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Monday, December 29th 2008 - 07:52:24 PM         //Izan, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

I'm Izan from Malaysia. I watched the movie Dawn Anna yesterday for the 2nd time and I was crying again. It is so sad to see. She was such a very special person. I hope her Mom Dawn Anna and the rest of her family are doing fine and know how lucky they were to have Lauren in their lives even if it was for such a short time. God bless her.

Monday, December 29th 2008 - 09:16:14 AM         //Ugonna

I watched the movie Dawn Anna and it brought tears to my eyes. Lauren I never knew about your story but thanks to the movie. may your gentle soul rest in peace. from Nigeria

Monday, November 24th 2008 - 04:31:10 PM         //Lynn Myers

Tragedies like this one must never be forgotten!

Monday, November 24th 2008 - 09:56:32 AM         //Tina Miller

I wanted to share with you that something wonderful HAS come from Lauren's tragic death. I know she is missed terribly and while I never had the pleasure of meeting her, I look forward to the day that I will. I am a volunteer with Hoo Haven Wildlife Rehabilitation & Education Center in northern Illinois. After watching the movie Dawn Anna last year, I too was moved to check the internet to learn more about Lauren. I quickly learned that there was a grant available, in her memory, to help wildlife rehabilitation centers like us! Even as far away as Illinois, Lauren's family has graciously supported Hoo Haven ( We are SO grateful! Best yet, we now have a little screech owl named "Lulu" who helps us as a Raptor Ambassador when we teach about wildlife in schools. She is pint-sized but full of love and the children just love her. I am so sorry for your loss as I know that Lauren was a wonderful person and friend. However, I hope that you can find comfort in knowing that Lauren is with us in spirit, each time little "Lulu" is presented to a curious group of little children, anxious to learn about birds of prey. We are so honored to have her with us in even a small way. Wind to your wings, Lauren. God Bless!

Saturday, November 22nd 2008 - 11:32:52 AM     //Michele Packer

I saw this movie on Lifetime and never cried harder during any movie, I just wish it was possible to bring people like her back, it's just such a loss!

Friday, November 21st 2008 - 11:31:37 PM         //Jessie

Well I just watched Dawn Anna for the first time & I was loving the movie right up until the whole Columbine thing came on the radio... something in my gut told me Lauren didn't make it out alive...after the movie was over I got on my computer & decided to read a little about Lauren... she sounds like such an amazing person & I am so incredibly angry that this happened to her... How could those boys do what they did???? They took lives that mattered, that could have changed the world!!! I was young when the Columbine shooting took place so I guess I never really though about it much but after watching this movie it made me realize a few things... Try as hard as you can to be a good person, a good student, a good daughter, & a good friend... I never thought I could be this affected by a person I have never had the pleasure of meeting but I was & I still am... Something about the story, the movie has made me want to try as hard as Lauren Dawn Townsend did every day! Rest In Peace LuLu... You were & will always be loved... Even by people who didn't personally know you! Love always Jessie

Friday, November 21st 2008 - 11:21:15 PM         //Barbara Daniels

I just watched the movie Dawn Anna tonight for the third time and as always when I see it tears well up in my eyes. It is so sad to see and to get an insight into such a very special person as Lauren was. So full of life and to be so tragically robbed of it at such a young age is just so senseless. The world lost big time when such a wonderful, bright & caring person as Lauren was taken away from her family, friends and all of us. I hope her Mom Dawn Anna and the rest of her family are doing okay now and know how lucky they were to have Lauren in their lives even if it was for such a short time. Best Wishes to All of Lauren's Family and Friends.

Friday, November 21st 2008 - 11:15:43 PM         //Dawn Anne Chase

Your story was very moving and I am sorry for all of your loss!

Friday, November 21st 2008 - 11:04:03 PM         //Gina

I have seen the movie Dawn Anna several times and I still feel the pain for this family. She was a beautiful full of life I know she is watching from above and is a guardian angel for her family. May she rest in peace

Friday, November 21st 2008 - 10:53:22 PM             //Jodi Goulder       

I am so sorry I just got done watching Dawn Anna and it brought me to tears. My prayers are with the family.

Saturday, November 8th 2008 - 04:12:56 PM         //Laura Spence

RIP from Ireland....xxxx

Sunday, October 26th 2008 - 09:24:45 PM         //Shane

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Friday, October 24th 2008 - 08:17:27 PM             //lakiesha

Hey I have watched this movie like a thousand times and it is one of my all time favorites its really sad I know how hard it was to sit there and wait for an answer on whether she was gone or not but I know a little about what they were felling its not a very good feeling to loose a loved one my mom was killed in car accident on Sept 2, 2005.  Its been 3 years and we are still not over it but I know if she was anything like the person playing her character in the movie then she is a really good person.  I would have liked to have a chance to have got to know her.  I am pretty sure lots of people would want to also people like her is what makes heroes!!

Thursday, October 23rd 2008 - 02:19:16 AM             //koko

I'm Koko from the Philippines. I saw the movie Dawn Anna for the first this day (October 23, 2008). I was touched by the story. To tell you all honestly, I cried in the last part. Lauren now is an angel. To her family, hope God will be with them always. GOD SPEED!

Wednesday, October 22nd 2008 - 06:32:32 AM     //AMANDINE

Lauren, je ne t'ai pas connu; Mais je sais c'est un honneur pour ceux qui t'on connu.

Tuesday, October 21st 2008 - 06:40:28 PM         //Anaïs

I'm not living in the states, I live in Guadeloupe (an island of France).  I saw the film Dawn Anna and I was really touched by her story... She fought against illness and finally her daughter was killed... it's so unfair, I can't believe it...I think that Lauren was really a nice girl she had the courage to tell her friend "everything is going to be all right" unfortunately it wasn't been the case for her... All my mind go to her family...

Tuesday, October 21st 2008 - 02:13:29 PM         //Julie

Hello, my name is Julie, I am French, I just watch the movie Dawn Anna on television and I was shocked. I did some research online and I learned the true story of Lauren. It has to be very hard to continue to live for the mother of Lauren, after this tragedy. I have seen videos of two students who killed these 12 people in high school, Lauren is one such victim, and I was shocked to see such violence among young! What pleasure there happens to kill people like that? Some people are really disturbed! What happens is that nothing came of it? So many question arise, but unfortunately that will not back Lauren and 11 other people! I wish Lauren to rest in peace, and Dawn to continue its fight, I wish him great courage, great support person, or even in France this tragedy has shocked many people. Ashley thank you very much who wrote the story of Lauren.

Monday, October 20th 2008 - 09:39:21 PM         //Peggy Jones

As a Mom of 3 beautiful children, I can't even imagine the pain that was endured on that day. After watching the movie I realized that my third child who was born in 2002, the movie and information (such as her nickname) didn't come out until 2005 or so, just made me realize that my youngest child was named Katie Lauren and we have called her LuLu since she has been born. Strange coincidence? I hope that my daughter is everything that your beautiful LuLu was!!!

Saturday, September 27th 2008 - 10:29:57 PM         //carleisha

I cried so much after watching Dawn Anna. At first I was like where is this going then at the end I understand I know your in a better place. You save people.  If I knew you I know you would of been a good friend. God bless you.  Once I saw it I said I have to search for you. - Carleisha Cooley - You will be miss

Monday, September 22nd 2008 - 09:53:11 PM     //Sherrie Martin

I recently saw the lifetime movie Dawn Anna and not only has this family endured pain and heart ache with their mother, but then they lose a sister I could never understand how you feel, but I wish I was able meet Lauren she was beautiful, smart, and like me loved animals. Thank you for letting me see and love her. Sincerely Sherrie Martin

Friday, September 19th 2008 - 03:58:26 PM         //Lindsay

I just saw Dawn Anna. very touching story. God Bless.

Friday, September 19th 2008 - 03:20:09 PM         //Stephann

I just watched Dawn Anna for the first time. I cried. It touched my heart to see Dawn go through her cancer and to loose Lauren. I was 20 when the horrific shootings took place and never took in the impact of it all till I watched this movie. I am truly sorry for your loss, an u all will be in my prayers!

Friday, September 19th 2008 - 01:44:11 PM     //MARYE

Just watched the movie Dawn Anna.  My heart is over flowing with love, rest in peace sweetie. You have a great family.

Friday, September 19th 2008 - 01:07:11 PM         //Sara

I just finished watching the movie Dawn Anna. At first, I didn't know it was a true story. When I saw the jackets with "Columbine" on the back, it brought back a lot of memories. I was near the same age when the shooting happened. I remember everything stopped and everyone watched the news and followed in the newspaper. Living in Alaska, it was very far from where it happened, but it really reached out to all of us. A week later, there was a shooting threat at my school and without hesitation, that student was expelled and taken to a treatment facility. God Bless Lauren, her family and friends. I am so sorry for your loss - just remember and she will never be truly gone.

Friday, September 19th 2008 - 08:01:29 AM         //JACKIE BOWE

I just watched Dawn Anna for the 5th time and every time I watch it I cry.. what a horrible tragedy that town went through. as a mother of 4 I could not imagine what Dawn Anna went through. my heart will always go out to every one that died on that horrible day.

Friday, September 19th 2008 - 07:46:51 AM             //Amy Lydle

What a strong and beautiful girl you are, you had a wonderful role model. You are with God now and you are an angel!

Thursday, September 18th 2008 - 10:07:04 PM         //DONNA

What a horrible tragedy. Just watched the movie tonight, Dawn Anna. God bless you and your family.

Thursday, September 18th 2008 - 09:08:23 PM     //Forrest Phelps-Cook


I was so very saddened on the day of the tragedy...and now after having watched the movie, Dawn Anna, my heart breaks again. Please know that Lauren is truly only a breath away and is with you always.

Tuesday, September 16th 2008 - 07:59:57 PM         //Travis

I was very sad when I heard that Lauren had died, I was only 17 years old when the shooting happened. Lauren will hold a special place in my heart forever, if I was in the library I would have tried very very hard to save as many students as possible may you rest in peace Lauren and may god bless you forever.

Sunday, August 31st 2008 - 08:35:55 PM        //Allison

Lauren has touched my life along with all the other victims of that day. Lauren has a special place in my heart forever. God bless.

Friday, August 1st 2008 - 05:22:21 AM             //Melinda Claxton

Lauren was 6 months older than me...I remember coming home from school that day to my Dad sitting in front of the TV looking horrified. As I sat watching, tears were rolling down my face. I can remember thinking that could be me or my friends. How could someone do what those boys did... Now at 27 years old, I still think about that day often...What would Lauren and those 12 other brave people be doing with their lives if they got to live. I'm married with 2 beautiful children...would they have similar lives? I watched Dawn Anna again tonight, and it never gets easier to watch the scene when they first hear about the shooting then hear that Lauren didn't make it. Such a beautiful soul forced to leave this earth before her time. My heart goes out to Lauren's and all the victims families. May each day be brighter than the previous...

Sunday, July 20th 2008 - 12:58:33 AM             //Mary

Lauren was two years older than I was. I live in Colorado Springs, CO and I remember everything about that day. It literally feels just like yesterday when the local news reporters announced the sickening horror that was taking place. I couldn't stop crying as I saw kids my age running away from a place that should have been safe, in order to save their lives. That day changed my life and I will never forget the images I saw or the young people who were killed so close to my home. Anyone who was in high school at that time could identify with the victims because you realized that it could have been you that day. I know in my heart that Lauren is with her Creator in heaven. I watched Dawn Anna for the first time was difficult to see the reminders from April 20th, but I'm so glad that kids now are seeing and understanding what happened to my generation here in Colorado. We will never forget any of you, you will all live in our hearts and minds forever. God bless those who were left behind to grieve and move forward without your loved ones.

