Violence in Our Schools

August 1, 2003 through July 31, 2004

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To report a threat of school violence before the instigator has a chance to act on his/her intentions, please contact Speak Up at 1-866-SPEAKUP (that is 1-866-773-2587)

I would like to thank all of the Survivors and others who have contacted me with information about school violence.  I really do appreciate the help, for without their help, several of these occurrences would not be here.

One other thing I would like to ask of those who read over this list of tragedies is this: If you can provide me with any more details of any of these incidents, I would greatly appreciate the information. Or, if you know of another violent act at a school that is not on this list, please forward that information to me as well.  The link to my e-mail is above.

A Middle School in Otay Mesa, California

Tuesday, August 5, 2003

The 2003-2004 school year started out with a stabbing of an 8th grade 13-year-old today.  Two students were horse playing in science class when one of them was wounded in the femoral artery by the other.

Source: National School Safety and Security Services web site

Marshal Middle School, Columbus, Georgia

Thursday, August 14, 2003

Today, 14-year-old Bianca Walton went back to her middle school to visit her old teachers.  While she was there, a fight broke out between two boys, each 13, in the woods behind the school.  Several students went into the woods to watch and the girl went with them.  During the fight, one of the boy's pulled out a gun and opened fire.  As the students fled, one of the bullets struck down Bianca, killing the high school co-ed and bringing her visit to a tragic end.

Source: National School Safety and Security Services web site; Keys to Safer Schools web site

A High School in Oakdale, California

Wednesday, August 20, 2003

While fighting in the school's parking lot, three students were stabbed and wounded.  No other information was available.

Source: National School Safety and Security Services web site

Glen Burnie High School, Glen Burnie, Maryland

Wednesday, September 3, 2003

A former student returned to school today and stabbed a 13-year-old student.  The wounded student was stabbed in the lower abdomen.

Source: National School Safety and Security Services web site

Pueblo High School, Tucson, Arizona

Friday, September 5, 2003

Also today, a fist fight between boys led to the death of 16-year-old Vasquez Acosta.  Initial reports state the death was either caused by cardiac arrest resulting from a headlock and exacerbated by a congenital heart problem, or a blow to head received during the fight.

Source: National School Safety Center's Report on School Associated Violent Deaths

Point Loma High School, San Diego, California

Friday, September 5, 2003

When his son's cross-country team went jogging today, 58-year-old William Hoffine ambushed the team and killed his 14-year-old son Evan Nash.  William was cornered by police and a standoff ensued.  It ended hours later when William killed himself.

Source: National School Safety Center's Report on School Associated Violent Deaths

Taft High School, Woodland Hills, California

Tuesday, September 9, 2003

Two men in a red Mitsubishi paused at the bus stop at the intersection of Ventura Boulevard and Winnetka Avenue and asked, "Where you from?"  This is a customary challenge between the gangs of L.A. One youth at the bus stop yelled back, "Hey, where you from?" while another yelled a gang moniker.  The men in the car circled the block and when they returned, the passenger thrust a semiautomatic handgun out the window and opened fire.  The vehicle then fled the scene at freeway speed.  The shots flew into a crowd of students as they left school this afternoon.  Two boys and a girl, all students of the Taft High, were shot at point blank range in the upper body.  Lizbeth Santana, the 17-year-old girl, and mother of a 2-year-old son, was shot in the back. The bullet traveled up to her shoulder, up through her neck to her chin and came out her mouth.  Agustin Galindo, 16, plays defensive tackle on Taft's football team.  15-year-old Paul Herzlich was the most seriously wounded of the three.  He was transported by helicopter to the hospital.  On Tuesday, November 15, 2005, Terry Taylor, now 22, and Jeffery Trinell Young, now 23, were found guilty on three counts each of attempted murder and mayhem.  On Monday, December 12, 2005, the two gang members were sentenced to 120 years in life in prison by Van Nuys Superior Court Judge Darlene Schempp.

Source: L.A. Times - 3 Students Critically Hurt in Shooting Near School; Shooting Victims Stable, Campus Still in Shock; Daily Breeze - Two Men Sentenced in School Shootings

Proviso East High School, Chicago, Illinois

Wednesday, September 10, 2003

Classes at Proviso had let out early today and that turned deadly for 16-year-old Kenny Porter Jr.  He was killed with a shot to the chest by Darron Jackson, also 16, as he left the school.

Source: National School Safety and Security Services web site; Keys to Safer Schools web site

New York University, New York City, New York

Friday, September 12, 2003

Today, a junior at N.Y.U. jumped from the 10th floor of the Elmer Holmes Bobst Library, committing suicide.

Source: New York Times - Student is Found Dead in N.Y.U. Library

Ridgeview High School, Green Cove Springs, Florida

Friday, September 12, 2003

After the final school bell rang today, Edgar David Baez and 17-year-old Thomas White, IV began arguing.  The argument climaxed when Thomas threw the only punch in the fight, a sucker-punch to Edgar's head.  The force from the blow separated two of Edgar's vertebrae as he fell to the ground.  He went into a coma and died on Saturday, September 20, 2003 at Shands Hospital in Jacksonville. Thomas was charged as an adult with manslaughter.  He spent two years in jail and is now out on 13 years probation.

Source: National School Safety and Security Services web site; Keys to Safer Schools web site; Visitor to this web site

Franklin K. Lane High School, New York City, New York

Monday, September 15, 2003

This is the first of six violent acts at various schools in New York City over a two week period.  A dozen boys were brawling outside of the school, in Queens, when a man in a sport utility vehicle pulled up and opened fire on the group.  Two 17-year-olds and one 16-year-old, all male, were wounded.

Source: National School Safety and Security Services web site; Keys to Safer Schools web site

Duke Ellington Continuation High School, South Los Angeles, California

Tuesday, September 16, 2003

One week after the Taft High School shootings, another school, in the same district, experienced the same type of violence.  A 16-year-old freshman of Duke Ellington (who asked not to be identified for fear of retaliation) was hit in the calf as he waited for the bus to come take him home from the school.  The police arrested two men, and charged them with attempted murder, for this shooting the next day. 

Source: L.A. Times - Shootings Prompt a Call for Tighter Security Near Schools

Dyersburg State Community College, Dyersburg, Tennessee

Wednesday, September 17, 2003

The next day, 26-year-old Harold Kilpatrick Jr. left a note at his sister's house stating he "wanted to kill some people and die today" before heading off to the college.  Harold has a history of mental problems. Wielding a 9 mm gun and a butcher knife, Harold entered a basic math classroom in the Eller Building  and took 12-15 students and their teacher, Dana Incrocci, hostage around 12:40 p.m. at this college in west Tennessee.  Harold released three female students, one of which was pregnant, after three hours of taking them hostage. The only demands Harold made was for food and drink.  The standoff continued for another six hours with police communicating with Harold via the students themselves on their cell phones for he wouldn't talk directly to the police.  When shots were heard, around 10:00 p.m., a SWAT team stormed the building and killed him.  Two of the hostages were wounded, but it wasn't immediately evident if it was Harold or the SWAT team that caused their injuries.

Source: Dallas Morning News - Gunman at Tennessee College Fatally Shot by Police After Standoff; Go Memphis - Police Kill Hostage-Taker

Oklahoma Road Middle School, Eldersburg, Maryland

Wednesday, September 17, 2003

Also today, a 13-year-old boy tried to take his life in one of his school's bathrooms.  He was unsuccessful when the single shot from his dad's .44-caliber gun went off.  The report did not state whether the eighth grader sustained wounds or not.

Source: National School Safety and Security Services web site

Brandeis High School, New York City, New York

Wednesday, September 17, 2003

This is the second of six violent acts at various schools in New York City over a two week period.  While standing outside of their school, on the Upper West Side, two boys were slashed by a knife today.

Source: National School Safety and Security Services web site

Forest Hills High School, New York City, New York

Wednesday, September 17, 2003

This is the third of six violent acts at various schools in New York City over a two week period.  This is also the fourth violent act for this particular date.  During a box-cutter attack at a school cafeteria in Queens, a student was hurt.

Source: National School Safety and Security Services web site

Charlestown High School, Boston, Massachusetts

Wednesday, September 17, 2003

The fifth act of school violence for today happened in Boston when a man opened fire as classes were being dismissed for the day at Charlestown High School.  As the students left their school, a man across the street opened fire into the crowd.  His shots missed his intended target and hit 15-year-old John Flaherty in the leg.  John was on his way to volunteer at the a Boys & Girls Club.  The shooter then turned his gun back on his intended victim, who was by now fleeing the scene, and chased after him.  A flying bullet fragment injured a school police officer who was on the campus as the students were leaving.  As the investigation began, police leaned toward the possibility of this attack being  gang related.

Source: Boston Globe - Teen Shot Near Charlestown High

Lewis and Clark High School, Spokane, Washington

Monday, September 22, 2003

Sean Fitzpatrick, 17, walked into science room 307 just before 11:10 a.m.  There he found Marjan Khoee, a 35-year-old student teacher, and three other students eating lunch.  He pulled out a 9mm semiautomatic handgun, put it in the face of Marjan and told her to get out of the room.  Marjan left the room, and the students followed her out.  She ran for help and heard Sean fire one round from the handgun.  17-year-old senior Lee Pearson didn't know what was going on and opened the door to the science room, but Sean had blocked it with metal bookcase.  Sean waved the 9mm at Lee and he left the room.  School officials activated the fire alarm to clear the rest of the 2,000 student body from the building. The first-responding police officers isolated Sean within 15 minutes of him entering Room 307.   Two hostage negotiators were called in and they talked to Sean from a stairwell 20 feet away.  Sean grabbed all of the fire extinguishers and emptied in the classroom, filling it with powder.   SWAT team members arrived at 12:32 p.m. and setup on the raised portion of I-90, which looks directly into the third floor of the high school.  Sean kept talking to the negotiators until they told him his father has arrived.  Sean told them he didn't want to speak to his father.  At 12:45 p.m., Sean put on his jacket, climbed onto the metal book case that was holding the door open and pulled the 9mm from his pants pocket.  Three SWAT team members fired and wounded Sean in the face, right arm and torso.

Source: The Spokesman-Review - Student, Shot by Police, in Critical Condition

Rocori High School, Cold Spring, Minnesota

Wednesday, September 24, 2003

15-year-old freshman John Jason McLaughlin took his father's .22-caliber target pistol and ten bullets to school today.  He lifted the gun from a hidden drawer in their home.  John was going to use the gun to payback Seth Bartell for teasing him about his acne.  Randy Schackmann and Seth were walking toward Rocori's gymnasium at 11:40 a.m. when they heard two rounds explode from the gun.  They thought a fellow classmate had dropped his/her books in the basement corridor, which has great acoustics for echoes.  Seth felt a pain in his torso and raised his shirt to find a small wound on his left side.  John fired the gun again and killed senior Aaron Rollins with a shot to the base of his neck in the weight lifting room.  As Seth entered the gym, John aimed and fired again.  The bullet entered Seth's forehead and he collapsed to the floor.  Burly teacher Mark Johnson talked John into giving up the handgun.  Mark then walked John past the scene of carnage to a school office, where the police took custody of the 15-year-old.  On Friday, October 10, 2003, Seth died at St. Cloud Hospital due to the gun shot wounds he sustained to the left side of his head and to the upper left side of his chest.  John is the son of a Stearns County Sheriff's Deputy David McLaughlin.  John's appeal to be tried as a juvenile was declined by the Minnesota Supreme Court on Wednesday, January 26, 2004.  John was charged with first-degree murder of Seth and second-degree murder of Aaron.  At the end of June 2005, John waived his right to a jury trial, which put his fate into the hands of the judge.  The trial started on Tuesday, July 5, 200 and on Monday, July 18, 2005, Judge Michael Kirk found him guilty of first-degree murder of Seth Bartell and guilty of second-degree murder of Aaron Rollins.  A week later, Judge Kirk ruled that John was not insane at the time of the shootings.  John will be sentenced to life in prison on Tuesday, August 30, 2005.  It won't be until 2045 when John will be eligible for parole.


