and hand.  School authorities called for help and the wounded boy was taken to the Ballarat hospital for treatment.  Our young instigator was arrested by the police and charged with assault, intentionally causing serious injury and recklessly causing serious injury.

Source: ABC (Australian Broadcasting Corporation) News - Vic Student in Hospital After School Stabbing; Melbourne Herald Sun - Teen Arrested After Stabbing at School Near Ballarat

Stonebridge (Primary) School, Harlesden, Greater London, England

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Last night, Stonebridge hosted a 51st birthday party for an undisclosed person. The ticket-only party ran into early Sunday morning before the patrons (between 150 and 200 of them) started to head home.  One of the party members is Shawn Callum, 26.  For an unknown reason, someone shot Shawn while he was still on school grounds at 2:30 this morning.  He was taken to the hospital where he died.  It wasn't until the middle of the week before police arrested three males, one 18-years-old; Paul Minto, 21-years-old and the other 23-years-old, in connection with Shawn's murder.

Source: BBC News - Man is Shot Dead Outside School; 24 Dash - Birthday Party Revellers Could Hold Key to London School Shooting; BBC News - Three Held Over School Shooting; London Daily News - Man Charged with Harlesden School Murder

Amherst College, Amherst, Massachusetts

Sunday, February 8, 2009

It is very rare to have two Sunday events in a row, but here they are.  During a party in the Crossett dorm, a 20-year-old male student was stabbed in the chest and back around 1 this morning.  He was taken to Baystate Medical Center in Springfield for treatment.  Police arrested 21-year-old Marcus Smith and charged him with assault and battery with a dangerous weapon.  Smith, who attends the University of Massachusetts, also suffered a hand injury during the altercation.  He was taken to Cooley Dickinson Hospital in Northampton.

Source: Associated Press - College Student in Mass. Stabbed at Dorm Party; The Republican - UMass Student Pleads Innocent to Stabbing Amherst College Student

Zamazulu High School, Pietermaritzburg, Kwa-Zulu Natal, South Africa

Monday, February 9, 2009

Today 15-year-old Sphamandla Hlubi stole his father's 9mm pistol from the safe and brought it to school.  While at school, he flaunted the 9mm in his classmates' faces.  One of the classmates quickly grabbed the gun and it fired.  Unfortunately for Sphamandla, he died instantly when the bullet ripped into forehead.  The other student was arrested and will appear in court later this week.  Police are also seeking a negligent safeguarding of a firearm case against Sphamandla's father.

Source: Independent Online - Security Guards for KZN Schools; Independent Online - Pupil Killed After Sneaking Gun into School

A (High) School in Klang, Selangor, Malaysia

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

There was a school assembly at a school in Klang today.  As students walked to the assembly hall, ten male Form Two students cornered two girls and forced them into an empty classroom.  Some of the boys stood guard at the door while the rest of the boys began to molest the co-eds, who were asked to remove their school uniforms.  The girls refused to disrobe and were released 20 minutes later.  They later told their parents, who in-turn, told the school and an investigation was started.  However, the police are not involved in the school's investigation.  The news story doesn't say what type of school this happened in, but I am assuming it would more than likely happen in a high school environment.

Source: New Straits Times - Schoolboys Molest Girls in Classroom

Costanoa High School, Santa Cruz, California

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

For an unknown reason, a 17-year-old unidentified male student stabbed an 18-year-old unidentified male student in the back today around 11:20.  The wounded boy was taken first to Dominican Hospital and then air lifted to Valley Medical Center in San Jose.  Police chased down our young instigator and arrested him on suspicion of assault with a deadly weapon.

Source: San Jose Mercury News - Student Stabbed on Santa Cruz School Campus; KSBW Channel 8 - Teenager Arrested in Connection with Stabbing

Stanmore Secondary School, Phoenix, Durban, Kwa-Zulu Natal, South Africa

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Today an adult male climbed over the school's fence and robbed 17-year-old Ashveer Ramkissoon at knife point.  The unidentified man took the boy's cell phone and 4 rand (South African monetary unit).  He then stabbed Ashveer and punctured his lung.  Paramedics took Ashveer to McCord Hospital for treatment while the police began searching for the thief.

Source: The Times - Schoolboy Knifed for R4 and Cellphone

Zebulon Middle School, Zebulon, North Carolina

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

This morning around 6:10, as a school bus with eight students rolled along at the intersection of Halifax Road and New Oak Street, a male student of Zebulon Middle School pulled out a .22-caliber gun he found at his home and showed it to his friends.  The gun went off and the bullet grazed the leg of 14-year-old Dustin Gray.  The wounded boy received treatment for his wound at Rex Hospital.   Police arrested the boy's father, Lawrence Lavon Mouzzon, 53, and charged him with failing to store a firearm to protect a minor.

Source: Associated Press - Authorities: NC Student Wounded on Bus in Shooting; The News & Observer - Student's Father Charged in School Bus Shooting; Winston-Salem Journal - Wake County Boy Shot on Way to School

Baker Elementary School, El Monte, California

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Later in the day, around 2 p.m., while students were on the playground, a 9-year-old boy pulled out a .22-caliber hand gun and showed it off to his friends.  And just like this morning, the gun went off unexpectedly.  Fortunately, the gun was pointed at the ground when the round discharged from the chamber, and not at any of the students.  The unnamed third-grader told the police he took the gun from his grandmother's house, who left it in an unlocked suitcase.

Source: KABC Channel 7 - Safety Questioned After School Shooting

Western Middle School, Elon, North Carolina

Thursday, February 12, 2009

In December 2008, a 13-year-old boy began attending classes at Western Middle School.  He was having trouble with two of his classmates and his mother had complained this fact to school officials multiple times.  However, today during his social studies class, he was stabbed with a pencil below his knee by an unidentified male classmate.  The injured boy left the room and went to the school's office.  However, the school nurse could not be found so the school called the boy's mother, Alene Carter, who took him to the Alamance Regional Medical Center where he was treated for possible lead poisoning and a punctured wound on his lower leg.  She also called the police who detained our young instigator at the school.  He could be charged with assault with a deadly weapon or assault inflicting serious injury, both are misdemeanors.

Source: Burlington Times News - Sheriff's Department Investigates Pencil Stabbing at Middle School

Langley Secondary School, Langley, British Columbia, Canada

Thursday, February 12, 2009

During lunch today, a 17-year-old apparently misinterpreted something that an 18-year-old fellow student said.  The two boys have known each other for years, but that didn't stop the younger boy from pulling out a sharp object and slicing at his friend.  The older boy was scratched on his stomach and head before our instigator fled from the school.  The sharp object turned out to be a tube of metal about the thickness of a pen that had been sharpened at one end.  The wounded boy was treated at the school and not taken to the hospital.  The Royal Canadian Mounted Police were called to the school to help restore order to the school.

Source: The Canadian Press - Mounties Called to B.C. High School After One Student Tries to Stab Another; Vancouver Sun - Student Cut Over Quarrel

Delaware State University, Dover, Delaware

Friday, February 13, 2009

Just 54 minutes into today, a lone gunman shoots a DSU co-ed twice and a male student one before fleeing into the darkness.  The wounded students were taken to the hospital for treatment.  Police are still looking for the gunman.

Source: - Two Students Shot at Delaware State University

Walter Strom Middle School, Cle Elum, Washington

Friday, February 13, 2009

Last night a dance was held at the school.  During the dance, some ninth-grade boys took offense at some eighth-grade boys.  This afternoon, after school was over, a fight between the students climaxed when at least one of the participants was stabbed.  The story focuses more on a public meeting about ways to keep students safe and unfortunately, doesn't provide any more details on the fight.

Source: Daily Record - Public Forum on Upper County Stabbing Incident Scheduled

A Middle School in Chioggia, Veneto, Italy

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Fabio Paggioro, a 36-year-old music teacher, was giving a private lesson to a 13-year-old male student today.  At the end of the session, Fabio said to his pupil, "See how you manage to do well when you put the effort in."  The boy returned the compliment by pulling out a large kitchen knife and plunging it into Fabio's back.  He then fled the scene.  Fabio called for help from a piano teacher in the next room and she was able to pull the knife out of his back.  She also called for an ambulance to take him to the hospital. The news story doesn't say if our young instigator is in custody or not, but I believe he is.

Source: ANSA - Schoolboy Stabs Music Teacher

Central High School, Detroit, Michigan

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Today a male student at CHS got into a fight over a watch with 17-year-old Dajauhn Sutton, a male who did not attend the school.  During the fight, the student called his 18-year-old brother, William Vaughn, to come help him win the battle.  William arrived, managed to get into the secured school building and confronted Dajauhn.  At this time, both of the males drew guns on each other.  Dajauhn shot first, hitting the brother in the stomach.  William returned fire and his bullet hit an 18-year-old male non-student in the leg who was nearby.  The shooting happened around 2:20 in the afternoon on the second floor of the school.  After exchanging gunfire, all parties fled the school.  For a brief time the wounded boys were at Henry Ford Hospital, but the news story doesn't say how they got there.  The police arrested William at the hospital.  The police located Dajauhn in an attic in a home in the 2600 block of Collingwood four hours later.  William's arraignment date was set for March 5, 2009.  He is charged with carrying a concealed weapon and possessing a weapon in a school.  He didn't show up for his arraignment, so there is now a warrant out for his arrest.  Dajauhn was arraigned on March 18, 2009 and charged with possessing a firearm in a school and assault with intent to murder.  He was sentenced on Thursday, Mary 21, 2009 by Wayne County Circuit Judge James Callahan to six to 12 years in prison.

Source: Detroit Free Press - Stories of Chaos Emerge in Detroit School Shooting; MSNBC - 2 Hurt, 2 in Custody in School Shooting; Detroit Free Press - Witnesses: Central High Shooting Began with Fight Over a Watch; Detroit Free Press - Teen Sentenced to 6-12 Years in School Shooting

JG Meiring High School, Goodwood, Western Cape, South Africa

Friday, February 20, 2009

Colin Lottering was on gate duty at his daughter's school today when an unidentified youth approached him and wanted to enter the school grounds.  The school was hosting a three-way sports meeting between Fairbairn College, President High School and itself. Colin and the youth argued briefly before Colin physically pushed the youth off school grounds.  A 16-year-old student at the school then passed a kitchen knife through the school's fence to our unknown instigator.  The youth then stabbed Colin in the back and head repeatedly before fleeing the scene.  Colin was taken to Panorama Medi-Clinic for treatment.  Police did arrested the 16-year-old student and charged him as an accomplice in a case of attempted murder.