Saturday, July 19th 2008 - 10:31:04 PM             //Deejai

I just finished the movie Dawn Anna. I think Lauren lead a very good life. I can honestly say she was an inspiration as well as her mother. they where very brave women and I send my condolences to the Townsend family.

Saturday, July 19th 2008 - 10:19:28 PM             //Lisa Tasho

I also saw the Lifetime movie and it's such a sad loss when you witness someone with so much love, so much to offer, so gifted and beautiful in every way to be taken the way she was. I know she is in a better place, and it's only a short time until she will be reunited with her wonderful close dear family. Dawn, you are an amazing lady & raised amazing kids. You will all be blessed.

Saturday, July 19th 2008 - 08:44:09 PM             //Terese Starkey

I've seen the movie Dawn Anna a hundred times, including again tonight its still so Heart Breaking, I hope things are starting to heal for this family. God Bless

Saturday, July 19th 2008 - 08:41:44 PM             //Jordan

I just saw the lifetime movie Dawn Anna and Lauren's story truly touched my heart. My thoughts and prayers are with her family. She was an absolutely amazing perfect beautiful girl.

Saturday, July 19th 2008 - 08:23:09 PM             //Karen Walker

I just watched the movie Dawn Anna for the first time and originally thought it was about the mom's cancer and struggle to get back to normal. I was saddened to learn it was the tragic story of Columbine. I am grateful for the opportunity to learn about Lauren. What an amazing young women. It is sad that a life so full of promise was cut short by this senseless act. She will always be remembered by anyone who has seen this movie....just like me. God Bless the Townsend family.

Saturday, July 19th 2008 - 08:22:30 PM             //Julie

What an inspirational life Lauren had - a beautiful girl gone from this world way to soon. She is remembered and missed every day. Remember her with a smile.

Saturday, July 19th 2008 - 08:09:58 PM             //Nicole

God Bless those whom lost their lives on that tragic day. I hope that you are all in a better place looking down upon all of us insuring that nothing like this will ever happen again. I have had the opportunity to hear of the lives of Rachel Joy Scott and Lauren Townsend, Both of these girls touched my heart with the story of their lives. God bless you all... you are forever in my heart!

Tuesday, June 24th 2008 - 10:14:38 AM             //Marie

I didn't meet Lauren and I was a child when Columbine's High School's massacre happened but.. it seems she was somebody wonderful, an angel who takes her wings. That's silly and I didn't believe in god. But I really think that without her, someone else would be dead.

Saturday, May 31st 2008 - 08:05:42 AM         //Therese

I just saw DAWN ANNA on Swedish television and was sobbing at the end. Rest in peace Lulu! greetings from Sweden

Monday, May 26th 2008 - 02:16:23 PM             //Chloe

I just watched Dawn Anna last night and I have never heard about Columbine before. I'm 14 and feel so sorry for her family and all the families involved. Lauren sounded so nice and was beautiful. I hope she rests in peace along with all the other people that were murdered in this horrific incidence! R.I.P. !! XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX

Sunday, May 25th 2008 - 06:09:41 PM                //Gemma

I remember seeing that tragic day at Columbine High school on the news here in Ireland and thinking to myself what is going on and how could such a terrible thing happen in school of all places in our world. It is a place were we think our children and the children of the world are safe when they leave home. The movie Dawn Anna has just been on the TV here in Ireland tonight and like others I too thought I was watching a movie about a women fighting an illness with an amazing family around her until I saw the camera pan up to the name of the school and it hit me all of a sudden I went cold and got the shivers all over as I realized what was about to unfold in this story I gasped to hold in my feelings and couldn't hold back the cry I let out as it is so painful to see & hear Dawn Anna and her family's pain and to remember what the children suffered. But such a beautiful girl & her friends are at peace in the kingdom of heaven. Lauren was so like my niece now who is in high school now artistic, breeds animals in an incubator and waits for eggs to hatch and also loves music it is unbearable to think of a horror like that happening to her. But thank God Lauren has such an amazing and STRONG mother who seems to know there is life after this world were Lauren is waiting for her. The work she is doing to protect other children is a credit to her. Dawn may God grant you & your family peace in mind body and soul as any women who takes care of children like you is a blessed lady. Keep your light shining God Bless you. Gemma X

Sunday, May 25th 2008 - 05:22:25 PM             //Michael Devlin

Some families have more than there fare share of sadness. Its a small saving grace if you come from a close loving family. How else could you get through. I like to think events like this strengthen that bond and make you appreciate those you love around you even more. At the risk of sounding morbid you never know how long those people remain in you life. Its so important to make the most of loved ones and never part on bad terms.

Friday, May 16th 2008 - 11:18:02 AM                 //Trish

I just finished watching the movie Dawn Anna. Thinking I was watching a movie about a women beating cancer, than realizing it was also about Lauren and the horrible tragedy that occurred at Columbine H.S. Why do the truly loving, gifted, caring people have to be taken so young. Lauren shouldn't have been one to leave this earth so soon. She had so much left to do before her time was up. Lauren is an inspiration to me and I will NEVER forget her and what she wanted to do in life. I hope more people can be the angel that she was. SHE IS TRULY AN ANGEL IN EVERY WAY...IN LIFE AND IN DEATH... Rest in piece Lauren...YOU will be remembered and NEVER forgotten!

Friday, May 9th 2008 - 11:38:36 PM                     //Angela

I have seen the movie Dawn Anna and we named our daughter Lauren after you. May you rest in peace.

Friday, May 9th 2008 - 10:07:36 PM                 //Melissa Swanson

I watch the movie Dawn Anna three times and every time I see the movie I cry. My heart goes out to Lauren's family and friends.

Friday, May 9th 2008 - 01:30:55 PM                     //Diane Webb

I just saw DAWN ANNA and was sobbing at the end. you remind me of my daughter whom I can't imagine living without. Your mom was so lucky to have you.

Friday, May 9th 2008 - 10:09:39 AM                     //summer mills

I've seen Dawn Anna (the movie). You seem like such a wonderful person in the movie. It's a shame this happened to you and the other students. I bet you're having a great time up in heaven. =) bye

Thursday, May 8th 2008 - 09:51:29 PM                 //martina

It's hard to find fairness in our life, so much pain and tragedy...when we are born there is lot's of noise and happiness, when we die there is silence and tears...what follows only God knows but I am sure, but angels like Lauren are rewarded...

Thursday, May 8th 2008 - 09:24:54 PM                 //Alysa

I'm sorry

Thursday, May 8th 2008 - 09:16:17 PM                 //Allison

Your mom is an amazing women and keeping your spirit alive and talking to people, is so amazing. You will not only be missed by people who knew you, but even people who didn't. R.I.P. Lauren

Thursday, May 8th 2008 - 09:02:22 PM                 //Karla Pena

Best wishes to your family. May you rest in peace.

Friday, April 11th 2008 - 12:21:42 AM                 //Emily Shongutsie

I really respect your mom for keeping your story going Lauren.

Saturday, March 15th 2008 - 02:05:51 PM         //Glenn Capo

God Bless This Young Lady

Thursday, March 13th 2008 - 02:57:11 PM         //SONIA H.

May God continue to bless your and family. I know they miss you very much.

Friday, February 29th 2008 - 09:18:06 AM         //lulama

Hi I just finished watching the movie and I immediately came to this website I'm from South Africa, 14-years-old.  At the end of the movie I cried because she lived her life to the fullest took nothing for granted unlike we as teenagers do. Even though I didn't know or never met HER she taught me a lesson never to take anything for granted and care. I'm sure she is happy where she is. RIP love

Saturday, February 9th 2008 - 04:31:19 PM         //bencia detsin

I was touch when I read the story and see the movie!!!! I cried so hard that after I did have a headache so I'm glad to sign that notebook but in my soul I feel like knowing Lauren and her family already and I will never ever forget u!!!!!!!!

Monday, February 4th 2008 - 09:35:54 AM         //Jessica

che la violenza diventi amore

Sunday, February 3rd 2008 - 02:58:20 PM             //Ruth

Today I have seen your story on a film. I have no word to describe what I'm feeling....from Spain all my love for Lauren's family.

Tuesday, January 22nd 2008 - 10:32:28 AM         //Kimberly

I saw your story on lifetime and I am in forensic science. I am doing a story on what happened that day and i just want to let you know that I will not leave your name out you inspired me and I thanks you for opening up my eyes with that movie and letting me know there is more in life then stupid stuff. I need to live my life because you never know when you wont be able to wake up again. thank you Kimberly

Sunday, January 20th 2008 - 02:46:42 PM         //Thaakirah

I'm speechless after watching Dawn Anna. I am 20yrs old, when the tragedy occurred I was 11yrs old. Dawn Anna is a moving story, which has shocked me and saddened me tremendously. Lauren seemed to be a true ray of light filled with plenty of love and joy. A great person who was taken suddenly. She has touched my heart as well as her family making me think about life, hope and faith making me want to make a difference. I will keep her in my prayers as well as her family, I will try an honor her memory and her greatness by trying to make a difference in today's society. Lauren will be remembered by me and her fellow students.

Thursday, January 17th 2008 - 11:43:14 PM         //Susan

I watched Dawn Anna the other day on Lifetime. I did not realize what the movie was about, but it seemed really good. I missed the very beginning. After watching the movie, I cried for over an hour. It was such a waste for this precious girl to die, as I am sure it was for all who died that day. My prayers are with them all. I could not stand it if something happened to one of mine...God bless and give these families strength...and peace in knowing these young lives must be in Heaven now. I am so very very sorry for this traumatic loss. BUT, how the movie ended, this is proof that Lauren, and I am sure the others, are up above and free of the pain in this life.

Tuesday, January 15th 2008 - 11:00:15 PM             //Margaret Riedl

Just saw the movie Dawn Anna and was moved by what a special family Lauren was from. The family's loss of Lauren is tragic, and no words can ever really help, but what a great gift it was for Lauren to have lived with such a wonderful, nurturing, loving family. In her much too short life she was loved greatly, and that is awesome.

Tuesday, January 15th 2008 - 02:26:26 PM             //angel

I just got watched your movie, Dawn Anna, in which I have seen it before, I can't help from feeling for you and all of the other kids, and teacher, whom lost their lives at school. I am a mother and wouldn't know how to lose someone in my life so special to me as my children. A part of everyone who remembers that day will be with all of you. Maybe you and everyone will hear this, a part of my heart goes out to you all. May you know that no one will ever forget that day.

Tuesday, January 15th 2008 - 02:17:55 PM             //Tiffany and Jordyn Uscio

Your story is one of those that makes me have faith. You truly are a beautiful soul and the only reason any god would take u from this earth would be because he needed you for a higher purpose, that is what makes me believe, in him, cause no one deserves what you and your family have undertaken unless there is a higher purpose. God bless to you and all your family and friends.

Tuesday, January 15th 2008 - 02:09:19 PM             //rebecca

This is a sad tragic. you will always live in our hearts.

Tuesday, January 15th 2008 - 01:46:39 PM             //Debby Carlso

Very sad story. My heart goes out to the family.

Tuesday, January 15th 2008 - 01:44:21 PM             //Christina

Although I have seen your movie five times I still cry each time. You are truly a loved girl judging by your family, friends and by all of the posts I have read on here. You are a true angel and hero, because of you those other girls are still here. R. I. P. Lauren, love and prayers to the family.

Tuesday, January 15th 2008 - 01:44:19 PM             //Diane

My families thoughts and prayers are with you...

Tuesday, January 15th 2008 - 01:32:52 PM             //Ginger Marshall

I just saw the movie Dawn Anna on Lifetime TV. I was moved to see such a beautiful girl as Lauren to be lost at such a young age. May God bless Lauren's family and friends.