Seth Bartell, 14 Aaron Rollins, 17

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East Islip High School, New York City, New York

Wednesday, September 24, 2003

Also today, and the fourth of six violent acts at various schools in New York City over a two week period, two brothers from Columbia were attacked.  Police accused two other students of yelling anti-Hispanic epithets and injuring the Columbian brothers.  The boys, a senior and a sophomore, were treated at Southside Hospital.

Source: New York Times - Metro Briefing: New York: East Islip: Two Students Attacked in School

Burns Middle School, Lawndale, North Carolina

Thursday, September 25, 2003

Brittany Greene rushed down the second-floor hallway to get to her first class on time when she spotted classmate Justin Daniel Earwood, 13, at the end of the hallway.  Eighth-grade social studies teacher Marc Brice was outside his classroom at this time and told Justin to get to class.  Justin reached into his book bag, pulled out a 9mm semiautomatic handgun, pointed it Marc then fired two shots into the ceiling.  Justin then began laughing and aimed the gun at Brittany.  She dove into Marc's classroom for safety.  Another teacher heard the gunshots and called the principal.  The principal in turn called Cleveland County Sheriff Deputy Tim Russ, who works at the school.  Tim came across Justin in a stairwell and told him to drop the gun.  Justin refused and continued down the stairs with the gun raised, but not pointed at Tim. Tim's weapon was drawn and he tackled Justin in the stairwell.  During the ensuing fight, Tim was able to get the 9mm away from the teen while only sustaining several scratches on his right arm.

Source: Dallas Morning News - Eighth-grader Charged with Firing Gun Inside NC Middle School; Charlotte Observer - Student, 13, Arrested After Gunfire in School

Edward R. Murrow High School, New York City, New York

Monday, September 29, 2003

This is the fifth of six violent acts at various schools in New York City over a two week period. While outside the school's cafeteria this morning around 9:45 a.m., a male student, 15, was stabbed in the back by an intruder.

Source: National School Safety and Security Services web site

John Bowne High School, New York City, New York

Monday, September 29, 2003

This is the sixth of six violent acts at various schools in New York City over a two week period. Just 15 minutes after the stabbing at Murrow, two students were fighting at this school in Flushing.  One of the students, 17-year-old Owen Beckford, stabbed the other, 18, in the neck and on the left ear.  The two were fighting over a girl. 

Source: New York Times - 2 Students at 2 Schools are Stabbed

Rio Cazadero High School, Sacramento, California

Wednesday, October 1, 2003

Mario Rodriguez was depressed about breaking up with his girlfriend.  He told his classmates as much and even claimed to be suicidal.  This morning, shortly before 9:00 a.m., Mario, 19, walked toward Classroom 10 for his first class, carrying a long, black duffel bag.  Inside the bag was a 12-guage-pump-action shotgun and a realistic-looking but fake 9mm pistol. Mario pointed the shotgun at his teacher, and the students in the classroom dialed 911 on their cell phones.  The sheriff's deputy assigned to the campus was called on his two way phone by campus administrators.  Vice Principal L. C. Browne rushed to room, and upon entering, Mario let the teacher and students leave.  L. C. talked to Mario to try and end the harrowing experience.  However, when Mario heard the sirens of approaching police vehicles, he told L. C. that "it's time I headed out."  The two walked out into a quad where a sheriff's deputy 15 yards away had his weapon drawn.  Two Sacramento police officers were 30 yards behind him. The deputy shouted at Mario to drop the shotgun, but when he refused, the police officers opened fire.  L. C. dropped to the ground and was hit in the ankle while Mario was hit twice in the chest.  Mario was taken to UC Davis Medical Center and was in critical condition.

Source: Sacramento Bee - Armed Student Shot at School; Sadness Tinges Hero's Efforts

Red Oak High School, Red Oak, Texas

Tuesday, October 7, 2003

Lyndsey Lustig was on the junior varsity cheerleader squad during her freshman year.  Today, her body was found in the girl's bathroom by another student about 10:00 a.m. this morning.  She had hanged herself and died from asphyxiation.  Initially, doctors declined to elaborate on how the 15-year-old sophomore died, but they ruled out a gun of any kind.  This was the first suicide on campus in the school district's history and it wasn't until the summer of 2004 that I was informed that Lyndsey hung herself.

Source: Dallas Morning News - Red Oak Teen Dies in Apparent Suicide; A Visitor to this Site

Kenmore High School, Akron, Ohio

Tuesday, October 7, 2003

At the end of the school day, Tim Arboscello was arguing with a friend of Paul Domjan, 17.  The friend had broken into Tim's mom's car earlier.  Paul saw the two teens arguing, pulled out a 9mm handgun he had been carrying all day long at school, and shot Tim three times.  Tim was taken to Akron General Hospital.  The bullets had shattered his collar bone and broke several ribs.  After a CAT scan, it was discovered that his legs were paralyzed.  In June 2004, Paul was sentenced to 14 years in prison for attempted murder, illegal conveyance of a deadly weapon into a school, trying to hide the gun after the shooting and tampering with evidence.

Source: Wooster Daily Record - Kenmore Grad Remembers Every Detail of 2003 School Shooting (published 7-23-07)

El Camino Real High School, Placentia, California

Friday, October 10, 2003

An unidentified 16-year-old male student wasn't doing to well in computing the value of "X" in his algebra class.  Today, the boy put eye drops into his teacher's water bottle with the expectations of giving her "an explosive case of diarrhea."  His plot for revenge was thwarted by two other students who witnessed him putting the eye drops into the bottle. They removed the bottled of water before she could take a drink.  The female teacher was not identified.  He was arrested Monday with food or drink tampering with intent to harm and suspended from school.

Source: LA Times - Boy Suspected of Trying to Poison Math Teacher

A High School in Syracuse, New York

Friday, October 10, 2003

Also today, on the east coast, school violence erupted at a football game.  Two groups of students began fighting during the game and one boy, 17, was shot in the buttocks while another boy, 16 was stabbed in his leg.

Source: National School Safety and Security Services web site

San Fernando Middle School, Los Angeles, California

Friday, October 10, 2003

After classes had let out for today, a sixth-grade teacher was working in her classroom.  A man entered the room, struck her on the head and face with a gun he was wielding, took her purse and fled the scene.

Source: National School Safety and Security Services web site

New York University, New York City, New York

Friday, October 10, 2003

And back we go to the east coast for another act of school violence.  Today, police were called to the Elmer Homes Bobst Library to investigate the suicide of a student, who's body was found at the bottom of the library atrium.  The library has at least 10 floors, and the report didn't indicate from which floor the student jump from.  This is the second suicide in the library in two months.

Source: New York Times - Student is Found Dead in N.Y.U. Library

A School in Nepalgunj, Nepal

Monday, October 13, 2003

Maoists rebels staged one of their many song-and-dance propaganda programs at a remote Nepali school today.  They do this mainly to show off the rebels' audacity and to educate the children about the Maoist struggle.  During the program, soldiers from Nepal's army raided the school and killed 11 of the rebels.  They also killed two of the students.  Five other students were admitted to the hospital with serious injuries.  Nepalgunj is in western Nepal.

Source: BBC News - Students Die in Nepal School Raid

Seguin High School, Arlington, Texas

Tuesday, October 14, 2003

A 14-year-old freshman accused a 16-year-old sophomore of stealing his cell phone last week.  Today, the sophomore stabbed the freshman in the abdomen in a locker room at the school's gym.  The freshman found the one of the school's resource officers in the cafeteria about 11:30 a.m. and told him he had been stabbed by a young man in a hooded sweatshirt.  The freshman was taken to the hospital because his wounds were deeper than expected, however the freshman declined to state the name of his attacker even to the police as they questioned him.

Source: Fort Worth Star-Telegram - Student is Stabbed at Seguin High School

A High School in New Orleans, Louisiana

Wednesday, October 15, 2003

Around 8:30 a.m. this morning, while on her way to homeroom, a 15-year-old female student slashed a fellow co-ed across her backside with a box cutter.

Source: National School Safety and Security Services web site

A High School in Richmond, Virginia

Friday, October 17, 2003

A veteran female physics teacher (32 years) told a 15-year-old male student three times to end his cell phone conversation before taking the phone from him.  He retaliated by knocking her to the floor and repeatedly kicked her in the face and chest.  He was arrest for assault.

Source: National School Safety and Security Services web site

Matthew Henson Elementary School, Landover, Maryland

Thursday, October 23, 2003

Around 6 a.m. a custodian found a man's body on the school's parking lot.  The man had been shot several times. 

Source: National School Safety Center's Report on School Associated Violent Deaths

An Elementary School in Yreka, California

Thursday, October 23, 2003

Today, two twelve-year-old boys were fighting on the school's playground when one of the boys stabbed the other in his rib cage.

Source: National School Safety and Security Services web site

A High School in Worchester, South Africa

Friday, October 24, 2003

After being stabbed in the chest by a 15-year-old classmate, Melikhaya Maye, also 15, died in the school administration building.

Source: Keys to Safer Schools web site

Dewitt Clinton High School, New York City, New York

Friday, October 24, 2003

This morning at this school in the Bronx, 15-year-old Kamal Singh was shot in the chest as he stood in front of the school.  The student died from this shooting.

Source: Keys to Safer Schools web site

Marion High School, Marion, Louisiana

Wednesday, October 29, 2003

14-year-old seventh-grader Caleb "Michael" Osgood brought a semi-automatic pistol to school today in his backpack.  He pulled out the gun in his first hour class and forced his teacher, Terry Traxler, to hand over the keys to his 1997 GMC Jimmy.  Caleb then pointed his gun at a 12-year-old boy and abducted him.  They left the school, climbed into Terry's Jimmy and headed north on Louisiana Highway 129.  He lead police on a high speed chase that reached 90 miles per hour, going up to the Arkansas towns of Huttig and Strong before turning around and heading south on Arkansas Highway 129.  The chase ended at the state line where police used two tractor trailers and eight police cars to create a road block.  Caleb stopped the Jimmy, hesitated before stepping out and laid face down on the road.  The police handcuffed him and took him into custody.  Caleb, who has no prior history of violence, was charged with felony fleeing in Arkansas and aggravated kidnapping and armed robbery in Louisiana.

Source: The Shreveport Times - 14-year-old Allegedly Steals Car, Kidnaps Student

Anacostia High School, Washington, D. C.

Thursday, October 30, 2003

Last week, a 15-year-old boy was shot at by a group of people.  He feared that this group of people would come back soon and finish the job.  Today, they did, and the outcome wasn't what either expected.  As a homecoming dance finished up this afternoon at 3:15 p.m., the 15-year-old saw the group of people from last week.  He retrieved a gun he had hidden near the school.  The group came his way and started taunting and threatening him. He pulled out the gun and fired.  One of the bullets struck 16-year-old Devin Fowlkes in the chest and he died two hours later at Howard University Hospital.  A 15-year-old girl was taken to the hospital with lacerations to her right wrist.  A police officer assigned to the school gave chase on foot, but the instigator ran away.  It was unclear whether the injuries sustained by the girl were from ricocheting bullets or cut while trying to flee the scene.  Police suspected the shooting was gang related and that Devin, who played tailback on the varsity football team, didn't have anything to do with the gangs, just that he was in the right place at the wrong time.

Source: Washington Post - Anacostia High Student is Fatally Shot at School; Washington Post - Anacostia Student Charged in Fatal Shooting Said He Feared Attack

Franklin D. Roosevelt High School, Hyde Park, New York

Monday, November 3, 2003    

Assistant Principal Clinton Knoll stabbed himself in the abdomen while in a school restroom today and blamed the stabbing on a student.  The knife only penetrated two centimeters into his body.  Police began searching for the perpetrator, causing the school to be locked down for hours during the intensive investigation.  Clinton couldn't tell police who stabbed him, however he suggested one student in particular.  Every time the police asked Clinton about the stabbing, a new version was told.  This lead police to believe the stabbing was self-inflicted. On November 17, 2003, Clinton was charged with filing a false police report and making a false written statement. He resigned as assistant principal two weeks later.  On Monday, January 31, 2005, Clinton chose to forgo a jury trial and let his guilt or innocence be determined by Hyde Park Town Justice David Steinberg. On May 25, 2005, Clinton pleaded guilty to falsely reporting an incident, a misdemeanor.  He was ordered to pay the $7,000 to the Hyde Park police department and the New York state police for the overtime they incurred in their initial investigation.

