The Angels

Rachel Scott a budding actress trying to stop smoking,

African missionary work was her dream.

Couldn’t read music, making it up as she went along,

Her red Acura Legend became a shrine, covered in flowers, balloons and teddy bears.

Every part she portrayed, she put her heart into,

lonely now her characters stand on an empty stage.

Daniel Rohrbough was unselfish and caring,

After holding open the door letting his classmates flee,

Never again did he breathe.

In the chaos of Tuesday afternoon, no news to his parents today,

Ever shocking newspaper photo of Daniel laying where he was shot,

lingering questions answered in the most brutal way.

Kyle Velasquez came from a tight knit family,

You only see in Hollywood films.

Losing him devastated his family,

even now, they grieve.

Steven Curnow dreamed of piloting an F-16,

The “Star Wars” trilogy he knew reigned supreme.

Earning money, he refereed soccer games,

Victory would have been his,

everyday without him is not the same.

Cassie Bernall was a troubled teen,

And Christ turned her around.

Shot to death for confessing her belief in God,

She’s now with him in Heaven.

In the face of death, her faith didn’t waver

each of you, could you have been any braver?

Isaiah Shoels survived heart surgery,

Short in stature with a big heart,

A wrestler for his school,

In death, his blood saved Rachel’s brother, Craig.

A career in the music industry was his dream,

he now has all the instruments in the world.

Matt Kechter finally got the chance to be a football star,

And that chance was taken from him in the library.

To each goal he set, he achieved,

to each goal, save one.

Lauren Townsend, captain of the volleyball team,

Almost consumed by the sport.

Usurped potential is biology’s loss,

Reeled in Shakespeare’s works she belonged.

Education excellence award she received,

now her hopes and dreams are remembered in this song.

John Tomlin loved his truck and his God,

On every occasion he told his folks where he would be.

His truck, rust spots and all, also became a shrine,

now he returns to Wisconsin for the final time.

Kelly Fleming, an aspiring songwriter and author,

Eager to receive her driver’s license and start a job.

Leaving their house in Arizona, she moved to Littleton.

Looking back, should they have stayed?

you already know the answer.

Daniel Mauser, smart and shy,

Average cross-country athlete,

Nimble in math and science.

In life he was a helping hand,

Enjoying motherly hugs.

lost to us all, a kind soul.

Corey DePooter enjoyed the outdoors,

Of all the things to be, he wanted to be a Marine.

Respect and family were his belief,

Everyone he treated the same,

yet he was killed for the fun of it.

Dave Sanders, teacher, coach, hero.

Amid the chaos he warned as many as he could,

Vehemently, his students tried to keep him alive,

encouraging him to talk about his family life.

Text Copyright © May 8, 1999

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