Tuesday, January 15th 2008 - 01:20:19 PM             //Jennifer

My prayers go out to you and your family Lauren. I saw the movie today and it was so amazing, I love and admire how close your family is. I truly feel you're a beautiful angel in heaven watching over the people you love and also those you never got the chance to meet. May god be with you, your family, and friends always! God Bless ~Jennifer and family

Tuesday, January 15th 2008 - 01:07:52 PM             //Ashley Conner

I just watched Dawn Anna for the first time I often wonder where people find the strength to get through tough times that Dawn and her family faced.

Tuesday, January 15th 2008 - 01:07:13 PM             //Jules

My thoughts & prayers are with you, your family & all of the people who suffered a loss because of this senseless tragedy. Even though I never knew you or the other victims of Columbine, I feel a sense of loss too. I know you are an angel up in heaven as you were here on earth. God Bless!

Tuesday, January 15th 2008 - 12:50:24 PM             //Mimi

Your life was cut short but it was so full of love. May you rest in peace, Lauren. Mimi and family

Monday, December 31st 2007 - 06:13:55 PM             //Claudio

Where are you now?  Six more beautiful and happy.

Monday, December 31st 2007 - 01:02:47 PM             //Roberta

"All is going right" I saw the movie and I think Lauren is now a Angel !!!!!!!!

Thursday, December 27th 2007 - 08:57:09 PM         //KIMMIE DAHER

I am so sorry for your loss and the story of Laurens life and the movie Dawn Anna touched my family's life. GOD BLESS YOU ALL.

Wednesday, December 26th 2007 - 09:34:01 PM         //Pamela. F

Hi there I have just now got through watching the movie Dawn Anna. I seen it in a old box of my cousins and I was like that looks like it would be a good movie. I have watched this movie over and over I love it. Every time I watch it I cry through the whole movie, almost but mostly at the end. I would have loved to have known Lauren Townsend it sounds like she was a good person, and I bet she was. But I had decided after I got through with the movie this time I was going to do some research and just learn more about it and all.  I put all the family and friends that had someone that was heart and all in my prayers. I send my love and care to each and everyone of y'all, and it makes me happy to see that Lauren's friends loved and cared about her so much and to make a web sit about her and all. Y'all are very good friends, everyone needs a friends like y'all in there life .. R.I.P. Lauren Townsend

Wednesday, December 19th 2007 - 01:33:16 PM         //Monique

Hello, I watched Dawn Anna when it first premiered in 2005. Everytime I watch it it brings tears to my eyes, not because of Lauren's death because I believe she is an angel watching down, but it's because of the tremendous love, adoration and bond that her and her family have. For that reason her love nor her memory will never be forgotten!

Tuesday, December 11th 2007 - 02:26:11 PM     //Cristina Batlle Sevilla

Hola! Soy de españa, siento mucho lo sucedido, os mando mis condolencias y mis mejores deseos de seguir adelante. besos!!!

Monday, December 3rd 2007 - 03:55:08 PM         //angelique shiri

Dear Lauren, I just watched the movie Dawn Anna.  You must have been an amazing young lady. Hope you are as happy up there as you were on earth. My love to your family.

Monday, December 3rd 2007 - 12:57:20 AM         //Renee'

God bless you and your family. You were beautiful person with an amazing soul. God is lucky to have you and your family was lucky to have met you.

Sunday, November 25th 2007 - 07:07:26 PM         //OQ Latumahina

Hello, my name is OQ Latumahina, I’m from Indonesia. I watched Dawn Anna yesterday.  Anna you are the best mother of world. To Anna, Bink and the rest of the family, I want to pass on my condolences and e-hugs and and I pray that God will watch over each and everyone of you. JESUS loves you!!!

Saturday, November 24th 2007 - 11:30:06 PM         //Stephanie

I just saw the movie Dawn Anna and I was deeply touched by it. I don't really know the Townsend family but I hope all of them are happy now and to Lauren I'm sure she had found her happiness now.

Friday, November 23rd 2007 - 06:51:57 PM         //Jordan

Dear Lauren, may you forever rest in eternal peace, may God be with your family, friends, classmates and Littleton, Colorado.

Monday, November 12th 2007 - 08:23:57 PM         //Kayla Rodman

I am so sorry about what happened. I am inspired by this family and everything they went through. Thank you!

Monday, October 29th 2007 - 06:27:33 AM         //cristiana

I pray for Lauren and for all victims of the Columbine.

Sunday, October 21st 2007 - 10:57:22 PM             //Janessa & F'Lissitee Gallegos

Today is October 20, 2007 and I sat down with my 10-year-old daughter F'Lissitee to watch Dawn Anna. My daughter was only 2 when Columbine happened. We are from Pueblo, Colorado and it affected us and still affects us to this day. May God bless Lauren's family and all of the families that were effected that day.

Sunday, October 21st 2007 - 03:59:57 PM             //brett wilt

I was watching TV yesterday and the date April 20th came up and I remembered that tragic day. To Lauren and everyone else who is hurt by this sad day!!

Saturday, October 20th 2007 - 06:31:46 PM         //Kendra Daniels

I don't know who you were but I am so sorry about the stupid people in this world, and to know that even to this day it is getting even worse day by day and I am sorry that you have lost your life to this. I am sure that you were a great person, daughter, and best friend, and now everyone's lives that you have touched are now being looked after by you, but we all have questions as to why this happened and why to such a great person. These are questions that we will never know the answers to, but all that we can hope is that your ok and you keep looking after your family who need you and miss you more then ever. God bless you Lauren and I hope to meet you personally some day, The world misses you

Saturday, October 20th 2007 - 06:17:08 PM         //Kristen

I just watched the movie Dawn Anna I have heard about the Columbine shooting but never really knew how serious it was until I watched the movie. My prayers are with the Lauren's friends and family. It breaks my heart to hear that she helped other people get out from that table in the library but that she did not. She is a hero to many and I will never forget the courage she had. She will always be loved and never forgotten. I feel absolutely terrible for all the pain her family had and is still going through. My prayers and thoughts will always be with you. love Kristen

Saturday, October 20th 2007 - 05:28:38 PM         //Michelle

Rest in Peace

Friday, October 12th 2007 - 04:08:21 PM             //Tami Wahl

I remember April 20th, 1999 like it was yesterday. My daughter was 3 at the time. She is now 11. I remember picking her up from the sitter's and the TV was on, and all I saw were scads of teenagers walking out of school with their hands on their heads, then running....I was so deeply touched by the movie Dawn Anna. I too am a teacher. I still cry when I hear of Columbine and especially Lauren. She seemed like such a wonderful girl. It saddened me that day, to know that a place that had always been my safe haven, was now touched with such and evil. Now, it seems that each year, there is some kind of violent act in a school, college etc. Just recently it home for us. Yesterday, a 14-year-old boy was arrested in Pennsylvania, right near my Mom's house in Montgomery County. I have a sister who is 14 and attends a neighboring district. The boy that was arrested was going to carry out the same type of thing that happened at Columbine!!! Then, they just arrested the mother for supplying him with the guns!!!! It scares me to know, that my child is growing up in a world, that has this much violence and evil. Even though I didn't know Lauren personally, you could tell by the movie Dawn Anna and what is written about her, that she was the type of person, who we need more of in this world in this day and age. God Bless.

Wednesday, September 26th 2007 - 01:25:03 PM     //judy belcourt

She was such a beautiful person, just by what I've read and the movie.

Tuesday, September 4th 2007 - 12:27:55 PM         //Samuella

I'm a French girl, and like all French people, I listened the tragic story of Columbine. But all this take a real live when I saw the film "Une vie à l'épreuve" (Dawn Anna) yersteday on TV. Lauren seems happy, smiling, joking, dancing... she was the perfection in earth. Nobody must forget Columbine.

Monday, September 3rd 2007 - 10:39:45 AM         //Marie

This afternoon I have just seen the film "Une vie à l'épreuve" in France with your "family". I don't speak English very well but I would tell you I think to you and I'm very sorry for this horror.  May Lauren fly above us like an eagle.

Monday, September 3rd 2007 - 09:29:36 AM         //Morgane

I am a 24-years-old French girl and I just watched the movie Dawn Anna. I already knew about the story of Columbine high school and was deeply moved, but watching what happened to Lauren and your family made my heart cry. You all are in my thought and heart.

Monday, September 3rd 2007 - 09:26:30 AM         //nadia massoni

I live in France and I knew the sad history of the Columbine high school, I have seen today the film Dawn Anna; who made me cry!  It's really sad and I cheer for these foundations and demonstrations against the weapons with guns! Sorry for my bad English

Monday, September 3rd 2007 - 09:20:43 AM         //Malou

I just see the "Lulu's" family story and it's was very interesting. (I'm French, I haven't spoken English since a long time ago :s, sorry.) I would tell to Lauren's family all my best wishes and I hope they are all right and that Dawn's health is good. Thank you for this life's lesson, Maïwenn, Paris

Saturday, August 25th 2007 - 02:17:09 PM         //Kim Salyers

Lauren May you be at rest in heaven.

Sunday, August 12th 2007 - 05:50:54 AM         //Alessandro Guidobaldi

I am Italian, 57-years-old, father of three lovely sons and daughter. I was really touched having seen the film about your tragedy, and my heart is full of tears for you. I want only to tell you that Lauren still lives also in my heart and I am near you and all, the unfortunate innocent boys and girls who lost their life in such an awful way. A kiss and embrace. Alessandro

Tuesday, August 7th 2007 - 01:21:01 PM         //Audra Kaylor

I recently saw the film Dawn Anna, I was a freshman in high school when the Columbine shootings happened. I never really took it all in until I saw the film. My heart goes out to Lauren's family as well as all the victim's family. God Bless you all, you are in my prayers.

Friday, August 3rd 2007 - 09:00:08 PM             //Fabian

I am of Mexico, and finished seeing the film. I arrive myself until the soul and I put myself to think that Lauren was very young and it needed much to live, and was a great person. I feel very sad with the happened thing. If had a daughter I'll call her Lauren, in her honor. God blesses it back in the sky. The great small hawk. RIP :(

Friday, August 3rd 2007 - 05:48:19 PM             //Nicole

Ich bin Schweizerin, obwohl ich kein englisch kann, möchte ich ein paar Worte schreiben. Ich habe durch Zufall den Film Dawn Anna gesehen und bin tief bewegt. Ich wünsche allen Freunden und der ganzen Familie von Lauren alles Gute!

Tuesday, July 31st 2007 - 01:00:46 PM         //Melissa Moore

I just watched the movie Dawn Anna about your family and I felt compelled to reach out and let you know that I you that I was truly moved by it. I can't remember have such strong feelings about a movie in a long time. As a school social worker I strongly advocate for gun control and better school violence policies, I just wish that these type of tragedies could be avoided before people would stop and take a look at what is going on in the world today, God Bless you and may your family find peace in knowing your in a better place now.

Monday, July 30th 2007 - 04:17:48 PM             //Mrs McGurl

I just seen a movie about your family. As a mother of 4 and also remarried, my heart cried out how wonderful your children are and your husband. The blessing you had and the unthinkable of any parent. My thoughts are with you...I hugged my children after crying from joy and sadness of your story. After that I'm speechless. God bless you all and LuLu.

Sunday, July 29th 2007 - 03:50:24 PM              //Heather

Lauren was a ray of light that was taken from us too soon. My prayers go out to her family and friends.

Sunday, July 29th 2007 - 02:29:54 PM             //Deatra Bea

I know how it feels to lose a love one at a place that you have to go back to every day until you graduate. My cousin was shot at Jones Senior High School on December1, 2006 in Trenton, North Carolina. So the loss of a love one goes deep for me and all of my deep and wishful thoughts are with y'all!!!

Sunday, July 29th 2007 - 02:25:01 PM             //melanie bruss

God Bless You.

