There are hundreds of Columbine sites on the Internet, this is most of them.  I typed all these in, so there maybe a possibility of a typo, but I know where I got them and I can fix the address. Also, these are listed alphabetically by title.  This is a true alphabetical listing.  This means that "The Shootings in Colorado" website is listed under "T" and not "S," nor is listed under "Shootings in Colorado, The."  These are all listed letter by letter, which gets rather extensive when you see all the sites starting with "Columbine High School" and you have to go to the fourth and sometimes fifth word to get the correct placement.

If a link isn't working, try opening it in a new window.  To do this, right click on the link and select "Open in a New Window" from the menu.  Some of these sites have been removed, but I'm going to keep the links here so that you can see how many people wanted to express their grief over the Columbine massacre.


A Clement Park Memorial Page

A Columbine High School Page

A Columbine High School Poem

Adam's Columbine Memorial Page

Addressing Teachers and PTO on Columbine Shooting

A Father's Prayer

A Gun and a Knife

A Letter to a Wounded Zep Fan

A Letter to the Community of Colorado

Al Gore's Remarks at Colorado's Columbine Memorial

A Littleton Tribute

Allison's Columbine Memorial

All the Victims

Amanda's Columbine Memorial Page

A Memorial for all That Were Killed in Their Own School, By Their Peers

A Memorial for Columbine - From Newfoundland

A Memorial for the Victims of School Shootings

A Memorial to Students at Columbine High School

A Memorial to the Columbine High Tragedy

A Memorial to those Lost in the Shooting in Littleton

American Humane Association's CHS Memorial Page

American Psychological Assn.

Amid its Troubles, the Nation Prays

Amy's Columbine Tribute

An Angel for Columbine

An Appreciation: Columbine High School

And We Wept

Angel Pins for Columbine

Angels Against School Violence - The Columbine High School Memorial

Angels Among Us

Angel's Columbine Memorial Page

Angels from Above Memorial Fund

Angels of Columbine this site

Anguish and Guilt of Man in Charge

A Nightmare Come True

Anna's Columbine Memorial

A Note from Me

Another Tragic School Shooting

A Page for Columbine

A Page for John Tomlin

A Personal Message from PSTC

A Poem for Those at Columbine High and for Those Other "Columbine Highs" ... Past and Future

A Poem in Remembrance of those Killed at Columbine

A Prayer for Our Children!

A Prayer for the Children

A Question or Two for God

A Request to Ty Corp for a "Columbine" Memorial Bear

Artistic Expression's Columbine Page

A Senseless Tragedy of the Innocent

A Spear of Light and Columbine

A Tear Falls on This Earth

A Tribute

A Tribute to Columbine

A Tribute to Columbine High

A Tribute to Columbine High School

A Tribute to the Fallen at Columbine

A Tribute to the Innocent Who Perished

A Tribute to Those Who Have Gone Before Us

Attack on Columbine High School by someone who lives nearby Columbine

A White Rose

A Wounded Prayer

Barstow Saddened By Shootings

Becca's Columbine Memorial Page

Beth's Columbine Memorial Page

Bigfrog's Columbine Memorial Page

Bill's Columbine Page

Birdzmom's Columbine Memorial Page

Bless Those at Columbine High

Blood Shed and Tears

Bloodshed at Columbine

Blood Stained School Grounds

Bob's Columbine Page

Bob's Columbine Tribute Page

Boulder News

Brad & Misty Bernall, Parents of Cassie

Brazen Raisin's Columbine Memorial Page

Break Point Commentary - Littleton's Martyrs

Brian's Columbine Memorial Page

Brian V's CHS Memorial

British View of Littleton

BTID - Columbine High School Tragedy

Bubba's Story on April 20th by a student from Columbine

By the Wings of a Dove

Can We Say Mass Chaos?

