A Columbine Family's Request

I've been asked to create this page at the request of one of the Columbine Survivor families.  This request stems from unanswered questions from the night of January 30, 1998 when Eric and Dylan were arrested for breaking into a van and stealing items contained their in.  

In November of 2000, the Jefferson County Sheriff's Office released 11,000 pages of interviews and reports to the public.  In the 11,000 pages are reports from the arresting officers of January 30, 1998.  They can be found at pages 10560 through 10603.  The entire 11,000 pages can be downloaded from the Boulder News here.  Page 10589 is a drawing by Eric of the scene that night.  His drawing is below.

The drawing depicts where the van was, where Eric and Dylan were and where a couple of other vehicles were parked that night.  The circles above the cars are rocks that divide the parking area from a field. This happened along Dear Creek Canyon Road in Littleton.  Above the rocks is a field of weeds with no distinguishing natural landmarks of any sort.  However, as you can see, Eric drew something there.

Some have speculated what this picture represents.  The following explains what they see.  Look at the picture carefully, it maybe better to print this page so that you can see it better.  Take a bottle of white out and remove the horizontal page lines.  Next remove the three angled lines just above the center left of the drawing.  Next remove the swirls of the drawing, leaving the right part of the drawing alone.  If you did this right, what should be left is a drawing of person on all fours with another person standing behind them.  Notice how the standing person has a star on his chest.  Some people believe that the drawing is of a child being sexually assaulted by a police officer.  Below are their arguments for their case.

The independent group researching the Columbine massacre does have a counterpoint to this theory.  They acknowledge that this drawing is open to individual interpretation and no other released-to-the public information is available to support the idea that a sexual assault ever occurred.  Furthermore, they have gathered from the police records available to the public that the boys confessed to breaking into a van ten minutes after they were first approached; and that a request was placed to contact both boys' parents before another ten minutes had passed... by the arresting officer.  They have suggested investigating the arresting officer further to verify that a pattern can, or cannot, be determined into his actions.  It is a good theory, but needs to researched and more evidence brought forward before it becomes plausible.  You can read their discussion here.

We do not have all the information of this scenario that Eric drew.  Eric drew a crime scene and added a diagram of something that is physically not there.  Surely the detectives who took his statement saw this drawing when he showed them picture and pointed where the vehicles were.  The picture is not explained in the 11,000 pages.  I have come up with three questions which would aid in the research tremendously.

About a week after I published this page, this Survivor's family left Littleton for fear of being silenced when the story broke.  However, the story did not come out as anticipate, even though Denver's Channel 12 has seen the picture and has been asked by the Survivor's family to investigate.  The Survivor's family is looking for new lawyers to aid in them in this fight.

This is one of the many examples of law enforcement keeping the truth from those who are asking questions of their actions.  If nothing other than typical arrest procedures happened on January 30, 1998, then why is every question that is coming up about that night met with such defiance that would lead a Survivor of the Columbine massacre to leave his/her home hastily in fear of those who are supposed to be protecting us?

I'm past due for an update on this page, quite a bit has happened since I put this page on my site and I hope to provide you with most of the information here.

Here's another brief update of what's been going on in and around the Littleton area.

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