Source: Independent Online - Stabbed Father in Pain, but Stable; Independent Online - Father Stabbed While on Gate Duty at School

Hoerskool Warmbad (High School), Bela-Bela, Limpopo, South Africa

Friday, February 20, 2009

On the other side of the country, another act of school violence happened today.  This morning a 16-year-old boy stabbed a Grade 10 pupil on the school playground for an undisclosed reason.  The injured student was taken to the hospital with stab wounds to his head, shoulders and cheek.  The police arrested our young instigator.

Source: News24 - Teen Held for Stabbing Classmate

John Muir Elementary School, Hayward, California

Friday, February 20, 2009

A 29-year-old man was walking his 5-year-old son into the school when a bad marksmanship gunman opened fire on them.  The four shotgun pellets shattered two windows in a preschool classroom, missing the target completely.  None of the preschoolers were injured by the flying bullets or glass.  This act of school violence occurred around noon today. The shooter jumped into a Jeep Cherokee and fled the scene.  Police are still looking for him.

Source: San Francisco Chronicle - Shots Fired into Hayward School Classroom; San Jose Mercury News - Shots Fired into Preschool Classroom in Hayward

Brien McMahon High School, Norwalk, Connecticut

Monday, February 23, 2009

This evening the Brien McMahon boy's basketball team lost to Greenwich High 62-39.  When the game was over, around 8:30, a 19-year-old male in the parking lot was shot in the right leg by an unknown assailant using a small caliber automatic handgun.  He tried to leave the high school without medical attention and did not want to tell police how he was shot.  Eventually, he was taken to Norwalk Hospital for treatment while police began searching for the instigator.  The wounded teen is from Hartford.

Source: Newsday - Boy Wounded After Norwalk Basketball Game; Greenwich Time - Man Shot Outside High School After Game; Stamford Advocate - Man Shot Outside High School After Game

Florida Park High School, Florida, West Rand, Gauteng, South Africa

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

During a break in between classes today, an unnamed 17-year-old  Grade 11 student bumped into 18-year-old Grade 12 Jimmy Magopane.  Jimmy asked the boy why he did that and the conversation quickly escalated into a fist fight.  The fight climaxed when the younger boy pulled out a knife and stabbed Jimmy in the stomach and arms.  Jimmy was rushed to Flora Centre for treatment and later transferred to 1 Military Hospital in Tshwane.  The school's security guards apprehended our young instigator and turned him over to the police, who charged him with attempted murder.

Source: Sowetan - Pupil Stabbed in Another School Fight; Sowetan - Stabbed Pupil: Mom Speaks

Bonella Secondary School, Cato Manor, Durban, Kwa-Zulu Natal, South Africa

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

A former pupil assaulted 49-year-old teacher Prathima Jamunaparsad in her classroom today.  The former pupil was armed with a handgun and robbed her as well, taking her jewelry and handbag.  Prathima's blood was splattered all over the classroom.

Source: The Times - Teachers Strike After Attack

Van Buren High School, Van Buren, Arkansas

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

This afternoon at 12:30, a fight between two 16-year-old boys broke out in the school's cafeteria.  The fight climaxed when one of the boys stabbed his opponent with a sharp object.  The school's resource officer was able to break up the fight and call for assistance. The wounded boy was taken to Summitt Medical Center with a stab wound to his left shoulder.  The instigator was arrested by the police and charged with second degree battery.  Police are still looking for the knife and they believe it was picked up by another student.

Source: KFSM Channel 5 - Van Buren High School Student Sent to Hospital After Apparent Stabbing; KHBS/KHOG Channels 40/29 - High School Student Stabbed Three Times

Reid Ross Classical (Middle) School, Fayetteville, North Carolina

Thursday, February 26, 2009

Today twin brothers were showing off a pocket-knife to those around them.  An 11-year-old boy noticed the knife and tried to do the right thing by taking the knife from the boys to turn it over to the bus driver.  However, a struggler ensued and the boy received a two-inch deep cut on the forehead.   He was taken to Womack Army Community Hospital for treatment.  The Cumberland County Sheriff's Office is investigating the event to see what charges can be filed against the twin brothers.

Source: WTVD Channel 11 - Authorities Investigate Knife Incident on School Bus

The Gap State High School, Brisbane, Queensland, Australia

Friday, February 27, 2009

For an undisclosed reason, a 16year-old male student was stabbed in the stomach by an unknown assailant.  Police are searching for the instigator and a motive.

Source: Australian Broadcasting Corporation - Police Investigate High School Stabbing

Nanyang Technological University, Singapore

Monday, March 2, 2009

Around 10:30 this morning, 21-year-old David Hartanto Widjaja, a final-year Indonesian-Chinese student, entered Professor Chan Kap Luk's office and stabbed the teacher in the back and arm.  David then slit his wrists and jumped off the five story engineering building.  When the police arrived, they found David dead on the concrete.  Professor Luk was taken to the National University Hospital where he was treated for his injuries.  David's motive is not known at this time.

Source: Channel NewsAsia - Singapore's NTU Stabbing Incident Leaves One Dead and Another Injured; The Times of India - Indonesian Student Jumps to Death After Stabbing Professor

Gauteng College (Elementary School), Hillbrow, Gauteng, South Africa

Monday, March 2, 2009

Just after 9:30 this morning, a male parent was talking with the school's principal.  The conversation turned into an argument and beyond when the parent pulled out a gun and shot the principal in the neck.  The bullet continued to fly through the air and grazed the left hand of Dikeledi Leutlwetse, a 12-year-old co-ed at the school.  The male parent then fled the school.  The principal and Dikeledi were taken to the hospital for treatment.  Police began looking for the male parent.

Source: Independent Online - Bullets Fly as Conversation Becomes Argument

Ayr Academy (Secondary School), Ayr, Ayrshire, Scotland

Monday, March 2, 2009

At 9:15 this morning, the police received a call from Ayr Academy about a stabbing that had just taken place at the school.  During the first lesson of the day, graphic communication, the students sit with their backs to the center of the room.  After verifying that each student was working on his/her project, the teacher left the room.  After the teacher left, a 14-year-old boy unzipped his backpack and pulled out a five-inch kitchen knife he had taken from his grandmother's home.  He began acting strangely and talking in a strange voice.  One of the students left the room to get the teacher.  Right after that, the boy stabbed another 14-year-old boy in the back.  He then stood up, made a slashing motion at his chest and then physically fought with the second boy, pushing him onto a nearby table.  He was laughing as the wounded boy fell the floor and vomited blood.  The teacher rushed back into the room with a colleague and subdued our young instigator.  He was still laughing and smiling as he told the teacher, "I feel so much better.  I've never felt better." The injured boy was taken to Crosshouse Hospital for treatment of a collapsed lung.  Doctors also had to drain nearly a liter of blood from the boy's chest.  Our young instigator was arrested by the police and charged with assault to the danger of life, which he admitted to during his trial in mid May 2009.

Source: BBC News - Boy Stable After School Stabbing; Ayrshire Post - Classroom Knife Attack was Unprovoked

Robert Frost Elementary School, Sioux Falls, South Dakota

Monday, March 2, 2009

Of all my entries that I have up to this point, this is the first one to ever happen in the Dakotas.  They have very good students up there, or are very good at not getting acts of school violence published on the web.  I support the former.  The news story is only four sentences long, so there may be a bit to the later as well.  During the last quarter of the 2 o'clock hour, a 10-year-old boy pulled a pellet gun from his backpack and shot an 8-year-old boy for an unknown reason.  The younger boy was wearing a jacket, which deflected the pellet away from his body.  The police arrested our young instigator and charged him with simple assault.

Source: Sioux Falls Argus Leader - Boy, 10, Arrested After Pellet Gun Shooting Outside Robert Frost Elementary School

Avondale College (High School), Auckland, New Zealand

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

In a rare act of school violence in New Zealand, 49-year-old teacher David Warren, was stabbed while he was writing on the whiteboard in his classroom.  It was 11:42 in the morning when Mr. Warren was stabbed on the right side of his upper back.  He was teaching Japanese to his students.  David was taken to Auckland Hospital for treatment.  Police charged a 17-year-old male Korean student Tae Won Chung with intent to cause grievous bodily harm.

Source: New Zealand City - Teacher Stabbed While Writing on Board; New Zealand Police web site - School Stabbing; Radio New Zealand News - Stabbing Represents Loss of Innocence for Schools; - Teacher Recovering After Stabbing

Gedo High School, West Shawa, Oromiya, Ethiopia

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Last month, or maybe even earlier, students discovered a derogatory letter written in Amharic in the school.  The intent of the letter was to incite conflict between students of Amhara and Oromo nationalities, according to the students.  They asked the school director to investigate where the letter came from.  Today the students gathered with the school director to hear his findings.  During their meeting, an elite government force of soldiers (called Fatino Darash) surrounded the school and opened fire. The soldiers killed Wondimu Damana, a 12th grade student and injured Belay Motuma and an unnamed female student.  Mr. Galata Naasa, Chaliya district's local administrator, reported the government forces took the action to "protect the constitutional order."  The phrase is always cited by government officials to justify violence.  Fatino Darash has taken similar actions against students and peaceful dissidents in the past.  The soldiers are rewarded (with a higher rank or transferred to another area) for the times when they "protect the constitutional order."

Source: American Chronicle - Ethiopian Soldiers Killed, Injured High School Oromo Students

Sadler High School, Sadler, Texas

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

This afternoon around 3 p.m., two female students began arguing over an unknown topic in one of the school's hallways.  One of the co-eds is 15-years-old and the other is 16-years-old.  The war of words turned physical within a few moments.  The fight climaxed when the younger girl pulled out a knife and stabbed her opponent in the stomach.  The knife wielder also sustained a laceration on her arm.  A teacher was able to breakup the girls.  She took the instigator to the principal's office and the wounded girl to the nurse's office.  The paramedics were called and eventually took the injured girl to a hospital in Dallas.  Police arrested our young instigator and charged her with aggravated assault with a deadly weapon.

Source: KTEN Channel 10 - Student Stabbed at S&S High School

Millthorpe (Middle) School, York, North Yorkshire, England

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

During the school's lunch break, around 1:35 in the afternoon, a 13-year-old male student fired a ball-bearing gun at a 12-year-old boy.  The shooting happened on one of the school's fields next to a row of houses. One of the ball bearings hit the younger boy in the head.  However, he did not suffer any serious of visible injuries. Police seized the orange-colored rifle from our young instigator and questioned him.  So far, he has not been arrested.

Source: York Press - Pupil Fires Gun at Boy in School Grounds

Tasker Milward High School, Haverfordwest, Pembrokeshire, Wales

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

During today's lunch break, a 15-year-old male student stabbed a male classmate in the leg with a craft knife for an undisclosed reason.  Paramedics were called to the school at 2:05 and they transported the wounded boy to Withybush Hospital for treatment.  The school expelled our young instigator for week and the police did not charge him with a crime.