Carder Concrete Product's Columbine Tribute Page's Columbine Page

Carnage at Columbine High

Carnage in Littleton

Cascade's Columbine Memorial Page

Cassie Bernall - Official Site

Cassie Bernall A Hero for Young Believers

Cassie Bernall Memorial Page by Ryan Hicks

Cassie Bernall Said: YES, I Believe in God

Cassie Bernall... Woman of God

Cassie Bernall - Yes I Believe

Cass Technical High School's Columbine Dedication

Cathy's Columbine Page

Celebrate the Life of Cassie Bernall

Central Massachusetts Public Safety's Columbine Page

Chatfield-Columbine Family YMCA

Cherry27's Columbine Memorial

Children - In Remembrance, CHS

Christopher Reeve Meets with Columbine Victims

CHS Journal 1999 - The Power of a Moment

CHS Memories

CHS Shooting Memorial

Cindy's Columbine Memorial

CityOne.Net's Columbine Memorial Page

Clement Park Online

Clement Park Pictures

Colorado Masons - Dave Sanders Memorial Scholarship

Colorado Organization for Victim Assistance

Colorado Public Radio Presents 'A Columbine Diary'

Colorado School Shooting

Colorado School Shootings Editorial Cartoons

Colorado's Fallen

Colorado Shooting

Colorado Shootings: The Columbine Massacre

Colorado Support

Colorado Tragedy at Columbine H. S.

Columbine at Tripod

Columbine at Webspresso

Columbine and Internet Censorship

Columbine and the Media

Columbine and the Power of Symbols

Columbine Chart

Columbine Connections

Columbine EZ Board Forum a place where several people are picking apart the facts to find the truth and conspiracies at CHS

Columbine Forever

Columbine: Forever in Our Hearts

Columbine: Forever in Our Hearts & Never Forgotten

Columbine: Forever Remembered

Columbine Forum

Columbine Friend of Mine

Columbine Greeting Cards by Prairie Frontier

Columbine Healing

Columbine Healing Quilt and Here

Columbine High

Columbine High and Here

Columbine High Benefit CD

Columbine High Event

Columbine High Gunmen Committed Suicide; but their Ideology Still Alive

Columbine High School - Official Jefferson County web site

Columbine High School - Memorial site at Ravenshome

Columbine High School - Memorial site at SouthBeach/Pointe

Columbine High School 1999

Columbine High School Alumni Association - Official Alumni Page

Columbine High School - April 20, 1999 Stop the Violence!

Columbine High School CHS

Columbine High School Class of 1998... and more!

Columbine High School Denver, Colorado

Columbine High School in Our Hearts and Prayers, God Bless

Columbine High School Killings, Littleton, CO 4/20/99

Columbine High School Littleton, CO

Columbine High School Littleton, Colorado, April 20, 1999

Columbine High School Littleton, CO We're So Sorry

Columbine High School Massacre Discussion Page

Columbine High School Memorial at

Columbine High School Memorial at Geocities/Heartland/Shores

Columbine High School Memorial at

Columbine High School Memorial April 20th, 1999

Columbine High School Memorial Page

Columbine High School Memorial Page and Here

Columbine High School Memorial Quilt Info

Columbine High School Memorial Resource Lists

Columbine High School Memorial Service Remarks part 1 from Governor Bill Owens

Columbine High School Memorial Service Remarks part 2 from Governor Bill Owens

Columbine High School Memorial Service Remarks part 3 from Governor Bill Owens

Columbine High School Memorial Site

Columbine High School Memorial Tree Fund

Columbine High School Memory Page

Columbine High School - Pray for Them

Columbine High School Remember

Columbine High School Remembrance

Columbine High School Remembrance and Dedication

Columbine High School Shooting at

Columbine High School Shooting at Geocities/Paris/Chateau

Columbine High School Shooting at Geocities/SouthBeach/Canal

Columbine High School Shooting: Heroes and Hopes

Columbine High School Shooting in Colorado

Columbine High School Shooting - Littleton, Colorado

Columbine High School Shooting Not Our Tragedy?

