13 Angels of Columbine

Twelve young Angels and one guardian Angel,

Returned home the most horrific way.

April 20, 1999, a Tuesday,

A new day of infamy,

for those who’ll NEVER forget that fateful day.


Rachel Scott, the thespian.

Her dream of missionary work in Africa gone,

Her car a shrine for the healing throng,

for an Angel died in Littleton.


Daniel Mauser, the runner.

A studious athlete in French, science and math,

Unexpected race against hate, an impossible task,

for two Angels died in Littleton.


Corey DePooter, the outdoorsman.

Hiking and fishing in his spare time,

Cowering under a library table his life he consign,

for three Angels died in Littleton.


Cassie Bernall, the martyr.

Her belief in God the world has heard,

But we fail to hear His holy word,

for four Angels died in Littleton.


John Tomlin, the gentleman.

He loved his truck and his God,

His helping hands forever still, buried in sod,

for five Angels died in Littleton.


Kelly Fleming, the author.

Stories of teens struggling in life with happy endings,

Killed in the library, an ironic ending,

for six Angels died in Littleton.


Matthew Kechter, finally the football star.

Next fall he would be on the field,

In the library, his fate was sealed,

for seven Angels died in Littleton.


Lauren Townsend, the valedictorian.

Graduation was only a month away,

With honor, her family received her diploma that day,

for eight Angels died in Littleton.


Steve Curnow, the pilot.

Anticipating an Air Force career,

Shot down by a classmate without fear,

for nine Angels died in Littleton.


Daniel Rohrbough, the helper.

Holding the door open so others could flee,

Killed, he was, in tortuous glee,

for ten Angles died in Littleton.


Isaiah Shoels, the record producer,

In the library the killers found him,

Shot him in the chest on a whim,

for eleven Angels died in Littleton.


Kyle Velasquez, the gentle giant.

From a family that loved him so much,

His gentleness was in everything he touched,

for twelve Angels died in Littleton.


Dave Sanders, the teacher.

Putting his life before others, he was given a mortal chest wound,

Teens tried to keep him alive, but in that science room he was entombed,

for a guardian Angel died in Littleton.


Tranquility of life,

Shattered for so many,

When 13 Angels died.

Funeral after funeral,

Tear after tear,

When 13 Angels died.

Peace after tragedy,

Forgiving, but NEVER forgetting,

When 13 Angels died.

Slowly, the survivors continue on,

Columbine will reopen in the fall,

By then, how many of us will still remember,

when 13 Angels died?

Copyright © June, 1999

 Never Forget Always Remember