Source: Wales Online - Pembrokeshire Schoolboy Excluded for Stabbing Fellow Pupil

Magnolia High School, Anaheim, California

Friday, March 6, 2009

Two teens, one 15 and the other 17, who do not attend classes at Magnolia, managed to get on campus today.  According to the police, the teens are affiliated with the local gangs and have been expelled from another school.  The two teens attacked two male students during lunch, at 12:38 p.m.  The students were caught off-guard by the vicious attack.  One of the gang teens hit one of the students in the back of the head with a stick (either a small branch or a broom stick).  The other gang teen then jammed a screwdriver into the back of the head of the other male student.  The injured students were taken to UCI Medical Center in Orange for treatment.  Two hours later, the police arrested the two gang teens.  One was caught still on the campus while the other was apprehended a short distance away.

Source: KABC Channel 7 - OC Students Stabbed, Beaten on Campus; Orange County Register - 2 Arrested in High School Stabbing in Anaheim

Queen Elizabeth Secondary School, Surrey, British Columbia, Canada

Friday, March 6, 2009

For an unknown reason, a 13-year-old boy stabbed a 14-year-old male classmate during lunch today.  His weapon was an 8cm (3 1/2-inches) long knife.  The attack occurred in the smoking area at the southwest side of the school, around 12:20 in the afternoon.  After the attack, our young instigator dropped the knife and headed inside the school.  A group of students who had witnessed the attack cornered him, holding the Grade 8 boy until the RCMP could arrive.  The wounded Grade 9 boy was taken to Royal Columbian Hospital for treatment.

Source: The Canadian Press - Thirteen-Year-Old Boy Stabs 14-Year-Old at Surrey, B.C., School; BC Local News - 14-Year-Old Stabbed at Surrey School

Westover High School, Fayetteville, North Carolina

Friday, March 6, 2009

This evening during a fashion show at Westover High, an argument over an unknown topic began between at least two people.  The argument climaxed into a physical fight when the participants moved into the parking lot.  There it turned violent when 19-year-old Terrance Donnell Johnson, Jr., one of the participants, pulled out a gun and fired several shots at his unidentified opponent(s).  The stray bullet landed in the foot of an unnamed 15-year-old boy as he was leaving the school.  The wounded boy, a ninth-grader, was taken to Cape Fear Valley Medical Center for treatment while the police arrested Terrance and charged him with assault with a deadly weapon inflicting serious injury and discharging a firearm on school property.

Source: WNCT Channel 9 - Shooting in High School Parking lot Leaves One Person Injured; NC Wanted - Man Charged in Teen's Shooting at Fayetteville School Function

Ribault High School, Jacksonville, Florida

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

A dispute that has simmered for weeks boiled over this morning when two groups of students began fighting between buildings A and B at Ribault High School.  A staff member reported the fight and as the school resource officer was heading to the scene, at 7:30, a shot was fired.  The combatants quickly dispersed as the school was placed on lockdown.  One of the guns was discarded  in a trashcan, the other gun was found on a student.  The police detained six students and questioned them for the facts of the case.

Source: WTAJ - Shots Fired at Florida High School; MSNBC - Fight, Gunfire Prompts Lockdown at Ribault High School

Albertville-Realschule (High School), Winnenden, Baden-Wuerttemberg, Germany

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Around 9:30 this morning, 17-year-old Tim Kretschmer, a former student, returned to Albertville High School wearing all black and carrying a 9mm Beretta.  For an unknown reason, he entered the school and began firing at students and teachers.  He killed Meike S., a chemistry teacher, by shooting her through the closed door.  He then burst into Room 301 and gunned down Ibrahim, Vicky, Steffi, Nicole, Selina and Jacqueline, shooting them in their heads.  Tim continued his killing spree by striking down teachers Nina and Michaela in the hallway. He then returned to the chemistry classroom and killed Kristina, Jana and Chantal.  One female student and her friend, also a female, jumped out of a schoolroom window to escape the carnage.  The friend had to go to the hospital for injuries sustained in the fall.  Seven students were wounded by Tim's bullets.  The police received the first emergency call from a terrified student at 9:33 and arrive seven minutes later.  They enter the building and confront Tim on the first floor.  He fires on them and then leaves the bloody crime scene on foot.  He passes a nearby psychiatric clinic and kills another male who was passing by.  By 10:00, police commandos storm the home of Tim's parents in Leutenbach, 7.5 miles from the school.  During the raid of the parent's home, police search teams with dogs are on the ground and helicopters are in the air trying to find Tim.  He manages to elude the police for two hours when, at 12:04 p.m., Tim hijacks a green Volkswagen Sharan owned by 41-year-old Igor Wolf.  Tim put the Beretta to Igor's head and gave him little choice but to head south.  However, heavy traffic into Stuttgart made Tim worry and forced Igor to turn around.  They took back roads and were approaching the Autobahn on ramp near Wendlingen am Neckar when Igor swerved off the road and into a ditch.  Igor managed to flee to the safety of a nearby patrol car, but Tim managed to escape capture.  He ran into the industrial area of the town, Wendlingen, with the police in hot pursuit.  It is now 12:30 p.m.  He went into the Hahn auto dealership and shouted, "I want a key for one of the cars."  While a salesman went into one office to find a key, Tim shot two men, salesman Denis P. and his customer Sigurt W., sitting at a nearby desk.  The shots killed them men.  Tim then left the building, where the police had him surrounded.  He fired upon the police, and they returned fire.  Two of the police officers were wounded.  Tim tries to escape through the car park, but is shot in the leg.  He falls down, manages to reload his Beretta and continues to fire upon the police as they move closer to him.  His last shot was to his head, killing him and ending another tragic day in Germany.  Later in the day, during a news conference, police said Tim's father belonged to a gun club and owned 16 guns.  Tim used one of the weapons today.  Winnenden and Wendlingen are in southwest Germany.


Selina Dogan, 16 Michaela K., 26, teacher Steffi K., 16
killer Tim Kretschmer, 17 Nina M., 24, teacher Nicole Elisabeth Nalepa, 16
Denis P., 36 Kristina S., 15 Meike S., teacher
Chantal Schill, 16 Jana Schober, 14 Sigurt W., 46
Ibrahim Yeniay, 16 Jacqueline (unknown last name), 16 Vicky (unknown last name), 16
1 adult male    

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Cy-Ridge High School, Houston, Texas

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Thirty minutes before classes began today, two male students fired a gun in one of the school's restrooms.  No one was injured.  A deputy constable assigned to the school arrested the two teenagers and confiscated the weapon.  As to their motive, that has yet to be determined.

Source: MSNBC - Shots Fired in School Restroom

DuSable High School, Chicago, Illinois

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

This morning the school's counselor met with two male students, one 16-years-old and the other 15-years-old.  The older boy has been bullying the younger boy and the counselor was trying to teach them conflict resolution.  The younger boy left the session and went to his locker to get his homework.  The older boy followed him and confronted him at the locker.  The younger boy returned to the counselor's office, picked up a pair of scissors and stabbed the bully.  The wounded boy was taken to Stroger Hospital for treatment.  Our young instigator was arrested by the police. 

Source: Chicago Tribune - 1 Injured in Stabbing at Chicago High School; WLS-TV Channel 7 - School on Lockdown After Stabbing

Hephzibah High School, Hephzibah, Georgia

Monday, March 16, 2009

On the bus ride home this afternoon, two 15-year-old female students began arguing over an unknown topic.  The war of words climaxed when one of the co-eds pulled out what is believed to be a box cutter and slashed her opponent across the face, arms and neck.  The wounded girl was taken to the hospital where doctors performed surgery.  The cut on her neck was very close to her jugular vein and if it had been deeper, she would have died.  Our young instigator was arrested by the police and charged with aggravated battery charges.

Source: WRDW-TV - Stabbing on Hephzibah High School Bus

Harmony Nursery School, Lyon, Rhne-Alpes, France

Friday, March 20, 2009

Just before the lunch break at a nursery school in Lyon, parents gathered to pickup their children.  Across the street, in an apartment building, a 17-year-old boy decided it was a good time to try out a new BB gun.  His targets were the parents as they got out of their cars.  He shot 11 of them, wounding them slightly.  The police were able to track the trajectory of the 4.5mm shots and arrested our young instigator.

Source: Arkansas Democrat-Gazette - 11 Shot with BB Gun; Teens Detained; Sky News - Eight Hurt in French Nursery School Shooting; Monsters and Critics - Eight Injured in Shootings at French Nursery School

Handley Middle School, Fort Worth, Texas

Monday, March 23, 2009

During spring break last week, a 14-year-old posted a comment on MySpace.  Apparently one of her classmates didn't like the comment and attacked her today with a pair of scissors.  The girl suffered two shallow, non-life threatening puncture wounds to her chest.  She was taken to Cook Children's Hospital for treatment.  Her assailant, also a 14-year-old co-ed, was taken to the Tarrant County juvenile detention facility.

Source: Dallas Morning News - Fort Worth Teen Stabbed with Scissors During Fight at School Over MySpace Page; Fort Worth Star-Telegram - Girl Stabbed During Argument at Fort Worth Middle School

OR Mabotja Secondary School, Makgofe Village, Polokwane, Limpopo, South Africa

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

This morning two 16-year-old male students began fighting over a chair at their school.  The fight moved into a classroom and then became physical.  Another source at the school claimed the boys were fighting over a dice game. The fight climaxed when one of the boys pulled out a knife and stabbed his opponent several times.  The wounded boy was bleeding profusely and lost consciousness on his way to Seshego Hospital.  He had two stab wounds in his left armpit and one other on his body.  Our young instigator was arrested at the school. 

Source: Sowetan - Game of Dice Ends in Boy's Stabbing

A Primary School in Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

In the southern section of Amsterdam, three primary schools share a playground.  Today, an unnamed 30-year-old man stabbed an unnamed 69-year-old male lunch-break supervisor to death on that playground.  The attack occurred during broad daylight and so far, police have no motive for the murder. The man did not threaten any of the children from the schools, but some of them did witness the murder.  The instigator fled the scene, but was arrested, still carrying the knife, at a nearby metro station.