Sunday, July 29th 2007 - 02:08:15 PM             //Lauren

I just watched Dawn Anna on LIFETIME and I was truly touched by everything in the movie. After reading and looking at pictures of Lauren, she was a beautiful girl and she will never be forgotten by her loved ones. Your family is in my heart and prayers. p.s. Lauren and I share the same nickname... LuLu

Sunday, July 29th 2007 - 01:53:12 PM             //Joan

God bless Lauren and her family. Dawn Anna you are an inspiration and know that one day you will see your beautiful LuLu again.

Sunday, July 29th 2007 - 01:51:44 PM             //Magnolia

It was truly inspiring to see the story of Dawn Anna and all of her truly wonderful children. Lauren was indeed a blessing to have had in your lives.

Sunday, July 29th 2007 - 01:48:55 PM             //Jim Marquardt, Napa, Ca

May God bless Lauren's family. Its amazing what blessings and how beautiful the talents and love of a young person are. Much love to all her friends that won't forget her and all of the young people at Columbine.

Sunday, July 29th 2007 - 01:44:00 PM             //Kema Ward

I remember I was a junior in high school when this happened. I sent teddy bears. I'm sure the families loss is still felt even today. I just watched the movie on Lifetime Dawn Anna. I have seen it a thousand times and each time it touches me as if it were the first. I do not know loss of such magnitude, but with such a great family I'm sure you've helped each other heal. I just wanted to sign saying that it is 8 years later and it is not forgotten.

Friday, July 27th 2007 - 09:30:22 PM                 //Danielle Kirkpatrick

I'm a distant cousin of Lauren and even though I never met her I still think of her.

Tuesday, July 17th 2007 - 08:30:55 PM             //Donita Causing

I was inspired in your story when I watched the movie Dawn Anna.  I was really touched in the movie. I'm also a high school student so I can relate to it.  More prayers to the Townsend family and I'm sure that Lauren is happy to see you moving on. Always take care.... ;]

Saturday, June 23rd 2007 - 07:12:08 PM             //Debra Martinez

I have just seen the movie Dawn Anna and was so deeply moved! Nothing seemed to be said about God (in the movie) however I would imagine one could not get through these trials without His Strength.

Tuesday, June 19th 2007 - 01:23:53 AM             //Kaitlin Hutchison

Hey, I thought everyone did really good in the movie. I've seen it a million times. Even though it happened over 8 years ago, We will all remember Lauren, Cassie, Rachel, Kelly, and the rest who were killed on that horrific day. God Bless you all!

Sunday, June 10th 2007 - 03:25:43 PM                 //Paige Robbins

I'm 15 and watching Dawn Anna has really changed my life. It makes me want a closer relationship with my mom. I'll pray for Lauren and her family. May sweet Lauren rest in peace and best of wishes to her loving family.

Friday, June 8th 2007 - 12:30:45 AM                     //Ed

I recently watched the movie Dawn Anna which inspired me to learn more about Lauren. A remarkable and gifted young lady whose life inspired these simple words: By her loving past, Lauren's memory will forever last. Thank you for Lauren and for your solid faith and example of Christian witness which has deeply touched me.

Wednesday, June 6th 2007 - 07:40:02 AM             //julie ward

I wish the Townsend's family the best from their lost of their daughter Lauren Anna Townsend.

Wednesday, May 30th 2007 - 03:06:16 AM             //Dawn

Just watched the Dawn Anna film, and cried most way through it, so much heart ache in your family, but you all stayed so strong for each other, you are an inspirational person. R.I.P. Lauren

Wednesday, May 30th 2007 - 02:28:18 AM             //Ashleigh

I first found out watching Dawn Anna the movie and it really touched my heart even though I am 13 and young it really makes me thankful for my life.  May Lauren rest in peace and best wishes to Lauren's family. We miss you, we love you RIP Lauren.

Tuesday, May 29th 2007 - 12:13:02 PM                 //ali

What an inspiration to us all, I've just watched the movie and cried nearly all the way through, a family that stayed strong through so much. God bless you all.

Tuesday, May 29th 2007 - 11:29:04 AM                 //Jemma

I just watched the movie, and I was so touched I came on-line straight away to find out more!! It seems a terrible fate this family has incurred over the years! And I wish them to stay happy and safe!

Saturday, May 26th 2007 - 09:25:41 PM                 //Avery

Hi lulu, I miss you, and you live on in my dreams and in my life.

Monday, May 21st 2007 - 11:51:31 AM                 //caryn smart

I saw the movie, and she was a lovely person in life!

Saturday, May 19th 2007 - 09:21:32 PM                 //Lisa Marie

To the Townsend Family, You all are in my prayers. I was 11-years-old when it happened and from that day on I just want you to know: No matter where Lauren is she is always in your hearts. May you rest in peace, Lauren.

Saturday, May 19th 2007 - 09:02:38 PM                 //Angela

I saw the movie Dawn Anna for the first time and I couldn't stop crying. I am so sorry for what happen to Lauren. Just remember she will always be in your thoughts and prayers and that she is a Guardian Angel for your family.

Saturday, May 19th 2007 - 08:51:25 PM                 //Jessy Davis

I just wanted the family to know that no matter how hard it is we have to go on that's what our families would want. I have had loss these last few months and know its hard even though for you its been 8 years.  I know some days still feel like it was yesterday. You will be in my prayers and I hope all is well.

Saturday, May 19th 2007 - 08:50:26 PM                 //AngelaT.

May you live on forever!

Thursday, May 17th 2007 - 04:06:12 AM                 //abdullah

Rest in peace Lauren , we love you.

Wednesday, April 25th 2007 - 08:18:59 AM         //kelsey warner

May she rest in peace!

Friday, April 20th 2007 - 09:18:56 PM                     //Norma Hondall

Hi, I'm from México, I just want to say that is terrible the things that are happening, I feel sorry for all the families, but now they have an angel in the sky.

Friday, April 20th 2007 - 03:46:45 PM                     //Christina Vergara

I have seen the movie Dawn Anna. I though it was such a wonderful movie. For a family to have to endured so much pain and persevere as a family is absolutely the most wonderful thing in the world. As today is the anniversary of the Columbine Tragedy, we hope that Lauren and all of the angels that are with her are watching over all of us.

Friday, April 20th 2007 - 11:33:48 AM                     //anna fermin

I am from Manila, Philippines and I saw the movie Dawn Anna for the first time today. I felt very sad and sorry for the whole family, especially for the loss of their beloved Lauren. I cant fight back my tears for the tragedy and to see how such loving and supportive family experienced a terrible ordeal. I salute you for being strong and closely knit before and after it happened. God bless you all.

Friday, April 20th 2007 - 10:41:05 AM                     //Ngoc

I saw the film and got to know about the massacre just 1 day after the Virgina Tech massacre occurred.  And I still can't believe what happened, especially to Lauren and her family.  I can feel that Lauren is a great girl. And I feel really bad about Lauren's lost as well as the others'. Truly I am.

Friday, April 20th 2007 - 10:30:45 AM                     //Allison

I am so very sorry for your loss. I know this being the anniversary of that dreadful day is very hard. Please know that many people of America are thinking of you and are remembering all the lost. The movie Dawn Anna portrays your family in such a beautiful way. Dawn Anna, you are a very caring loving person and I am very sorry that you had to endure this horrible tragedy on top of all the other sadness you have had in your life.

Wednesday, April 18th 2007 - 04:32:13 PM             //Erin

I saw the movie and I have to say that I couldn't stop crying. I cannot even think of how hard that whole day was for the people involved and their families. All the families and friends of the people who died have my sympathy.

Wednesday, April 18th 2007 - 04:08:17 AM             //Melissa

I saw the movie for the first time, I'm from Australia.  I thought it was a very loving and moving film, I couldn't believe when I turned the DVD off to see breaking news and that another school shooting had taken place.  I'm still in shock as to how this happened again, these things do not happen in our school system maybe due to the fact that we have no guns readily available. Lauren was an amazing talented beautiful person just watching the movie made me reevaluate life.  She was an inspiration, and for this to happen again to innocent inspirational kids who were making a path for their lives is terribly sad. We will think of you all forever you will never be forgotten.

Tuesday, April 17th 2007 - 11:17:25 AM             //stefania

Hi, I'm Italian. I saw the movie today. Now I feel so sad, and this seems to be always the same words, but it's so... I'm so sorry, for this cute girl, for this wonderful family, for all the other people who have lost someone in this tragic day. WHY??? My God why do this thing happen. I hope that this beautiful Angel will watch on all children, my babies too.

Monday, April 16th 2007 - 10:14:30 PM                 //Jackie

I would like to express my deepest sympathy to Lauren's family. I remember that day quite well, I was 14-years-old and was in the 8th grade, I remember being so scared and hoping that would never happen where I lived, shortly after that happened we had a student at the high school threaten the school by phone saying there were pipe bombs least to say all the schools in my town were shut down, even the private school, which I attended was closed, and after that happened I was totally convinced going to high school was going to be very hard, I thank the Lord nothing bad happened from that incident. When I was in my 10th or 11th grade year, I can't remember which one, a student placed a list of people he was going to kill and a map of how he was going to do it and it was very similar to Columbine, but thankfully he was caught before it happened, The plan was discovered by a fellow student. I just hope the Lord is with us all when this type of tragedy happens, God bless.

Monday, April 16th 2007 - 12:32:28 PM                 //Linda Girouard

I saw the movie Dawn Anna numerous times. It was such a touching, loving family and how tragic Lauren died, she was an amazing young woman. I cry every time I watch the movie on Lifetime. Linda Girouard, New Hampshire

Sunday, April 15th 2007 - 07:58:49 PM                     //Deena Lincoln

God bless these beautiful families

Tuesday, April 3rd 2007 - 05:40:02 AM                     //Jozefien

Hey, I'm from Belgium. Yesterday I saw the movie Dawn Anna. It was the first time I heard of "Columbine High School" and it really touched me. It's really sad that something like this could happen, and although it happened in 1999, I do want to express how sorry I am for the family of those who died that day. I believe that they were all very brave, and I hope their death was/ is a wake up call for everybody. May they rest in peace.

Thursday, March 29th 2007 - 11:13:42 AM                 //Giulia

I think Lauren should have been a beautiful person. I think now she's an angel in heaven.

Wednesday, March 28th 2007 - 10:07:34 AM             //tiziana

I'm from Italy, and I'm 23! I saw the movie 15 min ago, and that's break my heart.  I've cried and now I've tears in my eyes, I'm so so sorry, it's so sad!!!  She is never really gone, because she continue to be alive in our minds and heart!!!!  Sorry for my English, but I hope you can understand me!!! REST IN PEACE LAUREN!!!!!!! THE BEST ANGEL IS FLYING BACK TO THE STARS!!!

Wednesday, March 28th 2007 - 07:37:48 AM             //julie

Sorry for your daughter's death.

Tuesday, March 27th 2007 - 06:20:02 PM                //Marina

I'm from Italy, so please sorry for my English. I just watched the Dawn Anna movie.  Well, I just can't stop crying and wondering why these things happen. I'd like to say smarter words.  Sorry if I couldn't. Hope "army things" in America are getting in the right way.  Fortunately here in Europe weapons are not so largely used. Guns are not the answers to any kind of problems.

Friday, March 16th 2007 - 01:01:29 AM                     //Ashleigh

My name is Ashleigh and I am 13-years-old. I only watched Dawn Anna a couple of days ago and oh my gosh I cried and cried it was terrible to think it really happened.  I need to search and read about Lauren but ever since I have watched that movie I have really thought and Lauren and her family are really in my thoughts and prayers.  I hope Dawn is coping and her bothers and sister, I wish I knew Lauren she sounds like a great person, even I don't know her in person but she will always be a friend.