Source: Daily Freeman - No Jury in School Stabbing Case; Poughkeepsie Journal - Ex-school Official Will Repay Police

Birkbeck School and Community Arts College, North Somercotes, Lincolnshire, England

Tuesday, November 4, 2003

This morning, around 10:00 a.m. (GMT), a fight between two boys broke out in one of the buildings at this school near Louth.  During the fight, Luke Walmsley, 14, was stabbed once in the chest by 15-year-old Alan Pennell.  Science teacher Carol Mortimer heard the scuffle outside her classroom.  When she went to investigate, Alan pulled the bloody knife from behind his back and, with a slight smile across his face, handed her the knife.  Teachers tried to resuscitate Luke, who was struggling to breathe and very pale, as they waited for the ambulance to arrive. Luke was transported to Grimsby's Diana, Princess of Wales Hospital where he died.  During the post-mortem examination, the stab wound was measured to be 11 centimeters deep. This wound is so deep that marks from the knife's hilt were left on Luke's chest. The school has a student body of 276.  North Somercotes is an outpost settlement on the edge of the North Sea, an idyllic, peaceful farming hideaway.  On Monday, July 26, 2004, a Nottingham Crown Court found Alan guilty of murdering Luke Walmsley, even though all through the trial he argued he was innocent.  Alan was sentenced to 12 years.

Source: BBC News - Boy Dies in School Fight; BBC News - Teenager "Smiled" After Stabbing; BBC News - Boy Stabbed "With Severe Force"; BBC News - Teenager Guilty of School Murder; BBC News - Schoolboy Murder "Unpreventable"

Hightower High School, Sugar Land, Texas

Saturday, November 8, 2003

Tonight two Fort Bend Independent School District high schools, Hightower High and Willowridge High played a district football game at Sugar Land's Mercer Stadium.  With about three minutes left in the fourth quarter, a white Ford Taurus brushed the legs of Jayson Taylor as he and his friends were walking in the parking lot around 9:20 p.m.  The Ford Taurus, carrying a group of men, was going relatively slow as there was another male riding on the hood of the car.  This led to a fight of heated words between the two groups of men out near the southeast corner of the parking lot.  The southeast side is the visiting side of the stadium and Hightower's fans and students were there.  During the fight, one of the men from the white Ford Taurus, 21-year-old Marcus Hudgins, jumped up on the hood of the car, drew his .380-caliber pistol and fired it at Jayson.  He missed him completely and the bullet struck 17-year-old Marsai Murry in the head.  Marsai and her friend were leaving the game early and were behind Jayson and the fighting group.  The single bullet killed her.  Marsai was a senior at Hightower, a former member of Hi-Lites, the school's dance team, and a current member of a peer assistance leadership program.  Late Monday morning, police arrested Marcus and charged him with first-degree murder. His trial began on Tuesday, June 29, 2004 and wrapped up the following Tuesday.  On Wednesday, July 7, 2004, Marcus Hudgins was convicted of first-degree murder.  Two days later he was sentenced to 33 years in prison, of which he must serve half before being eligible for parole. Near the end of October 2004, Marsai's mother, Nettie, setup an information hotline, similar to Crime Stoppers.  However, this hotline is designed for people who have overheard, or spoken directly with, someone planning to commit a crime to proved the police with that information so that the police can seek out the individual and be on the alert.  The phone number for a Marsai Alert is 1-866-MARSAI-8 (1-866-627-7248). The operator will direct the call to the proper agency. Unfortunately, as of August 2005, the Marsai Alert is no longer in service.

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Martin Luther King Jr. Elementary School, Buffalo, New York

Monday, November 10, 2003

After the students had left for the day, a male teenager was shot and killed on the school's back back parking lot.  One of the teachers was working in his room and heard at least three shots.  When he looked up, he saw the boy lying next to his car.

Source: National School Safety and Security Services web site

An Elementary School in Detroit, Michigan

Tuesday, November 11, 2003

Not a whole lot of information here, but it does seem odd when the mother of an 11-year-old girl walks into her daughter’s classroom and begins chocking the teacher.  I just wish the report that I got this information from would have had a reason why this happened in the first place.

Source: National School Safety and Security Services web site

East Mecklenburg High School, Charlotte, North Carolina

Thursday, November 13, 2003

A bullet from a .25-caliber handgun grazed the clothing of two students when it discharged from the pocket of 15-year-old male student.  Medical workers inspected the students and they returned to class.

Source: National School Safety and Security Services web site; The Indianapolis Star - School Violence Around the World

Lincoln High School, Jersey City, New Jersey

 Thursday, November 20, 2003

Around 8:30 this morning, eight male students ganged up on another boy in of Lincoln's hallways.  It took a dozen police officers to break up the fight. A fight in which a male student assaulted a teacher who tried to break up the fight and a female student who assaulted one of the responding police officers.  However, the fight didn't end there.  Later that day, gunfire erupted from a city park as the gang violence continued.  The two warring groups fled as police arrived in the park.  The report didn't say if anybody was injured from the gunfire.

Source: National School Safety and Security Services web site

Scarborough Center for Alternative Studies (High School), Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Tuesday, November 25, 2003

One student was injured in the upper body when shots were fired at this school.  The boy is expected to recover.

Source: Keys to Safer Schools web site

Sir Charles Tupper High School, Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

Friday, November 28, 2003

Mao Jomar Lanot, a 17-year-old Filipino-Canadian, was studying English as a second language at Sir Charles Tupper High School.  He played a game of basketball at the school with his friends and was getting ready to leave the school with them when they were surrounded by at least five Indo-Canadian male youths.  The Indo-Canadian youths began taunting the Filipino-Canadian youths and then chased them.  Mao couldn't keep with his friends and fell behind.  The Indo-Canadian youths caught up to him and three of them attacked him.  They beat Mao so severely, he died at the hospital.  The attackers are 16- and 17-years-old and cannot be named under Canadian law.  Two of the instigators were arrested the following week while the third attacker was arrested in March 2004.

Source: Globe and Mail - B.C. Teen Pleads Guilty in School Beating Death

A High School in Vandalia, Ohio

Monday, December 1, 2003

Around 7:40 this morning, a 16-year-old male student entered one of his school's restrooms and was stabbed in his leg twice by a person wearing a black ski mask.  The knife was recovered from the scene but the suspect fled from police.

Source: National School Safety and Security Services web site

Svendborg Handelsskole (Business School), Svendborg, Denmark

Wednesday, December 3, 2003

Today, in the school's cafeteria, a 17-year-old girl and a 19-year-old girl were arguing.  The younger female pulls out a knife and stabs her classmate in the abdomen and back.  The younger female turns herself into school officials and is charged with attempted murder.  The 19-year-old female survived this attack.  Handelsskole would be on a high school level in the United States, therefore, this will be counted as high school.

Source: Visitor to this site

Smoky Hill High School, Aurora, Colorado

Wednesday, December 3, 2003

During this evening's girl's basketball game, four or five male teenagers entered the school and assaulted a senior of Smoky Hill High.  This occurred around 7:20 p.m.  The fight was broken up by school administrators.  As the suspects drove away, they fired several shots into the air.  The police arrested a 17-year-old male in conjunction with this assault.

Source: National School Safety and Security Services web site

Douglas High School, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

Thursday, December 4, 2003

School ended at 2:10 p.m. today and as the students milled about behind the gym, a couple walked on to the campus and began arguing with the students.  During the fight, the male pulled out a small handgun and shot it once into the air.  But whatever goes up, must come down, and down the bullet came into 18-year-old Tenisha Griffin's body.  Tenisha suffered fractures in her nasal cavity and a shattered tooth. She was the only one injured and the police had a description of the car and license plate the couple used to flee the scene of this school shooting.

Source: National School Safety and Security Services web site; Keys to Safer Schools web site

St. Francis Academy High School, San Antonio, Texas

Friday, December 5, 2003

As classes were letting out this afternoon, three gun shots sound and the bullets raced through the crowd.  One 16-year-old had a bullet rip through his coat, but not his body.  The two other shots struck a pickup truck, but is occupants also were not harmed.  Two teachers chased down the car the shots were fired from and got the license plate number.  By the end of the day, police had five males and two females, all teens, in custody for this drive by shooting.

Source: National School Safety and Security Services web site; Keys to Safer Schools web site

Carbondale Community High School, Carbondale, Illinois

Friday, December 5, 2003

Tonight, during the school's junior varsity basketball game, Brad Decker was shot in the thigh by Trevis S. Thompson, a 17-year-old who tried to flee the scene, but he was apprehend by an on-scene police officer. Brad is one of the school's assistant football coaches.  Trevis was not a student of Carbondale.

Source: National School Safety and Security Services web site; Keys to Safer Schools web site

Porter High School, Porter, Oklahoma

Monday, December 8, 2003

Carl "Andy" Robinson, 16 and Daniel Dillingham, 15, are sophomores at Porter High School.  Just before 7 this morning as they rode the bus to school, Daniel stabbed Andy with a large kitchen knife and fled out the rear emergency door.  Andy, stabbed in the chest and back, went to the front of the bus and told the driver he had been stabbed.  At this time the bus was on a rural road a half-mile west of the US 69 - State Highway 51B intersection near Tullahassee.  Andy, who did bully his classmates often, but not out of meanness, just playing around, died from the stab wound while still on the bus.  Daniel, a quiet, straight A student, was found four hours later, hiding near a pond.  He was taken to the Wagoner County Jail by police.  A week later, prosecutors charged Daniel with first-degree murder believing the attack to be premeditated.  Porter has 135 students attending the school.  Daniel pleaded no contest to first-degree murder.  He was sent to the L. E. Rader Center to serve his time.  His rehabilitation was slowed as he stabbed one of his fellow inmates with a pencil in December 2004.  It was further slowed when he assaulted staff member Jason Cooley on Monday, June 6, 2005. 

Source: Daily Oklahoman - Stabbing on Bus Kills Porter Teen; Daily Oklahoman - Students' Fears Came to Pass in Porter School Bus Stabbing; Daily Oklahoman - Prosecutors Charge Teen in Porter Bus Slaying; Daily Oklahoman - Teen Killer Accused in Assault at Facility; KOTV Channel 6 - Teen Attends Hearing on Assault Charge

Centennial High School, Pueblo, Colorado

Monday, December 8, 2003

James Romero shot himself in the chest as he sat against a wall at his high school today.  James was 16.

Source: National School Safety Center's Report on School Associated Violent Deaths

A High School in Palm Beach Gardens, Florida

Tuesday, December 9, 2003

Today at lunch, two 18-year-old students got into a fight. One of the students pulled out a jackknife with a four-inch blade and stabbed the other student three times.  Police charged the knife wielder with attempted murder.

Source: National School Safety and Security Services web site

A High School in Sacramento, California

Tuesday, December 9, 2003

All the way across the country, two other students fought as well, this time in on of the few instances when two females fight over a boy.  During lunch, a 14-year-old girl stabbed a 15-year-old classmate with a steak knife in the side of her chest.  The younger girl received a broken nose during the fight. As stated earlier, the two were fighting over a boy.

Source: National School Safety and Security Services web site

A High School in Uppsala, Sweden

Tuesday, December 9, 2003

And half way around the world two more students fought as well, this time the reason for the argument is unclear.  A 21-year-old male student stabbed one of his underclassmen twice in the back in the school's parking lot today.  One of the stabs punctured the 17-year-old's lungs.  The instigator was arrested and charged with attempted man-slaughter. Uppsala is north of Stockholm.

Source: A visitor to this site

Heritage High School, Conyers, Georgia

Wednesday, December 17, 2003

The second act of school violence at Heritage High took place in Debbie Shultz's Spanish classroom today.  Her 24 students had just completed an exam when her husband, Theodore, 51, burst into the room wielding a 12-inch butter knife.  Theodore rushed toward his wife, 46, and began his attack.  She cried out for help and some of the students fled the room seeking aid, others pulled out their cell phones and dialed 911 and still others jumped on her husband trying to end the fight.  During the struggle, Theodore was able to stab Debbie in the hand and wrist.  The classroom was in a trailer outside the main building, allowing Theodore to bypass nearly all security precautions at the school .It was reported that the couple's lengthy divorce contributed to Theodore's insane state of mind.