Source: International Herald Tribune - Police Say Man Fatally Stabbed at Amsterdam School; Radio Netherlands - Mayor Visits Amsterdam Schools After Stabbing; International Herald Tribune - Police Arrest Suspect in Fatal School Stabbing

Carver High School, Atlanta, Georgia

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

After classes had ended for the day, 18-year-old Ricky Wells who attends Carver and his unnamed 16-year-old brother, who attends the Crim High School, waylaid 18-year-old Ricky Williams, a Carver High student, as he was walking home.  Ricky Williams ran home, picked up a knife and returned to his school around 4 p.m.  He confronted his attackers and stabbed the 16-year-old brother.  The wounded boy was taken to Grady Memorial Hospital where he was treated for a superficial wound.  Today's fight was in response from a fight that happened at the school on Monday, although the source doesn't say if that fight involved the same participants or not.  Ricky Williams is now charged with aggravated assault, carrying a weapon on school property and carrying a concealed weapon.  Ricky Wells is charged with criminal damage and simple battery.  His 16-year-old brother is charged with criminal trespassing, simple battery and affray, a term for fighting.

Source: Atlanta Journal-Constitution - Student Stabbed at Atlanta High School; My Fox Atlanta - 2 Teens in Court Over Stabbing Incident; Atlanta Journal-Constitution - Carver Schools Increase Security After Stabbing

Sierra College Rocklin Campus, Rocklin, California

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

This afternoon, 22-year-old Paul Heintz ran up behind 21-year-old Alex Abrahamina and stabbed him four to six times in the back.  Alex tried to fend off the unprovoked attack and received wounds to his arms as well.  The attack took place in front of the science hall.  A student was able to push Paul off of Alex, who then dropped his knife and sat down to wait for the police to arrive.  Alex was rushed to Sutter Roseville Medical Center where he was treated for his wounds.  The police arrested Paul and charged him with attempted murder.  Police also suspect the attack was over a woman who at the scene of the attack.

Source: Roseville Press-Tribune - Student in Serious Condition After College Stabbing

A High School in Langendorf, Switzerland

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Around 11 o'clock today, an unnamed 15-year-old male student stabbed a classmate in the neck for an unknown reason.  The wounded student was flown to a specialized hospital for treatment.  Our young instigator was also hospitalized, for minor injuries, and arrested by the police.

Source: Geneva Lunch - 15 yr old Student Stabbed by Classmate in Langendorf School

Southwest Middle School, Otay Mesa, California

Friday, March 27, 2009

At 3:45 this afternoon, a fight broke out between a 16-year-old boy and three other male students.  The fracas climaxed when one of the unidentified boys stabbed the unnamed 16-year-old in the face and abdomen.  The unidentified trio then fled the school.  Paramedics took the injured boy to the hospital.

Source: KGTV Channel 10 - Boy, 16, Stabbed at South Bay Middle School

Amakholwa High School, Snathing, KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa

Monday, March 30, 2009

A 17-year-old male student playing hooky and his 19-year-old cousin who graduated from AHS snuck onto the grounds of the school today via a hole in the fence.  It was 11 a.m. when they arrived.  The cousins approached 17-year-old Nhlanhla Buthelezi in one of the halls and confronted him.  After a brief exchange of words, the older cousin pulled out a knife and stabbed Nhlanhla three times in the chest and back.  He collapsed to the ground and died.  The unnamed cousins then fled the school.  Police are looking for them.

Source: Independent Online - Teenager Stabbed at School; Independent Online - 'It All Happened so Fast'; Sowetan - Outrage Over Pupil Stabbing

Oak Park Middle School, Leesburg, Florida

Monday, March 30, 2009

On the school bus ride home this afternoon, 13-year-old Aissatou Diop student slapped 14-year-old Daniel Mitchell for an undisclosed reason.  He told her he was going to stab her when they got off the bus.  He pulled out a small black pocket knife and showed it to the co-ed.  True to his word, as the two got off the bus, Daniel stabbed Aissatou between the shoulder blades with the pocket knife.  She received a minor puncture wound and refused medical treatment.  Daniel threw the knife away as he walked home.  He was later arrested by the police and charged with possession of a weapon on school property and aggravated battery.  Not only should common sense have told Daniel not to do what he did, but so should have his father, Pernell Mitchell, the Lake School District safety manager, of which Oak Park is part of.

Source: The Daily Commercial - Middle School Student Stabbed on Bus; Orlando Sentinel - 14-Year-Old Charged in Classmate's Stabbing

Holy Rosary Primary School, Kingston, Jamaica

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

An unnamed 11-year-old boy brought a gun with him to school today.  He had taken it from a family member and was showing it to his friends when the gun fired a shot.  Luckily, no one was injured.  However, the boy was detained by the police.

Source: Jamaica Observer - Boy, 11, Allegedly Fires Gun Taken to School

Kemps Hill High School, Clarendon, Jamaica

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Last week, two boys fought over a girl.  During that fight, one of male students was chopped with a machete by his opponent.  The school suspended both combatants.  Today, the injured boy returned to Kemps Hill High to get his suspension letter.  While there, his opponent from last week appeared and stabbed him with a knife.  The (once again) injured boy was rushed to the hospital for treatment.  The police detained our young unidentified instigator.

Source: Radio Jamaica - School Boys Stabbed During Week-Long Feud

A High School in Boston, Massachusetts

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Just before 2 this afternoon, a school bus was traveling in the area of 166 I Street in south Boston when a 15-year-old girl was attacked by Sameisha Smith, 17, and an unnamed 16-year-old boy.  The young co-ed had confronted the boy for stealing her iPod two weeks ago and she wanted it back.  When he refused to return the iPod, Sameisha stabbed the girl with a knife.  The injured called out to the bus driver, who stopped and called 911.  When the bus came to a stop, Sameisha and the boy fled out the back of the bus, taking the injured girl's cell phone with them.  The injured girl was taken to Boston Medical Center for treatment.  Sameisha and the boy were arrested on Middle Street, still in possession of the stolen cell phone.  She was charged with armed robbery, assault and battery by means of a dangerous weapon.  The boy was similarly charged as a juvenile.

Source: WBZ TV - 2 Arrested in School Bus Stabbing; Universal Hub - Kid Stabbed on School Bus in South Boston

Yebilaptsa Middle Secondary School, Yebilaptsa, Bhutan

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

On March 10, 2009, 19-year-old Dorji Gyeltshen, from Kheng Zurphel, was admitted to Yebilaptsa Middle School.  Ten days later, he was expelled for drinking and fighting.  Today he was spotted on campus by an on duty teacher, who he told he was going to the school's canteen.  However, Dorji loitered around and did not go to the canteen.  The teacher informed the principal and then collected ten male students and ask Dorji to leave.  The polite requested was rebuked by Dorji who began to argue.  He then pulled out a knife and started striking some of the students.  Kinley Wangdi, a class 10 student, was injured on the head and left hand.  Another class 10 student, identified only as Samten, was wounded in the left shoulder.  Dorji also injured four more students.  The injured students were taken to the hospital for treatment while the police arrested Dorji.  The attack occurred in the evening.

Source: Kuensel Newspaper - Student Stabs Students

A Vocational Training College in Athens, Greece

Friday, April 10, 2009

This morning around 8:45, 19-year-old Dimitris Tachmanidis arrived at his vocational training college armed with two handguns and a knife.  He is from Abkhazia, the breakaway region of Georgia, and had been bullied by his classmates.  Today was his breaking point as he opened fire on his classmates in the school's courtyard.  Dimitris fired four times, wounding an 18-year-old student in the chest, arms and legs.  He then ran from the school and went to a nearby shop where he fired upon two men.  One of them was hit in the leg and the other was struck in the arm.  Dimitris left the shop and went into a nearby park where he sat down on a bench and fired one more, this time into his head.  He was rushed to Nikaia General Hospital and died during surgery.  The injured student and the two men were also taken to the hospital, however, they survived their injuries.  Police did find a suicide note in which Dimitris stated he had reached his breaking point from the bullying.

Source: Yahoo! News - Student Shoots 3 in Greek College, Kills Himself; Xinhua - 4 Injured in School Shooting in Athens; BBC News - Greek Gunman Dies After Shooting

Henry Ford Community College, Dearborn, Michigan

Friday, April 10, 2009

Two shotgun blasts were heard today from room F-111 in the Fine Arts Building at Henry Ford Community College.  When officials went to investigate, they found 20-year-old Asia McGowan and 28-year-old Anthony Powell dead inside a classroom in an apparent murder-suicide.  Police theorize that Anthony killed the woman and then himself.

Source: CNN - Two Killed in Michigan College Shooting; Detroit Free Press - 2 Dead in Murder-Suicide at Henry Ford College; Arkansas Democrat-Gazette - School Shots Called Murder-Suicide

Lincoln South 9th Grade Center (High School), Des Moines, Iowa

Monday, April 13, 2009

Sometime during the school day, a fight broke out between two male students, both 15-years-old.  Today's combatants are identified as Alec Welborn and Rick Ashby.  The fight climaxed in one of the hallways when Rick stabbed Alec in the arm.  Alec was taken to Methodist Medical Center for treatment.  Police arrested our young instigator and charged him with willful injury, assault with a weapon and carrying weapons on school property.

Source: Des Moines Register - Stabbing Reported at Lincoln South in Des Moines; KCCI Channel 8 - School Closes Early After Stabbing; Chicago Tribune - Des Moines Teen Arrested in School Stabbing

Locke High School, Los Angeles, California

Monday, April 13, 2009

This morning at 7:50, an unidentified gunman walked up behind a 16-year-old male student at Locke High School and shot him in the upper body.  Our unidentified instigator then fled the scene. The injured boy was taken to the hospital for treatment.  Police began looking for a 17-year-old, 5'6" Hispanic male, weighing 150 pounds and wearing a gray hooded sweatshirt.

Source: Fox News - Manhunt for Suspect in California School Shooting; San Jose Mercury News - Man Suspected of Shooting Student Sought

Espanola High School, Espanola, Ontario, Canada

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Around 10:45 this morning, a fight broke out in B Corridor between a 15-year-old male student and a 16-year-old male student.  The fight climaxed when the younger boy stabbed his opponent four times in the right shoulder.  The wounded boy ran to the school's office where the authorities were called.  He was taken to Espanola General Hospital for treatment.  Our young instigator fled the school, but was captured in about 20 minutes and the knife was recovered.  He is charged with carrying a concealed weapon, possession of a weapon for a dangerous purpose, obstructing a peace officer, assault with a weapon and aggravated assault.

Source: The Sudbury Star - Rainbow Board Deals with Hallway Stabbing; The Sudbury Star - Espanola Shocked

Gorton High School, Yonkers, New York

Thursday, April 16, 2009

This afternoon around 2:25, a 15-year-old male student was talking with several of his friends when an unidentified 17-year-old male teen came up behind him and slashed his lower back with a box cutter.  The wounded boy and his friends were talking on the Palisade Avenue side of the school.  The wounded boy and his friends went to Lake Avenue and purchased some medical equipment to mend the wound.  He then realized he needed professional help and went to the ER at St. John's Riverside Hospital.  Police are looking for his attacker, a black male, 5'11" and weighing 175 pounds.