Tuesday, February 27th 2007 - 10:00:32 PM             //Lisa Wagner

I saw the movie Dawn Anna a few years ago. I cry every time I watch it. I have seen pictures of Lauren and have to tell you she was a beautiful young woman. One comfort I take in such tragedy is knowing she is even more beautiful now than she was on this earth. Please take strength in knowing that her memory will never be forgotten. I have four small children and some day I will tell them about her. Is there somewhere I can get more information on her and the family. I want my children to know what strength of family is all about. I believe this family has more character and strength than any I have ever known. Thank you for this site.

Thursday, February 22nd 2007 - 02:38:21 AM            //Antigona Shehi

Hi, I've seen this movie so many times and I love. I feel bad for the Anna family. They suffered so much. As a 13-year-old watching this movie I learned so much. I hope everything's okay now. Life goes on. God Bless You Guys. And I love how the family supported each other.

Thursday, February 22nd 2007 - 08:00:53 PM             //lalezar

The Anna family has suffered so much. I love this movie so much.

Wednesday, February 7th 2007 - 01:30:31 AM             //Meichelle

The world has been blessed by Lauren Townsend. There is nothing that can be said to reverse the effects of the tragedy which occurred at Columbine High School, but should we open up the eyes of our spirit, we can make the event more than a tragedy. We can learn to understand one another, embracing one another before it is too late. From what I perceive of Lauren's life, this is exactly how she lived. I desire to carry on in that spirit and honor her memory, her family, and make her sacrifice meaningful. God bless you, her family. Meichelle - Australia.

Tuesday, February 6th 2007 - 03:48:52 AM                 //TERRY FARMER

Hi I remember sitting watching the shooting live in Australia all those years ago. Sitting watching this movie thinking how Lauren did to help these other student to get out to safety what a wonderful young woman she was. I have three children and watch and love them so much and to think how much sorrow and heartache this family has gone through even someone in Australia is thinking of Lauren and her family take care you lovely people, Terry.

Monday, February 5th 2007 - 01:31:45 PM                 //betty

God bless.

Sunday, February 4th 2007 - 08:32:47 PM                 //Erica

I watched the Dawn Anna movie on Lifetime today (2/4/07) and it just reminded me of the shooting. I got a little chocked up, but you got to learn to go on with life because no matter how many tears you shed it will never bring that person back. I know I don't want everyone to just sit around and cry. You just have to be thankful that you knew that person, and how great they were! There are going to be days, the days of the shootings, birthdays, Christmas, and stuff that reminds you of them...but in the end you have to go on, no matter how hard it is! Best regards to everyone who was hurt. Erica

Sunday, February 4th 2007 - 06:05:02 PM                 //Lalezar Colaku

Oh my gosh, I just saw the movie Dawn Anna and I can't believe how much they suffered. I'm sorry for everything and even though I didn't know Lauren I'm really sorry.  I really love this movie. I really want to meet Dawn Anna and I wish I could. I love the Lifetime movie, it is amazing.  Even though I didn't know Lauren I love her as if she was my sister and even though I don't know Dawn to me it seems like my mom.  I love the Anna family.  God bless you all!!

Sunday, February 4th 2007 - 04:50:14 PM                 //Brenda Dawson

I just watched the movie Dawn Anna of which I was profoundly affected. To see the strength of this family and the love for one another and how they pulled together in the tough times and this wonderful man Bink who truly loved Dawn was so wonderful and then to see more tragedy come into their lives losing such a beautiful talented child yet, surviving in a world where most families give up over small things. I feel blessed in just seeing this movie and now knowing Lauren just a little and this wonderful Mother and family. Thank you for sharing your story. Bless each of you.

Sunday, February 4th 2007 - 04:40:03 PM                 //Shatarra

I just finished watching the movie Dawn Anna and it was so heart touching that I actually cried, I think that the family and friends of Lauren Townsend are the strongest people in the world, and they have the most beautiful hearts a human can have, they are all and forever will be in my prayers, LOVE PEACE, AND HAPPINESS, IN LOVING MEMORY LAUREN DAWN TOWNSEND 1981-1999.  Even though I've never met her it still seems like I lost a part of me because she was soooooooo sweet!

Sunday, February 4th 2007 - 04:30:10 PM                 //Carrie Falbo

My 13 year old sister was threatened to be killed by another student who had a list of people that he wanted dead. Dawn I know exactly what you went through and give you so much credit on how strong you were, I admire you. I love all the work you have done and how great Lauren was and how she put herself first. God Bless and please e-mail me back.

Sunday, February 4th 2007 - 04:26:53 PM                 //jennifer hobbs

Thank you for the guestbook. I just viewed Dawn Anna on TV today (I saw it years ago) & then I did a web search to learn more about Lauren & her family & friends. I am a mother of 2 wonderful daughters and my prayers go to your community.

Sunday, February 4th 2007 - 04:26:47 PM                 //Bethany Cook

Dear Mrs. Dawn and family, You don't know me, but I just watched your movie on Lifetime. I just thought that I might send you my thoughts and my prayers. I can't imagine your pain. I have 3 small boys of my own and your story has made me want to love them like there is no tomorrow. I've always heard of the tragedy in Columbine but this story really made it real and it really hit home. I have to tell you that you are a very strong Lady Mrs. Dawn, and I want your family to know that you are all in my prayers. Love, Bethany Cook from Cabot Arkansas

Sunday, February 4th 2007 - 04:12:58 PM                 //Colleen

I recently watched the movie Dawn Anna, on the Lifetime network. The story was not only quite touching, but also left a lasting impression. I am so sorry to the family of Lauren and all the other families who lost someone in the shootings.

Saturday, February 3rd 2007 - 06:23:23 PM             //Valentina Ramirez

I'm grievously sad about what had happened to the Columbine students and the teacher. The Indio High School Wind Ensemble will be played that song in loving memory of them.

Saturday, January 27th 2007 - 03:25:25 PM             //Katharina

I have to say every one that died that tragic day is my hero. I was 5 years old when it happened but after learning about it I wish that I could have been there to save her, as well as the others. She will live the greatest life in heaven. God bless. Even those who don't know her miss her!

Monday, November 20th 2006 - 04:32:37 PM             //Ashley Carter

I think that this story will make a impact in many people lives. I myself have read the book She Said Yes and I just wanted to cry and this story is a story that will stick in many people minds.

Saturday, November 18th 2006 - 11:40:59 PM            //NAINAI

Rest in peace girl, God has you now in his hands! Much love to your family in their time of losing a loved one.

Wednesday, October 18th 2006 - 05:05:34 PM           //Fatima Green

Hi, my name is Fatima Green and I am 14 years old...words can never express what Lauren's friends and family went through...I am sorry that you had to go through it at all...Lauren seemed like a very sweet child and I can tell that everyone who knew her loved her....I just want you to know that I am keeping all of Lauren's friends and family in my prayers...and I pray that God will watch over each and everyone of you...though I know that I am really late in my apology, at the time when the massacre happened I was to young to understand...I am sincerely sorry about Lauren....but remember that her physical body may not be here on earth but her spirit will live on in her family and friends forever Truly with all my heart Fatima Z. Green

Tuesday, October 17th 2006 - 09:39:58 AM                  //George Robinson

Rest in Peace

 Monday, October 16th 2006 - 09:16:09 PM                  //Donde Bland

I still remember that tragic day at Columbine like it was yesterday. I did not know anyone there personally, but it really hit home with the recently shooting at Platte Canyon high school. My niece was in the school when the shooting took place. Please continue to pray for the Bailey and Littleton communities as they still continue to heal over the loss of loved ones and those who survived and those who just remember that horrible day. Love you guys and my prayers are with you!

 Monday, October 16th 2006 - 08:29:35 PM                  //Precious Johnson

I've seen this movie when it first came on (on Lifetime) me, my sisters there twins, and my mom were watching it and we loved it. I personally thought the movie could be an inspiration to others and me because of how tragic it was.

 Monday, October 16th 2006 - 08:25:05 PM                  //Boyd Keller

Dawn, very sorry for your loss. I just watched the movie they made about you and did not know it would end in the way it did. You had a very tough couple of years and I hope it only gets better from here.

Monday, October 16th 2006 - 07:52:08 PM                  //Kaila West

R.I.P. to Lauren family and friends and it’s a horrible thing that happened to her

Monday, October 16th 2006 - 06:20:13 PM                  //April Anna-Presnell

Hi my name is April Presnell. My maiden name was Anna I just seen the movie Dawn Anna and was wondering if by any chance we are related? If there is anyway you can get this message to her could you please have her e-mail me and I could give her some more info on myself and my family. I told my husband that the Anna name is not one you hear very often. Thank you very much April Presnell

Thursday, September 28th 2006 - 01:30:46 AM          //Marita

Hallo. I have just seen the movie Dawn Anna (and I love it) and then I see in the news what happened in Platte Canyon High School :( So sad :( You are a great and a strong mom :) and you have wonderful children :) Love from Marita in Sweden

Monday, September 25th 2006 - 11:22:49 AM            //Nicola Lancaster

Dawn Anna On that tragic day, God was blessed with another angel. I hope Lauren didn't suffer. She was a really beautiful person xxx

Monday, September 25th 2006 - 11:19:42 AM            //Nicola Lancaster

To Dawn, Bing and the rest of the family. Having just watched the Dawn Anna movie I felt compelled to look your family up on the web to find out a bit more. From England , I want to pass on my condolences and e-hugs and wish the whole family a happy and healthy and especially long life xxx

Tuesday, September 5th 2006 - 02:25:14 PM              //Jodie

Hey my name is Jodie and about a week ago there was a shooting at a school near the school that I go to. One of my friends was shot in the shoulder and someone got cut by a piece of glass. The guy who did it was going to try and turn it into another Columbine. Ever since the Columbine shooting, it has always interested me but made me sick b/c I don’t understand how someone could get to that point and nobody know... And especially since they were popular kids... But anyways, Lauren even though I never had the pleasure of knowing you I want you to know you and the other 11 brave teens and your family's will be in my heart forever.... love, JJ

Wednesday, August 9th 2006 - 02:20:48 PM               //rhiana gallen

I’m so sorry for your loss. Story's like this really touch me because I live so close to Columbine and really care for the people in my community. It's really inspirational that she could help other's through that horrible. I still can’t believe it happened to our high school and our community.

Sunday, August 6th 2006 - 02:44:49 AM                      //sophie

Well what can I say I was nine when this happened to young to understand but in English I am doing a feature article on this as I feel so strongly about it and it made me realize how lucky I am. Bowling for Columbine and Dawn Anna are really good. Your brave Ashley and God bless Dawn Anna and her beautiful children and God bless Lauren. Love Sophie 16

Thursday, July 20th 2006 - 03:47:17 PM                      //MURILO

Hello, my name is Murilo.  I’m form Brazil ....I love your movie so much!!! ANNA you is best mother of world. Thank you Murilo, 14, Brazil

Thursday, June 29th 2006 - 11:41:45 PM                     //Claudia

I watched the Lifetime movie last night and again tonight. It brought back such sad memories of April 20, 1999. Lauren was a beautiful soul. May the peace of God be with you.

Wednesday, June 28th 2006 - 11:08:35 PM                 //Christine

I just watched Dawn Anna on Lifetime. It ended five minutes ago. I had to do research. I have read so many books on this tragedy, but when I first started out watching this film I had no idea it was about the shooting. She was a beautiful girl with a big heart. I plan to read more about her. I hope she knows how many lives she has impacted.

Wednesday, June 28th 2006 - 08:57:42 PM                 //Annie

I recently saw the Dawn Anna soon as I saw that I did some research on Lauren - what a wonderful person she was. You are all in my thoughts and prayers.....