Columbine High School Shootings - Center for the Study and Prevention of Violence

Columbine High School Shootings and Rock Music

Columbine High School Shootings Remembered

Columbine High School Speech by Jefferson County

Columbine High School Student Expresses Faith and Dies

Columbine High School - The Stories and Here

Columbine High School - The World Cries With You!

Columbine High School: Tragedy Chose Them

Columbine High School Tragedy: How Can You Help? by the state of Colorado

Columbine High School Tragedy, Littleton, CO

Columbine High School Tragedy, Littleton, Colorado

Columbine High School Tragedy Memorial

Columbine High School Victims

Columbine High School Was Nothing

Columbine High USA

Columbine HS Bumper Sticker

Columbine HS Internet Ribbon

Columbine HS, Littleton Colorado

Columbine HS Memorial at Geocities/Heartland/Shores

Columbine HS Memorial at Tripod/Nexradsmk

Columbine HS Memorial Page with Heartfelt Love for Littleton, Colo.

Columbine HS T-shirts

Columbine in Our Hearts

Columbine - Memorial

Columbine Memorial at

Columbine Memorial at Geocities/Heartland/Shores

Columbine Memorial from Clear Fork High in Ohio

Columbine Memorial Page by a 1984 Columbine student

Columbine Memorial Page by Stephan from Germany

Columbine Memorial Page at

Columbine Memorial Temporary Tattoos

Columbine Memorial T-shirts

Columbine Memorial - Windows Wallpaper

Columbine Memory Page

Columbine Page from Augsburg, Germany

Columbine Redemption

Columbine Remembered at

Columbine Remembered at Geocities/Heartland/Meadows

Columbine Remembered at Geocities/Heartland/Plains

Columbine Research Task Force and Here

Columbine Resources

Columbine School Shooting Shrine

Columbine Shrine

Columbine Testimonies

Columbine Tragedy at Geocities/EnchantedForest/Cottage

Columbine Tragedy at

Columbine Tragedy at SunsetStrip/Show

Columbine Tragedy Memorial

Columbine Tragedy Spurs Debate on Government Problem Solving

Columbine Tribute

Comlet's Columbine Memorial Page

Compassionate Friends

Compuserve's Digital City Denver Columbine Page

Compuserve's Digital City Washington Columbine Page

Condolences for Columbine

Condolences for Columbine High School

Crime of the Columbine Administration

Crisis Assistance: Phone Numbers by Jefferson County Schools

CrisJam's CHS Memorial Site

CSSA Remembers Columbine High School

Currently We Are in Denver

Cyber-Army Memorial for Columbine

Dale's Columbine Memorial Page

Daniel Conner Mauser

Daniel Mauser - Official Site

Daniel's Memorial Page for Columbine

Darrel Scott's Speech to Congress

Daulton's CHS Memorial Page and Here

Dave Navarro's Columbine Page

Dave Sanders Memorial I. T. Fund

Davis's Columbine Memorial Page

Dear God - A Prayer for Columbine

Death in Columbine

Death is not the Ending...

Dedicated to All of the Victims, Families and Community of Littleton, CO

Dedicated to People Who Died in Littleton, CO

Dedicated to the Memory of those Who Died at CHS

Dedicated to the Staff and Students of Columbine

Dedication to the Students and Faculty of Columbine

Dedicated to the Students of Columbine High School

Dedication to the Victims in Colorado

Dedication to the Victims of the Colorado Shooting

Dedications to CHS

Dee's Columbine Memorial

Denver Post ó stay informed of whatís happening at Columbine

Denver Post and KOZ Memorial Pages

Destiny's Columbine Tribute

Disaster Center's Columbine Page

Dispatch from Someplace

D. McCallum's Columbine Tribute Page

Doc's Columbine Memorial Page

Does Columbine Really Make for Plea for Sweeping Changes?