Source: ABC News - 24 Heroes

Old Mill High School, Millersville, Maryland

Wednesday, December 17, 2003

School officials locked down OMHS this morning around 11:30 when a single shot from a gun was heard in one of the school's hallways.  No students or faculty member was struck by this lone bullet. During the two hour search of the campus, a .38-caliber revolver was found hidden in a men's restroom.  However, police did not have a suspect by the end of the day.

Source: National School Safety and Security Services web site

A High School in Ukiah, California

Thursday, December 18, 2003

Two females fought on campus today and one of them was wielding a knife.  The older female, 16, stabbed the younger female, 15, three times in the back and collapsed one of her lungs.  Both of the young female’s lungs filled with blood.

Source: National School Safety and Security Services web site

Colonia High School, Woodbridge, New Jersey

Wednesday, December 22, 2003

Following the school's basketball game, over 20 shots were fired from a Tech 9 handgun in the school's parking lot. An 18-year-old male was wounded in this shooting.  Three males, ages 23, 22 and 17, were taken into custody after the 10:00 p.m. shooting.

Source: National School Safety and Security Services web site; Keys to Safer Schools web site

Abess Park Elementary School, Jacksonville, Florida

Sunday, December 28, 2003

Two rival groups planned to meet up at Abess Park Elementary School late today to settle their differences.  One of the groups arrived in a red Jeep.  While sitting in the Jeep in the school's parking lot, gunfire erupted and 15 bullets struck the Jeep.  The bullets struck two people, one of whom was Clay Austin, 19, who was inside the Jeep.  The shooter, Jimmy Chhem, and his brother Sydney, fled the school to retrieve several more guns, including a rifle.   Jimmy wanted one of his friends to shoot him in the back so that he could tell police he was shot while he was at the fight.  His friends were smarter than that and refused.  So... Jimmy shot himself in the shoulder and his friends drove him to Memorial Hospital for treatment.  Police quickly responded to the school and transported the two injured boys to Shands-Jacksonville Medical Center.  On Monday morning Clay died from his injuries. Police apprehend 16-year-old Jimmy and charged him, as an adult, with second-degree murder.  Sydney was charged with three counts of attempted murder.

Source: WJXT Channel 4 - 1 Dead, 2 Hurt After Schooting in School Parking Lot; WJXT Channel 4 - Teen Charged as Adult in Shooting Death; WJXT Channel 4 - Teen Pleads Guilty to 2003 Murder

Terra College, The Hague, The Netherlands

Tuesday, January 13, 2004

Over a month has passed since school violence last broke out in a European school.  Today it came in typical horrific American fashion.  Earlier this month Deputy Headmaster and economics teacher Hans van Wieren, 49, was contemplating suspending 17-year-old student Murat Demir for throwing chairs.  Today, Murat took the matter into his own hands and decided more violence was needed.  Around 1:15 this afternoon Murat walked into the school's canteen, put a pistol to Hans's temple and pulled the trigger.  Lunch was still going on at this time and Murat was able to flee the murder scene in the frenzy the followed.  He dropped the gun in some bushes near the school.  Hans was taken to the Westeinde Ziekenhuis were doctors began to treat him.  At nine in the evening, Murat surrendered to police.  An hour later, Hans died from this shooting.  Two and a half weeks later, on Friday, January 30, the police arrested two boys and a girl, all under 18, for their actions in the murder of Hans.  The boys are suspected of supplying the handgun, as well as hiding it after the shooting.  The Public Prosecution Officer did not provide details of the girl's involvement.

Source: Expatica News - Dutch School Shooting: Shocking, But Unpreventable; Expatica News - Shot Teacher Dies, 'Student Killer' Reports to Police; Expatica News - Three More Held Over Teacher Shooting; - List of School-Related Attacks

E. H. Cary Middle School, Dallas, Texas

Tuesday, January 13, 2004

Meanwhile, back in the states... (and if you remember that song, then you, too, are showing your age) José López, a seventh-grader, was waiting outside the side door of Cary middle school this afternoon when Marco López, a 15-year-old boy with no relationship, called him over.  José, 13, walked over to Marco and was stabbed three times, twice in his torso and once in the leg.  José was able to crawl back into the school for aid and he was rushed to Parkland Memorial Hospital where he died around 7:15 p.m.  Police believe Marco was not a student of Cary Middle School and was arrested on Wednesday, a block away from where Jose lived.  Unconfirmed reports hinted that José, or one of his friends, assaulted a friend of Marco's and this attack was in retaliation.

Source: Dallas Morning News - Teen Fatally Stabbed on Dallas Middle School Campus; Dallas Morning News - Teen Certified Adult in Slaying Case

Northern High School, Detroit, Michigan

Tuesday, January 13, 2004

Also today, as classes were letting out for the day at 3:15 p.m., two boys, who were not students of the school, were having an argument.  One of the boys, 19, left the school entirely, and when he returned, he shot the other boy, 18-year-old Aaron Wilson, six times in the leg.

Source: National School Safety and Security Services web site; The Indianapolis Star- School Violence Around the World

Elizabeth High School, Elizabeth, New Jersey

Thursday, January 15, 2004

When classes finished for the day, an unnamed male student repeatedly slashed 15-year-old Jose Luis Hertas in the back.  Jose died from his wounds.

Source: National School Safety Center's Report on School Associated Violent Deaths

Pomona High School, Pomona, California

Thursday, January 15, 2004

This morning as first period wrapped up round 8:30 a 17-year-old boy fired a shot from a .22-calbier handgun he had in his pocket.  The bullet struck a 16-year-old girl in the back and the boy then passed the gun to another 17-year-old boy. The girl didn't' realize she had been hit until the pain became overwhelming.  She went to the nurse's office and they called her father to come pick her up.  When he arrived, he noticed that she had a bullet wound and had the school call for an ambulance. At the hospital, x-rays showed the bullet two inches from her heart.  The two boys were expected to be charged with this shooting. 

Source: Keys to Safer Schools web site

Galloway Elementary School, Henderson, Nevada

Thursday, January 22, 2004

A domestic dispute ended at a public school today when 40-year-old Hezekiah E. Lewis killed Anthony Jackson, 35, in the school's parking lot.  Anthony was Hezekiah's ex-girlfriend's new boyfriend.  Hezekiah then began moving his way toward the school to find his former girlfriend and end the love triangle completely.   School had already let out for the day, but 27 children were attending an after school program at the time, 4:50 p.m. Members of a special police response team found Hezekiah in the school and used a flash grenade to distract him.  After it exploded, a police officer shot and killed Hezekiah.

Source: National School Safety and Security Services web site; Keys to Safer Schools web site; National School Safety Center's Report on School Associated Violent Deaths

A School in Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Friday, January 23, 2004

This is the second act of school violence in the Netherlands in ten days.  Apparently, a 35-year-old former student of the school for children with hearing and speech problems, had a row with a teacher.  During the confrontation, the 35-year-old man stabbed and seriously wounded a teacher.  No other information was available.

Source: BBC News - Teacher Hurt in New Dutch Attack

Calabar High School, Kingston, Jamaica

Friday, January 23, 2004

A group of teenagers who had been expelled from the school put their school uniforms back on today and went back to school.  When they arrived, they stabbed an 11th grader in the arm, side and leg.  The wounded student was taken to the hospital for treatment. 

Source: Keys to Safer Schools web site

Clear Brook High School, Friendswood, Texas

Wednesday, January 28, 2004

This morning, around 9:20 a.m., two boys began fighting in a second-floor hallway.  During the fight, two students were stabbed with a folding knife.  Police were able to apprehend one suspect, a 16-year-old, and were looking for a second by the end of the day. The 16-year-old suspect admitted to stabbing a 15- and 17-year-old classmates, and the wounds were not life threatening.  One of the wounded students was male.  The fight may have been in retaliation from a purse snatching the previous day.  The reports were unclear as to whether the wounded students were the original two fighting boys, or other students from the campus.

Source: Houston Chronicle - Security to Heighten in Wake of Stabbings

Seoul Japanese (Elementary) School, Seoul, South Korea

Thursday, January 29, 2004

School violence finds South Korea for the second time when a 35-year-old man attacks a 6-year-old boy with a hatchet.  Hiromu Takishima turned six this morning and went off to school as normal.  A jobless South Korean man from the city of Taegu entered the school's main gate, posing as a parent.  In his coat was a 35-centimeter-long (13 3/4 inches) hatchet.  The man fractured little Hiromu's skull with the hatchet as the boy got off the bus around 10:10 this morning.  Security guards overpowered the man, whose name was withheld, before he could attack a second child.  Police said the man was seeking revenge for a fight he had the previous night with a Japanese on a Seoul street.  Hiromu was taken to the hospital where he was listed in stable condition.

Source: Asahi Shimbun - It Was His Birthday, Too

Ballou High School, Washington, D.C.

Monday, February 2, 2004

Two high school boys were shot with a silver handgun in our nation's capital today.  The shooting started about 10:30 a.m. outside the school's cafeteria.  The star running back of the football team, 17-year-old James Richardson, was shot and killed when a bullet struck him in the back.  The other boy, an unidentified 18-year-old, was grazed on the leg by another bullet.  Police theorize a rivalry between youths in Highland Dwellings and the youths from Barry Farm Dwellings were the cause of the shooting.  The next day, 18-year-old Thomas J. Boykin surrendered to police and was charged with second-degree murder while armed.  Another teen, an unidentified 17-year-old, also turned himself on Tuesday, but he wasn't charged at the time of the news story publication.  In December of the same year, Thomas was acquitted of first and second murder charges and assault with intent to kill.  However, the jury was unable to decide on a manslaughter charge.  On Thursday, February 24, 2005, Thomas pleaded guilty to involuntary manslaughter.  Sentencing was scheduled for mid June.  James' mother forgave Thomas as he was sentenced to 16 years in prison on Thursday, June 16, 2005.

Source: Washington Post - Two Shot at Ballou High School; Washington Post - Suspect, 18, Surrenders in Slaying at Ballou; ABC 7 - Guilty Plea in Fatal School Shooting; Washington Post - Boykin Sentenced in Ballou Shooting

Southside High School, Elmira, New York

Monday, February 2, 2004

The second death of a student for today happened in Elmira, New York, 92 miles southwest of Syracuse.  A custodian discovered 18-year-old Richard E. "Ricky" Hill, Jr. hanging in the school's rear parking lot by the indoor pool.  Police ruled Richard's death a suicide.

Source: National School Safety and Security Services web site

Southwood Middle School, Palmetto Bay, Florida

Tuesday, February 3, 2004

Jaime Rodrigo Gough, an accomplish violinist, was cut across his throat and stabbed him at least 42 times this morning by one of his classmates.  The slaying took place about 8:30 a.m. in a second story boys bathroom.  Another student who saw a pool of blood and a pair of legs sticking out from a stall sounded the alarm. School police called paramedics, but by the time they arrived, Jaime, 14, had already died.  The suspect, Michael Hernandez, who turned 14 on Monday, was in custody that afternoon and charged with first-degree murder.  Both of the boys were in the eighth grade.  The weapon, a serrated folding knife, was recovered.  On Wednesday, December 8, 2004, Circuit Court Judge Henry Leyte-Vidal ruled that Michael, although mentally ill, is competent to stand trial for the murder of Jaime Gough.  Michael's lawyer brought in a New York psychology professor who said the boy is a delusional schizophrenic who has no concept of the judicial system.  The prosecution countered with two experts who said Michael has obsessive-compulsive disorder, a mental illness that should not stop the teen from going to trial.  On Wednesday, September 24, 2008, a jury found Michael guilty of first-degree murder, rejecting the defense attorney's claim that he was not in his right mind when he killed Jaime.  On Friday, November 7, 2008 Michael was sentenced to life in prison without the possibility of parole for the murder of Jaime Gough.