Wednesday, June 28th 2006 - 08:53:04 PM                 //Sean

I recently watched the Lifetime movie Dawn Anna and found myself watching two stories unfold, Dawn struggle and Lauren’s life. I am so sorry that the rest of her story can’t be told.

Wednesday, June 28th 2006 - 08:48:39 PM                 //Rebecca Falk

After watching the movie Dawn Anna on Lifetime I was shocked at what happened to the victims of Columbine High School , particularly Lauren after I had gotten to know more about her, from the movie. I remember when all of that happened because I was in high school then too and it was very scary. The movie brought me back to when someone at our high school tragically died and the thought of someone dying so young is a painful thing. This movie brought me to tears and moved me emotionally to a great depth. I truly wish Dawn Anna, her family and Lauren (who I know is in heaven) the deepest peace and happiness and I would love to help with their mission in any way possible.

Wednesday, June 28th 2006 - 08:42:56 PM                 //Holly Martin

I work with emotionally troubled youth in a psychiatric facility and I came across this website while reading information surrounding Columbine. I was in my first year of teaching and watching the news with my seniors when the story broke through on national television. I will never forget that day.

Wednesday, June 28th 2006 - 08:41:12 PM                 //Meghan Elliott

I just saw the movie Dawn Anna on Lifetime. Lauren seemed to be such a wonderful individual. I wish I could have known her.

Wednesday, June 28th 2006 - 08:24:14 PM                 //Lauren Ragusin

To lose someone is horrific. To lose someone knowing the impact they made and the future prints they could have made on the world is tragic. I can only say I empathize as I am sure many people can. I did not know Lauren, but it breaks my heart to know how special she was and that they took her away. I find it courage of you all to contribute to her memorial with this guestbook and the foundation. Thank you for inspiring all others who have lost someone dear to them. You make it easier to wake up the next morning and I thank you. -Lauren Ragusin

Wednesday, June 28th 2006 - 08:11:31 PM                 //Ang

I was doing research on the victims of the Columbine High shootings and some across the mention of the Dawn Anna movie & this website. From what I have read and seen, I see where Lauren got her strength....Dawn Anna. To Dawn and the memory of Lauren, God bless you both!

Monday, June 26th 2006 - 09:35:46 AM                       //Karen

I have watched Dawn Anna and cried and I have read on the Columbine shootings. As a person who has been personally affected by the Red Lake High School shooting, as I have two children that attend there one that was present in the room where most of the kids were shot, I fell all pain and emptiness everyone else does and I feel it is sights like these that help us share feelings and heal. Thank you and God bless.

Wednesday, June 21st 2006 - 09:09:11 PM                 //caitlin

I watch Dawn Anna every single weekend and also the day it came out. I was 9 when the Columbine shooting happened so I really don’t remember it. After I saw it I researched the shooting and the people it happened to, Lauren sounds like a really nice person and I wish I could have been her friend. It is kind of hard to believe that if Lauren was alive today she would be 25, my prayers go out to your family, and Lauren sounds like an angel -Lauren Townsend RIP

Tuesday, June 13th 2006 - 05:47:57 PM                       //cate

I just wanted to say I just saw Dawn Anna recently and also the History Channel's Zero Hour on Columbine. My heart aches for those victim's families, and Lauren and her mother's story I held especially precious. I was unable to find a website specifically for Lauren or her mother, so I am hoping this gets to Mrs. Townsend. My thoughts are with you.

Saturday, June 3rd 2006 - 01:49:50 PM                        //Jordan

I just watched the movie! I must say this is so sad. This is the only movie that made my feelings so strong! The first thing that I done after watching the move was finding something more about Lauren, and her mom. I'm so sorry Anna. I just don't know what to say. Just regards u r the most strong of all!!! Continue and I’m sure Lauren is an ANGEL!!!!

Wednesday, May 3rd 2006 - 05:16:23 PM                     //melissa

Watching Dawn Anna made me cry and wonder how could this happen to a family that's been through so much I lost friends in my life but nothing like that and it made me see that we need to educate our children and the saying stick and stones hurt so do words I wish I could help.

Saturday, April 29th 2006 - 04:02:52 PM                       //laura

I just finished watching Dawn Anna, and I cried the whole time. I never heard of the Columbine shootings, until I watched this movie. It broke my heart. I really don’t like movies when the daughter dies and it breaks the mother's heart. It makes me cry really hard. Lauren you are an angel. You are my hero.

Saturday, April 29th 2006 - 04:00:16 PM                       //Troy

I just watched Dawn Anna, and the first thing I did after seeing it was run to my computer and try to find more information on Lauren. I don’t even know what to say after watching the movie.

Saturday, April 29th 2006 - 03:32:55 PM                       //Lindsey from MA

I just finished watching the movie Dawn Anna on Lifetime. Let me just say, I had my junior prom last night, and didn't get home until 2:30, and didn't go to bed until 4am. I was exhausted. My boyfriend woke up around 9. So you can only imagine how tired I was. But the movie Dawn Anna wouldn't let me rest. I cried the entire time. You and your family are truly the strongest and most inspiring family I have ever encountered. Powerful. Speechless.

Friday, April 28th 2006 - 08:54:02 PM                            //stephanie

I just recently watched the movie Dawn Anna and it reminded me of Columbine and how horrible it was. I just want to say that we ALL miss Lauren and everyone else whose lives were lost. God bless

Friday, April 21st 2006 - 08:57:35 AM                            //Lisa

I remember when that tragic day happened at Columbine, I was only in 8th grade, but it was announced throughout my school and a prayer was said for everyone affected. It made me realize how precious life is and also scared to think that things like this can happen and are happening. I especially remember Lauren's name and how she sat under the table with her friends comforting them, she is a true angel! After seeing the movie Dawn Anna a few times now and learning more about Lauren as well as her family I am still very saddened by this tragedy but also very moved. My heart goes out to all who were affected by the Columbine shooting.

Thursday, April 20th 2006 - 05:22:47 PM                      //Jordan

Dear Lauren, it’s hard to believe that seven years ago today you were tragically killed at Columbine High School . I pray that a school shooting like this never happens again here or anywhere ever again. God bless you Lauren you were such a good person who loved animals and your family. Rest in peace, I will never forget you and the students who died today.

Wednesday, April 19th 2006 - 08:36:33 AM                 //Katie

Your courage and valor will never be forgotten.

Sunday, April 16th 2006 - 02:02:41 PM                         //Jake Cengiz

Hi! Lauren, we love you a lot. Lots of love from the friends you have around the world. Love love love. We love you. Love all ways Cenk

Tuesday, March 14th 2006 - 09:46:37 PM                    //carolyn taylor

I saw the movie Dawn Anna a few months ago. It touched me profoundly. I have six children and the thought of any harm coming to any of them hurts my heart. I will not say I know how Dawn Anna feels but I know only prayer will help get you through. So know that my prayers will always be with you and all of the families that have suffered this terrible loss.

Tuesday, February 21st 2006 - 05:56:38 PM               //Josh

Lauren was a very kind and energetic person from what I read about her good to know people still care.

Sunday, February 12th 2006 - 11:36:10 PM                 //Wojtello

I write from Poland . I saw movie about great Lauren's family. In my country accident like Anna's daughters school don't happen. I can't believe it is true!

Sunday, January 29th 2006 - 01:05:10 AM                  //shannon

I'm so sorry for what happen to Lauren I was at home with my mom the day I heard about the shooting I also have that movie Dawn Anna it's real good but also very sad I don't understand why this sort of stuff like violence ever has to happen but my prayers go out to you all and I know Lauren is watching over you all if you have time please e-mail me I would love to talk it's  Thanks

Friday, January 13th 2006 - 07:12:16 PM                     //devin

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Thursday, January 5th 2006 - 05:49:41 PM                 //Imani Mimi Powell

Hi, I’m Imani a 13 year old girl who watched Dawn Anna with my mom on Lifetime with my sister and brother. Every since then I’ve been so interested in learning more about this shooting. I feel so bad and mad...but I learned that God did things for a reason. But I always thought why your family and friends???... I thought those boys have sick minds...but the fact is they needed help but was to busy planning that they didn't want to admit it. I read a police entry on a site and it says there are surveillance that they told a "friend" to leave because of what they were planning on doing. If I was that "friend" and I knew what was happening I would of called 911 and helped save her life.  She helped so many people. I look up to Lauren she's a true role model and I wish to follow in her footsteps and have a successful life like I know she would have if she was still here.. but the thing is she is still here she's looking over you and me and praying for everything to get better. I pray for you and your family every night and I hope you and your family are ok after about 8 years because I sure know Lauren probably is... <3333 Mimi

Tuesday, January 3rd 2006 - 10:38:57 PM                   //EJ

After watching Dawn Anna for the second time, my heart still aches for what happened at Columbine High School . The terror and tears are almost too much to watch, let alone experience fist hand as the families of the school did. Lauren's family is such an inspiration to me that we should truly make each and every second in life count. When will be the last time we see one another, hear a laugh, enjoy a smile, or give an embrace? My husband, and two boys (ages 16 and 11) have for years and years given the sign language "I Love You" sign when saying good-bye. The love that was portrayed in the movie about the family is such a welcomed inspiration in a world filled with hatred at every corner. Like your family, we want to be that Light in the world that beams beyond darkness, shines infinitely strong, warms the heart at every pass, provides hope and makes it's mark in the world. Though not ever meeting Lauren Townsend or her family and friends, you all have left an impression on my life, my heart and my soul. God's hand is never too short to reach out, nor His ear deaf to hear our cries. Lauren definitely made her mark in this world in her short life. She will never be forgotten.

Sunday, January 1st 2006 - 10:37:57 PM                     //Beth

Your story has touched a lot of people’s hearts, even those who were never near what happened that day.

Saturday, December 31st 2005 - 10:20:35 PM            //Kelly Nichols

Saddened to hear a young life cut so short, but such a huge impact in a short time… long one will she be remembered. God bless family and friends with the strength to carry her name on.

Saturday, December 31st 2005 - 08:09:50 PM            //Lora

I just wanted to tell everyone how sorry that I am for the loss of such a great person. I realize that it has been 6 long yrs since the tragedy at Columbine, but we all still think about it. I was only 13 years old when it happened. It destroyed all of my friends and I, even though none of us knew a single person that was being affected. I live 1,000 miles away from all of you, but I send all of my blessings, best wishes, and my whole heart to Dawn Anna, and the rest of her family and friends... God bless you all.....

Saturday, December 31st 2005 - 07:39:19 PM            //Darlene Higginbotham

I saw the Lifetime movie tonight, I didn’t realize that Columbia High School played a part in it and it was very emotional and it was very interesting, from what I learned about Lauren, she sounded a really sweet person and Debra Winger is a wonderful actress, my thoughts go out to Lauren’s family including Dawn Anna. Bless you all.

Tuesday, December 27th 2005 - 03:21:17 AM             //gen

I know that it has been 6 yrs, I watched Dawn Anna the day it came out on Lifetime....poignant to begin with, was the fact that her mother dealt with the vascular disease and when Dawn overcame the obstacle, 5 yrs late had to deal with the fact that her Lulu has passed. It is so sad because the day that things has happened at Columbine that my child wasn’t even a year old, and 6 yrs later I still remember the things from the first day when I watched them on the television. Lauren was and is a beautiful person who loved life and loved what life had to offer. every now and then I do to Daniel Mauser’s or Rachel’s websites just to touch base and to tell their families that I do not and have never forgotten what happened to their children. I am from Ohio and I wish that there are things that I could do from here to help in the gun laws or to still tell their stories so people never ever forget. watching Dawn’s movie I am so touched that all of her children helped her through her disease and I am sure to this day that she may still have to deal with it and I am sure that every day that she has never forgotten her lulu and I would love to have the opportunity to tell her what a role model dawn and Lauren are in my life. One because I am a single parent and I have had a sickness for a long time and it is so hard to balance life and everything with children. Take care and let Dawn and her family know that I pray for them and I know that things won’t get absolutely better but they should take faith and know that heaven is a better place because of her baby and her Lulu........