Donna's Columbine Memorial

Don's Columbine Memorial Page

Don's Columbine Tribute Page

DragonsTouchs' Columbine Page

Dreambook - Remember Columbine

Dreams Infinity - Tribute to Columbine High School Massacre

Duffi's Dedication to Columbine

Dylan Klebold and Eric Harris Killed Columbine High School Students

Ed's Oasis - Messages to Columbine

EMM's Columbine Memorial Page

Enchanted Cavern's Columbine Page

Epic's Columbine High Memorial Page

Erica's Columbine Memorial Page

Ester's Columbine Memorial Page

Eve's Columbine Memorial Page

Eyes Wide Shut: The Reopening of Columbine High School 

Families of Columbine High

Family Education Network - School Violence

Family Web Talk

Fanying Jen's Columbine Memorial Page

Faye's Columbine Memorial

For All the Angels of Columbine Colorado

Forever Memorial's Columbine Page

Forever Walking With Us

For Gods' Sake - Innocent Children Art and Song Gallery

For Littleton, Colorado

Formula Electronic's Columbine Memorial Page

For the Children Killed at Littleton, Colorado... You Are Missed

For the Fallen Memorial

For the Families, Friends and Survivors of the Columbine High School Massacre

For the Love of Columbine

For the Love of Columbine High School

For the People of Columbine 

For the People of Littleton, Colorado

For Those Souls Lost at Columbine High School

For Those That are Left

For Those Who Went to Meet the Lord on April 20, 1999

Frank's Columbine Tribute Page

Fran's Columbine Tribute Page

Friend 4 Life Columbine Page

From Those Who Seek, to Those Who Lost

Frozen Tears

Gail's Columbine Memorial

Gary's Memorial Page for Columbine

Genso's Focus - Columbine

Get a Remember Columbine Email Address

Gifts for Columbine High School

GMG's Columbine Memorial Page

God Bless the People that Were Killed in the Shooting - Columbine Colorado

God Bless the Victims of Columbine High School

God Claims the Victory in Littleton

God's Garden

God Will Take Care of You

Going the Distance '99 Littleton Youth Festival

Golden Fairy's Columbine Dedication

Go Network: Columbine Shooting Tributes

Governor Bill Owens' National Radio Address

Governor Geringer's (Wyoming) Comments Regarding Columbine High School

Greywolf's Columbine Memorial Page

Grief Aid's Columbine Memorial Page

Heal Columbine and Here


Heaven's Newest Angels: Dedicated to the Memory of those Lost in the Columbine High School Massacre on April 20, 1999

Hero Coach Remembered


High School Memorial Tribute

Home School Central's Page

HOPE - Healing of People Everywhere - the group that raised money to replace the Columbine Library with a two story atrium

Hypocrisy in School Violence

If You Came Back from Heaven

Ilion High School Alumni, Columbine Memorial

Images from our Friends  - by Jefferson County schools

In Dedication to Columbine High School

In Honor of All Students, Their Families and the Faculty of CHS

In Honor of Columbine High School

In Honor of the Colorado Shooting

In Honour of Columbine High School

In Loving Memory... CHS 1999

In Loving Memory, Columbine High School

In Loving Memory - John Robert Tomlin

In Loving Memory of Your Children / Friends

In Memoriam of Those We've Lost

In Memoriam of Those Who Died in Columbine High School Shooting in Littleton, Colorado

In Memoriam Online - Columbine High School

In Memory at Heartland/Prairie

In Memory by a Columbine student

In Memory April 20, 1999

In Memory of all Those Who Lost Loved Ones on April 20, 1999

In Memory of all Those Whose Lives Will Forever be Changed

In Memory of CHS

In Memory of Columbine High

In Memory of Columbine High Mass Murder Victims

In Memory of Columbine High School at Area51/Rampart

In Memory of Columbine High School at Athens/Rhodes

In Memory of Columbine High School at

In Memory of Rachel Joy Scott

In Memory of the Angels Who Died at Columbine High School

In Memory of the Columbine High School Victims

In Memory of the People Killed in the Littleton Shooting

In Memory of the Precious Students and Teacher Who Died or Were Injured at Columbine