Source: Miami Herald - 14-year-old Student Murdered in Southwood Middle School Bathroom; Miami Herald - Boy Killed at School; Classmate Charged; Sun-Sentinel - Judge: Miami-Dade Teen Can Stand Trial For Murdering Classmate; Keys to Safer Schools web site; Florida Times-Union - Lawyer Says Fla. Teen was Insane in Student Death; Associated Press - Florida Teen Sentenced to Life in School Killing

Youens Elementary School, Houston, Texas

Tuesday, February 3, 2004

Also today, a fifth-grader accidentally shot himself in the groin with a pistol he sneaked onto the campus of his school.  The 12-year-old concealed a .380 semiautomatic pistol in his backpack.  After showing the weapon to another student, he stuffed the gun into his waistband and shot himself in a classroom full of students this morning.  The bullet passed through his body, went through his chair and into the floor.  The boy was able to pick up the bullet and gave it to the authorities when they arrived.

Source: Houston Chronicle - Fifth-grader Shoots Self in Class

Robert E. Lee High School, Baytown, Texas

Wednesday, February 4, 2004

School violence continues to roll along during the first week of February with a stabbing in Baytown.  This morning, in a school restroom, 17-year-old Kenneth Holmes was using the facilities when Johnathon Moore, also 17, stole his wallet out of his back pocket.  Kenneth turned around and retrieved his wallet, but Johnathon pushed him into the wall and took the wallet again.  At this point, Johnathon pulled out a 3.5-inch folding knife and sliced Kenneth across the abdomen.  The school's video cameras caught the two boys leaving the restroom, with Kenneth holding his stomach. One of the school's security officers recognized Johnathon in the hallway, arrested him and charged him with aggravated assault.  Kenneth was taken to San Jancinto Methodist Hospital for treatment.

Source: Baytown Sun - Boy Attacked with Knife at Lee High School; Houston Chronicle - One Student Accused of Stabbing Another

An Elementary School in Spring Hill, Florida

Wednesday, February 4, 2004

Each afternoon at every school in the country, parents wait patiently to pickup their child from school.  Today, a couple’s deteriorating relationship climaxed in gunfire as the mother was picking their child.  She was waiting in the school’s bus loop at 4:50 p.m. when the father of their child, her estranged boyfriend, showed up and shot her several times.  She was 37 at the time of her death and her 36-year-old boyfriend was charged with murder, kidnapping and trespassing on school property with a firearm.  I’m not exactly sure how the kidnapping charged was attached to this incident, for the report doesn’t mention anything remotely close to kidnapping.

Source: National School Safety and Security Services web site

Rocinante High School, Farmington, Maryland

Thursday, February 5, 2004

Shortly before noon today, an unidentified male, 19 years of age, was stabbed three times in the right shoulder by Joshua Carrasco, a 16-year-old male who does not attend Rocinante.  Joshua and an associate, who is a freshman at the school,  where seen together at the time of the attack.  The freshman's red Jeep Cherokee sustained damaged (shattered windows and slashed tires) but police were unable to determine if the damage was done before the fight, during or after.  Police detectives believe the Jeep may have been sabotaged by the older teen in retaliation as tempers have been flaring between Joshua and his victim.  San Juan Regional Medical Center treated the wounded student.  Joshua used a weapon similar to an ice pick and was taken into police custody the next day.

Source: Farmington Daily Times - Rocinante Student Stabbed; Farmington Daily Times - Teen Sought in Stabbing is Nabbed

Fair Park High School, Shreveport, Louisiana

Friday, February 6, 2004

After skipping classes all day to steal a 1991 Buick Century from a nearby doctor's office, a 16-year-old male student finally came to school.  He got into a fight with his fellow classmates in the parking lot.  The school resource officer, Cpl. Alan Crump, noticed the fighting and approached the group.  He wanted to talk to the boy about a battery that had taken place earlier in the week.  The boy refused to talk to Cpl. Crump and turned the Buick toward Cpl. Crump and hit the gas.  Cpl. Crump fired his weapon, striking the stolen car once in the right fender and apprehended the student.  He was charged with illegal use of a weapon and possession of a stolen vehicle.

Source: The Shreveport Times - Juvenile Drives Vehicle Toward Law Enforcement Official

Rockhurst High School, Kansas City, Missouri

Friday, February 6, 2004

This violent week comes to close Friday night in Kansas City.  This is the first time that I have on record where school violence happened every single day of the school week. Around 9:25 p.m. this evening, 25 people gathered on the parking lot of Rockhurst High to settle a score.  Some of them brought baseball bats and Eric Givens brought brass knuckles with a 3 1/2-inch blade.  During the fight, Eric stabbed Richie Restivo, 19, seven times, three of which came from the back.  Richie was transported to the hospital where he died.  Richie graduated from Rockhurst in 2002 and was lead singer for the band Uprights.  Police arrested Eric, a 17-year-old Center High School student, on Monday and released him the next day pending further investigation.  Eric was arrested again later in the week and confessed to stabbing Richie twice.  He also led police to the brass knuckles.  Court records proved Eric wrong in the number of stabbings and he was charged with second-degree murder and armed criminal action.  On Thursday, September 15, 2005, Eric pleaded guilty to voluntary manslaughter and armed criminal action in the death of Richie.  He faces a maximum of 15 years in prison. On Thursday, March 16, 2006, Eric was sentenced to 11 years in prison by Jackson County Judge Charles Atwell.

Source: Kansas City Star - KC Police Release 17-Year-Old Arrested in Fatal Stabbing; The Kansas City Channel - Teen Charged in Fatal Fight at Rockhurst H. S.; The Kansas City Channel - Teen Pleads Guilty in Restivo Stabbing Death; Kansas City Star - Givans Gets 11 Years in Restivo's Fatal Stabbing at School Parking Lot

Weaver High School, Hartford, Connecticut

Monday, February 9, 2004

School violence picked up right where it left on Friday evening with this occurrence in Connecticut.  This morning at 7:30 a.m., special police officer Reggie Balfour received a call on his radio that a group of fighting boys and a crowd were on the move on the school's third floor.  Within seconds, Reggie was in the thick of a fight, on the first floor.  He said their must have been three to four separate fights going on at the same time.  Reggie called for back up and joined the melee by pulling a boy that was being held by two other boys and pummeled by a third boy.  Almost a minute passed before Reggie saw help coming, the principal and more security guards.  Onlookers had swelled to over 50.  When order was finally restored, three boys were on the floor bleeding from stab wounds.  One of the boys was stabbed in his leg, another was cut on his neck and the third was holding his side.  A few girls were kneeling beside the boy applying pressure to stem the blood flow.  Police arrested three students and refused to release any names, saying the investigation was ongoing.  However, they did release the ages of all six involved.  The wounded are 15, 16 and 17 and two of the instigators are 15 and the third one is 17.  The three instigators were charged with first-degree assault, first-degree reckless endangerment, carrying a dangerous weapon and possession of a weapon on school grounds.  Police stated today's fight is the conclusion of a fight that started Friday night at a club in East Hartford, Stage East.  Boys from rival city neighborhoods began fighting at the non-alcoholic teen dance and resumed the fighting this morning when the two groups ran into each other.

Source: The Hartford Courant - Three Weaver Students Stabbed: Three Arrested

Columbia High School, East Greenbush, New York

Monday, February 9, 2004

Jon William Romano, a tall, lanky 16-year-old junior, ducked into a restroom on the second floor of his school at about  10:30 this morning and sent one of his friends a text message.  The message read "I have a gun in school, get out."  Jon then left the restroom carrying a Winchester 12-guage pump-action sporting shotgun and fired at the head of another student.  The shot missed and the students began screaming as he fired again.  This time the bullet hit a wall.  Assistant Principal John Sawchuk tackled the young shooter, whose finger was still on the trigger.  When they hit the floor, the gun went off again, with the bullet striking special education teacher Michael Bennett in the calf.  The student who had received the message immediately stood up in class and warned his teacher.  However, since Jon went quickly into action after sending the message, she couldn't do anything about it.  Michael was taken to the hospital where he was treated for his wounds and the police arrested Jon and charged him with second-degree murder later that afternoon in court.  Jon's mother had purchased the gun less than a week ago at a federally licensed firearm store and no charges were filed against her at the time of this posting.  In November 2004, Jon agreed to plead guilty to three counts of attempted murder and six counts of reckless endangerment in exchange for 20 years in prison.  District Attorney Patricia DeAngelis originally brought 86 counts against him, which could have put him away for 50 years.  Jon's attorney, E. Stewart Jones, said he would appeal the sentence. 

Source: Albany Times Union - A Warning, then Gunfire; New York Times - Student Opens Fire at a High School Near Albany, Hitting a Teacher; The Troy Record - Lawyer Says Teen's Sentence is 'Excessive'

A High School in Rochester, New York

Monday, February 9, 2004

This evening around 6:50 p.m., a 13-year-old male student was stabbed in the chest and arms after a group approached him and his friend as they walked across the school's parking lot.  The group asked them if they wanted to buy marijuana.  The wounded boy went to a nearby recreation center where the police were called.

Source: National School Safety and Security Services web site

T. M. Peirce Elementary School, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Wednesday, February 11, 2004

This morning, young students were playing in the school yard when at least 75 shots were fired by two feuding groups of men.  Crossing guard Debra Smith tried to hurry her charges across the road to safety, but one of the many bullets struck third-grader Faheem Thomas-Childs in the head and he collapsed on the street.  Debra was shot in the foot.  One of the feuding groups of men was in a silver Lincoln Continental and the other group was on the street.  Police officers Eugene Fasier and Eunice Allen responded to the 911 call and saw Faheem lying on the street.  They realized they couldn't wait for an ambulance and took the boy to Temple University Hospital where Faheem was in extremely critical condition after four hours of surgery, on life support with a bullet in his brain. Faheem, 10, never regained conscious and died Monday, February 16, 2004 at 4:15 p.m.  Police arrested two men, Kennell Spady, 19, and Kareem Johnson, 20, and charged them with attempted murder and aggravated assault.

Source: Philadelphia Inquirer - Student, Guard Struck in Barrage of Bullets; Philadelphia Inquirer - Boy Who Was Shot at School is Dead

Morton East High School, Cicero, Illinois

Thursday, February 12, 2004

A fight between two rival groups, each consisting of five students, broke out this afternoon around 2:45 p.m. on the second floor and sent two students to the hospital with stab wounds.  By the time security officers arrived, the fight had ended and the remaining eight students had fled.  One of the injured students was a 15-year-old boy, who was treated and released from the hospital, and the other was a 14-year-old boy, who was in good condition on Thursday.  Morton East is a very large school (over 4100 students and at least 20 security officers).

Source: Chicago Sun-Times - 2 Boys Stabbed at Morton East High School

 Henry Lackey High School, Indian Head, Maryland

Thursday, February 12, 2004

A 16-year-old boy snapped a rubber band at Neeka Spears in the school's hallway today.  She retaliated by stabbing him with a pair of scissors.  The boy was taken to Prince George's Hospital Center in Cheverly, Maryland for minor injuries while Neeka, 16, was charged as an adult with first- and second-degree assault, destruction of property and school disruption.

Source: NBC4 - Girl Stabs Boy in Charles County School

Colonel White High School, Dayton, Ohio

Friday, February 13, 2004

DaJuan Gray and his friend Michael Adams switched cars today before leaving for lunch off campus, which is against the rules of Colonel White.  When they returned around 1:00 p.m., they were approached by two other teens, one wearing a heavy tan jumpsuit and hood.  One of the teens was 17-years-old and the other was 16. Michael's car is a late-model Chrysler with 20-inch rims and valued at $20,000.  One of the teens demanded the Chrysler, and flashed a toy gun.  The other teen pulled out a real 10mm handgun and a struggle ensued.  When DaJuan was shot in the leg the teens ran away.  The toy gun was recovered from the crime scene.  One of the teens was captured at his home while the other teen was picked up in a school locker room.  The clothes the shooter wore were found in a school locker. However, the gun was not recovered.  During their investigation police discovered a member of the school's senior basketball squad partly arranged for the carjacking or some time of robbery of both DaJuan and Michael, both 18.  Police charged the 17-year-old with delinquency by reason of felonious assault and the 16-year-old with delinquency aggravated assault.  The 17-year-old is also suspected of shooting DaJuan.

Source: Dayton Daily News - Teen Shot in Carjack Attempt; Dayton Daily News - Police Say Carjacking was Set Up

McClellan Magnet High School, Little Rock, Arkansas

Wednesday, February 18, 2004

Last week, a 15-year-old male student was suspended from school.  Today he came back to school as classes were letting out.  Several students were leaving the school by crossing the parking lot near their football field while the track team was practicing and a softball game was taking place on the east side of the field.  The 15-year-old fired four shots, one of which struck the leg of an 18-year-old former male student.  Campus security officials saw this shooting at 3:45 p.m.  One of the charges against the teen is carrying a weapon on school grounds.