Source: Lower Hudson Journal - Gorton HS Student Slashed in Yonkers

Radford High School, Honolulu, Hawaii

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Today a 17-year-old male student who threw a wadded up paper ball at a 16-year-old male student was shocked when the younger boy retaliated by pulling out a knife and stabbing him in the buttocks.  The attack occurred around 10:30 this morning. The wounded boy was taken to the hospital for treatment while the police arrested our unidentified instigator and charged him with second-degree assault.

Source: KGMB Channel 9 - Stabbing at Radford High School Over Paper Fight; Honolulu Advertiser - Radford High Student Arrested in Campus Stabbing; Victim in Hospital

Arthur D. Healey Elementary School, Somerville, Massachusetts

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Early this morning, thirty minutes after midnight to be exact, a 19-year-old man and a 17-year-old teen were leaving the basketball courts at Healey Elementary School when they were approached by an unidentified man.  The older man and the unidentified man began to argue.  The argument climaxed when the unidentified man pulled out a knife and stabbed the 19-year-old man in the chin.  He was taken to Massachusetts General Hospital for treatment.  Police do know who the 19-year-old is because he has been arrested before.  They believe he knows his attacker, but he is not telling them anything.

Source: Somerville Journal - Police Say Stabbing Victim is Refusing to Cooperate

Imagine College Preparatory High School, St. Louis, Missouri

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

A day after Columbine High School remembered the Angels for the tenth year, school violence rolled on.  Five minutes before one this afternoon, a fight between a 16-year-old female student and an unidentified female student began.  The fight climaxed when the unidentified female stabbed the 16-year-old with a pencil.  The wounded girl was taken to the hospital.  About an hour later, students gathered at the front doors of the school and began shouting at the police officers investigating the fight.  A St. Louis police officer attempted to restrain another unidentified female student, but when she broke free of his grasp, he suffered a broken wrist, a fractured wrist and ligament damage to his knee.  The co-ed, who has a warrant for her arrest, fled the school by jumping into a green Pontiac Grand Am.  Meanwhile, two school security officers were trying to restrain the original unidentified instigator.  They suffered minor injuries, as did a teacher.  The original unidentified instigator was finally arrested.

Source: St. Louis Post-Dispatch - Fracas at Prep School Leaves 5 Injured

Haltom High School, Haltom City, Texas

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

This morning at 7:45, two male students began fighting on one of the school's soccer fields.  The fight climaxed when one of the boys pulled out a knife and stabbed his opponent.  The wounded boy, 18, was taken to John Peter Smith Hospital for treatment.  Police arrested two 16-year-old boys for this crime.  One of the boys faces a charge of delinquent conduct/aggravated assault with a deadly weapon.  The other teen is charged with delinquent conduct/tampering with evidence.  The knife used in this attack has changed hands frequently.  A 17-year-old girl brought the knife to school with her.  She gave it to one of the 16-year-old boys.  He gave it to the other 16-year-old boy who stabbed the 18-year-old boy.  Then one of the younger boys hid the knife.  The girl and one of the boys were detained at the school by the police.  The boy who hid the knife drove off in his car, but was arrested shortly after on the service road of Loop 820.

Source: Fort Worth Star-Telegram - Student Reportedly Stabbed at Haltom High School

University of Hartford, Hartford, Connecticut

Sunday, April 26, 2009

Around two this morning, a male student was breaking up a fight in the basement of F-Complex resident hall when he was stabbed in the shoulder.  The police have not yet been able to corroborate the details of the student's story yet, so that is all I have.

Source: The Hartford Courant - U of H Incidents: Stabbing, Alleged Sexual Assault

Hampton University, Hampton, Virginia

Sunday, April 26, 2009

At almost the same time as the above entry, another act of school violence was happening down in Virginia.  Just after two this morning, 18-year-old former student Odane Greg Maye followed 43-year-old pizza delivery man Tom McCall into his former dorm, freshman dorm Harkness Hall, on the Hampton University campus.  Odane had parked his car off campus, to avoid the vehicle checkpoint at the university's main gate, and followed Tom on foot.  He was carrying three guns.  Once inside the dormitory, Odane pulled out one of the guns and shot Tom in the neck and stomach.  He then entered the dorm monitor's office and fired three shots at the monitor on duty, a 62-year-old unidentified man.  The monitor was wounded twice in the arm and once in the leg.  Odane then shot himself.  All three men were taken to the hospital for treatment, and all three men survived this shooting.  The police have charged Odane with two counts of aggravated malicious wounding, two counts of use of a firearm in the commission of a felony, breaking and entering while armed, possession of a firearm on school grounds and discharging a firearm in an occupied dwelling.  Odane had voluntarily left Hampton University in November 2008.

Source: ABC News - 3 Va. Men Hurt in Shooting at Hampton University; WTKR Channel 3 - Police Charge 18-Year-Old in Hampton University Shooting

Ascot High School, Greater Portmore, St. Catherine, Jamaica

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

This afternoon the Dean of Discipline at Ascot High School was writing letters to the parents and guardians of a group of delinquent students regarding their behavior.  One of the students, a male from Grade 10, proved he was much more than a delinquent when he pulled out a butcher knife and stabbed the dean in the shoulder.  He, and the group of delinquent students, then fled the school.  The dean was treated for his wounds at a local hospital.

Source: Radio Jamaica - Student Stabs Teacher

Franklin Elementary School, Oshkosh, Wisconsin

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

For an unknown reason, an 8-year-old boy stabbed an 8-year-old girl in the arm today with a pencil.  The girl did not medical attention.  Even though the police responded to the stabbing report, the boy was disciplined at the school.

Source: Oshkosh Northwestern - Oshkosh Police Report

Azerbaijan State Oil Academy, Baku, Azerbaijan

Thursday, April 30, 2009

A conflict between Azerbaijani and foreign students at the college may have led to today's deadly shooting by 29-year-old Farda Gadirov.  Farda, a Georgian citizen of Azeri origin, entered the oil academy with a Makarov pistol in his hands this morning.  He opened fire on anyone he could find and shot down a security guard and several janitors before entering the academy.  The students there had just began their morning lessons when Farda broke in and opened fire upon them.  He made his way up to the sixth floor, shooting at will.  Professors and students crossed his path and he shot at them all.  He then entered a classroom and committed suicide.  Azerbaijani, Turkish, Sudanese and Syrian nationals were among the 13 people Farda killed, including himself.  He wounded 13 others.  The police are still searching for exact answers as to why Farda single handedly added the oil academy to my list of acts of school violence.

Source: The Philippine Star - 13 Killed in Azerbaijani School Shooting; United Press International - Gunman Opens Fire on Oil Academy, Kills 13; Eurasianet - Azerbaijan: Shooting at Azerbaijan's Oil Academy Leaves at Least 13 Dead

Holland Patent Central High School, Holland Patent, New York

Thursday, April 30, 2009

On the bus ride home this afternoon, a male student from CHS showed off a camouflage crosman air soft pistol to other students on the bus.  While he was showing off the pistol, the idea of a demonstration came up.  So he pointed the BB pistol at a fellow classmate and shot him in the chest with a rubber BB.  The injured student did not need medical treatment.  After telling his parents that evening about being shot in the afternoon, the school began their own investigation the next day.  Our unidentified instigator was arrested on Tuesday, May 5, 2009 and charged with unlawful possession of weapons by person under sixteen, endangering the welfare of a child and criminal nuisance in the second degree.

Source: WKTV Channel 2 - Holland Patent Student Facing Charges After Shooting Fellow Student with BB Pistol

Newark High School, Newark, Delaware

Friday, May 1, 2009

Around 10:30 this morning, an altercation between two 17-year-old students escalated into violence.  One of the students is a female and the other is a male.  The fight began in a suspension room when the boy grabbed the co-ed by the throat, punched her in the face and threw her to the floor.  A female teacher was able to pull the boy off of the girl.  The teacher then escorted the boy from the room.  While this was happening, the girl reached into her purse, pulled out a serrated steak knife and stabbed the boy in the back.  He was taken to Christiana Hospital with a collapsed lung.  The girl was arrested and charged with first-degree assault, second-degree assault against the teacher, who sustained minor cuts on her hand, and other weapons charges.  The boy was charged with third-degree assault.

Source: Delaware Online - Police: Girl Stabbed Boy at Newark High

Sheboygan North High School, Sheboygan, Wisconsin

Friday, May 1, 2009

This afternoon at 3:40, a 17-year-old male student shot himself in the abdomen while in the school's parking lot.  He was rushed to Aurora Sheboygan Memorial Medical Center where he died.  Police found a gun in a nearby car and believe it to be the weapon the boy used.  School had been out for 40 minutes when the boy took his life.

Source: The Oshkosh Northwestern - Police: Student Shot Self in Sheboygan North High Parking Lot; Chicago Tribune - Sheboygan HS Student Shoots Self in Parking Lot

Canandaigua Academy (High School), Canandaigua, New York

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

For and unknown reason, 17-year-old Thomas Kane walked into a restroom near the athletic wing entrance at the academy this morning with sawed-off shotgun and killed himself.  Two students found his body at about 10:50.  In his locker, police found two Molotov cocktails and 30 rounds of ammunition.  They did not find a suicide note.

Source: Democrat and Chronicle - Ammunition, Explosives Found in Student's Locker After Suicide

Wynstream Primary School, Wonford, Devon, England

Friday, May 9, 2009

An argument broke out today between a 7-year-old boy and another lad while they were in the school dining room.  The school uses plasticware, but the young boy has coordination difficulties and has been allowed to use a special fork by his occupational therapist.  Ryan Harrison, 11, noticed the argument and stepped in to intervene.  The 7-year-old, still waving the fork around, stabbed Ryan in his palm, in the soft part just under the thumb.  Ryan's parent's were called and he was taken to the hospital for treatment.  Our young instigator was suspended for two days.

Source: This is Exeter - Boy is Stabbed with Fork at Primary School

Eli Whitney Technical High School, New Haven, Connecticut

Friday, May 9, 2009

This afternoon on the bus ride home, a 15-year-old co-ed was playing when a small pocket knife stabbed her in the leg.  The story doesn't say if she was playing with the knife, or with something else and another student stabbed her.  The school bus was in the area of Ella Grasso Boulevard and it was about 2:40 in the afternoon.  She was taken to Yale Pediatrics as a precaution.