In Memory of the Students, Families and Teachers of Columbine High School

In Memory of the Tragedy at Columbine High School

In Memory of the Victims

In Memory of the Victims of the Columbine High School Shooting

In Memory of the Wonderful People Killed at Columbine

In Memory of the Young Lives Lost 20 April 1999

In Our Hearts

In Remembrance

In Remembrance... Columbine High School

InteliHealth Special Report

Internet Memorial Services Columbine High School Memorial Wall

Interview with Columbine's Principal Frank DeAngelis

In the Arms of the Angels Memorial

In Their Honor

Into the Wilderness - this site may not be suitable for all surfers

In Tribute to School Victims of USA

In Wake of the Aftermath

Ionanet's Pray for Columbine Site

I Remember

Irish Dan's Columbine Tribute Page

I See the Fear in Your Eyes

It Doesn't End at the Grave

It's Not the Gun; It's the Psychosis

I Will Remember You at Southbeach/Channel

I Will Remember You at

Jay' Columbine Page

Jefferson County Sheriff's Web Page

Jefferson County Web Page

Jeff's Columbine Memorial Page

Jeff's Columbine Page

Jel and Heather's Columbine Memorial Page

Jennifer's Columbine Memorial Page

Jeremy's Columbine Tribute Page

Jerry's Columbine Page

Jim's Columbine Page

Jodi Reed's Columbine Page

JoeBall's Columbine Tribute Page

Joe's Columbine Memorial Page

John M. Pinto's Prayer for the Angels of Columbine High and the People of Littleton, Colorado

Jonathan and Stephen Cohen / Friend of Mine

Journey of Hearts' Columbine Memorial Page

Judy's Columbine Tribute Page

Juliah's Columbine Page

Justinís Columbine Memorial - by a Columbine student

Justin's Columbine Memorial Page at

Juvenile Shootings

Kacey's Columbine Memorial Page

Kate's Columbine Memorial Page

Katie's Columbine Memorial


Keep Schools Safe

Keith's Columbine Page

Kevin's Columbine Page

Kids & Violence - the Great Debate Site

Kim's Columbine Tribute Page

Kiwanis Club of Columbine CHS Memorial Page

Kodiak Kid's Columbine Page

Krista's Page for the Students at Columbine

Kristin's Columbine Tribute

K. Smith's Columbine Memorial Page

Lady Deb's Columbine Memorial Page

Lady Juli's Columbine Tribute Page

Lady of Roswell's Columbine Memorial Page

Lady Web's Columbine Memorial

Lauren Townsend - Wonderful Person Taken

Laws Violated at Columbine

Learning from the Columbine Tragedy

Let Our Violence End

Let's Learn from Littleton!

Let Us Join Together

Light a Candle for Peace

Lights of Love

Light Up the USA with a Candle in Remembrance of the Loved Ones Lost in Littleton, CO.

Listen to the Columbine Students - They Have a Message

Listen Up, Littleton!

Littleton, Colorado - A High School Tragedy

Littleton, Colorado - Columbine High School Tribute

Littleton, Colorado - High School Shooting Memorial

Littleton, Colorado: The Columbine Tragedy

Littleton Community Network's Columbine Memorial Page

Littleton, CO

Littleton, CO. My Home and Hell

Littleton, CO. Tribute Page

Littleton Memorial

Littleton School Shooting

Littleton Suggestion Box

Littleton Tragedy Memorial

Lives Touched

Liz's Columbine High School Memorial Page

Liz's Columbine Memorial Page

Lori's Columbine Memorial

Luvox and the Columbine Shootings

Lynnette's Columbine Memorial Page

Maggie's Columbine Tribute Page

Make a Child Smile Columbine Memorial

Making Schools Safe for Criminals

Manchester Township High School Pays Tribute to the Victims of the Columbine High School Shooting