Source: National School Safety and Security Services web site; The Arkansas Democrat-Gazette

An Elementary School in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Thursday, February 19, 2004

Another 15-year-old male student slashed the face of a 13-year-old at an elementary school in the city of brotherly love the next day at 3:30 p.m.

Source: National School Safety and Security Services web site

Gateway Church (High) School, St. Martinville, Louisiana

Friday, February 20, 2004

About 11:15 this morning Alan Ledet went to his girlfriend's place of employment, the Gateway Church School, which is owned and operated by her father, Rev. Tony DeRouen.  He called the 19-year-old woman, Christy DeRouen, outside and they argued.  The argument abruptly ended when Alan pulled out a gun and shot Christy several times.  She collapsed to the sidewalk and died.  Alan fled the scene and was chased by police to the intersection of Louisiana Highway 182 and Irish Bend Highway.  At this juncture, Alan, 41, pulled over and killed himself with the gun. A St. Martin Parish justice of peace, Nolan "Cabbie" Charles, who knew Alan said he often got too upset when he had problems with women.  Rev. Tony DeRouen gave an impromptu five minute sermon on forgiveness to the 100 or so onlookers just beyond the yellow crime scene tape from which they could all see a blue tarp covering Christy's body.

Source: The Advocate News - Man Fatally Shoots Girlfriend, Then Self

A High School in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Monday, February 23, 2004

At 3:20 this afternoon, a 20-year-old male held three school police officers and the principal at bay with a gun before firing two to four shots and fleeing the campus.  The instigator dropped the gun and a bag of crack during his hasty departure.

Source: National School Safety and Security Services web site

Miramar High School, Miramar, Florida

Monday, February 23, 2004

While in an early morning outdoor gym class, two boys began arguing when one of the boys made disparaging remarks about the other's girlfriend.  One was 16-years-old and the other was 17-years-old.  The arguing turned into a fist-fight and the fist-fight became a stabbing as the older teen pulled out a pair of scissors and stabbed the younger teen's upper arm.  The wound needed stitches, but was not serious.  The older teen then passed the scissors to a third student, who wrapped them in a shirt.  The package was then handed to a fourth student who hid the shirt and scissors in his locker, even though he didn't know what was in the shirt.  The instigator was charged with felony aggravated battery and was expelled from school.  The third student, who wrapped the scissors in the shirt, was carrying a knife in his back pocket and was charged with possession of a weapon in school as well as a ten day suspension.  The fourth student was not charged.

Source: Miami Herald - Stabbing in School Leave 2 Arrested

Petras Vileišis Secondary School, Kaunas, Lithuania

Tuesday, February 24, 2004

School violence rolls on, this time in Lithuania.  Audrius Rimas, a male ninth-grade student, reportedly insulted Vytautas Apolianskas, 18, girlfriend.  Vytautas is the leader of gang of five students who don't have Audrius' best intentions in mind. Another report says that Vytautas wanted to terrify his group members to become more obedient to him and picked Audrius for a brutal example.  The gang consisted of two eleventh-graders brothers, twins Laurynas and Andrius, one ninth-grade student Robertas and two girls, ninth-grade student Ieva and eleventh-grade student Agnė. Today, in one of the city's viaducts, Audrius was attacked by Vytautas and his gang. Using bats, they pummeled him to the ground.  Then a group of four other boys and a 17-year-old-girl repeatedly kicked him.  When that was done, the gang stabbed Audrius several times, poured gasoline on him and set him afire.  It is unknown if the fire was set when Audrius was still alive.  All members of the gang, including Vytautas are now behind bars.  Even though this act of school violence occurred off school property, I am still including it, because at some point it time, it all started at the school.

Source: Visitor to this web site

West High School, Anchorage, Alaska

Wednesday, February 25, 2004

Last week an unnamed 16-year-old boy had gotten into a fight and dropped his cell phone.  It was picked up by Trever J. Shillingford, also 16.  Around 10:45 this morning, in a crowded hallway, the unnamed boy wanted his cell phone back from Trever, but he wasn't about to give it up.  The two boys began fighting, then Trever pulled out his pocketknife and stabbed the unnamed boy.  The injured student suffered a shallow chest wound and Trever fled the scene, but was later apprehended.  The next day, Trever was charged with first-degree assault.

Source: Anchorage Daily News - Alaska Digest

A High School in Mobile, Alabama

Friday, February 27, 2004

At 11:30 a.m. today two high school sophomores began fighting.  The fight climaxed when one of the participants stabbed the other in the stomach and neck.  The instigator was charged with assault.

Source: National School Safety and Security Services web site

A Vocational (High) School in Svitavy, East Bohemia, Czech Republic

Monday, March 1, 2004

Bohuslav Sibl mocked his students on a regular basis.  In one such way, Bohuslav told a joke and one of his students, a 16-year-old male, didn't find the joke amusing at all.  Bohuslav forced his pupil to tell a joke to the class, every day, even though the student didn't like any jokes at all.  This morning, the boy had finally had enough when he stood up with a knife in hand, rushed Bohuslav, who was sitting down, and stabbed the 60-year-old educator to death.  The student was taken into custody.

Source: Czech Press Association - Parents Shocked as Their Son Murders Teacher

Maharishi University of Management, Fairfield, Iowa

Monday, March 1, 2004

After being off his paranoid schizophrenia medication for months, 25-year-old Shuvender Sem used a ballpoint pen to stab one of his classmates, John Killian, in the cheek.  Later in the day, in the university's dining hall, Shuvender plunged a paring knife into Levi Butler's chest.  Levi, 19, died from this attack.  Shuvender was charged with assault with intent to commit serious injury and first-degree murder. On Monday, June 13, 2005, District Judge Richard Meadows found Shuvender not guilty by reason of insanity.  Maharishi University was found by practitioners of Transcendental Meditation and is based on principles of peace and harmony.

Source: Des Moines Register - Judge Asked to Find Suspect Insane; Des Moines Register - Ex-student Ruled Insane in Stabbing; KCCI Channel 8 - Stabbing Victims' Families Sue University 

Lincoln High School, Dallas, Texas

Tuesday, March 2, 2004

Two teenage girls were arguing this morning when one of them, a 16-year-old, used a steak knife to stab the other, a 15-year-old, in the stomach.  The wounded co-ed was taken to Baylor Medical Center and received stitches for the 1-inch wound.  Lincoln High has metal detectors and officials were not sure how the knife was able to get through.  The instigator was arrested by police later this morning.

Source: Fort Worth Star-Telegram - Student Stabbed at School, Officials Say

Central High School, Holt, Michigan

Tuesday, March 2, 2004

The second act of school violence for today happened in Holt, Michigan, near Lansing, when a 17-year-old boy was stabbed in his school's parking lot.  David Mataya, 21, and the teen were arguing when David pulled out a knife and stabbed the teen. This happened about 11:00 a.m.  The teen was treated at a hospital and released.  David was arrested and charged with assault with intent to do great bodily harm and possession of a weapon in a school zone.

Source: Lansing State Journal - Central High Student Stabbed in Parking Lot; Lansing State Journal - Holt Man Faces Charges After School Stabbing

A High School in Los Angeles, California

Friday, March 5, 2004

Drive-by shootings are rather popular, but very few have happened at schools.  This is one of the exceptions.  This morning at 7:40 gunfire erupted as a car drove pass the school.  The bullets struck a 16-year-old male student in the back and a 17-year-old female in the leg.  Police speculated the drive-by shooting was gang related and that the male student was the intended target.

Source: National School Safety and Security Services web site

Lewiston-Porter High School, Lewiston, New York

Tuesday, March 9, 2004

Scott Trace, 17, took another student to his car as classes were letting out this afternoon to show him a sawed-off shotgun.  While the two were looking at the rifle, it went off and the bullet lodged itself in Scott's right wrist.  Scott was able to drive to Mount St. Mary's Hospital for treatment were he told them he had been assaulted.  Hospital officials contacted police who were able to set the record straight.  Scott received the shotgun from a friend and had it in his trunk.  Police charged Scott with felony criminal possession of a weapon (a handgun they found in his bedroom) because he took the handgun from his father's collection without his permission.

Source: The Buffalo News - Teen Arrested After Shooting Self in Wrist; National School Safety and Security Services web site

Kellogg Community College, Battle Creek, Michigan

Saturday, March 13, 2004

About 12:30 this morning, police received a call of gun shots fired in a remote dirt parking lot on the north side of the college.  They responded and found nothing amiss with the parking lot.  Six and a half hours later, officer Mike Bradley pulled up behind a west bound Dodge Intrepid stopped at the intersection of Roosevelt Avenue and North Avenue.  The light turned green, but the car didn't move.  Officer Mike honked his horn several times before the Intrepid slowly turned onto North Avenue, going south.  As the car turned, Officer Mike observed that the rear passenger window was shattered and that the driver had blood on his face.  Officer Mike called for backup as the Intrepid entered the circle drive into the campus.  Officer Doug Graham was the first to approach the vehicle.  In the back seat were 20-year-old Clova Keyes and 17-year-old Antwain Carmouche.  Both of them were dead from multiple gunshot wounds.  The driver, 24-year-old Eric Wanzer, also had multiple gunshot wounds.  He was rushed to Bronson Methodist Hospital in Kalamazoo where he is expected to recover.  None of the three attend classes at Kellogg.  Police were seeking Elliott L. Patterson and Hashim A. Bell, both 24 and 20-year-old Sean R. Gray in connection with this shooting. The college does have surveillance cameras across the campus and on the remote north parking lot.  However, since the parking lot is a half mile from the nearest classroom, the camera is a wide-angle shot of the parking lot.

Source: Battle Creek Enquirer - 2 Dead in B.C. Shooting; Battle Creek Enquirer - Police: Victims Shot More Than Once

Haskell Indian Nations University, Lawrence, Kansas

Saturday, March 13, 2004

During an early morning altercation at the Coffin Sports Complex swimming pool, two students were stabbed by former student Chadwick Noah, 23.  Noah was sentenced to five years in prison for this act of school violence.

Source: Lawrence Journal-World - Haskell Regents Look Into Campus Violence

A High School in Daleville, Alabama

Monday, March 15, 2004

Today, in the school's cafeteria, two teenage females were in a fierce argument that climaxed when the 17-year-old stabbed the 18-year-old behind the ear, in the arm and twice in her back.  The young female assailant was arrested for assault.

Source: National School Safety and Security Services web site

A School for the Emotionally Disturbed in Ferndale, Michigan

Tuesday, March 16, 2004

Sometime today, a 48-year-old female physical education teacher left the school's gym to go to her office.  She was attacked from behind and found unconscious by another teacher.  She had sustained cuts, bruises and a bloody nose.

Source: National School Safety and Security Services web site

Crescent Junior-Senior High School, Joyce, Washington

Wednesday, March 17, 2004

About 8:00 a.m. this morning, seventh-grader Joe Rogers (along with 18 of his fellow classmates) walked into Deborah Hibbard's language arts class in a portable building on the east side of the campus carrying a guitar case.  He sat in a corner desk during the two hour class.  As the class came to a close, Deborah sent another student to Joe, 13, to help him with a project. Joe pulled out a .22-caliber rifle from the guitar case and pointed it at his chest.  Joe got Deborah's attention by calling her name, "Mrs. Hibbard."  When she looked up and saw him with the gun, she asked if had permission to have the weapon.  Joe then pulled the trigger and committed suicide.

Source: Peninsula Daily News - Boy, 13, Commits Suicide in Joyce School Classroom

Parklane Academy High School, McComb, Mississippi

Wednesday, March 17, 2004

Don Michael Lazarus, 16, went into one of the school's restroom today and was blindsided when one of his classmates assaulted him.  Don was struck 14 times in his right eye socket.  The blows fractured seven bones in his face.  The unnamed instigator was aided by a roll of quarters in his hand, causing more damage than just a fist alone.  Don was treated at Southwest Mississippi Regional Medical Center.  His attacker, a 16-year-old boy from Liberty, Mississippi, was mad because Don went out with a girl that he used to date.  Don is very involved in his school, being an Eagle Scout, in the National Honor Society and a member of the student council.