Source: WFSB Channel 3 - Teen Stabbed on New Haven School Bus

Jose Rios Middle School, Piti, Guam

Monday, May 11, 2009

After lunch ended, a fight between two male eighth-grade students broke out in one of Jose Rios's hallways.  It was about 1:15 in the afternoon when the conflict began between the two 14-year-olds.  The fight climaxed when one of the boys pulled out a pocketknife and began slashing at his opponent, causing several lacerations and one stab wound to the back.  School aides were able to break up the fight and wrestle the knife from the boy's hands.  During that scuffle, our young instigator sustained a cut to his hand and facial abrasions.  Both of the boys were taken to Guam Memorial Hospital where they were treated.   Guam police investigated the fight, and charged our young instigator with aggravated assault and use of a deadly weapon.

Source: Pacific News Center - 2 Students Suffer Superficial Wounds During Knife Fight at Jose Rios; Pacific Daily News - Two Eighth Graders in Stable Condition After Stabbing at Jose Rios; Pacific Daily News - Student Stabbed at Rios; Pacific News Center - GPSS Beefs Up Safety Measures After Stabbing Incident

Albert Einstein High School, St. Augustin, North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany

Monday, May 11, 2009

At 8:50 this morning, 16-year-old Ukrainian Tanja O. slipped into the gym at Albert  Einstein High School.  She was wearing a mask, armed with several knives and carrying a rucksack containing Molotov cocktails and an air gun.  Tanja went into the girls restroom and started to unpack the rucksack.  At 8:55, an unsuspecting co-ed entered the restroom and saw what she was doing.  Tanja attacked the girl, stabbing her in the hand and cutting off one of her thumbs.  The unsuspecting, and now one-thumbed, co-ed fled the restroom to alert teachers.  Tanja also fled the restroom, and the building, leaving the scene in a Ford Mondeo.  Emergency personnel were called and the injured girl was taken to the hospital.  Police found the rucksack in the restroom and began their search for Tanja. They tracked her via her cell phone signal.  Tuesday night, she was found at 11 p.m. at the Cologne railway station.  St. Augustin is near Bonn.

Source: - Girl Pupil Stabbed by Knife-Wielding Attackers; The Australian - Knife Attacker May Still Be in School; Sky News - Teen Girl Hunted After German School Stabbing; News 24 - Knife-Wielding Girl on the Run; - Girl in Police Custody After Trying to Set Fire to Her School

Stephen Leacock Collegiate Institute (High School), Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Monday, May 11, 2009

A little later this morning, around 11:30, two male students began arguing inside a Grade 11 classroom at Stephen Leacock Collegiate Institute.  Both of the boys are 17-years-old.  The fight climaxed when one of the boys pulled out a sharp object and stabbed his opponent in the stomach.  Our young instigator then fled the scene.  The wounded boy was taken to the hospital for treatment. Police arrested the instigator a few hours later at his home.

Source: - Teen Stabbed at Toronto High School; Globe and Mail - Student Stabbed in Toronto High School

Windham High School, Willimantic, Connecticut

Monday, May 11, 2009

The fourth act of school violence for today took place at Windham High School as classes were being dismissed.  A 20-year-old student and an 18-year-old non-student started fighting over an undisclosed topic.  The fight climaxed when the non-student pulled out a knife and stabbed the student in the back.  School security staff and the police chased our young instigator down, who was later taken into custody.  The injured student was taken to Windham Hospital for treatment.  The fight occurred at 2:15 p.m.  Police charged the non-student with assault and loitering.

Source: Hartford Courant - Stabbing at Windham High School; Hartford Courant - 3 Arrested in Stabbing at Conn. School

A Middle School in Seattle, Washington

Monday, May 11, 2009

This is the fifth act of school violence today, the day after Mother's Day.  On the bus ride home, two male students, one 12 and one 14, fired two different Airsoft pistols.  The story doesn't say what their target was.  The boys fired their guns while the bus was at 15th Avenue South and South Atlantic Street.  When the police arrived on scene, the bus driver pointed out one of the young marksmen.  The other had already gotten off the bus, but the police still arrested him at his home.  Both boys were charged with dangerous weapons on school property.  Nobody was injured by the pistols.

Source: The Seattle Times - Update: Boys Arrested for Shooting Airsoft Guns on School Bus

Fremont-Elizabeth City High School, Adelaide, South Australia, Australia

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

School violence once again begins the day in the south Pacific Ocean, this time in Adelaide, Australia.  This morning at 11:30, a 16-year-old boy and a 17-year-old boy began arguing over an unknown topic.  The fight climaxed when the younger boy pulled out a knife and stabbed the older boy in the shoulder and ear.  The wounded boy was taken to Lyell McEwin Hospital for treatment.  Police arrested our young instigator and charged him with assault.

Source: Australian Broadcasting Corporation - Student Charged Over School Stabbing; Independent Weekly - Student Stabbed with Pocket Knife

Daceyville Public (Elementary) School, Sydney, New South Wales, Australia

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

A fight between a Year 6 boy and a Year 5 boy climaxed when the older boy stabbed Gurvinder Singh with a pencil in the leg.  The older boy, at 11-years-old, used so much force for the stab that Gurvinder needed surgery under anesthetic to get all of the lead and wood out of his leg.  The pencil broke off after being imbedded 5mm in Gurvinder's leg.

Source: The Daily Telegraph - School Boy Stabbed with Pencil in Leg at Sydney School

Rockwood South Middle School, St. Louis, Missouri

Thursday, May 14, 2009

This morning, students at Rockwood South were gathered in the gym as normal before going to their homeroom.  Around 7:10, a male eighth-grader pulled out an air pistol from his backpack.  He showed it off to a couple of his friends, and then began shooting at his fellow classmates as they sat on the bleachers.  Three students were struck by the plastic pellets, sustaining minor wounds.  All three injured students were able to attended classes as normal.  Our young instigator was arrested by the police.

Source: Fox 2 Now - Three Middle School Students Injured in BB Gun Shooting

Larose-Cutoff Middle School, Larose, Louisiana

Monday, May 18, 2009

Like last Monday, this is a very active day for school violence.  This morning, a quiet 15-year-old boy, Justin Doucet, who never talked about guns or violence, asked his homeroom teacher if he could go to the bathroom.  The teacher allowed it and Justin took his backpack with him.  Once inside the restroom, he took off his khaki uniform pants and pulled on a pair of camouflaged pants and a t-shirt.  He then left the restroom and crossed the hall, entering 14-year-old Coley Gaspard's third period seventh-grade English and reading class and yelled at them to get down.  It was about nine at the time he entered the room.  Justin used foul language as well before walking up to the whiteboard where he pulled out a nickel-plated .25 caliber pistol and aimed it at the whiteboard.  He wasn't able to successfully fire the handgun, so he turned it toward the teacher, Jessica Plaisance, and told her to say, "Hail Marilyn Manson!"  She said nothing so he raised the handgun over her head and fired off a shot.  The bullet missed the female educator.  Justin ran back into the boys bathroom and made sure the next bullet found a target.  He shot himself in the head.  He was rushed to Lady of the Sea Hospital and is listed in critical condition.  Justin was later transferred to Terrebonne General Medical Center.  Larose is about 45 miles southwest of New Orleans.  One clue that the police offer as to why our young instigator chose this classroom was because one of his cousins is in this class.  Later in the day, the police found a profanity laced letter indicating he wanted to kill his classmates and believed he was an outcast.  However, school records do not show there was a problem with him.  Justin remained in the hospital for a week before dying from the self-inflicted gunshot wound.

Source: Associated Press - La. Student Shoots Self, Fires Over Teacher's Head; Yahoo! News - Boy Wrote Threatening Note Before School Shooting; WBRZ Channel 2 - Teen Shoots Self at Middle School; Thibodaux Daily Comet - Half of the Students Return to Classes Today; New York Times - Louisiana: Student Dies After Shooting

Harvard University, Cambridge, Massachusetts

Monday, May 18, 2009

Later in the day and sixteen hundred miles away at Harvard University, 21-year-old Justin Cosby was shot in the basement common room at Kirkland House, an undergraduate resident hall.  Police were notified of the shooting at 4:50 in the afternoon.  They found Justin on Dunster Street, outside Kirkland.  He was taken to Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center with a gunshot wound in his abdomen.  Justin died Tuesday morning.  Police have still not released details of the shooting, or found the shooter.  Four days later, 20-year-old Jabrai Jordon Copney turned himself into police for the murder of Justin Cosby.  Jabrai, a New York City songwriter who wrote Feelin It with Ryan Leslie, was charged with murder, accessory after the fact to murder and possession of a firearm.  Police say that Justin was selling marijuana to students at Harvard when Jabrai and two other men approached him, with the intent to rob him.

Source: Boston Globe - Man Shot at Harvard Residence Hall; Boston Globe - Harvard Slaying Victim Identified as Cambridge Man; Bloomberg - U.S. Authorities Arrest Man for Murder at Harvard University; HipHopRX - New Edition Songwriter Charged in Harvard Shooting Over Drug Robbery

Tennessee State University, Nashville, Tennessee

Monday, May 18, 2009

Later in the evening, the seniors from Maplewood High School gathered with their family and friends at TSU's Gentry Center for the graduation ceremony.  About 4,000 people had gathered to watch the 200 seniors receive their diplomas.  But yet, even here, school violence pops up.  When the ceremony was over and the crowd began filing out of the center, someone opened fire on the crowd at the side entry.  The flying bullets struck down 21-year-old Andreus Taylor and wounded two others.  Andreus was taken to Centennial Medical Center where he died.  A 19-year-old man had a bullet graze his arm and was taken to the hospital in a private vehicle.  The other wounded individual was trampled when the crowd began running for their lives.  The police are still looking for the shooter.

Source: The Tennessean - Shooting at Maplewood Graduation Kills One, Injures Two

Wadena-Deer Creek High School, Wadena, Minnesota

Monday, May 18, 2009

While chaos was erupting in Tennessee, a fight between two people was taking place in the parking lot of Wadena-Deer Creek High School.  The combatants were a male 18-year-old and  female 17-year-old.  The fight climaxed when the male stabbed the co-ed in the face with an ink pen.  The police were called the school and they arrested our young instigator.  He is charged with second-degree assault and violation of a harassment restraining order for protection.  The girl was taken to Tri-County Hospital for treatment.

Source: Wadena Pioneer Journal - 18-Year-Old Held for Ink Pen Stabbing

Bonham Junior High School, Odessa, Texas

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Just before school ended today, two ninth-grade male students began arguing over an unknown topic.  The argument began at 3:52 p.m.  The war of words climaxed when one of the boys stabbed his opponent with a pencil several times.  The wounded boy was taken to the nurse's office with cuts to his face, arm and his side.  He was later taken to Medical Center Hospital for treatment while our young unidentified instigator was charged by the police with aggravated assault.