Wednesday, December 21st 2005 - 09:56:18 PM       //Shabrette Moore

I am sorry that you had to lose your daughter in such a horrible manner but rest assure she's in heaven with the angels. She was a very beautiful young lady. I watched the movie and had know idea it was about your daughter and Columbine. You are a very brave and strong woman to have endured sickness and loss. You are a true inspiration to all women and I admire you without truly knowing you.

Sunday, December 18th 2005 - 04:15:04 AM              //Shannon

Dawn and family, my heart goes out to you all. You stuck together thru whatever trials landed at your feet. You're a wonderful family that has been thru so much, yet stayed strong thru it all. Thru the tragedy of Lauren's death, you all mourned, yet you stayed strong and stuck together. That is never easy to do and that is something to be very proud of. God bless you all.

Tuesday, December 13th 2005 - 03:16:28 PM             //Kalli E.

Lauren and family, you must be a very strong family to go through such a terrible tragedy. I honor you so much for being that strong. Dawn Anna I want to say that you and your daughter Lauren have touched my heart dearly and I will continue to pray for you. God bless, Kalli

Friday, December 9th 2005 - 10:20:50 AM                   //Angela Villalpando

That’s sad what happened to the kids in Columbine my heart goes to them all

Friday, December 9th 2005 - 06:15:44 AM                   //George Armstrong

I just watched the movie Dawn Anna and oh my goodness I had no idea what the movie was about until I watched it. My heart goes out to the family of Lauren. I thank God that my family has not had to suffer such a tragedy. I will say a prayer for your Lauren and her family, even if time has gone by a little refresher sure wont hurt...Love to you all...George

Thursday, December 8th 2005 - 05:11:56 PM             //maria

My thoughts and prayers go out to the family and friends of the victims. My island prays for you all, that is Saipan .

Friday, November 18th 2005 - 07:16:04 AM                 //Phyllis

I just rented Dawn Anna and after watching it I ran and grabbed my children and told them how much I loved them. What happened in Denver that fateful day could have happened anywhere and it made me reflect again on the events that tragic day and realize how precious life is. I know that Lauren is watching over her family and friends in death as she did in life. My heart and prayers go out to all of you that were lucky enough to have known her. I didn't know her and am sad for that fact. May God bless you all.

Monday, November 14th 2005 - 07:55:02 PM             //Bailey

Wow, Lauren's story has truly touched my heart. She seems like she was a great girl. It’s truly sad how it people are these days the violence and all.  Thanks to her family for telling the story and a good hug to go along with it. I’m sorry for your loss Lauren is deeply missed.

Sunday, October 30th 2005 - 10:20:12 PM                   //Caitlin

I live in Canada and wasn't affected at all by the shooting at Columbine. But when I heard the story of Lauren Townsend, everything hit. Innocent, fantastic teens died that day. They were all part of a family that loved them and I wish to send my love to Lauren's. Thanks for spreading her story.

Sunday, October 30th 2005 - 06:00:27 PM                   //sara

Before I watched the movie Dawn Anna I had no idea that that happened. I cried when Lauren died. I can tell that Lauren was a great person and I wish that she was my friend.

Sunday, October 30th 2005 - 04:57:16 PM                   //marissa

I just watched the movie Dawn Anna, and it touched me. So I absolutely had to read more about Lauren. I wasn’t sure if it was her real name… she seemed like a wonderful person and a great loss to everyone that knew her. She truly was amazing.

Monday, October 24th 2005 - 06:14:41 PM                  //Codi

I just read the thing written by Lauren's friend. It was absolutely beautiful. I will admit that every time I watch Dawn Anna on Lifetime, I cry so hard my parent's have to do whatever possible to get me to stop. I feel terrible for the Townsend family, and hope that they are doing okay.

Friday, October 21st 2005 - 08:38:24 PM                      //Samantha Royse

I hope that the family will always have Lauren in there heart at all the time. I will always be praying the whole family that lose someone that they loved so much. Lauren will always be here if you talk to her everyday or even think about Lauren. Mrs. Dawn Anna please be there for your other kids and your granddaughter and love your husband as much as much as you can.

Thursday, October 6th 2005 - 08:15:02 PM                  //Lisa Grier #31

I WILL NEVER FORGET! I didn't know any of the ones who lost there life but its like I know them through all of you who take your time to share there lives. Her life has truly touched mine I will never forget the unforgettable event that took place on April 20, 1999. I was at P.O.S.T being trained as a juvenile corrections officer. Walking into the lobby and seeing the news just tore my heart into. Jesus is taking care of Lauren now.

Friday, September 30th 2005 - 07:31:48 PM                //CM

When watching the movie Dawn Anna (through my tears, no less) last week on TV, I never imagined it would end with the Columbine tragedy. Since then, Lauren and her family have stayed in my thoughts. May God keep you and send Lauren your way once again.

Tuesday, September 27th 2005 - 06:58:39 PM            //Sara

Thank you Lauren we will always remember you angel

Monday, September 26th 2005 - 04:06:33 PM             //Jon Frguson

I watched the movie Dawn Anna to it made my heat sad and the movie was good and I have tears in my eyes I miss Lauren so much thank you take care Jon Ferguson, Freeport, Illinois

Friday, September 23rd 2005 - 11:52:53 PM                //Ser'rah Wilson-Tull

Dawn Anna. While watching your movie last night, I never would have dreamed that it would be about Columbine. As I watched your movie, I was truly touched by your story, and moved mentally and spiritually by your courage and grace. I was watching your story, and feeling your pain… And I couldn't believe you have such perfect kids, such artistic knowledgeable kids. Their strengthen when you were down, far exceeded any strength that I have seen personally. Your children are angels, and God is definitely watching over you. Just remember, that when you lose someone you love, you gain an angel you know. And remember, that moment, when you gaze up at the stars, just imagine each one shooting, remember them as Lauren, soaring high above, and she's whispering, I'll remember you. God bless and keep you safe.

Friday, September 23rd 2005 - 12:29:02 PM                //Tonya Colbert

I watched the Dawn Anna movie last night and I was so touched. My prayers to the family & friends. Lauren was truly a beautiful young lady & many thanks to Dawn for being a single perfect parent. You have touched my heart forever.

Friday, September 23rd 2005 - 07:21:27 AM                //Christina Nicole Wilson

I will always remember you Lauren and the others that got killed by the shooting at school. All that died did not deserve loose their lives.

Friday, September 23rd 2005 - 01:17:03 AM                //Jackie

Thank you Dawn and your wonderful family for giving all of us a chance to know your beautiful daughter Lauren, and for all the lives that were taken on that faithful day. I hope you and your family have found peace, and know that she is with you in mind and spirit each and every day.

Friday, September 23rd 2005 - 12:31:42 AM                //Lakeisha n Craft

I saw the movie Dawn Anna for the first time tonight I was so touch and I had no idea it was about Lauren I thought it was about the battle Dawn had with her illness it really took me for a spend for little Lulu had died in the Columbine shooting.  My heart go out your family and the love you guys have for each other it the type of relationship with my six kids I was really touch and I know nothing can replace your child but I hope you all find some kind of peace in your tragedy. My love and thoughts are with your family. Lakeisha N Craft

Thursday, September 22nd 2005 - 11:48:08 PM         //Maricela

Lauren, I'm sure you would have changed the world. I'm sorry you didn't get a chance to. Well actually you did. By your death, people took notice about gun control. Before the shootings nobody cared about it. You are still changing the world and you are doing it through you mother. Thanks for changing the world!

Thursday, September 22nd 2005 - 08:16:45 PM         //kinsey

Hi, I was just going to say that I really like your website its moving and my hearts go out to all of those kids and their families!  And I love the quote at the bottom of your home page... –kinsey

Wednesday, September 21st 2005 - 01:03:19 PM      //Shelley

I feel strangely drawn to sign this guestbook & I don't know why. I am a mother of 13 month old twins, a boy and a girl. My daughter's name is Lauren. I had a dream the night before last that a small, white chick told me "Don't worry. Everything's going to be all right" with no reference to what. Last night, I watched Dawn Anna and was surprised at the end of the see her chick and to hear Lauren's last words. I thought about my dream. I guess it was a strange coincidence, but I was definitely moved by this movie. I am an animal lover like Lauren. I had a pet squirrel named Ruthie for thirteen years that I rescued from Hurricane Andrew. I feel for the family that is missing Lauren, but I'm sure she is doing well. I will keep you all in my thoughts and prayers.

Friday, September 9th 2005 - 07:06:29 PM                  //Jordan

I never knew Lauren but after hearing the shocking and tragic news of April 20 1999 I wanted to go to Littleton and tell everyone how sorry I was over that tragic day. One day I will go to Littleton and visit Columbine, the memorial crosses and the graves of those innocent lives lost on that day. God bless the Townsend family

Thursday, September 1st 2005 - 01:11:45 PM            //amber

Remembering John today......praying his family is at peace, and the day be blessed. Happy birthday John!!

Tuesday, August 30th 2005 - 04:57:54 PM                  //Jordan

I was 16 and in tenth grade when the shocking news about Columbine. I cried at the end of Lifetime movie Dawn Anna about Lauren's mother Dawn. I think it's the end of the movie when they say this movie is dedicated to those who lost their lives at Columbine High School and her families pain that makes the ending so sad. My heart goes out to Lauren's family. God bless you and all of Littleton Colorado .

Sunday, August 21st 2005 - 02:48:30 AM                    //Iyey

I have just finished watching the Dawn Anna movie and was very moved with everything the family has been through. But I have also noticed the love and affection this family has to get them through the hard times. I am very sorry for you loss. I will definitely keep the family in my prayers.

Friday, August 5th 2005 - 08:05:51 PM                         //mike

I know it’s me again but I wish to post a quote from Brandon Lee before his fatal accident on The Crow. I hope this quote persuades people to live life to the fullest "Because we do not know when we will die, we get to think of life as an inexhaustible well, and yet everything happens only a certain number of times. How many more times will you remember a certain afternoon of your childhood that is so deeply a part of your being you can't even conceive of your life without it? Perhaps four or five times more? Perhaps not even that. How many more times will you watch the full moon rise? Perhaps, twenty. And yet it all seems limitless." R.I.P Lauren

Friday, August 5th 2005 - 07:46:55 PM                         //mike

My name is Mike, I am 17 and well haven’t really experienced life to its limits yet. What happened was a tragedy none the less but to see the reaction and the humanity brought on by every day folk kind of restores your faith in mankind....just a little. To all the victims of the incident R.I.P –Mike

Thursday, August 4th 2005 - 11:06:57 PM                   //Mary Jo McDaniel

I just saw Dawn Anna on DVD, thinking that it was about a single mom who became ill and all of the challenges to recover… Never did I think it would turn up ending in the Columbine shootings and none the less the loss of her daughter Lauren… I cannot express how sad I still feel. Time and Time again I know you hear of "What a tragedy" indeed. To Lauren's family....God bless you all and I am so sorry for your pain and loss. The thing is you never will recover just adjust.. Bless you all Mary Jo McDaniel, Sulphur , Oklahoma

Tuesday, August 2nd 2005 - 08:38:15 AM                   //Sarah Danner

I am very sorry what has happened.  Lauren was a very wonderful girl and she would have changed the world I have saw that movie about six times and I have the movie and I know that the money will go to something that Lauren would wanted it to go my love and prayers go to you Dawn, Matt, Josh, Kristen and Bink. Love Sarah Danner

Monday, July 18th 2005 - 04:05:26 PM                         //amber

On April 20 1999 everything changed....for the families, friends, community, the world. Having grown up in Colorado , I felt something rock the core of my soul that day. Now living in Phoenix I make my way home 3-4 times a year, but not to visit family (they have all moved) but to visit the Angels of Columbine. I never go home without visiting these special souls. Never. This past weekend was my birthday and I insisted we go home for another visit. I've always gone to Olinger and left memento’s and said my prayers at the crosses, but this time I wanted to visit Lauren's grave. I wanted to sit at her side and talk. Just to listen to the peacefulness of where she now rests. I know her beautiful soul lives on in heaven, but I also know she can see and hear the things we do. I left for her a bouquet of purple and yellow flowers. I thought she would love them. Even though we never met here on earth, we are all brothers and sisters when we get back home. I look forward to the day I can see my sister smile. See you next time around sweet angel.