Marlin's Columbine Essay Page

Martha's Unofficial Columbine High Massacre Memorial Page

Martin's Columbine Page

Martyred at Littleton, Colorado

Mary & Adrin's Columbine Memorial Page

Massacre at Columbine High

May We All Take a Moment to Say Prayer, for the People of Littleton

May We Never Forget

McKenna's Columbine Memorial Page

Meg's Columbine Memorial and Here

Melanie's Columbine Tribute Page

Memorial ~ April 20, 1999

Memorial for All

Memorial for Columbine

Memorial for the Columbine Shooting Victims

Memorial of a Jedi Knight

Memorial Page for Rachel Scott

Memorial Poems to Our Youth

Memorial Ribbon Campaign for the Columbine High School Tragedy

Memorials - School Shootings

Memorial to Columbine

Memorial to the Lives Lost at Columbine

Memorial to the Young

Memorial T-shirts for Columbine High School

Memories are the Most Powerful Things We Have and Here

Merciful Angel's Columbine Page

Messages from the People of Eugene and Springfield, Oregon

Messages to Columbine High

Michael's Columbine

Michael's Columbine Page

Mike's CHS Memorial Page - from Canada

Mike's Columbine Page

Moms Against Weapons

Mom's Life Columbine Page

Monsters Among Us - Columbine High School Tribute Album

Mrs. BJ Bunny's Columbine Memorial Page

MSNBC Video Gallery # 1 and Gallery # 2 and Gallery #3

MT Drifter's Dedication and Remembrance Page

Much Love to Those at Columbine

Music, Society and the Columbine High School Tragedy and Here

My Heart Goes to Colorado

My Little Haven by Survivor Nicole Nowlin

My Two Cents

National Columbine High School Composition Project

National Crime Net - Columbine High School Memorial

Neal's Cassie Bernall Memorial Page

Nephra's Columbine Memorial Page

Net Sister's Columbine Support Page

Never Forget the Children

Newfwindsurf's Columbine Memorial Page

Nicol's Columbine Memorial Page

No More Tears from Heaven

Nong's Columbine Memorial Page

Ocean View Baptist Church's Columbine Memorial Page

Ode to Littleton, Colorado Angels

One Died, One Wounded, One Spared at Columbine

One Silent Tear

One Voice

On Littleton

Other Columbine Tributes & Memorial Sites

Our Children

Our Hearts Are Reaching Out to You Littleton, Colorado

Our Hearts Are With You

Our Hearts Go Out to Columbine High School Student Body, Faculty, Families of the Victims and All of Littleton

Our Prayers are with Colorado in this Time of Need

Patrick's Columbine Memorial Page

Patty's Columbine Page

Paulette's Columbine Page

PC Wholesale's Columbine Memorial Page

Peggie's CHS Memorial Page

Petition to Safeguard Our Children

Phillips University Graduate Heads' Columbine High School Investigation

Phil's Columbine Page from Sydney, Australia

Piano Dog's Columbine Memorial Page

Pictures from Columbine

Pierced Hearts

Please Continue to Pray for the Families of Littleton, Colorado

Pledge to Make a Difference

Poems & Music for Columbine

Poems Inspired by 4-20-99

Prayer of the Children

Prayers and Poems Reflecting on the Littleton, Colorado Tragedy

Prayers for Columbine at Heartland/Ranch

Prayers for Columbine at

Prayers for Columbine High School

Prayers for Columbine HS Victims and Families

Prayers for People in Littleton, Colorado

Prayers for the Town of Littleton

Prayers from Around the World

Pray for Columbine

Pray for the Lost Columbine High School Students

Pray With Us

Ptora's Columbine Page

Quotes from Columbine High School Shootings


Quilt for Columbine Project

Rachel Joy Scott - Official Site 

Rachel Scott: She Was, Is, and Always Will be 'My Little Guardian Angel

Rachel Joy Scott "The Girl in the Funny Hat"