Source: KWES Channel 9 - 9th Grader Charged with Aggravated Assault after Stabbing Another Student; Odessa American - Bonham Scuffle

Roseville Secondary School, Umzinto, KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa

Monday, May 25, 2009

This morning during a break between classes, a 15-year-old boy began arguing with a 17-year-old boy.  The war of words became physical when the two boys began pushing each other.  The fight climaxed when the older boy pulled out a knife and stabbed the younger boy in the chest.  Our young instigator then fled the scene.  The wounded boy was taken to G J Crookes Hospital in Scottburgh for treatment.  Police arrested the older boy and charged him with assault with a intent to do grievous bodily harm.

Source: - Boy Stabs Fellow Pupil

Farmington High School, Farmington, Connecticut

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

This morning as teachers and staff began to arrive at FHS, one of them noticed a man in his 40s wondering around in the staff parking lot.  The unidentified man was bleeding from a stab wound in his abdomen.  An emergency call was placed and the man was taken to St. Francis Hospital for treatment.  Since this happened in the staff parking lot, and at 7:15 a.m., before any students got to the school, school officials held classes as usual.  Police believe the man, a relative of a faculty member, stabbed himself in the stomach.  However, the reasoning by the self-infliction has not been disclosed.

Source: New Britain Herald - Stab Victim Found Bleeding at FHS; Hartford Courant - Farmington: Police Investigate Stabbing in School Parking Lot

Ina Arbuckle Elementary School, Rubidoux, California

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

This evening around 8 p.m., 37-year-old unnamed teacher and several children were leaving the Arbuckle Elementary School playground when the woman felt a sudden sharp pain in her back.  She drove herself to a local hospital where the staff found she had been shot in the back.  Police have no suspects in this case.

Source: NBC Los Angeles - Arbuckle Elementary School Teacher Shot in Back

Parkfield Junior (Elementary) School, Etobicoke, Ontario, Canada

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

This afternoon around 4 p.m., a 16-year-old boy began arguing with an unidentified person.  The argument climaxed when the boy's opponent pulled out a knife and stabbed him in the lower abdomen.  The boy called his mother, when then called 911.  The wounded boy was taken to the Hospital for Sick Children for treatment while police began searching for the instigator.  A teenage suspect was found and arrested in a nearby apartment building.

Source: Toronto Star - Boy Stabbed at Etobicoke School; CityNews - Teen Calls His Mother for Help After Being Stabbed Near School

Columbus Elementary School, Kenosha, Wisconsin

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

While a school stabbing was taking place in Canada, a school shooting was taking place in America.  After school today, third-grader Aaron Price, 9, was on the playground at Columbus Elementary School with his friends when a 10-year-old boy approached them.  He had tucked a a BB gun he found in an alley into his pants.  He shot the BB gun at the ground and pointed it at Aaron and his friends.  He told them he would kill them if they told the police about him having the gun.  Aaron told the older boy the gun looked fake.  To prove it was real, the older boy shot Aaron in the eye with a BB and then ran away.  Aaron was rushed to Children's Hospital in Wauwatosa where his right eye was removed.  Our young instigator was taken into custody the next day.

Source: Chicago Tribune - 9-Year-Old Kenosha Boy Loses Eye in BB Shooting; TMJ Channel 4 - 9-Year-Old Loses Sight After Being Shot

Lake Center Middle School, Santa Fe Springs, California

Thursday, June 4, 2009

This morning at 11:19, two 14-year-old male students began arguing over an unknown topic.  During the war of words, one of the boys pulled out a knife and tried to stab his opponent.  The news story doesn't say how the fight ended and I'm not going to speculate.  The news story does say the intended target was not stabbed and that our young instigator was arrested on suspicion of assault with a deadly weapon.

Source: Whittier Daily News - Teen Arrested in Attempted Stabbing at Santa Fe Springs School

Lee Valley High School, Enfield, Greater London, England

Friday, June 5, 2009

Using an imitation airgun and firing plastic pellets, a 12-year-old boy fired at the doors to the restrooms near the PE department today.  No students were struck by the flying plastic.  He was arrested by the police and spent the rest of the day in a jail cell.

Source: Enfield Independent - Boy, 12, Fires Fake Airgun at Lee Valley High School

Leestown Middle School, Lexington, Kentucky

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

On Friday, June 5, 2009, 38-year-old school custodian Jose Daniel Donato displayed a knife to fellow custodian Brian Allen McGuire, 27.  Jose asked Brian if he was afraid, however Brian did not feel threatened by Jose.  Yesterday, Brian reported the incident to the district's human resource department.  An investigation was schedule to begin today, in which Jose would probably have been put on paid leave while the mater was resolved.  Apparently, things changed during the evening because this morning shortly after eight, gunfire rang out from Leestown Middle School.  No students were present at the school as the year had already ended.  Brian, arriving an hour late for work, pulled out a gun and shot Jose, killing him.  Brian then fled the school in a beige 2006 Suzuki Grand Vitara.  Brian turned himself in the next day in Grain Valley, Missouri, which is near Kansas City.

Source: CBS News - Custodian Shot Dead at Ky. Middle School; Lexington Herald-Leader - Leestown Shooting Suspect Still at Large; WZTV Channel 17 - Police Arrest Suspect in Custodian Shooting

Londonderry Junior High School, Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

Friday, June 12, 2009

Just after 10 this evening, 39-year-old Curtis Todd Osterlund, two male teenagers and a female teenager were arguing over an undisclosed topic in the parking lot of Londonderry Junior High School.  The fight climaxed when one of the teens pulled out a knife and stabbed Curtis.  The trio of teens then fled the scene.  Curtis stumbled towards a field that connected the school to M.E. Lazerte High School.  He collapsed over a bike rack.  A passerby saw him and called the police.  Curtis was taken to the Royal Alexandra Hospital where he died.  Police are looking for the instigators, all between the ages of 16 and 18.

Source: Edmonton Journal - Man Stabbed to Death in School Parking Lot; - Police Search for Teenage Murder Suspects

Whittier Elementary School, Chicago, Illinois

Monday, June 15, 2009

The burglar alarm at Whittier Elementary School went off at 4:30 this morning.  When the police responded and made their way into the building, they found a 14-year-old boy and a 13-year-old boy.  When the officers confronted our two juvenile delinquents, the older boy raised a shotgun toward them.  One of the officers shot the boy in the leg.  The boys then fled the school, however police were able to capture the younger boy who told them where to find the older boy.  The police arrested the older boy near the intersection of West Cullerton Street and South Damen Avenue.  He was taken to John H. Stroger Jr. Hospital for treatment. So far, no charges have been filed.

Source: Chicago Sun-Times - Police Involved in Shooting Inside Elementary School

Kenneth L. Rutherford Elementary School, Monticello, New York

Monday, June 15, 2009

This afternoon, a male teenager opened fired on students at the Kenneth L. Rutherford Elementary School playground.  The teen's weapon of choice was a BB gun with a scope attached. A male fifth-grader was struck in the ankle while a teacher's aide sustained a shallow wound.  Our young instigator shot at the students from a house about 25 feet from the playground.  Police arrested the teen and confiscated the gun.

Source: Hudson-Valley Times Herald-Record - Area Student, Teacher's Aide Hit by BBs During Recess

International Studies Academy High School, San Francisco, California

Monday, June 15, 2009

Also this afternoon, but across the country, another school shooting took place and more people were wounded.  As the first day of summer school classes was coming to a close, at 1:20, a group of girls joined up with several boys as they left the building.  Suddenly, from a block away, a man got out of his car and fired off at least five rounds into the group.  The man was using a handgun during this act of school violence.  Panicked students rushed back into the school. One of the students was grazed by one of the flying bullets and was taken to San Francisco General Hospital for treatment.  Two other students were injured.  One of the injured students is a female and the other two are males.  The police arrested a man and recovered two guns from the scene.

Source: San Francisco Chronicle - 3 Wounded in Shooting Outside S.F. High School; San Francisco Examiner - One Suspect Arrested After Shooting Outside High School

Father Michael McGivney Catholic Academy (High School), Markham, Ontario, Canada

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

This morning an altercation between at least three teens in the lobby of Father Michael McGivney Catholic Academy climaxed when one of them, an 18-year-old male, was stabbed in the torso.  The teens fled the school as the authorities were called.  As they approached, the noticed the stabbed teen wandering around in the Highglen Avenue and Fonda Road area.  The wounded teen was airlifted to a nearby hospital.   The fight took place at 10:15 a.m.  Two and a half hours later, a male arrived at the Markham police station and said he was involved in the fight.  He had stab wounds on his arm.  He was taken to the hospital for treatment.  The police arrested a 16-year-old and a 17-year-old and charged them with attempted murder, aggravated assault and weapons offences.   The police suspect that all parties involved in the fight knew each other.

Source: York Region - Attempted Murder Charges Follow School Stabbing; Toronto Star - Teen Stabbed in Lobby of High School

St. Joseph Catholic Secondary School, Mississauga, Ontario, Canada

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

This morning at 8:30 at another Catholic School, another multi-person fight broke out.  The fight involved four students in one of the school's hallways.  It climaxed when two of them were stabbed.  Two other students and Maria LoCicero, a teacher in a program for students with disciplinary problems, intervened to break up the combatants and were injured slightly in the process.  Once the fight was ended, the authorities and paramedics were called.  One of the injured students was air lifted to Toronto's Sunnybrook Hospital with a shoulder wound while the other was taken to Credit Valley Hospital with stab wounds in the neck, abdomen and hand.  Police arrested two teens, ages 16 and 17, and charged them with attempted murder and other weapons offences.

Source: CBC News - Mississauga High School Closed Following Stabbing Melee; Toronto Star - 5 Stabbed in School Hallway

Makobore High School, Nyaruzinga Village, Rukungiri, Uganda

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Godffrey Mugisha is the teacher in charge of meals at Makobore High School.  Mark Mugyenyi and three other Senior Four students attempted to attack Godffrey today because Godffrey stopped them from taking a second meal and not paying for it.  During the physical fight, the police arrived and fired upon the four students.  Mark was struck down and died from his wounds.  The Assistant Inspector General of Police, Asan Kasingye, said that they don't condone the shooting, however, the student's behavior was unjustified because the school has in place a system for voicing their grievances.  Attacking a teacher is never the correct answer.

Source: All Africa - Uganda: Parent to Sue Govt Over Slain Makobore Student

Beaver Creek Elementary School, Surrey, British Columbia, Canada

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Just before 1:30 this morning, a fight broke out in the parking lot of Beaver Creek Elementary School.  A man in his early twenties was stabbed several times.  Police were called to the scene where they found the man bleeding profusely.  He was taken to the hospital and treated for his wounds while the police began to search for his attacker.