Source: The Clarion-Ledger - Students Hurt in Separate Incidents; The Clarion-Ledger - Students Treated, Assailants Face Hearings; Survivor from Parklane Academy High School

Denman Junior High School, McComb, Mississippi

Thursday, March 18, 2004

Last night two students from Denman argued, but they didn't let a small thing as a new day stop their feud.  This morning, before school began, the two were fighting again when a 14-year-old female stabbed her 12-year-old male opponent with a steak knife.  The boy, Devion Daniels, was treated at Southwest Mississippi Regional Medical Center for the abdomen wound.  The unnamed girl said Devion was harassing her and that prompted the fight. However, Devion denied the allegations.

Source: The Clarion-Ledger - Students Hurt in Separate Incidents; The Clarion-Ledger - Students Treated, Assailants Face Hearings

Red Bank (High) School, West Deptford, New Jersey

Sunday, March 21, 2004

During a party at the township's Meravan Farms development, a dispute over a girl erupted into a fight, which moved onto Red Bank's parking lot.  At least ten people, with baseball bats and pool cues, were either active in or watched the fight, in which 18-year-old Daniel Thomson was assaulted.  Daniel was transported to Underwood-Memorial Hospital and then transferred to Cooper University Hospital in Camden when his condition worsened.  Daniel is now paralyzed on his entire right side due to a blood clot in his brain that caused a small stroke.  Police are anticipating a revenge attack.

Source: Courier Post - Fight Paralyzes W. Deptford Teen

A High School in Syracuse, New York

Wednesday, March 24, 2004

About 9:30 this morning a fight broke out in a hallway of a Syracuse high school.  During the fight, a 16-year-old student called for others to come to the school and shoved a teacher who tried to intervene to stop the fight. After the fight a 14-year-old male student was stabbed in both his forearms and the upper right arm.  Police charged two 14-year-olds and a 13-year-old student with gang assault.  The 16-year-old was charged with menacing.

Source: National School Safety and Security Services web site

Pennsauken High School, Pennsauken, New Jersey

Wednesday, March 24, 2004

An exchange of heated words escalated into a fight this afternoon between four students from Pennsauken and two adults.  At the climax of the fight, two of the students were stabbed, one in the abdomen and the other in the buttocks.  The two adults and the other two students, who were all working together, fled the school grounds in a white Ford Mustang and a Honda Accord.  Police were able to stop both vehicles and arrest Van Nguyen and one of the students (in the Mustang) and the second student and Hieu Tra (in the Accord).  Van and the student with him were charged with aggravated assault and possession of the drug Ecstasy.  The second student was charged with simple assault and Hieu was charged with the actual stabbing, as well as weapons and assault charges.  One of the wounded students was a male. 

Source: Courier Post - 2 Pennsauken Students Stabbed

PSJA North High School, Pharr, Texas

Monday, March 29, 2004

Lianna Nicole Olmeda was very active in PSJA's drama and music programs as an actress and singer.  The drama club returned to PSJA this evening from a competition in La Joya around 7:00 p.m.  Most of the students had rides waiting for them and left within ten minutes. Lianna Nicole and Jason C. Gonzalez, 16, were the last two waiting for their rides.  By 7:45 p.m., the two thespians were fighting for real in the school's east parking lot.  Police found Lianna Nicole badly injured with a bloody knife nearby.  She died on her way to McAllen Medical Center with 15 stab wounds.  Police arrested Jason and charged him with murder.  The PSJA school district includes the towns of Pharr, San Juan and Alamo, Texas.  On Tuesday, February 22, 2005, Jason pleaded guilty to the murder.  A week later, a jury sentenced him to 40 years in prison.

Source: The (McAllen) Monitor - PSJA North Student Dies in Stabbing; Suspect Held; The (McAllen) Monitor - PSJA to Consider Police Force After Slaying; The (McAllen) Monitor - Jury Decides Teen's Fate

A High School in Seattle, Washington

Wednesday, March 31, 2004

Today, in the school's lunchroom, an altercation between two students broke out.  One of the students used a letter opener to slash the other, a female, in the face.  The instigator fled the building but was apprehended later in the day.  The injured female student was taken to the hospital for treatment.

Source: National School Safety and Security Services web site

Fairleigh Dickinson University College at Florham, Madison, New Jersey

Sunday, April 4, 2004

Yesterday evening, a student-sponsored fashion show was held on the FDU-Teaneck campus.  When the fashion show wrapped up, nearly 400 of them loaded buses and went to the FDU-Florham Park student center cafeteria for a dance sponsored by the Association of Black Collegians.  The campuses are about 30 miles apart.  In the early morning hours of Palm Sunday, around 1:00 a.m., the deejay played Throw It Up from Little John in which the rapper sings about "representing" your hometown. At the end of the song, those in attendance began arguing as they boasted of their hometowns.  The arguing escalated into an all out melee and culminated with the shooting of Robert Brock-Murray, a student, and the stabbing of at least four other party-goers.  Kyeem Ramsey, 22, another party-goer was hit on the head with a bottle.  Another man who was  in attendance was hit with a wooden bench.  Robert was shot in the right side of his abdomen by a small-caliber handgun and was from the FDU-Teaneck campus.  The party-goers were not students of either campus.  Police arrested four individuals on Monday in connection with the fight on weapons charges.  However, none of them were charged with the actual shooting.  Steven Wight, 20, charged with possession of a .38-caliber handgun for an unlawful purpose; Syyid Chester, 23, Vaughan Anthony Ford, 23, and Maurice Hunt-Davis, 22, were all charged with possession of a handgun without a carrying permit.  Steven's handgun was not recovered by police and the other handgun (Ruger P-94) that was in the car with Syyid, Vaughn and Maurice was found not to have been used.  On Tuesday, police arrested 25-year-old Rasheed Cooper (aka Reginald Rasheed Campbell) for shooting Robert during the fight.

Source: Home News Tribune - 1 Shot, 6 Hurt During Brawl at FDU-Madison; New Jersey News 12 - Four Men Have Been Arrested After Weekend Melee at Fairleigh Dickinson; The Jersey Journal - Jersey City Man is Facing Gun Charges in College Brawl; New Jersey News 12 - Police Arrest Suspected Gunman in Fairleigh Dickinson Melee

Wheatley Middle School, San Antonio, Texas

Wednesday, April 7, 2004

Although school officials said a fight broke out today at Wheatley Middle School, an injured student's mother believes her son was attacked.  The disagreement between two students, one an eight-grader, took place outside the school.  The boy was stabbed in the neck with a ballpoint pen.  He was taken to University Hospital for treatment.

Source: San Antonio's WOAI Channel 4 - Student Stabbed at School

A Middle School in Charleston, West Virginia

Wednesday, April 21, 2004

One day after the five year anniversary of the Columbine massacre, two male students, age 14, began fighting over a girl.  The duo were fighting behind the school. One of the boys pulled out a knife and stabbed the other teen in the back.  The wounded teen was able to make it to the nurse's office before collapsing.  The parents of the knife wielding teen, who is not a student of the school, turned the young troubled youth over to police later in the day.  The wounded teen is a student of the school.

Source: National School Safety and Security Services web site

Ferrell Middle Magnet School, Tampa, Florida

Friday, April 23, 2004

While vacuuming an empty classroom at Ferrell, 57-year-old Cuban immigrant Onoria Suarez-Ramos was killed by a 36-year-old registered male sex offender.  She was found by another custodian and efforts to revive her were unsuccessful.  During the investigation it was discovered that one of the doors to Ferrell had been left open.  This allowed Onoria's murderer into the building.

Source: National School Safety and Security Services web site; Tampa Tribune - Door Open to Custodian's Killer, Police Say

Germantown High School, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Tuesday, April 27, 2004

Early this afternoon, six students found William Ganns hanging in the school's auditorium.  The 18-year-old was unconscious and behind the curtains near the stage when the group came upon him around 12:45 p.m.  The students were able to cut him down and a nurse began CPR, however when he arrived at Albert Einstein Medical Center he was pronounced dead by doctors.

Source: Philadelphia Inquirer - Student Found Hanged at School

East Boston High School, Boston, Massachusetts

Friday, April 30, 2004

Annmarie Reyes, a 17-year-old student at East Boston High, had considered not going to school today.  This evening was her school's junior prom and she had to get her hair done.  However, she decided she would go to first period and have a friend's mother pick her up at 8:30 a.m.  As she walked up the sidewalk to the school's entrance, she noticed Christopher Manning sitting in a car nearby.  She and Christopher were friendly, just saying "hi" to each other.  Annmarie happen to drop her keychain and as she bent down to pick it up, she heard heavy footsteps running up to her.  When she brought her hand up, it was bleeding.  Then, Christopher, a 19-year-old former US Naval Academy student, slashed her throat with a Swiss Army knife.  Christopher slashed his own throat and stabbed himself in the chest until he collapsed into a pool of blood.  As he did this, Annmarie fell to the curb and held herself.  Christopher died Saturday morning.  Annmarie survived the attack, although she is still petrified of her attacker.  The prom was postponed.

Source: Boston Globe - Girl's Throat Cut in Before-School Attack; Boston Globe - Stabbing Victim, on Mend, Still Fearful

Kashmere High School, Houston, Texas

Tuesday, May 4, 2004

One week later gunfire erupted in Huston's Kashmere High School early this morning.  Nobody was injured in the shooting and the school was running it's normal class schedule by noon.  Police continued to search the grounds for a young man seen fleeing the school after a shot was fired.

Source: Houston Chronicle - Gunfire but No Injuries at Kashmere High School

A High School in Ft. Wayne, Indiana

Tuesday, May 4, 2004

At a high school track meet, two male spectators, one 18 and the other 21, got into a fight and were asked to stands.  They did so and continued their altercation in the parking lot where the 18-year-old shot the older man, who retaliated by stabbing the teen.  The track meet was postponed as the remaining spectators were asked to leave the crime scene.

Source: National School Safety and Security Services web site

Randallstown High School, Randallstown, Maryland

Friday, May 7, 2004

In an attempt to get revenge on a football player that showed him disrespect earlier in the week, 17-year-old Matthew Timothy McCullough came to school with a fight on his mind.  School administrators had told Matthew to stay home today, but he returned twice looking for the football player.  Prior to his second return, he picked up Ronald Patrick Johnson Jr., a 20-year-old walking along Reisterstown Road, and told him to get into his car, a black BMW with tinted windows.  Matthew told Ronald they were going to go to the school to confront someone over stolen money.  Also in the car was Tyrone Devon "Fat Boy" Brown and Antonio Richard Jackson, 21.  The foursome arrived back at Randallstown High School, just outside of Baltimore, around 4:30 p.m. as students began filtering out into the parking lot at the conclusion of a basketball game. Several students had stayed after class to watch a charity basketball game organized by Delegate Robert Zirkin, a state lawmaker, to raiser scholarship money.  The foursome still couldn't find the football player, so they began to fight his friends.  The fight became a brawl and the foursome were being outmatched and overwhelmed, until Tyrone pulled out a 9mm semi-automatic Glock pistol and fired off five shots into the crowd.  Once of the bullets struck William Thomas III in his neck, back and lung, paralyzing him.  Tyrone then handed the Glock to Matthew and he emptied the clip, giving three other students minor injuries. William was in critical condition on Saturday.  The school does have security cameras in the parking lot, with one of them directed in the area of the shooting, however the camera was not in operation at the time of this shooting. By late Saturday evening, police had charged Tyrone and Matthew with four counts of attempted murder, first degree assault and a weapons violation.  Police also charged Antonio of brining the gun to the school. Police had Ronald in custody Saturday night and charged him, but later dropped the charges.  Matthew, a student at RHS, turned himself in on Sunday morning at 8:45 a.m.  In September, Tyrone pleaded guilty to the shootings and was sentenced to 50 years in prison.  On Tuesday, November 23, 2004, a Baltimore County jury acquitted Matthew on four counts of attempted second-degree murder and four handgun charges.  However, the did convict him of four counts of first-degree assault.  The jury had deliberated for nearly nine-hours over a two day period.  On January 28, 2005, Matthew received the maximum sentencing: 25 years in prison on each assault charge running consecutively.  He has to serve at least half of the sentence before being eligible for parole.