Rafiki's Columbine Page

Rap City's Columbine Memorial Page

Ravzender Remembers Columbine

Ready to Die at Columbine

Rebecca's Columbine Page

Reb's Memorial to Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold

Red Hare Graphics' Columbine Page

Reflections on Attending the Memorial Service for Columbine

Reflections on the Columbine High School Massacre

Remember at

Remember at Wellesley/Gazebo

Remember Columbine

Remember Columbine High

Remember Columbine: Never Forget...

Remember Forever

Remembering Always

Remembering Columbine

Remembering Columbine High, A Student's Appeal

Remembering Columbine - Pay Tribute to Those Who Were Killed in Littleton, Colorado

Remember Rachel Joy Scott

Remember the Innocent

Remembrance of Columbine Senior High School by a 1984 Columbine student

Responding to Violence in Littleton

Response to the Shootings at Columbine

Rest in Peace

Rick Stimac's Columbine Memorial Page

Rightgrrl's Columbine Page


Rocco's Columbine Memorial Page

Rocky Mountain News and the Presentation (Flash link)

Ronald's Columbine Memorial Page

Ross's Columbine Page by a student who was in Columbine

Row's Columbine Tribute Page

RV Park USA's Columbine Memorial Page

Sassy's Columbine Page

Saving Our Children

School Shootings Someone Please Tell Me Why!

School Should Not Have to be Like This

School Violence in Littleton, Colorado

School Violence Needs to Stop

Scroll of Remembrance for the Victims at Columbine High School

Seeing Christ at Columbine: In Memory of Cassie Bernall

Senseless Tragedies

Sermon from the Rev. Catharine Harris

Shattered Dreams...

Shine USA's Columbine High Memorial Page

Shmiley's Columbine Memorial Page

Shooting at Columbine High School

Shootings at Jefferson County, Colorado High School

Shout Out Against Violence

Simon's Columbine High School Page

Sorry for Your Loss

Spencer's Columbine Page

Spirit of Columbine by Jefferson County Public Schools

Spirits of Goodness

Spiritual Tragedy from Kosovo to Columbine High

Stacy's Columbine Page

Statement on Columbine

Stephanie's CHS Memorial Page by a Columbine student who was in the school

Stephanie's Columbine Page at Angelfire

Stephanie's Columbine Page at AOL

Steven's Rachel Joy Scott Dedication

St. Frances Cabrini Parish Columbine High School Memorial Page

StinaLisa's Columbine Memorial Page

Student Shooting Tragedy in Littleton, Colorado

Summer B's Columbine Memorial

Suzy's Columbine Memorial Page

Sympathy Cards for Columbine

Sympathy Page

Taken Away... But Forever in Our Hearts

Talk City's Columbine Memorial

Tammie's World Columbine High School Memorial

Tayla's Tribute to Columbine High School

Teaching Tragedy: Talking About the Littleton, Colorado School Massacre

Teach Your Children to Love


Tears Around the World

Tears for the Children

Teddy Care International

Teen Issues Special Section: After Columbine

Terry's Columbine Memorial

Testimony in Tragedy

Testimony of Darrell Scott (Father of Angel Rachel and Library Survivor Craig)

The Air Grows Still in Columbine

The Angels are Carrying Me to Heaven's Gate

The Angels Cried on This Day

The Cassie Bernall Story

The Columbine Event Writings

The Columbine High School Incident

The Columbine High Tragedy: A Memorial Site

The Columbine Incident Public Outspeak Site

The Columbine Quilt

The Columbine Shootings

The Columbine Shootings - We Know the Question, Now What's the Answer?