Source: The Canadian Press - Surrey RCMP Investigate Stabbing at Local Elementary School; Vancouver Sun - Man Stabbed Near B.C. School

Lakewood Intermediate School, Lakewood, New Jersey

Monday, June 22, 2009

At midday a confrontation between a 14-year-old boy and a 15-year-old boy turned violent when the younger boy stabbed the older boy in the back, chest and arm.  Our young instigator chased the injured boy into a small workshop on the grounds of the school where a school groundskeeper, who was already inside the workshop, called 911.  The injured boy was flown to Jersey Shore University Medical Center.  The younger boy was arrested at his home a short time later and the knife was recovered.  This is also the last day of classes at Lakewood.

Source: Asbury Park Press - Boy, 15, Stabbed Outside School; WPIX Channel 11 - Student Stabbed on Last Day of School

Aplington-Parkersburg High School, Parkersburg, Iowa

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

On Saturday, June 20, 2009, 24-year-old Mark Becker led police on a high speed chase.  He was caught and was supposed to be on his way to a psychiatric ward.  For an unknown reason, that didn't happen.  This morning at 7:47, Mark walked into the field house at Aplington-Parkersburg High School, pulled out a gun and murdered 58-year-old Coach Ed Thomas in front of several students who were participating in an off season workout.  When Mark finished shooting Ed, he left the building, never threatening the students at all.  Mark was rushed to Covenant Medical Center in Waterloo where he died.  Mark was arrested soon afterward in the driveway of his parent's home.  He is charged with first-degree murder.  Coach Thomas was named the NFL's 2005 high school coach of the year.  He had a 292-84 record and two state titles in 37 seasons as a football coach.  He had coached several high school kids who went on to play in the NFL.

Source: MSNBC - Ex-player Charged in Slaying of Iowa Prep Coach; Des Moines Register - Update: Former Player Arrested in Parkersburg Coach Shooting

Blue Coat Church of England Comprehensive (Middle) School, Walsall, West Midlands, England

Monday, June 29, 2009

Two 14-year-old boys were in an argument over football today when one of them pulled out a penknife and stabbed his opponent in the upper thigh.  The school staff quickly called the authorities and had the wounded boy transferred to a hospital for treatment.  The police arrested our young instigator and charged him with suspicion of wounding.  The fight occurred around noon.

Source: Telegraph - Teen Arrested After 'Stabbing at School Over Football'; This is Walsall Online - We'll Act Fast Says Headmaster as Boy, 14, Held Over Stabbing

Elementary School No. 6, Paterson, New Jersey

Thursday, July 2, 2009

An earlier altercation between 23-year-old Jean Noel's brother and an unidentified party, led to a fight this evening between an unidentified group of men and Jean, 24-year-old Kasmi Mahoney and 20-year-old Trevor Jeffries.  The fight took place in the rear parking lot at Elementary School No. 6 around 11 p.m.  The fight climaxed when the trio's opponent (whether it was one person, or multiple people, the story doesn't say), pulled out a handgun and opened fire.  Jean was shot multiple times in his torso, Kasmi was shot in the leg and Trevor was shot in the back.  When the police arrived, they had all three men transported to St. Joseph's Medical Center for treatment. Police are looking for the shooters.

Source: WABC Channel 7 - Triple Shooting Behind NJ School

Northwest School of the Arts (Secondary School), Charlotte, North Carolina

Monday, July 6, 2009

The "Youth Empowerment Sports" summer camp rents out Northwest School of the Arts each summer to help teens become productive members of society.  This morning around 9:30, a 15-year-old male camper failed to learn that lesson.  He was arguing with another 15-year-old boy over a basketball when suddenly, he pulled out a knife and stabbed his opponent in the leg.  Camp staff and counselors took immediate action to detain our young instigator and provide medical assistance to the injured boy, who was taken to the hospital.  Our young instigator was charged with assault with a deadly weapon and weapon charges for having a weapon on school grounds.

Source: WSOC Channel 9 - Teen Stabs Another Teen in Fight Over Basketball

Brentwood High School, Brentwood, New York

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

This morning around 11, after recess for the summer school students, several hundred teens congregated at the front gate of Brentwood High.  A fight broke out, during which Jhosef Amarillo, 17, was stabbed on his side; Adrianna Grant, 16, was also stabbed on her side and Tevin Foster, 15, was stabbed in the chest.  16-year-old Shaquille Wilson sustained head trauma when a blunt object struck him on the head.  Jhosef, Tevin and Shaquille were transported to Southside Hospital for treatment while Adrianna denied treatment.  Later in the day, the police arrested Ronald Catalan, 18, and two unnamed 15-year-olds.  All three were charged with two counts of second-degree gang assault and second-degree assault.

Source: Long Island Press - 3 Teens Stabbed, 3 Teens Jailed After Brentwood High School Brawl

Ncabaneni High School, Mbabne, Swaziland

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Ncabaneni High School does not have a fence around it.  If it did, it may have prevented this act of school violence.  Sicelo Dlamini, a 22-year-old male marijuana addict, stormed into on of the classrooms at NHS carrying a spear.  He stabbed 13 students and then ordered the children to leave the room.  One of the students noticed that one of the students, a 13-year-old girl, had died.  He spread the word to other students, who quickly took action into their own hands, picked up rocks from the ground and stoned Sicelo to death.  The teachers tried to stop to the students from throwing the stones, but they were unsuccessful.  The remaining dozen injured students were taken to a local hospital for treatment.  Ten were released by the end of the day.

Source: Agence France-Presse - Swazi Man Stoned to Death After Stabbing 13 Pupils; Times of Swaziland - title not available

Ella F. Hoxie (Elementary) School, Bourne, Massachusetts

Monday, July 20, 2009

Late yesterday evening, Daniel Cardoza, 22, and Caleb Greeson, 18, began arguing over an unknown topic at the Shell Gas Station on Canal Street.  Caleb had a long standing hatred for Daniel.  It was about 10:30 when Caleb pulled out a knife and stabbed Daniel several times.  Caleb fled the scene and the authorities were called.  Daniel was taken to Jordan Hospital in Plymouth where he died.  Almost two hours later, and still wearing blood covered clothes, Caleb found a house with the lights still on and a large group of people gathered inside.  He wanted to ask them if he could use their phone.  He knocked on the door and was soon ambushed.  For you see, inside the house were friends of Daniel, who had gathered quickly to talk about his untimely death.  One of Daniel's friends, Brandon Rogers-Andrews, 21, chased Caleb across the street.  During all this, the police had begun their search for Caleb.  They caught a break when a call of a multiple person fight in the parking lot of Ella F. Hoxie School came across their radios.  The Hoxie School is across the street from the house that Caleb approached.  When they arrived at the school, they found Caleb with stab wounds of his own.  He was transported to Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center in Boston via helicopter with life threatening injuries.  The police arrested Brandon and charged him with attempted murder, assault and battery and assault and battery with a dangerous weapon.

Source: Cape Cod Today - Probable Fatal Stabbing in Baltimore; South Coast Today - Officials Continue Search for Knife in Bourne Stabbing Case

Texas Southern University, Houston, Texas

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

This evening an event featuring performances by Trae the Truth, a local rapper, Rick Ross and other artists, along with a school-supply giveaway and health screenings was held in a parking lot at Texas Southern University.  The family fun event was marred when rival gangs from Missouri City and Fresno drove past the parking lot and then opened fire on the crowd.  Eight people were injured.  They were taken to local hospitals for their injuries.  Police are looking for the instigator.  TSU is a historically black university.

Source: Bloomberg - Shooting at Houston's Texas Southern University Injures Three; Associated Press - Drive-by Shooting at Texas Southern Wounds 6; Houston Chronicle - Officers Look for Answers in TSU Shooting

Arkansas State University, Jonesboro, Arkansas

Saturday, July 25, 2009

Early this morning, an unidentified male student was accosted by two unidentified men at the Collegiate Park Apartments on the north side of the ASU campus.  The duo attempted to rob the student and when that failed, one of them pulled out a gun and shot the student in the torso.  It was 1:20 in the morning when the shot rang out in the dark.  The duo then fled the scene.  The injured student was taken to a local hospital for treatment.  Police are looking for the unidentified instigators.

Source: Arkansas Democrat-Gazette - ASU Officials Review Response to Weekend Shooting

Bugema Seventh Day Adventist Secondary School, Luweero District, Kampala, Uganda

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Very rarely do a consecutive acts of school violence begin and end on the weekend, yet here they are at the end of the school year.  The student body was upset with school officials for what they called, "failure by the administration to address our grievances."  High fees and being locked out of the campus were the main reasons for the students unrest. Friday night students at the international school broke out windows and brought down a gate.  The security guards at the school fired their weapons in the air to restore order, but the students pelted them with stones.  Last night, the school's headboy, a Kenyan, was arrested.  Today, the angry students at the school refused to take their mock exams and broke out more windows.  The police were called in to restore order.  This time, the weapons were aimed at the students when they were fired.  Wilber Kwamboka Omara, a Form Six student from Kenya, was shot in the ribs.  Miriam Adyelo, a student from Sudan, was shot in the chest.  Both were taken to Mulago Hospital for treatment. Three other students were injured.  Uganda's police boss, Kale Kayihura had area police commander Eddie Kulany, community liaison officer Ibrahim Odroa, CID Chief Suleiman Kibuye and constables Robert Oguti and Alex Ojambo arrested for firing on the students.  The next day, the school was closed indefinitely until a peaceful resolution could be found.  All 1,000 students were sent home.

Source: Daily Nation - Kenyan Shot in Uganda School Riot; The New Vision - Police Shoots 2 Students, DPC Arrested; Daily Nation - Uganda School Closed Over Student Shootings

Nilofer English High School, Kshetrigao, Imphal East, Manipur, India

Friday, July 31, 2009

On the last day of the 2008-2009 school year, school violence strikes again to bring the year to tragic close.  At 1:25 this afternoon, Haobijam Sajananda, 38, walked right into his wife's English classroom at Nilofer, pulled out a knife and began stabbing her.  The couple had recently separated and he was upset for her not coming back home to him.  Her Class IX students witnessed the horrific scene right before their eyes.  Chitra Devi, 37, was stabbed repeatedly in her left side back, left chest, left elbow and left arm.  The students raised the alarm and Haobijam fled the school in an auto-rickshaw.  He locked the school's gate from the outside.  Chitra was rushed to Jawaharlal Nehru Hospital for treatment.  Police began searching for Haobijam.

Source: E-Pao! Headlines - Man Knives Wife in Class Room; The Telegraph - Stung by Separation, Man Stabs Wife in Classroom

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