Alexander Brown, 17 Marcus McLain, 16
Andre Mellerson, 16 William Thomas III, 17

Source: Yahoo! News - 4 Students Hurt in Md. Drive-By Shooting; Yahoo! News - Two Charged in Md. High School Shooting; Baltimore Sun - Second Suspect in Custody; Baltimore Sun - Shooting Victim Faces an Uncertain Future; Orlando Sentinel - Teen Gets 100 Years in School Shooting

East Campus Educational Center (High School), Merced, California

Wednesday, May 12, 2004

Three males with an illegal sawed off shotgun came into this school late in the afternoon and opened fire.  Julio Najar, 19 was wounded and airlifted to a hospital in Modesto where was listed in stable condition.  A 17-year-old girl was also injured, but less seriously.  Police arrested a 20-year-old male and charged him with attempted murder.  Apparently, he was the only one of the three who operated the gun. This is East Campus's second act of school violence.  The first happened on March 20, 1998.

Source: National School Safety and Security Services web site; Keys to Safer Schools web site

Harrison Township, Michigan

Wednesday, May 19, 2004

This afternoon, at about 12:30, in a science room in some school in Harrison Township, a student was stabbed in the leg.  The suspect was arrested.

Source: National School Safety and Security Services web site

A High School in New South Wales, Australia

Friday, May 21, 2004

Using a crossbow he bought off the Internet, a 17-year-old student went to school today and shot his former girlfriend in the chest.  The arrow passed through her chest and lodged in the legs of another girl, pinning them together. Our young instigator then tried to burn the girls, and the school, down with a couple of gasoline bombs.  However, another student was able to stop him before the bombs went off. The boy went trial before a judge who noted that he had been the victim of constant bullying for years and couldn't handle the pressure.  Our young instigator was sentenced to nine years in prison.

Source: Keys to Safe Schools web site

West High School, Salt Lake City, Utah

Monday, May 24, 2004

This morning, Marisela Lavalle arrived at work and parked in the school's north lot.  She works in the cafeteria and breakfast for the students had to be made. When she exited her car, her estranged husband, Federico Cervantes-Lavalle, was there waiting for her.  The couple argued briefly before Federico pulled out a .38 caliber handgun and shot Marisela in the chest, shoulder and head.  Federico then fired a fourth shot into his head, committing suicide.  The murder / suicide took place around 6:00 a.m., well before students were present.


Federico Cervantes-Lavalle, 52 Marisela Lavelle, 39

Source: Salt Lake Tribune - Man Kills Woman, Himself in Shooting Outside Salt Lake City High School

A Middle School in Longview, Texas

Monday, May 24, 2004

Also today, in east Texas, two 13-year-old female students began fighting near the school's office.  During the fight, one of the teens stabbed the other several times in the back of the head with a pair of scissors.  This fight took place just after 3:00 p.m.

Source: National School Safety and Security Services web site

A Middle School in Brooklyn, New York

 Friday, May 28, 2004

Early this afternoon in the schoolyard, around 12:45, two suspects stabbed a 13-year-old boy in the back.  Police were able to arrest the suspects, one 14-years-old and the other 17.

Source: National School Safety and Security Services web site

Kennedale Junior High School, Kennedale, Texas

Saturday, May 29, 2004

This afternoon police responded to a burglar alarm at Kennedale Junior High School.  When they arrived, the 37-year-old building was smoking and a 14-year-old boy was leaving the school.  Police arrested the young arsonist and called the fire department.  When the fire was extinguished, the science rooms were charred and the school suffered between $5 and $15 million worth of damage.  The investigation rolls on.

Source: Dallas Morning News - Student Suspected in Fire at Kennedale School

Okubo Elementary School, Sasebo, Japan

Tuesday, June 1, 2004

12-year-old Satomi Mitarai had a close relationship with an 11-year-old classmate.  The two were in art class together, played basketball together, shared a group diary and passed notes on an Internet bulletin board.  A couple of the notes Satomi posted about her friend really upset her and she began plotting her revenge.  The notes ranged from her appearance to her weight, and that was the last straw for the 11-year-old.  While watching a murder-mystery show, the young girl developed her plan of attack.  Today, at lunch, she led Satomi to an empty classroom and got her to sit down.  She then slit Satomi's neck and arms with a box cutter.  The young girl left the room to let Satomi bleed to death.  Sasebo is north northwest of Nagasaki.

Source: Ft. Worth Star-Telegram - Japanese Girl Admits to Killing Classmate; BBC News - Japan Schoolgirl Killer 'Sorry'

Gambia Senior Secondary School, Banjul, Gambia

Tuesday, June 1, 2004

Today in the capital of city of Gambia, Haruna Njie, 19, assaulted Isatou Hydara.  He stabbed her with a knife then stole her cell phone and charger.  A caretaker at the school witnessed the crime.  This allowed the authorities to convict Haruna for wounding Isatou, even though he pleaded not guilty to the charges.  While in custody, he did not amend his ways and Amina Saho of the Banjul Magistrates' Court sentenced him to three more months in prison on Tuesday, September 27, 2005.  She also ordered him to pay Isatou 1000 Dalasi.  (I wasn't able to find the conversion rate to dollars.)

Source: Daily Observer - Boy, 20, Jailed for Stabbing GSSS Headgirl

St. Croix Educational Complex High School, Christiansted, St. Croix, US Virgin Islands

Tuesday, June 1, 2004

Classes had ended for the day when a fight broke out between 17-year-old Luis Quinones and Jahmalie Henry, 19, in the schoolyard.  Luis attends Central High School, but he has morning classes at the complex.  The fight began with Luis staring at Jahmalie.  When  Jahmalie asked him, "Why are you looking at me?" Luis began to scuffle with Jahmalie and a group of his classmates ganged up on the outsider.  Several school monitors intervened and tried to pull the combatants apart.  When the St. Croix students got off of  Luis, he swung his school bag , which had a sawed-off shotgun in it, around in a wide arc and fired one shot.  The bullet struck Jahmalie in the upper back left shoulder and then exited his chest.  Luis then raced to a waiting gray sport utility vehicle where three other boys were waiting.  However, school safety monitors tackled the shooter, grabbed the driver of the SUV, held the steering wheel and removed the keys from the ignition.  Jahmalie was rushed to Luis Hospital where he was pronounced dead at 4:06 p.m.  His classmates had gathered at the hospital in the late afternoon and it wasn't until shortly before 6 p.m. that they learned Jahmalie had died.  Many of them broke out in tears at the tragic news.  Luis was arrested and charged with first-degree murder.  At 11 p.m. this evening, police arrested Winston Venner, 22, Selah Macedon, 19, and Kasheem Coggins, 17, the three other boys in the SUV, and recovered a .25-caliber handgun from the vehicle.  The trio was charged with trespassing and possession of an unlicensed firearm with an obliterated serial number.  In February 2005, Luis pleaded guilty to second-degree murder.  In March 2005, Winston and Selah pleaded guilty to third-degree assault and possession of an unlicensed firearm with an obliterated serial number.  They had separate trials.  On Wednesday, May 25, 2005, Winston Venner was sentenced by Superior Court Judge Maria Cabret to five years in prison, with all but six months of the sentence suspended.  A week earlier Kasheem was sentenced to six months in prison.  He also admitted owning the .25-caliber handgun.  Nearly a year after killing Jahmalie, Luis was sentenced to 20 years in prison for second-degree murder and 15 years for possession of an unlicensed firearm with an obliterated serial number.  Charges against Selah were dropped because the prosecution was not able to meet its burden of proof.  Selah was a passenger in Winston's SUV and had gone with him to the school to pick up another student.  Since Kasheem admitted to owning the handgun found in the SUV, prosecutors had little criminal evidence against him.

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A High School in New York

Friday, June 4, 2004

At the end of the week, three girls assaulted a 15-year-old girl right by the front door to her school.  The three assailants told others they attacked the girl because one of them liked her boyfriend and they didn't like the way she was treating him.  The trio also said the 15-year-old bumped into one of them in the school's cafeteria, which is kind of hard not to do considering the cafeteria is actually a very crowded, small hallway.  One of the three assailants didn't even go to school with the 15-year-old, she came along with the other two for the assault.  One of the trio of girls was 18 with a criminal record for assault and theft and was out on probation today.  She was charged as an adult.  The 15-year-old was kicked in her head repeatedly, even after she lost consciousness.  The 15-year-old girl who was attacked was treated for her injuries at the hospital.

Source: Visitor to this site

Castlemont High School, Oakland, California

Wednesday, June 9, 2004

Here’s another drive-by shooting entry.  A car with members of one Latino gang drove by the school as classes were letting out for the day and flashed gang signs.  A bottle was thrown at the car, possibly by a rival of another Latino gang.  The Latino gang in the car responded with gunfire.  Their shots wounded two 15-year-old males, one in the cheek and one in the neck.

Source: National School Safety and Security Services web site; Keys to Safer Schools web site

Silverado High School, Victorville, California

Thursday, June 10, 2004

Early this morning, DeAnthony Roberts met his former girlfriend, Dasundra Lochard, on her high school campus.  The couple, he's 17 and she's 14, went into a bathroom together at 7:30 a.m. where he stabbed her once in the chest and slashed her several times on her arms.  He then plunged the three-inch knife into his own chest three times.  He had told his fellow classmates earlier that if his girlfriend left him, there may be some violence.  None of the four wounds were fatal. DeAnthony's lawyer says that the boy went to the school to commit suicide in front of Dasundra and that she received her wounds while trying to stop him.  DeAnthony was sentenced to one year in a county jail, three years probation and he must attend a domestic violence program.

Source: National School Safety and Security Services web site; Victorville Daily Press - Teen Gets Year for Stabbing

West Side Middle School, Waterbury, Connecticut

Friday, June 11, 2004

I don't know how often food fights happen at school, but when seven instigators get arrested for throwing school food at their classmates, you can bet I'm going to report it.  This morning, a girl dumped a fruit cup over a boy's head.  The two started fighting and soon after other students joined in.  Some students even jumped up on the tables and started hurling food across the cafeteria as a riot erupted.  A detective and two teachers sustained minor injuries as they broke up the melee.  Police arrested three girls and four boys, ranging in age from 12 to 14, and charged them with breach of peace, assault and inciting a riot.  All seven agreed to appear in juvenile court.

Source: Yahoo! News - 7 Arrested in School Cafeteria Food Fight

An Elementary School in Neepawa, Manitoba, Canada

Wednesday, June 16, 2004

This evening, around 5 p.m., in the usually quiet southwestern community of Neepawa, a couple of shots from a .22-calibre rifle rang out.  At least one of the bullets struck a 12-year-old girl in the thigh as she was walking home from school.  She was released from the hospital on Thursday.  The Royal Canadian Mounted Police arrested a 15-year-old boy and charged him with criminal negligence causing bodily harm and careless use of a firearm.  Under the Canadian Youth Criminal Justice Act, newspapers could not reveal the boy's name.

Source: The Winnipeg Sun - Teen Charged in Neepawa Shooting; Girl, 12, Wounded in "Random" Attack

Caro Learning Center (High School), Caro, Michigan

Friday, June 25, 2004

Corbin A. Thomas tore out the local maps from the phonebook and walked away from a state psychiatric hospital, the Caro Center, three days ago.  Using a hammer, he attacked teacher Patricia Colburn-Spencer and custodian Larry Gettel, 60,  in the kitchen of this alternative high school today.  Patricia was laying in a pool of blood and Larry's skull was fractured when librarian Kristie Reh entered the kitchen.  Corbin attacked her, striking her 30 to 40 times before moving on.  She began to scream to alert her co-workers to her dire situation she was now in.  Secretary Sarah A. Cox was also assaulted by Corbin, but she was able to escape him by running into a restroom and locking the door.  Corbin fled into the nearby woods and eluded police for two days before being apprehended.  Police charged Corbin, 29, with four counts of assault with intent to commit murder.

Source: The Bay City Times - Victims Recount Bloody Scene at Caro Learning Center; The Bay City Times - Experts Doubt Existence of Suspect's 'Voice'; Bay City Times - Police Say Suspect Acted Normal After His Arrest

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