Memorial Pictures

A friend of mine sent these pictures to me to post in time for the second anniversary.  She got them from a father of a Columbine student.  With my busy schedule, I wasn't able to check my e-mail until the night of April 20, 2001.  Please forgive me for being a bit late in posting these pictures. ( I posted this page on April 22, 2001.) This is the only place on the web you can see these pictures.

In the first four pictures you can clearly see how many people were affected by the massacre at Columbine High School.  The Columbine family, who provided me with these pictures, came to this memorial site, the most northeast corner of Clement Park, on April 28, 1999 and left the green hat and flowers for everyone in this community. It was in this area that was the central memorial area; it covered two football fields.  The view is to the northeast, with Columbine High school approximately 300 yards behind the photographer.  Within 30-40 feet of this sea of memorials, Rachel had parked her car and John had parked his truck.  By this date, Rachel's car and John's truck were completely covered with flowers.

Many of the friends of son of this Columbine family got these tattoos shortly after the massacre.  Personally, I love the design of this tattoo. 

This is one of the many t-shirts that came out shortly after the massacre.

The picture of these small, white 13 crosses was taken on May 11, 1999. By the father's recollection, the memorials were to be gathered up and the park restored the next day. 

The sign at Robert F. Clement Park.

This is Columbine High School behind police barricades, going south on Pierce.  If you were sitting in this car when the picture was taken, Clement Park is to your right.

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