The Columbine Tribute

The Crosses of Columbine

The Evil Among Us

The Eyes of Truth are Watching

The FIRST American Martyr

The Garner's Memorial to Columbine

The Heartbreak at CHS

The High Cost of Intolerance

The High School Band Plays On

The Innocent Ones from Columbine

The Innocent Tears Circle of Love and Here

The Lamb of God

The Lion's Den Columbine Page

The Littleton Colorado Disaster

The Littleton Memorial Banners Project

The Littleton Tragedy

The "Martyr" of Columbine High School

The Mass Media: Setting the Boundaries of the Debate

The Only Way to Avoid Youth Tragedies Like Littleton, Colorado

The Phoenix Foundation's Columbine Memorial

The Pray for Columbine Site

The Shootings in Colorado

The Tragedy at Columbine High

The Tragedy of Littleton, CO

The Worst School Massacre in North America

The Year Since Columbine

Thirteen Blameless White Doves

This Page is Dedicated to the Tragedy at Columbine High School

This Page Was Set Up as a Memorial to All Those Affected by the Columbine High School Tragedy

Thoughts - by a friend of Isaiah Shoels 

Thoughts on the Columbine Massacre

Tiffanie's Columbine Memorial and Here

Tigger's Columbine Memorial Page

TJ's Columbine Memorial Page

To All the Dead in the Shooting at Columbine High School

To Cassie Bernall - You Went Home at Lunchtime

To Columbine High School

To Everyone at Columbine

To the Families & Friends of Loved Ones Lost

To the Students, Teachers and Families of Columbine High School and Here

Torch Grab

Tracy Lawrence's Columbine Page


Tragedy at Columbine High

Tragedy at Columbine High - House of Style

Tragedy at Columbine High School

Tragedy at Columbine Memorial

Tragedy at Littleton, CO

Tragedy in Littleton

Tragedy in Littleton, Colorado - 1999 Built by survivors

Tragic Toll: Remembering the Victims

Trench Coat Mafia

Tribute from Cole Harbour High School in Canada

Tribute to CHS

Tribute to Columbine High School at Angelfire/Me2/Soccerfever

Tribute to Columbine High School at

Tribute to Littleton

Tribute to the Students and Faculty of Littleton

Tribute to the Victims

Tribute to Those of Columbine High

Tribute to Those Slain at Columbine

Tribute to Those Who Died Needlessly in Littleton

Tsz Ho's Columbine Memorial

Unnamed Site this site has invalid photo links and appears to be not all there

USA Volleyball: Columbine High School

Vanguard Magazine's In Memory of Columbine Page

Verses to Comfort and Guide

Vince Coakley Talks to a Columbine Student - video

Violations of Federal and Sate Laws by the Alleged Perpetrators of the Crime at Columbine

Wav Man's Columbine Memorial Page

We ALL Feel Your Loss

We Are All Columbine by Kristin Sowders, a parent of a Columbine student

We Are All Columbine by the parent of another Columbine student

We Are All... Columbine

We Are Born for Love

We Are Columbine by a Columbine student

We Are Praying for You Columbine

We Are Praying for You Littleton

We Can Help Network's Columbine Memorial Page

We Don't Know if We Will be Here Tomorrow - They Didn't Know That That Day Would be Their Last

We Feel Your Pain!

Web Lady's Columbine Page and Here


Welcome Home

We Must Not Forget Rachel Joy Scott

We Weep with You, Littleton

We Will Never Forget April 20, 1999 15 Souls Lost Thousands Grieve 4Ever

What Are We Going to Do?

Whatever Commentaries 

What Happened at Columbine High?

What Happened at Columbine High School by a Columbine student who was in the school

What Happened at Columbine High School on April 20, 1999

What is Happening?

What Kind of a World Do We Live In?

When Things Get Worse

When Tomorrow Starts Without Me

White Family Home Page

White House Conference on School Safety

Who Do We Blame for Littleton

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