Saturday, July 16th 2005 - 12:15:14 PM                       //Eric W. Hobbs

I'm so sorry for your loss. I too was a senior the year of the shooting, and although I was far away in Oklahoma , I too was deeply affected by what happened. I often think of that day and how I wish I was there to help in some way. I often dream of having the ability to go back in time and preventing all that happened. I don't understand exactly why, but I feel a strong connection to everyone affected, although I have never even been to Colorado before or even know anyone who lives there. I suppose it's the universal connection of us being human beings, and the sad reality that one of our very own loved ones were taken away from us. I hope one day to go there to show my support and love for all the victims and families. I will remember! God bless Lauren and her family. Love, Eric

Saturday, July 16th 2005 - 02:32:32 AM                       //HARMONY


Friday, July 15th 2005 - 01:56:02 PM                             //Melissa

I send my heart out to all her family and friends. Bless you

Friday, July 15th 2005 - 09:29:08 AM                            //alison burns

I just saw the lifetime movie yesterday. What a tragic end to a beautiful life. Thanks for sharing the pictures.

Friday, July 15th 2005 - 09:09:27 AM                            //Lynn Hart

My heart goes out to you and your family. I just saw the movie Dawn Anna, and I was touched by the strength and courage of your family.

Friday, July 15th 2005 - 12:36:15 AM                            //Jessica Farnsworth

Thanks for sharing your warmth of your friend Lauren Townsend I just got down watching the movie and it was inspirational to live on when life gets tough

Thursday, July 14th 2005 - 07:17:33 PM                      //s. harmon

I was very touched by the movie Dawn Anna. I want to give my condolence to the all the Townsend family, and to all those who lost loved ones in that tragedy. This is a tragic world that seems to claim many victims of one horror or another. The love of your family (Townsend) is very strong and encouraging to others, in this day and age that in itself is rare. I have personally lost loved ones (my father when I was 10, my mother from cancer in Sept.2001) the pain of the loss is so great almost indescribable. It seemed anything that anyone said to give comfort were just empty words, nothing could be done to regain my loved ones.  I just want to share this with you to give you the comfort that I have personally found. I hope this will help you as much as it has helped me. “Do not marvel at this, because the hour is coming in which all those in the memorial tombs will hear his voice and come out.” (John 5:28, 29) Our loved ones here on earth with us, now there is nothing more comforting. After all why would Jesus say 9 “YOU must pray, then, this way: “‘Our Father in the heavens, let your name be sanctified. 10 Let your kingdom come. Let your will take place, as in heaven, ALSO UPON EARTH." Especially with the way this world is going and how he (Jesus) said it a sign of the last days. After all, what do we have to lose for trying to gain a way to regain our loved ones again. “This means ever lasting life, their taking in knowledge of you, the only true God, AND of the one whom you sent forth, Jesus Christ.”—John 17:3 That sounds like it's referring to two (2) different persons when it says "AND". And when Jesus looked up to heaven to pray WHO was he praying to, not to himself. I learned the answer to that by studying with Jehovah's Witnesses. I know there is nothing we humans can do for one another one a loved one is lost, But with a clear understanding of the bible we'll be able to know the person (Jehovah) who CAN AND WILL bring back our loved ones. WE HAVE NOTHING TO LOSE, BUT OUR LOVED ONES TO GAIN. Stop them one day, and ask them all sorts of questions, like "why" believe in resurrections that Jesus himself performed. Think about it, all you have to do is ask why, how, when .... When and you receive answers to your satisfaction or dissatisfaction at least you were open minded enough to check. But imagine if you do get simple straight from the bible answers that make perfect sense, ask yourself WHAT IF I do get to see my loved one again, and all I have to do is ask questions. I felt moved to get online to write this to you. I can see the love your family has for one another, it breaks my heart to hear of the loss of your daughter. I myself have triplet girls (2 1/2 years old) it would be terrifying to go through the ordeal your family endured. I hope the very best for all of you and I will keep you in my prayers.

Thursday, July 14th 2005 - 05:58:11 PM                      //Emily

I just watched the movie Dawn Anna for like the 4th time. I love that movie so much. It is so amazing and comforting to know that this family had so much love for each other. Even though Lauren is gone, she lived a great life, and had an amazing family. God Bless everyone who has been touched by this traumatic event. I would also like to say that Dawn Anna is a wonderful person, and I think she did and is doing a great job raising her family to be the best that her kids can be.

Thursday, July 14th 2005 - 05:18:01 PM                      //LeeAnn Rocha

I just watched Dawn Anna on Lifetime. I am truly amazed by the love that this wonderful family shared for one another. This is the type of love that I pray that my family will have for one another. I had heard about the Columbine shootings, I was 13 years old and I remember a feeling of sadness and compassion for the family members of those children but today twelve years later as an adult with children of my own I sobbed and mourned as I watched this movie. I don't think that I ever got the whole picture as a child. I felt a tightness in my chest as I tried to imagine how that family must of felt. I can't imagine. Lauren was such a beautiful child and I am sure is greatly missed. I know it is a little too late but now as an adult I wish to send my condolences to the Anna-Townsend family with much love. Sincerely, LeeAnn

Thursday, July 14th 2005 - 04:25:12 PM                      //Winnie Byron

I just watched Dawn Anna again on Lifetime. Once again I was touched and amazed by the family and their amazing love for one another. Lauren must have been such a wonderful person, the lives of those kids that lost their lives will not be forgotten in my home. I pray for the families and for the hope that this does not happen again. GOD BLESS

Thursday, July 14th 2005 - 04:22:28 PM                      //tara

I just saw the movie... I know it must have been extremely hard for you and your family... all I can say is that I am truly sorry and may God bless you for what you've been through ... I will pray for you and your family… and may God always bless and keep you and your family… may he make his face to shine upon you and be gracious unto you and may he lift up his countenance upon you and give you his peace... Amen. Please remember God only gives us what we can handle and through the hard times comes grace… and we could all use a little grace... don't you think?

Thursday, July 14th 2005 - 03:46:02 PM                      //Sylvia Kaiser

My eight year old daughter and I just saw the Lifetime movie Dawn Anna. We cried and cried... My deepest, most sincere sympathies go out to Lauren's family and friends.

Thursday, July 14th 2005 - 03:41:22 PM                      //Elaine M.


I understand the pain of losing a child. There is no greater loss - my broken heart aches for you.

Thursday, July 14th 2005 - 03:38:58 PM                      //Sylvia Kaiser

My eight year old daughter and I just saw the Lifetime movie Dawn Anna. We cried and cried... My deepest, most sincere sympathies go out to Lauren's family and friends. May God bless you ALWAYS !!!!!

Thursday, July 14th 2005 - 03:36:39 PM                      //Jessica

Words can't describe the lost of a child or someone you love. Is sad to know that there are sick people in this world that in a moment can take away the life of a person you really care. May God give the strength and peace to all the families of the Columbine shooting because every anniversary would remind them of a sad moment and in my case the irony that my brother celebrates one more year of his life. Great movie, heart moving.

Thursday, July 14th 2005 - 03:30:48 PM                      //reoot

Watching Dawn Anna made me sad and happy at the same time. I believe that death is the time when we most love our loved ones. But when there is death it hits us so hard in our hearts and we dread it. I hope that in the future, when beautiful people like Lauren Townsend will be taken from us we would cherish knowing them.

Thursday, July 14th 2005 - 03:30:35 PM                      //Lynna

I, too, just watched Dawn Anna. Thank you for sharing Lauren's story. She seemed to have been a role model that will never be forgotten. You have my best wishes, and my prayers are with you.

Thursday, July 14th 2005 - 03:30:07 PM                      //Reoot

Watching Dawn Anna made me sad and happy at the same time. I believe that death is the time when we most love our loved ones. But when there is death it hits us so hard in our hearts and we dread it. I hope that in the future, when beautiful people like Lauren Townsend will be taken from us we would cherish knowing them.

Thursday, July 14th 2005 - 03:26:21 PM                      //Candis

Very interesting site! I'm glad that this was put here do people can know what she was like. God bless family and friends!

Thursday, July 14th 2005 - 03:22:05 PM                      //Suzanne

I too just finished watching Dawn Anna on Lifetime and cried... a lot. Sometimes life just doesn't make sense, then I think of the poem "Footprints" and know that God is there to hold us up when we are struggling. I pray that peace will prevail with us all.

Thursday, July 14th 2005 - 03:21:22 PM                      //Janice Fogerson

Thank you for having the courage to tell your story and allow Lauren's life to inspire others in the world.

Thursday, July 14th 2005 - 03:17:46 PM                      //marie

I just saw the movie Dawn Anna again. I had seen it before when it first premiered and was so surprised at the ending because you are so involved in Dawn Anna and everything she went through and then to be hit so hard by the Columbine tragedy. My heart goes out to her and her family. May all the Columbine Angels be at peace. God bless....

Thursday, July 14th 2005 - 03:17:33 PM                      //Sherry Dixon

What a wonderful daughter Laura was and is… she will forever be with you, her spirit will live on forever.

Thursday, July 14th 2005 - 03:14:24 PM                      //Kenzie

I just saw the Lifetime movie Dawn Anna, and I wanted to find out more. Even though I am only 13 and not even in high school yet, I can relate to Lauren. See seemed like a wonderful girl, and most likely had many friends. I have many friends who are always there to help me when things get tough. The way Lauren told the other girls she was hiding with that everything would be ok, was a brave remark. It makes me wonder that if she didn’t try to help them what would have happened.  Anyways, I wish your family the best of luck, with your grand-daughter, McKenna, and you have many great memories with her. - <33Kenzie Marie

Thursday, July 14th 2005 - 03:10:50 PM                      //Stephanie

Lauren seems to have been a wonderful person with a huge heart. My thoughts to her friends and family.

Thursday, July 14th 2005 - 03:09:50 PM                      //Brandi

I just finished watching the movie Dawn Anna. I'm 14 years old and this school year I turned in a friend for threatening a school shooting. I always felt bad but after watching this movie I know what I could have prevented and the importance of letting someone know. The Columbine shooting was hard on people all over and I'm glad to know I could have saved people like Lauren at my own school. R.I.P. - Columbine Angels

Thursday, July 14th 2005 - 03:06:27 PM                      //Bethany

I just watched Dawn Anna. I’ve seen it before but it's one of those movies you have to watch over and over again. It is really sad with everything that happened that day but everything happens for a reason and I bet Lauren is doing great. I give hope and prayers to her friends and family.

Thursday, July 14th 2005 - 02:58:03 PM                      //natalie

One day while sitting at home I saw a movie on Lifetime that caught my eye.  Dawn Anna was the movie and the story of Lauren changed my mind and my heart forever I think it is truly great that this web-site has been created so everyone can share with her joy!!  My heart goes out to her family and I wish them all the best!!

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